Bummerpants update for me, but may be good news to someone who wanted to jump ahead in line for their Jcurves! - Suwanee, GA

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Ok, so it's FINALLY my turn to share a story! You...

Ok, so it's FINALLY my turn to share a story! You ladies here on RS are truly an inspiration, as well as the BEST possible resources ever imaginable on this procedure! To make a long story short, I have been researching this procedure for about 6 months now, but I kind of messed up by getting "smart" lipo on 10 Sep 12... yeah, I know... not too smart, right? Anyway, it's still kind of early to say that my smart lipo was beneficial, but let me tell you all, I recall what the fk I looked like before smart lipo, and let's just say I look the same, except now my tummy looks like a beaten sack of bread dough... sad schtuff! :\

Anyway! Enough about dumb lipo. This is about this glorious procedure that we all love, the Brazilian butt lift! Well, everyone talks about Dr. Salama, the TJ circuit, and Dr. Jimerson. I did my research, ladies, and I love, love LOVE how Dr. Jimerson sculpts and creates the world's most glorious asses - so yep! I chose Dr. Jimerson and instead of settling for an online consult, I decided to fly out from San Diego to the ATL, and I'm ever so glad I did. Dr. Jimerson is down to earth and tells you what to expect - very busy guy, but still, his staff is just as great. Aziza was fantastic. She had my mother and I laughing, and she was the BEST! Shelly in the front was awesome, too. Very personable staff, which is very different from what I'm used to here at home (San Diego; where I got my dumb lipo).

So here's some good info for those of you who have had prior lipo, and now want to get the BBL; it IS possible - Dr. Jimerson is experienced with working with women who have significant scarring from previous lipo, and he assured me that although it will be difficult, he would be able to perform the procedure. SCORE! Meh, I just wish I could get my money back from the previous lipo, but that's a different story... Oh, and be realistic about your expectations. If you're up there in the LBS', don't be expecting to be a Barbie doll. I kind of did this with the prior lipo... but the cool thing is that Dr. Jimerson is aggressive with his lipo technique. Double score! I should have just gone to him from the get go... figures.

A little about me, since I still need to upload some pics for you all (I'm still in the ATL, waiting to fly home) - I'm 5'6", weigh a good 195 (but carry it well), I'm a 31 year old Caucasian female with a little bit of a booty already (thanks to a bajillion squats, lunges and leg presses back in the day). I want to do this procedure because see, I don't have hips at all, nor do I have a shapely butt. Yes, I have a bit of a butt, as I mentioned before, but it's just... meh. There. Ah! It's a sad butt, but I plan on leaving my ass in Dr. Jimerson's hands, and I know he will make me happy, and my ass a happy ass. :D

Cheers to you all, and I look forward to providing updates along my journey. Before pics to come, and note that I have my surgery already scheduled for 06 Feb 13 (earliest due to the swelling from my dumb lipo still being present; he wanted me to wait for a few more months, which again, is quite understandable). Procedure total is going to be $13k, but that includes lipo of the back, bra roll, arms, waist aaaaaand the love handles. Sweet! Flights booked, and yes, I'm ready to get my sexy on. My mother is going to come with me, so if you all are going to be getting your BBL from Dr. J between 04Feb13-16Feb13, give me a shout! It would be nice to meet those of you who have inspired me ever so, to share my story. :)

Well, sad day. today i was diagnosed with lupus,...

well, sad day. today i was diagnosed with lupus, and i'm pretty much mid flare. it's mild/moderate, so i now have to go on a regimen of predisone, plaquinil and some anti-inflammatory like naprosin or something to that effect. anyway, me being the worry wart that i am, i emailed aziza to see if i can postpone my sx until i am enroute to better health, and we'll see what she says.

to be fair to my bbl sisters on here, my sx date is scheduled for 06Feb13 and i'm more than happy to trade a date with someone who is later in the year. my rheumatologist feels i'll do great on the meds, but i just want to play it safe. if anyone is up for trading or chatting, i'll make myself more available than ever right now, b/c i hear the waiting list is loooooong as shit. eek!

other than this, i suppose i'm ok. just trying to ease into this diagnosis and have a positive outlook on life. kind of hard when you get slapped with an autoimmune disease that is incurable... gawd. but hey, i'm alive and breathing, and yep, as we all know, that's a beautiful thing. :)

much love! peace and big oooooo'buttcheeks! :)

I chose Dr. Jimerson via tons of research and through feedback/stories that I've read right here on RS. Just LOOK at his before/after pics on his website. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

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