5 months post op. Getting round 2

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So I'm new to real self and I have been reading...

So I'm new to real self and I have been reading all these reviews and looking at everyone's pre and post op pics and I notice these post op pics are only about 3-6 months post op the most. I would love to see some of dr JImerson or any dr's work from 2,3 or 4 years ago.

Does these awesome booties have longevity. I'm paying a grip I would want it to last a lifetime. I'm hearing only 5 years tops!!!! Like wtf man.

So I got a call from Georgia today and of course I...

So I got a call from Georgia today and of course I already knew it was from dr JImerson's office. Shelly called me n asked me if I was free on Thursday to have my consultation? Well luckily for me I'm off this Thursday! My original consultation date was April 25th! I made that appt from november. I'm sooooooo happy. I wanna talk to Dr. Jimmerson so badly. I need to write down all my questions. I'm a RN so i have a lot of medical questions to ask. If u guys have any suggestions on question I should ask or y'all wanna know for urself plz let me know. IM SOOOO EXCITED! I would love to have the surgery in April or may right before the summer time! Lets see

So I spoke to Valerie from dr JImerson office...

So I spoke to Valerie from dr JImerson office earlier today n she informed me the dr will call me after he reviews my medical history and pics. She told me dr JImerson is booked till September but since I'm paying cash she can put me on the cancelation list so when ppl cancel their appt she can put me in their slot. My procedure will cost , $10,700 with everything included besides the prescriptions. I have insurance so hopefully they cover It. Dr. JImerson called me a ill after 6 this afternoon said he had just finished a surgery. He answered all my questions which wasn't much because between my research and being on this site, I didn't have much to ask. He told me the complications that could occur. I usually run high blood pressure n high fasting blood sugar at times, but I'm not on any medication. He said my BP and blood sugar have to be within normal limits by the time of surgery or else it would have to be cancelled. So I might have to ask my dr to put me on some medication to keep everything in order. He also said my skin is tight n that I don't need to lose any weight even though i weigh 195 after this baby n I'm 5'5. That's a relief but I will at least try to loose 10lbs just because. He told me to call Shelly 2morrow for setting my date or to ask any more questions. I will be giving my deposit in most likely 2morrow or Monday woohoo I can't wait.

So I called Shelly today to ask her something and...

So I called Shelly today to ask her something and she told me that prices will be going up on Monday the 2/11/13, She told me I have 30 days to pay the $500 and lock my surgery date for the price they gave me. So I will be paying that money by my next pay date because she told me the butt transfer alone is about $10,300 not including the hips which is another $900 I beleive... oh hell no. I live in NY and thats basically NY prices. So ladies prepare yourself for the increase. :-/

1 more week to go....

I got one more week to go. I can't believe my surgery date is around the corner. I'm packed and ready to fly out. I decided to pack as light as I can because I figured I'd just buy most of the post supplies at a walmart around the neighborhood of the hotel. Half if the supplies I have I took them from my job, since I work in a hospital and have plenty friends that work in hospitals too. Ugh pray for me my bbl sisters.

Surgery on 10/17/13...

Ugh 2 more days to go. My friend and I are flying out tomorrow I just hope I make it to my pre-op appt on time. It's for 11am and my flight is landing at 830. I gotta get my rental car n then drive straight to Jimmerson's office. Ugh. I hope my blood sugar and pressure is on point cuz I have high BP and borderline diabetic. Ughhhh those are my main concerns at this moment. I don't want him saying I can't have surgery. I'll be pissed and devastated... I'll continue to pray and drink plenty water n eat right. Ugh

My pre-op booty

Me at work

Side view of my booty pre-op

In atl

I'm staying at the extended stay of America. I think it's better than the hyatt in that it's wayyyy cheaper, has a kitchen in each room. Has a 24 hr gym, has a laundry mat in the building. Very convenient. I'm so sleepy as I type this. I'm nervous as all hell, having second thoughts. My nerves getting the best of me. I'm missing my daughter , she's 18 months n I wanna see her again so I pray everything goes well!!

I saw dr JImmerson walking by in his office, I was kind of stars truck. My pre op appointment was with nurse Kim. She gave me all the do's and don't's. My bestie n I went to walmart n got all my necessities. Ughhh so scared! Okay y'all pray for me please. Surgery is at 1pm tomorrow. I'll meet y'all on the other side!


So i had my surgery yesterday, im in shit load of pain. I came back to my hotel n i couldnt pee for shit! Called dr jimmerson and he told me to go to hospital. I went and they gave me a foley catheter. Will be going back to jimmerson's office today to get it taken out. Before surgery he told me my butt was tight, and that he'll try his best to put in as much as possible. My friend said it looks big, i havent seen it really yet cuz i could hardly move. Dr said he put 850 in each cheek and 200 in each hip. Thats all my ass will take. Im so mad at the numbers i wanted at least a 1000cc in each. Ugh kind of depressed. Ill keep u guys posted but im already thinkin about a round 2 maybe in 2 yrs. lol

Post op pics

1 day post op pic


Not the best experience....

The day of surgery I felt rushed. I didn't see him pre-op n day of surgery they put me in a room n I waited forever, they didn't take any before pics fist of all. Second of all when I got up they didn't make sure I peed. I went home n couldn't pee for shit. Called Jimmerson n he said go to hospital to get a Foley catheter. I went back to the office today and they took it out cuz I finally peed. I asked for diff pain meds cuz the Vicodin wasn't doing shit. He prescribed oxy but NONE of the pharmacies carry it. I went to several of them. Smh so went back to office to get another pain med, Demerol. The pain is annoying. Overall JImerson is getting his head big wig the fame. Pre-op day they were filming a documentary series that he's doing. Smh Blah blah blah. I still haven't seen my body yet cuz I haven't taken off my garment. Will take it off tomorrow. I'm just annoyed .


Oh yea I seen dr JImerson between surgery day n today taking out my catheter, approx 90 secs. Yes a minute and a half!!!

Surgery 2 days ago

Had surgery two days ago with dr Jimmerson and I'm already thinking about round 2 with dr salama. The whole experience is getting on my nerves. I will be taking off garment today to see my results. I'll let u guys know what I think.

5 day post op

Post op day 6

Renee the RN at jimerson office referred me to a Therapist that massaged shakinah, n omg she is the best! She using ultrasound first then massages. They are intense but it feels good and loosens me up. Her name is Lidia. Shes taught me so much and she is working on a new design of garments to help with the results. It does take time yes i know i just wanted to be greedy and get all the ass in the world. But im liking how my results are shaping. Lidia is a great n i give her just as much credit as jimmerson for my results.

Post op day 6 pics

Post op day 6 at the massage spa

My massage therapist

Just an update

I realize i never really spoke about myself. Im 26yo, im a RN in NYC and I have a 18 month old daughter. This my 8th day post op. I came home last night after my 7th day post op visit to Jimerson office. My drain came out the 2nd day and i had a seroma. Kim took out 20 ccs of fluid on my 4th day post op. n yesterday on my 7th day post op she removed 30ccs of fluid out my belly. My body has been reabsorbing the fluid pretty well. They took post op pics, n jimerson really like his work on me. I must say i look great. He did well. I live with my mom n my mom had no idea i was getting a booty, she was like "wat? Is that pads on ur butt? Thats ur real butt? Thats ur skin?" Im like yessss mom! Lol she shook her head like u crazy. My mom is jamaican n old school christian. She doesnt see the sense in going under the knife to change my body. She said its like telling god u dont appreciate what he gave u. Blah blah. I understand what she means but I wanted to do this for myself. It is what it is. As for my garment, I HATE IT! Its itchy and makes me feel weird n hurts like hell! Im on demerol n it works but i have like 4 pills left n cherishing every last one! This has definitely been an experience to say the least! Im 8 days post op and im in my second garment. Thank god today is pay day cuz i have to buy another one a size Medium cuz this one is getting too comfy. I was approved from work for 3 weeks vacay, im calling out for another 2 weeks. Idk how imma be able to go to work like this. This garment is so uncomfortable. Ugh the things us women do to look n feel good. At least ill be home for a another 3 weeks laying on my belly all day! I gotta find a way to sit without sitting on my ass! Please help!
Ps; I will never leave my daughter for that long again! My child literally forgot me, i was facetiming her n everything n she still forgot me. Wen she woke up this morn n saw me she first looked at me weird then she ran to me n hugged me as if to say " where have u been mom". Lucky shes only 18 months. Awww i missed her sooo much! I cant tek care of her now tho. Im too limited so she went off to the babysitter!!

I need ...

To get comfortable. I am not able to sit n i dont know what to so. I tried the beach chair with the cut out booty n that shit cuts my hips, my new hips! That doesnt work. Im trying a bean bag n pillows but my butt falls in between and still touches/presses the floor. I dont know what to do. I just feel to sit on my ass n forget this whole thing. Plus i have a lil toddler running around. As soon as i get into a postion i gotta get up again to help her. I feel like im failing at this. Smh im wondering y i did this shit. PLEASE HELP!

Tried on some old leggings

Tried on some old leggings

Bruised up 11 days post op.

My ass before surgery had not one scratch, dimple or stretch mark. It was smooth n clear. Now I look like I got into an accident. How long does these bruises stay? Do they go away in their own? Or I gotta use Merderma or bleaching creams? Ugh

... I ordered my 3rd garment. I'm getting a medium lipo express garment, 1st day post op I started out in an xl so I'm moving on down. The swelling is going down. I had sex today for the first time n it was AWESOME! He loved it. I did it from the back n he was holding me by my tiny waist it was great! I felt like a porno star, cuz I was looking at myself in the mirror n I looked good. Besides the ugly bruises:-(
I also drove for the first time after surgery n ugh it was weird but I had to do it. I sat on a foam roller. A hard one under my thighs with a boppy pillow in my back. Ehhh it worked. Tomorrow I will be heading to the mall for some new clothes! Woo hoo. I'm enjoying my 5 weeks off!

2 weeks post op

Got my garment today. It fits great. I love how my waist is looking so tiny n my ass looking fat. I love the hip to waist ratio as well. I never had hips i hope they stay! I love it i love it i love it! Ahhhh.

Bruises and inches

So my bruises are almost completely gone and im very happy about that. Right after surgery around my hips and ass it was 49 inches its now 45 inches and i dont remember what my waist was but its about 33 or 34 inches around. I have a wide frame. Im in the process of waist training using corset and wraps and my garment i need a 28 inch waist 27-28 inches. I will continue to waist train throughout the fall and winter and see where i reach by summer time.

I need help...

I bought some new jeggings n i wore them today. They were hanging on to my ass I guess for some hrs and now I got a fucking dent in my right fucking cheek!!!!!! I'm going crazy. Is this shit goinng to go back smooth again. Wat to do vets plz helps. I wanna fucking cry my head off!!!!!


Pics from a party

4 weeks post op.

I cant beleive its been a month already! Im down to a small garment, shout out to BigbootyTinywaist for putting me on to Vedette 136, her body is AMAZING-Balls! (Thats my word) i will be purchasing a small squeem as well. My waist is getting tinier n tinier. My waist is 31 inch and my booty is 46 and a half it gets bigger n smaller every day. I return to work on monday next week, im happy because im bored at home! Anyway im just checking in. N heres a pic ofy progress.

4 weeks progression of waist training


5 weeks and counting...

So im 5 weeks po. Today i didnt wear my garment for a few hrs cuz its in the cleaners being taking in, n the other one i got (the vedette) doesnt compress me properly, n it hurts. I hate it. Anyway i started swelling like a baloon n it hurt like hell. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TILL THE SWELLING STOPS HAPPENING? *sigh* shit is crazy. Before anyone come on the page n start critisizing, i wear my garment 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. So please lets make that clear. Anyway i lovw my shape but i want my abdomen to be way smaller. So im really waist training. I bought a real STEEL BONE CORSET. The one thats heavy. I want something that really compresses me. All these other garments dont do shit for me. Im hoping wen i receive my corset its the real deal.

Please just let me know approximately wen the swelling up stops. Thanks. The journey continues....

5 weeks PO pics

Ill be 6 weeks P.O. On thanksgiving!

7 weeks P.O...

So im about to be 7 weeks PO tomorrow. Im still using a boppy pillows and towels and rolled up blankets to sit. Im paranoid. I think Ill wait till 8 weeks PO to finally sit on my ass. Im so used to not sitting its funny. I could probably go another month with out sitting.
Waist training: So i did so more reasearching on waist training and Im seeing now that all these waist cinchers are a waste of time because the results u get from the cinchers (which are made with latex or soft cotton and stuff), are only temporary after not wearing them anymore. I realized after much research that to truly "waist train" u gonna have to use a real STEEL BONED CORSET. I purchased one from Orchardcorset.com. It should arrive tomorrow on the 12/5/13. My natural wasit is a 31-32 inches I bought a 26inch corset because it states to buy one 4-6 inches smaller than ur natural waist. I wanna go down to at least a 27 inch waist. my hips/ass is a 45.5 now from a 49 since surgery. I hope wen it fluffs it goes up to like 47 n stay that way. lol. anyway Im currently in a ann mitchell thong cincher that im ready to throw away once my corset comes. Ill be buying a small squeem to only use when im working out then right back into my corset. I plan to waist train with this corset 22 hrs a day (as recommended), unitl june 2014. I need a real coke bottle figure, with a drastic look by summer time.

I also called Dr duran to hear her quotes for more Lipo for my arms n back n more stomach but they said call on friday. So ill do that. i just wanna see how much itll cost. In the mean while Ill continue to waist train to get my tiny tiny waist n have a drastic hip:waist ratio.

9 weeks Post Op...

So im 9 weeks post op... Im still using props under my thighs so Im not sitting on my ass. I still sleep on my stomach. I guess im paranoid. I can tell my ass is still not healed cuz I once was leaning on something n it left an indent in my ass, and that was last week I was 8 weeks post op. It went away but it shows im still not healed yet. So I rather not sit on my ass till im about 3 months P.O. my measurements is still holding around 45-46 inches. My waist is about 32inch. Im trying to get another cincher/garment. Im not sure what to buy exactly. The vedettes suck and lipoexpress only has 2 lines of clips I rather something with 3 lines of clips so it can last longer when I shrink. I still wear my current thong garment 24 a day. Im so used to it I dont even take it off. Im still working on the injection marks to go away. Im using maderma and bleaching creams. I started researching "Vaser shape" treatments and they look phenominal. Its basically a machine that uses ultrasound waves to melt fat in areas of ur body. I need my upper bra roll done and my inner thighs. I found a place in brooklyn that does it on the cheaper side. I saw some before and after pics of patients that done it there and im in love. That will be a whole other review ill do. So thats in the works for me because I dont feel to go through more lipo again and this is just as good and wayyy cheaper. Any way yall, I was just checking in. Please let me know about the garments yall! laterssssss

Help plz

Can someone please help me and refer me to a site that carries good compression garments ASAP? Pleasee

4 months post op

Hey guys, havent been on in awhile... Im doing fine... Im 4 months post op, i finally starting sitting on my butt. I still hardly sleep or lay on my back. Im just paranoid. But i do lay on my side and i still drive with a boppy under my thighs! My ass is still 46 inches. Looks big n every one calls me "big batty" " fat ass" " big booty judy" etc. my waist is the prob. Its not as curved in as i want it to be. I wear my garments on n off. I wore it 24/7 for the first 3 months. My waist is like a natural 34 n with a cincher its 31. So im going for more lipo soon. Ive been looking up dr locally. I might even transfer fat to my butt, dont wanna waste my fat. So thats whats new lately. Going for smaller waist n bigger ass. Yea i know its big as is but so wat! Lol

4 months post op


Round 2

So i have decided to go for round 2. I locked in my price and date in January for Dr salama. I will be starting a thread under his reviews. Stay tuned....:-)

Today makes 6 months post op

I searched him on Google

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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