32 with 2 kids BBL

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Hi everyone, I'm new to realself and on here to...

Hi everyone,
I'm new to realself and on here to find out more and share my experiences of plastic surgery. I am from and living in the UK (London) and hoping to have the bbl procedure with hips with Dr (JCurves) Jimerson. I have my phone consult next week and have the whole amount set aside so hope to book asap. (By Feb 2015 would be great)
Anyway this site has been a good way for me to gather a more realistic view of what to expect and what may be achieved with this surgery. I am biracial (black carribean and Irish) 5'7 and currently 178lbs, I have quite a flat behind and square hips with a fair amount of left over baby belly (I have a 9 month old and 4 year old) I am hoping to achieve a more hourglass shape much like many of the ladies on here so I will be putting pics and keeping my page updated soon as to try and assist others with their surgery endeavours and to maybe help someone else like the reviews have helped me.
More to come so watch this space in the meantime good luck to all those that have booked or are in recovery.


Paid in full awaiting my date!! :-)

The previous review has been copied as something happened to my first account and I can no longer access it so that review was originally first written in early November on my original page (Londonlady82)

I have since paid $10,900 in full and I am waiting to hear back from my patient coordinator for a date on the fast track list. (As I am an international patient and have paid in full) I am hoping for a date in mid February so will update when I have more details.
Quite anxious and looking forward to finally doing something for me.
Watch this space.

TNT :-)

payment made last week, waiting for my date.

Hopefully my PS Randi will comtact me today regarding my surgery date, getting anxious and my fiancé needs to book time off work so he can fly over with me.

I have my date!

February 16th! Just have to book my flight.. :)

Ok so this is me now and what I would like to look like (as much as possible) after my op.

I have chosen wish pics of women that are of a similar height and frame to try and get a more realistic image of what I might expect if all goes well. I do not expect to look exactly like this but as close as humanly possible would do. lol
Roll on February 16th!!!! :)

Updates to follow.

Losing a little weight.

With the advice of a few drs I have decided to lose a very small amount of weight as well as toning up my upper body a bit too. I currently weigh 180lbs and I want to take that down to 173lbs, as I want to ensure that when the maximum amout of fat is taken there is a big difference and change in my shape.
#side bar just saw K Michelle on Wendy and that is not the look I want I think that dr went too far. Otherwise a beautiful woman but that butt does not suit her frame. Sorry.

55 days to go lol!

Not long to go now want to make sure I have everything I need soon especially since most of the garments and vitamins aren't available in the UK. Smh :-(

175lbs with 27 days to go!

The countdown is real and it's on! So apprehensive and excited about the new woman waiting to greet the world with her head held high, it's been a long time since I have walked out my door feeling confident and happy in my skin, I love my two beautiful daughters but I miss my pre pregnancy body I can't lie. Oh well here is two new beginnings and bigger and better things ahead! ;-)

Blood test and physical done just awaiting blood results then 2nd phone consult on 22nd.
Myself and my family (fiancé, girls and my Dad lol) will be flying out on Feb 11th so we get to visit family and sightsee a bit before my procedure on the 16th.

I will be sure to update more when there is more to tell.

Pre op (phone) appointment with Geeta

Just had my 2nd consult in the form of a pre op chat with the lovely nurse Geeta, we just went over medical history and confirmed my medical clearance.
(faxed over on Saturday)
I'm so excited only 3 weeks to go before I'm on the other side of bootyville lol.
I will be sure to update as and when. Thank you for all the words of support and all the helpful information a lot of you have put up with details about your experience they have been so helpful and you all look so bootyful ;-)
Chat soon!

20 days to go!


16 days to go!


12 days to go!!!!

Flying out in 7 days so I can enjoy Valentine's Day with my baby in the ATL before my surgery. Better make the most of it.

8 days!

Flying out on Wednesday.
Taking iron, zinc and vitamin C as advised by my GP I stopped drinking alcohol after New Years day just to be safe and eating healthy need to tone up my arms more and upper back as Im not having that done.
Ima take measurements again on Sunday (day before) but I'm current stats:
41-36-41 (post baby belly)

More soon. X

On my way Atlanta!

4 days to go!

Tomorrow is the big day!

See you on the other side realself ladies! :-)

I made it!

Firstly Thank you to everyone for wishing me well and being so supportive.
My procedure was meant to be at 2pm yesterday but they ran way over with the first two patients so I didn't go through till about 6:30pm!
I am lying on my air bed in a fair amount of pain, I passed out twice just trying to stand up last night to pee, my fiancé had to hold my female urinal under me in the bedroom and catch it as I couldn't make it down the hall.
The nurse said Dr J put 1000 in each cheek and 300 in each hip which sounds good to me.
I'm just trying to rest and drink loads of water, hopefully I'll have a massage later.

Just managed to walk to the bathroom

By myself.
Another pic.

New measurements

Pre op

3 days post op
I'm yet to have a massage and have just contacted Lidia Mosquera to hopefully book one today as I am feeling much stronger. I even managed to take off my garment and wash it and put it back in yesterday.
So far I'm loving my results and looking forward to losing some swelling especially in my butt because right now it's huge! Lol
More soon lovelies.

Oh yes

I forgot about to mention if you are not from the U.S. make sure you have enough money for the prescriptions mine cost $366 so bear in mind that you will need to have that. The love box shots that you take daily for one week to make sure you don't get blood clots cost $199!

Bain of my existence

Boi that first garment is tough I took mine off for the second time today and it's no joke you need half that damn hour just taking off and putting back on again sheesh.
As instructed by nurse Renee I have place a folded towel over my crease under my garment. My body did swell up quite a lot this time but I know I'll look and feel better after my massage tomorrow.

A couple of pics

1st lymphatic massage

Ok so I went with Tiana in the end as she could come to me and her prices are competitive also she is the only one recommended that actually has a lisence for lymphatic massage apparently so I think I made the right decision, I'll have another Sunday Monday and Tuesday as I'm flying back to the UK on Wednesday.
The massage was really great good and If done correctly don't hurt at all.
Feeling a lot more like me just waiting for this swelling still.

Bad day

Feeling down today and thinking this really wasn't worth it, my daughter is sick so my fiancé is rushed off his feet and I feel so helpless in use to doing most things in the home so it's real hard not to be able to help, he is so great but I feel isolated and a burden I hate feeling like this.


I still haven't done a #2 which is now very painful for me.

Be prepared

Please all be prepared for the good and bad days especially all the Moms out there!

Just something I found

Made me smile

Yay managed to go!

After pacing up and down all day my partner finally went out to get some suppositories for me, 2 of those plus magnesium citrate and 20 mins later things were moving, slowly and not very easily but it was something, I'll try again same method tomorrow. Nb still taking stool softener as prescribed.
Hope it's easier for you ladies lol.

Day 6 pics

Still a lot of swelling I'm waiting on my massage so as my garment is off I thought I'd snap a couple.

After massage

Feeling great

One week post op

Just had my first post op appointment and my drain removed (praise de Lord) she said it wouldn't hurt but the stitches on top stung like a b$@"! Anyway glad that's over.
The nurse said in healing really well no seromas and my final results are going to be great, I had my post op pics taken also and booked my 5 week post op appointment which will be over the phone as I'm flying back to London on Wednesday. (Not looking forward to that)
I'm a bit tired but will post pics and measurement later.


I'm a little worried today as my butt has already started to shrink, I'm day 9 post op and im totally happy with the size already which is not a good thing as between now and months 3 at least my butt is likely to shrink up to 30% so right now I should be worried how big it is. Maybe I should of asked for the signature J curves "ghetto booty" and had more than the 1000ccs in each cheek?
I hope I'm wrong but read a lot on here that suggests my fears are correct.

I'll be back.

Hi all I've decided it doesn't really make sense (for me) to write anymore about my results as they will be constantly changing till about the 3 month mark so I can't say if it was all worth it yet although I love my new shape I won't know how I'm going to really look for another couple of months. This is just how I feel and I'm not saying other people shouldn't write about their experiences, I just feel so different one day to the next that I just want to wait and see how this all pans out first.
Good luck to everyone and I will still check messages so feel free to ask me anything.
Happy healing all! :)

2 weeks 5 days post

just some pics.

2 weeks 5 days


Just a quick pic update.
I'm also wondering if anyone else is suffering from numbness in their fingers? I'm consult getting pins and needle and tingling in my fingers on both hands and wondering if this is normal? I never had this prior to surgery.
Also still awaiting my Small 2nd garment (currently wearing large which is way too big) but lipo express sent another Large by mistake so ima try to sell that one as they are sending another free of charge although I'll have to fork out another $50 to receive the item. (Customs charge kmt)
Hope everyone is doing well and healing up nicely.


Aorry didn't upload properly.


5 weeks and 4 days

Didn't upload

Can't lie

I'm loving my new shape!
I'm into my 8th week and I have to say I'm so pleased with my results thus far, im just starting to exercise now mainly my upper body to get rid of upper back fat and try to tighten up the girls.
My pre op stats were wrong before I just checked my chart again and I was at 41, 37.5, 39
I'm currently at 41, 31, 43 so from a difference of 1.5 hip to waist ratio to a 12 inch hip to waist ratio! Major difference and things are starting to soften up nicely!
Since I'm a stay at home mum still for the time being I have been able to not sit on my butt at all the only time I use a pillow under my thighs has been in the car otherwise I'm still laying and standing at home, still sleeping on my stomach also.
I'm now currently wearing my tight faja during the day and my size small beige half leg garment during the night. (skipped a size from large to small)
I will post more pics tomorrow.
Going to get lipo to my chin area as soon as I find a good doctor the rest I will do myself until 2017 when I will be having a breast lift. (Saving up now)


Oh yh I'm currently 5'7 and 170lbs

2 months post pics

Current stats

Over it.

I'm a bit fed up with a few ignorant people on here, please all do your research and realise that the Drs in this case do know better than us, I mean we would hope so right or we wouldn't be giving them our hard earn cash.
Please listen to your board certified and carefully selected (you selected) surgeon and even if you don't like everything he says but decide you still want to to it either get another opinion or just leave it alone. You need to do exactly what you are instructed to do or your results may not be what you wanted its that simple.
Also not everyone can have a large amount of fat inserted back into their buttocks as it depends how much elasticity you have in your skin, put too much and more of the fat will die. I do have some knowledge of cost metric surgery as I worked in a very famous clinic in London so I know how important it is to follow the instructions you are given and what can happen if you don't.
But saying that as my Jamaican Mum use to say "if dem cyant hear dem must feel" harsh but kinda true.
Good luck and happy healing to all.

On a positive note

For the record I'm still very happy with my results (as is my fiancé) and I'm so glad I went through with this.
No major changes although my butt is softening up nicely as each day goes by. ;-)
Weight 168lbs BMI 26

6 month update

Well I finally made it to 6 months and I'm still so happy with my results and glad I did this, it's been a long journey but I'm here and I love my new shape. I am far from perfection but compared to what I was working with prior to this I made the best decision for me, my confidence has improved greatly and I'm happier than I've been for a long time.
Good luck to everyone about to partake in the bbl experience and those on the road to recovery, I hope all goes well and you are happy with your results.

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