My Goal is Just to Have a Nice Big Booty and Actually Like It - Suwanee, GA

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I've only considered this since November 2012 and...

I've only considered this since November 2012 and I just want a big ass booty. My goal is to have it and get on with my life as far as working. I'm really scared about getting it done but the end results is all I'm in it for. I just moved to Georgia on January 29,2012. I asked for the procedure for a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I made a appointment for my consultation before I moved here for February 4, 2013. I went in and talk to Michelle she told me all about the procedure and a lot about herself also made me feel real comfortable. They take pictures of you turning in a complete circle. I put down a $500 deposit and my surgery was set for May 12, 2013. Michelle also stated that if you pay in full you can be on a cancelation list and get your surgery moved up. So that's what I did. On February 12, 2013 I paid in full the remaining balance of $8300 cash. The next day I called Michelle and stated that I wanted my surgery done as soon as possible and she had me go to there doctor they work with and get cleared the same day. they took my blood and gave me a EKG. I also had to pay $175 for the appointment they also do walk ins.

Now my surgery date is moved to February 18, 2013. Which is Monday. I went in for my post opt the same day the doctor cleared me. In the post opt you sign alot of papers and she tells you about whats going to happen after your procedure. Also give your prescriptions which are $320 along with a folder of direction on how to take care of yourself. Now that my surgery is 4days away I am very scared and nervous like seriously what am I thinking?????? But that ass is all I really thinking about I just dont want it to look funny I seen 2 girls there who had the procedure and there butt didn't match there legs. 1 lady told me it was the garment that makes there but look not natural and when the garment is off it looks alot better. I dont know how many CC I want in my butt or I haven't even decided on a best wish pic yet. I think Deelishes butt will do. I learned about this sight from a girl in the waiting area who was having her surgery today. I hope all is well with her. I dont know how to work this site yet to even check on her. But anyways here I am nervously waiting...........

Okay so I have been prepping all weekend I have...

Okay so I have been prepping all weekend I have everything I need and my household is in order. Im so scared. My surgery is tomorrow @ 1:30 they told me to be there by 12:30pm 1 hr ahead of time. I have my friend going with me so se can watch over me for the 1st couple days then my boyfriend is going to take over. Please pray for me......... cause my heart is beating outta my chest!

I wish I knew how to navigate this site so I could actual talk to someone who has already went thru the surgery. And I would like to see some end result pics of like a year later or something. All the pics I have seen have been between 1wk and 6mos later. 1 of the woman there I talked to said don't fall in love with the 1st result you see cause your body is just swollen....... Anyways I'll keep posting hopefully I learn how to work the site so I can actual have someone to talk

I have been reading thru a lot of post and seeing...

I have been reading thru a lot of post and seeing that its taking some of you ladies months to get in the office and to get consultations. I want you guys to know that if you pay in full and get a in house consultation you can get the surgery done asap. I called the office January 16, 2013 and set up my consultation for February 4, 2013. I put $500 down and they gave me a date for May 12, 2013. Then I was told that if I paid in full I could get my date moved up earlier. I then went back on February 12, 2013 and paid the remaining balance of $8300 in full and call Michelle the next day and let her know I paid in full. She then moved my date to February 18, 2013. The doctor they use for clearance has walk ins so you don't need a appointment. so really it only took me a month to get everything done.........Just wanted you guys to know in case you were trying to get in earlier than you original date.

Okay so I had my surgery today and Dr Jimmerson is...

Okay so I had my surgery today and Dr Jimmerson is really nice. I had to arrive @ the office at 12:30pm surgery time was 1:30pm. I was then called to the back where they had me undress and put on a gown, stockings, and hair cap. I also gave a urine sample. Then they place me in a room where the nurse came in and took vitals and temperature. She also took before photos of me turning in a complete circle.They ask alot of questions about your health and then I met with a anesthesiologist and signed papers for her. She gave me a iv in my hand and then walk with me to the surgical room. They told me they was giving me a sponge bath and then next thing I know I was woke up on my back and they said everything went well. I took my 1st dose of meds there along with my 1st shot injection of Lovenox and they explained to my caregiver how to take care of me for the next 24hrs. Then Dr Jimmerson came back in to check on me. I had fat harvested from back, sides, lower adomenal and possible inner thighs. I got 1100cc into each butt check and hips were not done..... cost more for that.
Anyways my friend drove me home. I ate lightly and been drinking alot of water. Took the rest of my meds as far as my stool softner, pain meds, and antibiotic. Everytime
I go to the bathroom I walk around alittle so my muscles dont get stiff. I dont feel much pain just a little sore when I move. Overall it wasnt bad at all. I'll post pics of garment tomorrow. Jst wanted to update my status and thanks to you all for the support. Good nite!

Okay so I over slept today and I woke up in pain....

Okay so I over slept today and I woke up in pain. I try to get up every 2 hrs and use the bathroom and walk around for a few minutes it helps with the stiffness. but I took my meds and now I am feeling okay. I also drank 16.9oz of water every 2 hrs or when I go to restroom. I keep a water bottle by my bed and I kinda just force myself to drink the whole thing at once and fill it back up for the next time. Cause you have to drink plenty of water.

Anyways I have 3 kids. 8,5,and 1 all boys. My kids father had to go back to our home town today and he took baby with him so I could get all the rest I needed. It was babys 1st time on a flight I wish I could have seen that. My older 2 are not a problem they basically do everything on there own. Plus I went and got a lot of things from the grocery store that they can just grab and go. My oldest can heat up tv dinners and make sandwiches so that helps out a lot... So im here taking care of myself which isn't so bad I have a log where I write down what time I took my meds and what time I drained the bulb. While on meds I feel fine but as soon as they wear off I feel really sore. I should be able to take the gauze off tomorrow. I tried earlier to take off my garment but I was too sore and scared so I going to try again tomorrow cause your allowed to take it off for 1 hr each day to clean yourself and the garment itself. I unbuttoned the front all the way down and then it hurt so bad, so I washed my upper body and buttoned it back up. the pressure from the garment kind of helps with the pain and keeping skin in tack. I will continue to post pics as I heal cause im also monitoring if I see a huge difference. Until next time good nite!

Okay ladies so the key is walking around helps a...

Okay ladies so the key is walking around helps a lot with my stiff muscles I get up atleast every 2 to 3 hrs and walk around im going to take my garment off today but not until after 5pm. that's when im able to take the dressing off. you have to wait 48hrs before you can remove your dressing.... and im scared to take the garment off so ill just wait until then so I can do it all at once. I got a follow up call from Dr. Jimmerson's office asking me how I was feeling and if im in pain and have I been taking my medications. I have been doing everything I am suppose to on time. My follow up appointment is February 25, 2013 for my 1st wk post op. I feel ok still just sore..... Ill post pics without garment tonight.

Okay I just posted my garment off pics 3 days post...

Okay I just posted my garment off pics 3 days post op and when taking the garment off I was so scared because its tight when its on and it feels like its holding every in tact. So I took my time taking it off. and I waited til it was time to take my paid medication to do it. its wasn't so bad getting it off but you really have to watch out for the drain that's right on the top part of your butt. I hand washed my garment and tossed it in the dryer. In the meantime I sponged bathe myself.

I don't know exactly how much fat they took out but I told him I wanted it big. and when he checked on me after surgery he said he put 1100 cc into each cheek. but when I look at my pics right now it doesn't look that big to me. So only time will tell.

But I feel fine just had my 1st bowel movement today I thought it was going to hurt but it was ok from me taking stool softners everyday. you have to take you garment off for that . but for peeing the just tell you to open your legs a squat. The garment has a split inbetween your legs.

Im moving more and more around the house the more I move the better it feels. And I can tell the difference cause sometimes I over sleep and I been laying flat for like 3 to 4 hrs I get stiff. So you have to make sure you are walking around even if it does hurt.

Well besides that im still resting and taking my time. Oh and I took all my bandages off they say to do it 48 hrs after you had surgery but I haven't removed the triangle in the back yet. I was waiting on my boyfriend to return so he can tape it back in place for me. I do have a lot of bruising especially between my legs from my inner thigh down to my knees. So far everything else looks good. Talk to you guys later meds are kicking

I went to my 1 wk post opt appointment hoping to...

I went to my 1 wk post opt appointment hoping to get my drainage tube removed and the nurse comes in and tell me that she was going to remove it because I have a lot swelling in my body right now. Last Friday I noticed my body had a little swelling but over the last few days it has spread from under my chest all the way down to my feet. Seriously I have kankles. So she told me that until the swelling goes down she is not going to remove my drain. I have been monitoring this drain for days and nothing is really coming out. I am so ready to take a shower.

She also put me on strict bed rest the only time I get up is to use the restroom or to wash myself and the garment. I haven't purchased another garment yet. I plan to as soon as I can move down a size.

My pain is actually tolerable and its still sore moving around. Well I can say the road to recovery is slow and I cant wait til I can get outta bed and be able to just move around more.

Okay so finally I got my drained removed on...

okay so finally I got my drained removed on Wednesday Feb 27 and Im so glad I finally got to take a real shower have to wait 48hrs after the drain is removed to take a shower, they say let the wound heal from the inside out before you get it wet. Anyway I am still swollen down to my feet. I don't feel any pain still stiff, no longer on my pain meds. But I do drink warm prune juice and take exlax cause ladies the constipation is not a joke. They give you stool softners but it doesn't make you go. I have to use a different measurement to help me with that. Besides that I seem to be healing fine. alittle sore and stiffness still but not bad enough for pain pills.

Oh and tomorrow I have to find a place to go for messages. I have already begin to message my tissue because there are some areas in the top part of my thighs that are hard. So the nurse told me to message it daily and it may take up to 3 months to soften. I cant wait because that worries me a little. The last thing I need is to improve my ass and then get hard thighs lol.

I continue to wear my suit 23hrs a day. I think my body looks more natural in clothes without the suit. In the suit your butt looks fake, puffy, and pokes out really big. So I wear jogging pants everyday. I haven't tried a pair of jeans yet. Well, Monday I will be 2 wks post opt. and feeling better as time goes by.

So today is going on my 3rd week post opt and my...

So today is going on my 3rd week post opt and my swelling has completely went down and I can see the veins in my feet again lol and my butt is smaller.....womp womp. This surgery is exactly what it states a Brazilian Butt lift. I wanted a enormous big booty Judy. I must admit that when you have to garment on it makes your butt look bigger cause it kinda props it up.

He did make a curve in the lower part of my back...

He did make a curve in the lower part of my back and my butt is plumper then before at the top.....I just want that ta-dow ass. When I take pictures I just don't see what I see in my wish pictures them girls must have Hydrogel shots or something. My stomach is way flatter than before my surgery so that's a plus.

Since my swelling went down its time for a new garment went online to and they want $120 per garment. Thought I could buy a couple but I think ill just buy 1 and wash it everyday like im doing the free 1 they gave

That's 1 thing I should have planned for in advanced the extra items and things I needed afterwards. These messages are about to be another thing to pay for because this harding I have in my thighs I really do not want to stay.

I like they way my butt looks with no clothes on, but when I take a pic in the mirror its not as big as I would like it to be.

I need a personal interview with Buffy the Body cause I need to know how she really got her butt that

Okay ladies so I have a scar tissue in my thigh...

okay ladies so I have a scar tissue in my thigh about the length of my hand....I have begin my messages but it hurts like hell only in that 1 area. The nurse said as long as I continue getting messages it should go away.

On the other hand I did buy me a new girtle this...

On the other hand I did buy me a new girtle this time I got the strapless because the 1 they give you hurts my shoulders and when your laying down with your arms in front of you it gets tighter. Over all everything else is fine. Oh and I started driving yesterday and that is the hardest thing in the world to drive with a cushion under your butt. The whole time Im trying to make sure my butt doesn't touch the seat.... good thing I didn't go far I was in the car maybe 30 mins. I never want to sit on it I wish I had a driver to drive me for the rest of my ttygl

Hello Ladies ........ I have a question????????

Its been 2 yrs since I have a BBL from Dr. J. I look good and feel great. But now I'm looking for a doctor to do a breast augmentation. Which doctor does it the best. Would go back to Dr. J. he is really good at what he does but he over charges for everything.

I just found him on the internet was looking for surgery centers in Atlanta also founded out he was on the Tiny and Ti show.

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