Just say infomercial on seat cushion...forever comfy gel cushion

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Okay I started researching the BBL procedure at...

Okay I started researching the BBL procedure at the end of November. It took me a month to be confident about my decision. I decided that Dr. Jimerson was the best match for me. I love his results!
But who knew his schedule was filling up so fast. I called today and the earliest phone consulation was October 21, 2013!
I NEED to have surgery done sometimes between May 23rd and June 22nd, 2013 due to my work and school schedule. I have been placed on cancellation list. If anyone has any helpful information please let me know. I have to go to Dr. J, he is the best!!!!

Okay, I called Dr. J's office and it does seem...

Okay, I called Dr. J's office and it does seem like I may be able to get an earlier date once I get my finances together---so I guess good news? But the Receptionist was so dry and border line rude. She was not very friendly and also seems annoyed when I asked questions about what all was included in price. I was very turned off.

I was already considering other doctors so I called Dr. Perry's office. I love the hour glass shape he give his patients. Norma was a doll. We were on the phone for almost 30mins. She answered every single question I had, including giving her personal suggestions she has recently had Lipo and BBL. I felt like I had spoken directly to the Dr. She was very knowledgeable. Where as Dr. J's Receptionist could not answer any questions about the garments-she said I would have ti wait to speak with Dr. J. Sorry but Dr. Jimerson may be too busy and popular for me.
So anyone that has info on Dr. Perry please let me know---the good and the bad. I need to know it all!

So when I first began researching the BBL I was...

So when I first began researching the BBL I was totally convinced Dr. Jimerson was the doctor for me, But after seeing how busy he was and experiencing a great deal of frustration when I called his office I started researching other doctors.
I found Dr. Perry and I love his work and I have been able to reach his office and get all of my questions answered. But Dr. Jimerson work is also great!
Now I am just confused! I am sure I can get the surgery date I need with Dr. Jimerson(money changes everything) but is that the best choice for ME!!!! I don't know! I will continue praying and researching but a decision must be made in the next couple of weeks so any advice/suggestions will be appreciated.

Has anyone heard about using a seat cushion after...

Has anyone heard about using a seat cushion after BBL. I saw an infomercial and it's suppose to relieve a lot of the pressure when sitting. Will post a pic of it soon. Typing on my phone now. Oh it's called forever comfy gel cushion.

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