My Birthday Gift to Myself Was an Extreme Disappointment. - Suwanee, GA

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Very disappointed. I scheduled my procedure with...

Very disappointed. I scheduled my procedure with Dr. Andrew Jimerson over a year and a half ago and was very excited about having my procedure done on my birthday in June 2014. I didn't mind waiting for over a year for my procedure, because I thought the wait would have been well worth it. Boy was I wrong! The doctor never showed for my preop appointment. I had to ask the patient coordinator questions in reference to my surgery. The main thing I was looking to obtain from the procedure was protrusion. I wanted a nice sized round booty. I am 5'6" 160 pounds ( I had to gain 10 pds for the procedure). I didn't have a lot of stomach fat, so I paid extra for liposuction from my thighs.

I met the doctor the day of right before my procedure, which was a little concerning, but I knew the wait and the outcome was going to be well worth it. I was so wrong. I spent $12,400 for the procedure. My husband drove me 13 hours to have procedure done and we stayed two weeks at a local hotel next to the doctor's office.

You can see the outcome for yourself. I followed every direction following procedure including not sitting. I have been in contact with Dr. Jimerson's office by email to see if there is any way to remedy the situation. I will keep you guys posted, but so far extremely disappointment and not worth it.

I still have not heard a response from his office.

I sent emails and made phone calls to Dr. Jimerson's office. I haven't had any response back. I will continue to post photos every month. I was advised that my outcome may change. I am going back to work as a zumba instructor in 2 weeks. I hope I do not lose any more fat from the bbl. I am 8 weeks post op and will post more photos on 8/11/14.

Received Email from Dr. J's Office

I was advised to be patient with my results and that I would need to come into the office and call to address my concerns. Mind you, I am 13 hours away from Georgia and when you call they never answer. I am waiting to hear back from Shelly. I will post two month post op photos next week.

I heard from Dr. J yesterday finally

Okay, I have some good news and bad news. Dr. J finally called me personally yesterday. We spoke for approximately 15 minutes. He apologized for not getting back to me sooner and he also apologized for his staff. He stated that he was unaware that his nurses and staff were not returning phone calls. We talked about the outcome of my procedure and he is aware that I am not happy with my results. I lost a few pounds since my bbl (not intentionally) and I am now back down to 152 pounds. He stated that I need to maintain the extra weight in order to see the results and to also try and gain a couple of pounds and see if that helps. I told him I would try to do so to see if that will make a difference.
**Here is the important note** I had a tummy tuck and liposuction 3 years ago. I just found out from him yesterday that the fat from the abs and flanks is the best fat for BBL, which I didn't have at the time he did my bbl, which is why I had added lipo to my inner thighs. I found out yesterday that fat from the thighs is not the best fat for bbl, I believe he said because it is a fibrous fat. I wish I would have known this. So ladies do not waste your money if you do not have a lot of ab and flank fat to transfer.

He did state that he doesn't recommend any more surgery with fat transfer, but if in 6-12 months I am still unhappy, I would have to gain weight and be at 170 pounds before he would do lipo in one area to fill in the spots that need filling. I really think I am done. The recovery has been very painful (thighs are still very sore). Another doctor stated on here that I wouldn't be a good candidate for a 2nd bbl due to the thighs not being a good source for bbl. My question is, I seen smaller girls than me have the procedure and have better results. Where in the hell do they get their fat from?
I will also add that I do understand now why some people say be patient. The fullness at the top of the butt does start to settle at approximately 6-7 weeks, which does improve the look. This was a learning experience for me. I hope that if you choose to have this surgery, do your research on your physician and people who are your similar size and find out their outcome.

I will continue to update photos until I get to 6 months to a year post op. I am also going to try a supplement called Maca which is an all natural herb which is suppose to help with the fullness of the booty. I am also going to try low squat and lunges to help improve my shape. Wish me luck.

I am pleased that Dr. J has finally decided to contact me. He does seem like a sincere person and is upset that his office hasn't been on top of things, but I do wish that my consult was with him and not his certified staff. I wouldn't have wasted so much money.

Feeling a little better about my body

I am three moths post op. I have been doing somethings to help improve my outcome of my BBL. I bought the Ann Cherry Work out waist clincher. It works great. Wear it while you are exercising and it makes your waist smaller; therefore, making your butt look bigger. I had lost weight since the BBL surgery. I was 160 pound at the time of surgery. 2 months post op, I was 152 pounds. Dr. J told me that I needed to gain the weight back and maintain it in order to see better results. I did research and I started taking Maca root, which is a brazillian supplement that helps with curves. It's all natural. It helped me gain the weight back. I am up to 158 pounds now and I have better definition of my booty. I have also tried fish oil and vitamin on my butt, which they claim is suppose to make your butt bigger, but I really don't think that works.

Where I stand as of now, I would still love more fullness and roundness of the butt. I am doing everything on my end to see if I can possibly obtain the results I am looking for naturally. I have been doing a ton of squats, but due to a recent knee injury, I had to stop.

I think I would like to go one more round of the BBL to truly obtain the results I am looking for, but I do not have the finances, time and the healing process was horrible. So, I think I am on my own. If any of you ladies have any suggestions let me know.

6 month post op photos

I heard so much bs about fluffing by 6 months. I am quite sure at this point, my results will not improve. I don't want to hear do squats and lunges. I wouldn't have paid over 12k for the procedure if I was going to be given that advice. I am a dance fitness instructor and I do squats and lunges, but I have back issues and cannot go as deep as you should in order to get the lift results. I sent a message to Dr. J office to see if he gives his patients who are not happy a revision. I am very skeptical about hearing a response. A lot of women on here were able to go to different doctors for a revision. I don't really have the funds to go for round 2, not to mention that long recovery. I will wait patiently for about a month to see if he responds to a message that was sent to him a week ago.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I had a post op appointment scheduled for 06/10/14, in which the doctor never showed. I literally met my doctor for the first time ten minutes before my procedure, where he marked me up and mention that I didn't have a lot of fat. I advised him that I gained 10 pounds for the procedure and most of the 10 pounds went to my thighs. I paid extra to have liposuction from thighs in order to increase my chances for a great result. Recovery was very painful. Worst then I thought. I went for my follow up appointment a week after surgery and the doctor was not there either. I think that the doctor is very busy and has gotten a lot of exposure since he appeared on the Tiny and T.I show. I think that this exposure has caused the quality of his patients experience to diminish greatly. I had questions prior to surgery in which I could never get in contact with anyone at his office. I would leave several messages with no response. This was a concern for me, but I figured that the outcome of his work, would be well worth it. I traveled from PA to GA. 13 hour ride. I saved up in order to have this procedure done as a gift to myself. I wanted more curves and a bigger butt. I lost quite a bit of weight and lost some of my curves also. My husband and I stayed at a hotel for almost two weeks after procedure which was very expensive. The main thing I was looking for was protrusion of my butt at the top and bottom. I saw Dr. J's before and after pics online and I knew he would be able to do this for me. Long story short. I am not satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. As you can see, my butt is still flat, especially on the bottom. I also had medical issues after my surgery in which I tried to contact his office and no one returned my call. I am very disappointed with the outcome. It is extremely depressing when you wait so long in order to have a procedure done and it doesn't come out right. My husband has stated that it doesn't even look like I had anything done, which made me feel worst. You might have a great experience if you are a celebrity, but if you are an average Jane such as myself, you might want to see a doctor who will actually invest that time in the service you are paying for. I have been in contact with Michelle at Dr. Jimerson's office by email. I sent her my concerns and my photos. I was advised that Dr. Jimerson was extremely busy, but the photos will be given to him to review and comment. I will keep you guys posted.

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