Ready for bbl March 30 with Dr. Calva miami

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The office looked really nice and everyone was...

The office looked really nice and everyone was very professional. the staff was full of beautiful women and I didn't feel like I was just one of many customers. I'm driving myself crazy thinkin about... I'm driving myself crazy thinkin about this surgery! I need to gain weight. besides drinking 4 ensure plus a day, does anyone have any other ideas how to gain weight for an active greedy slim girl?

I may be scheduling around December. That's when I...

I may be scheduling around December. That's when I can get my vacation from work. I'm soooooo impaciente and ready to do this! AAHhH

Does anyone else obsess over looking at pictures...

Does anyone else obsess over looking at pictures of butts before surgery? I have been looking at all types, sizes and races to mach it up with my body and ideal shape. Something I just want it to be as close to what I want as possible but Dr. Jimerson promised me I'm n good hands, literally..lmao

Paid my deposit today. Date for surgery is Dec....

Paid my deposit today. Date for surgery is Dec. 17, 2012. I have time to gain my weight. I got more info and success stories. I sat there and talked to Michelle for a while. She is amazing and I can't wait for it to happen. I will be the first patient that day. Dr J past by and talked for a sec. I love him and he's always upbeat n never seems tired. I wouldn't either, getting paid like he does...Lmao anyways if u ladies have any advice on before surgery prep please let me know. Luv ya! Outy

It's 2:36am I have eaten ramen noodles, roasted...

It's 2:36am I have eaten ramen noodles, roasted salted cashews, pudding cups, ensure plus,2 20 oz sodas, and banana. I might eat a full blueberry bagel and ice cream before I go to sleep. Hello may even take sum snacks to bed so when Im n and out of sleep I can really trying to gain so I can have more fat to graft and bigger legs to fit a bigger booty :-)

Her profile is....Ramsey29. Her booty is still the...

Her profile is....Ramsey29. Her booty is still the same size. She looks great after 1 year. So I guess its tru that what survives is permanent! Go take a look

I have been thinking about bbl like crazy... I am...

I have been thinking about bbl like crazy... I am not getting it til December 17th!! Can I even wait that long??? I am on this site so much I feel like I know I also have been thinking about what I need to have, which is driving me crazy because i am super organized and everything has to b a certain way! (like a OCD thing). I have been on different clothing websites to see what I may want to buy after surgery. Yes only sweat pants and tights but still wanna look decent! I know Dr. Jimerson and the ladies said they will give me all info and prescriptions at my pre op appt but I just wanna know wayyyyy ahead of time so I can be ready!. I have also still been looking at results and compairing. In someway have been making myself see what I want in a realistic way rather than magical...lmao I know the rest will come with toning and eating right, even though my frame will make this procedure ideal for me. Can't wait to get my weight gainer shake. 650 cal before adding milk( thanks @ bbl sis in comments Armygirl911). Michelle a patient consultant of Dr. J also gained weight this way for her surgery. I will keep u guys posted on my gain. Even though it is very hard for me to gain over 130... Uhhhh we will see! with All those calories I dnt have any choice but to gain! Ttyl

Im excited but Dec isn't coming fast enough!...

Im excited but Dec isn't coming fast enough! Uhhhhhhgggg. I gained about 5 pounds but I'm not really trying until September. I dnt wanna gain TOO MUCH weight! Just a good 20 lbs maybe. I will keep u guys updated on the weight gain. I'm super organized so I'm tryin to get a list of things I will need together NOW! I'm local so I don't have to travel. I can't wait. I really dread wearing clothes that hug my butt cause it shows how I don't have its this chic that's hangs around, she's heavy set. She always talks about how she has a DONK and I don't. Little does she know, its very outta shape and surprisingly small for her size. Anyways I choose not to put her down because I acually know I'm sexy. Just no booty. I think all women have key qualities in their beauty! But if u r insecure about yourself, pay attention to the things you say to others just to build yourself up. You may realize your making them feel the same way someone else mad you feel. At the end of the day a bigger booty may make ppl look but your ugly personality will cause them to do ONLY that and keep it moving! Thought maybe my bbl sistas could relate in some way or another.......

Been eating a lot so I can gain my weight for...

Been eating a lot so I can gain my weight for surgery. I told a couple more friends about it today and they surprised me. Instead of being negative, they are now thinking about getting bbl that's crazy. I love my friends!

I am trying to make sure I get everything I need...

I am trying to make sure I get everything I need and starting to become obsessive compulsive about this surgery. It's all I talk about!!! I'm still very confident in the Dr. I have chosen. Nothing changing I have a confession! Haven't been drinking my weight gain smh! I keep gaining and loosing weight but I have 5 months. I only wanna get to about 140 not blow the hell up! I will start tomorrow. I currently weigh 117 5'6. Heyyyyyy don't u look like that! I'm gonna gain!! My job is very physically demanding so I will really need to buckle down and drink this high caloric shake at least twice a day. That's like 2200 extra calories on top of food! Great! I'm not that excited right now. I'm more on the preparation stage. I'm still stalking I watched Dr. Jimersons live bbl video and loved it. He's so awsome in person. He acually sits and talks to u and listens to Ur wants and customize the surgery. I will update on weight gain and take more horrid pics when I gain a good amount of weight. Until then, more research! *kiss kiss*

I need urgent help so that I can set aside the...

I need urgent help so that I can set aside the money for "blood work". I see ppl talking about blood work and EKG but I see on the internet that EKGs can cost over $1000.00 WUT?! So is what the docs ask for different? What exactly do you have to get done?! Please NO GUESSES. I need accurate info from a lady who already had it done, has one scheduled or has received info from their doctor on what exactly to get done. Thank you in advance ladies I'm starting to freak out so I'm sorry if this update seems aggressive :-)

I have been surching for some pics to be able to...

I have been surching for some pics to be able to show Dr. J exactly what I want. We all know that is hard but I found them! They are soooo perfect. Even though I know we are all different and it won't be exact but I don't want there body exactly. I want the best body for me but just giving an idea for size, roundness and where I want the fullness. There are so many shapes and sizes and some girls rather have fullness than projection. Some rather have bubble than a shelf. ME.....I want a little of it all. Bubble, Shelf, fullness and projection! Dr. Jimerson is a GREAT Dr. And I know he can do it cause his patient consultant and also patient has the perfect booty. She is the same size as me but with a DONK! and I damn sure want one too! I updated my wish pics and did some surgery on my self......well on my


its beenbtwo years since i last started my journey to trying to get my BBL surgery! The reason i didnt was because i didnt feelvas thoufh i had enough weight for what i wanted even though doc said he could work with it.....but i want MORE. So i have gained weight and feel that i have enouph now. I dont want huge but nice bubble. I have a small frame. 5'6 125 pounds so my waist and stomach will look nice once lipoed cause i have seen my shape without extra fat. So lets get started ladies

FINALLY will be able to get booty!!!!!!

I have been off and on here for years. A couple years ago I had a consultation with Dr.j . My finances were up and down but to tell you the truth I didn't have the knowledge I do know about the bbl and what can be done. I'm happy I did not get it sooner because I may have been unhappy trying to rush. Now I'm able to pay in cash full and i know what I can. I'm also more dedicated to gaining weight and know how to do it easily as well as gotten granted off days at work. I will be going to dr. J consultation on August 20th. I weight 123 at the time and 5'6. I had lost weight when I got food poisoning and went down to 112. So I've gained Alot and still need 15 more because I'm at my regular weight now. At work will give more info and pics later...smooches

Hello ladies. I started off getting a tummy tuck...

Hello ladies. I started off getting a tummy tuck here in georgia with Dr. Cochran, which I'm still gonna do but I figured why waist all that lipoed fat?? I've been wanting a BBM for a decade but never thought I could afford it. I was looking at Dr. Hasan but he's booked til April and I need it in March. Also Dr. Cava is doing a Special for 3500 if pay in full at once, 4000 if your doing down payment.He is also with eres cosmetics and him and Dr. Hasan has similar work. I've done my research and he also has a Instagram page. Drdancalva. He's great. I am going to xanadu recovery house 1500 for 6 nights, transportation, caretaker, nurse to visit you, compression garment, 2 Lipo foams, Lipo board, medication (Percocet, antibiotic, and so grab for nausea, 4 massages, breakfast and you can bring a guest to stay in your room at no extra Dee. The surgery cost include surgery room fee, full panel lab work, all follow ups, general anesthesia, anesthesiologists in room at all times, liposuction and liposculture on full back, full an and waist ( bra line, love handles, flanks, waist, upper and lower abs). Fat transfer to butt and hips. I will be taking delta 130.00 for round trip to miami Florida. Haven't booked the flight yet. Getting my date tis week.My best friend will be coming with me. I'm going to make my deposit this week to lock in this deal because come January all deals will change. I'm 158 lbs 5'7. 30 years old. I've already bought some items. I will put those in another section. I have two kids so hopefully the pain is gonna be bearable. I will put up before pics and pics of dr. Calvas work. I will be trying to have my surgery in end of March. Karina said she should be able to get me something at that time. Any advice is welcomed.

Secured Special price but no date yet

Ok do i paid a deposit to secure the Special but I have to send more to get a date. Thanks to karina she allowed me because I really needed to lock in that Special offer which is over tomorrow. I will be paying that in two weeks and all of the Balance in two more weeks after that. I have bought items and here is a list of things I've bought, things I have left to but and other costs.

Baby wipes
Dial antibacterial soap
Medical rape
Faja included in recovery house cost
Puppy pads
Hall's cough drops
Cortisone cream
Hand sanitizer
Cotton balls
Q tips
Hot/cold compress
Over the counter nausea Med.
Iron pills

Tube pillow 9.99 amazon
Wife beaters 13.96 6pk amazon
Maxi dresses (5) 2.01 each
Compression socks 23.99 6pk amazon
Arnica tablets 6.69 80ct amazon
Bathrobe 18.99 amazon
Toothpaste 1.00 dollar store
Socks 3.00 dollar store
Wash cloths dollar store
Camping chair 9.99 amazon
Fluffy pillow 3.00 amazon
Measuring tape 3.49 amazon
Female urinal ez Pee 6.88 amazon
Cheap duffle bag 9.95 amazon
Total 123.98 +taxes and shipping

Surgery 4000.00
Remaining items 123.98 +shipping
Recovery house 1500
Flight 130

I will have extra money for any hidden costs,extra garments,good or whatever prob not gonna bring more than 500.00 extra. Very excited but I have slight OCD and I check lists and item over and over. It's annoying how many times I have pulled out my stuff and checked. I'm super organized. Any advice or comments don't be afraid to say.

Weight gain

Wanted to show how i came from being very smalI to kinda chubby lol. I know some ladies loose weight to get closer to there goal but there are also small girls that wanna make sure they get enough booty. It's not hard but you wanna make sure it's stable weight and healthy fat. You can eat junk but try things fat will stick. High starch, high protein, high calorie. Idid gain weight. Been trying for years but never honestly stuck with anything or tried hard because it was hard for me to gain but with in two to three months I gained. Went from 120 to 158. Almost 40 lbs. I started eating potatoes in different variations, Ben and jerry's, pastas, Alfredo, protein shakes, milkshakes and fast food. I also drank a lot of ensure plus and Boost. Honestly at first I was trying and then I stopped paying attention and calorie counting. It became easy. I stopped trying to gain weight at about 135 pounds but the problem was I had unintentionally increased my appetite and the amount that my stomach held before getting full. So I continued to gain weight til I got to 158 then it stayed there. I rang from 155 to 158 and have been there for some months now. Just some info to anyone trying to gain weight. You can do it and it doesn't take much if you stick to it. It's easy for people to say oh just eat a lot you will gain but they don't realize as a small person your body can only take so much and even if you already eat a lot (like I did) your body is use to burning very fast to get rid of it before it turns into fat. So force feeding yourself is not easy. So I learned to instead of eating "alot" to focus on high calorie small food and as time go by your body will take more and more on its own 2nd appetite will get bigger. Other than that you can drink shakes when your too full in between until you can eat another high calorie meal...

Weight gain

Forgot back view....dramatic change in weight gain 40 lbs almost

Family, friends, and not associate's questions

So huge question for you ladies that has had bbl bank and those who are gonna have it....what did you say to people who knew what you looked like before? I'm not talking about strangers I'm talking about family and friends and even friends of people you know. Some I know will be positive and some will have a whole lot of b.s to say. So what will you tell them when they ask? I don't mind ppl knowing my shape was medically inhanced but I know my attitude as well and I won't have the energy to pop off on every hater. My mom, husband and two best friends are done with it because I've talked about this for years but there are some that I've heard say things about it being a fake butt and blah blah blah. The thing is most of these women that men drool over has had work done but no one knows for sure until you tell them. Some women want it but can't afford it so they talk shit. The truth is everyone saves and hustled for what they want. Some it may be a new luxury car for us it's a new body. Just wondering what will you ladies say when that one ride bi#&* asks you about your new body. Please respond

Add size!!!!!! Super size me please!

I was just thinking about booty size. I'm looking at different girls that said they want to go big but end up wanting a round 2. Well Doc put every drop of fat you can for fit in there. I want an ol ignorant add! I want a booty so damn remedial it has to wear a helmet!!!! To be honest the amount of fat on me isn't gonna give me a deformed too too big butt....but I want a really big butt and hips. After swelling and some absorption I'm hoping to end big. I don't want a round two cause I need a tummy tuck. My natural frame is very small before the weight gain. I'm not too flat so I got something to work with.. I'm gonna show him these pics only. I've narrowed it down on the look I want. My words to dr. Calva will be " I want big hips, huge ass, lots of PROJECTION. As much ccs possible doc!" I use to be a dancer so I'm not afraid of looking "different". I didn't come all this way and scrape up my Lil coins to look like the average subtle "natural" chic. Go crazy doc!!!! LMAO

Trolls!!!!!!!!! Stay in your lane!!!!!

Hi girls. I need to speak on something! If you don't have not one review, pics before and after, doctor you went to or proof of a surgery don't get on these ladies pages and tell us what he can and can't have or what's unrealistic. What's unrealistic is your profile!!!! No dann picture just comments and a dann name! Stay in your lane giving advice on what I can't dann have I'm 1 round. If you feel free to comment again you can but honey you don't even have a review but you seem to be making a lot of comments about dr. Calva. His dolls look damn good and if seen dolls get snatched for less money. Get you a pic up of your body and surgery then talk until then you don't come on realself and mess up the give between my ladies!!!! Thank you and you dolls do what you feel and all of you are looking good!!!!


I just got a new coordinator, Regla. Paid the rest of my deposit today and got MARCH 30, 2017. I put that date on my profile as a guess but really ended up getting that date. My 2 year olds b day is March 9, my b day is March 21 and my 1 year Marraige anniversary is March 25 so March seems to be my lucky I will keep y'all updated with info. I'm super excited now

Ready to do this!!!! March 30th

I got my plan ticket round trip to miami from Atlanta on delta $127.00 my homegirl is coming with me and I'm going to xanadu recovery house. Eres recommended them. $1500 include 6 days with friend, food, garment, medication, Lipo foams and board, transportation. Happy with that. I'm so ready been following dr. Calva on his Instagram and I love him. I lOVE HIM. I know every Lady has there fab doc and advice on why there's are better and that's great. I'm happy that dolls are happy about there decision but knock other dolls for there's. Your wishes and body type may be different from others. Some dolls want a really snatched waist and others want more natural. It's all about what YOU want. I want a big butt but not Nicky minaj or k michelle big. My frame is too small and I don't believe I could carry all of that. I would end up looking like the lady pebbles with the booty shots and that's not what I want. I'm looking for more like bernis burroso (hope I spelled right). I'm speaking of that. I decided not to bring "wish pics". I don't want dr. Calls to concentrate on molding me to look like someone else. I will tell him what I'm looking for and allow him to work with what looks good on MY frame not the girl in whatever picture. I want tiny as he can make waist and as much fat as he can fit in butt and hips. I'm not scared to be too big. I'm scared to be too small. I have about 30 to 40 extra pounds in on me from regular weight. I gained its this over a year preparing for the bbl. So I'm positive I have enough cause naturally I'm about 120-125 But now I'm 155-160. I'm so ready. I'm not getting any thigh, arm or chin Lipo because I don't need it first of all and second I need all the fat from waist, stomach and back GONE and you can only get 4 liters taken. So why spread that out when I can just get the best results from mid section areas. I'm buying last supplies next week and paying up the rest of my surgery in two weeks. Very excited!!!! Good luck dolls

Haven't became real to me yet

I know that I'm getting the surgery, I've been watching dr. Calvas Instagram and loving it. I've bought all of my supplies except my robe. My bbl pillow can in the mail last week and I'm just in shock or something! It feels so surreal to be finally getting the surgery I've wanted for over 4 years of searching on RS. I'm very happy but some of my friends and some family have found out from a big mouth and now I'm getting all kind of questions on why, where, how and who? My mom is very nervous and scared for me but I can't call everybody and make them feel different from how they feel because it's stressing me and I need to be in my best mind and health. I've showed my mom dr. Calvas credentials and that he's never had a death or malpractice law suite but my mom doesn't know anything about how important being a board certified doctor is. To her in her mind mine none of them know what they're doing and they are all the she knows nothing about surgery at all. She thought I was gonna die when I gave birth both times so there is no talking to her. I may make a YouTube explaining all of this. People think you can exercise into a big booty. You may change the shape but it will not totally change where the FAT is placed. I also need a tummy tuck and exercise isn't gonna get rid of loose Skin. Ladies there are a lot of people that are against surgery. There are people that feel like a bbl bbl is a "fake" but but it's not it's yours you just had some help enhancing it. Some people hate because they don't have the money but just like someone may want a really nice car they do what they have to to get it. This is the same thing. This is what I want to get. Ughhh this is gonna be crazy. It won't be real until I lay on that table. I hope I don't have a panic attack. Pray for countdown continues

Current Measurements

Age: 30
Height: 5'7
Before gaining weight: 120
Current weight: 155
Measurements: 34-36-40
BMI: 24.3


I follow Dr. Calvas Instagram @drdancalva he seems to get better and better with each patient. I just wanted to reassure any girls that are nervous or doubtful about Dr calva calls and his snatch-ability ????????

Surgery in 8 days!!!! Feelings??? Death??

Ok so I leave in 7 days and bbl surgery with Dr. Cava is in 8 days. How do I feel? Well first off I'm pretty sure most of you have heard that dr. Calva has a patient die last week. She was young and healthy. She died from a fat embolism. It is a rare but REAL risk! He has done 100s if not 1000s of bbl with plenty of success and great reviews. It is very sad that this young lady has passed. No one deserves to die period. Her aunt is on Instagram which I spoke to briefly. I have also spoken to dr. Calva over the phone and grateful he took time to call me. He is very hurt by this and since has figured out how to make the procedure safer by changing some things. Am I scared? No because he is very skilled and cares about his patients. He has also cut down on the number of patients he does a day. This man IS BOARD CERTIFIED BY THE AMERICAN BOARD OF SURGERY. He got certified in GENERAL surgery after graduating college as a MD (medical doctor) then studied in a hospital for 7 years for PLASTIC SURGERY. He specializes in reconstructive surgery as well. I've done my research so I don't need anyone coming to me feeling sorry about my choice like I picked a doctor out of a box of names. I'm not taking up for the doctor, I'm taking up for my intelligence! American board of surgery switched over certifications dec 31 so some are not posted there but they have a link to pull up any doctors info that that haven't updated on there new program here is the link tis shows his certification. Death happens in surgery world. It is still sad and no one wants it to be them. It's also understandable for tis to scare any dolls but if you are a patient of his he will hit you back and talk to you. Just be respectful of thia young lady and her family not to keep talking about her...*** he will not talk to you about her because of privacy laws of the patient and company but he will talk to you about YOUR concerns. I'm just focused on preparing my mind and body. As well as following pre and post op instructions to the fullest. Drink plenty of water after, take iron, antibiotics, and pain meds, eat, walk around to avoid blood clots and rest. Do your research girls and don't assume l. Go straight to the source like I did. good luck

Surgery IG page

So I just started a surgery IG page. I will be posting pics and live videos from there please add me @nicoleatl_calvadoll. I will follow back. Surgery pages only though cause it may be too much for regular viewers

Did Pre op today and it was bitter/sweet

So me and my bestie landed early this morning around 9am. Staying with xanadu recovery house which is what eres recommended. The driver Danny picked us up and another girl that road the plane with us. We went to eres for Pre op. It was very unorganized. The staff were very sweet but it was crazy. I say dr. Calva first. He was so sweet. He hugged and kisses me on the cheek. Then talked dor a minute. He has me undress right like no gown or nothing. Straight ads right there. He told me what to expect and said he would get me flat but don't know how my skin would turn out because of stretch marks at the bottom of my belly. He told me what type/shape booty would fit me which was a inverted heart shape. He wrote everything down on my paper. Told me to drink drink drink water and Gatorade all day dor preparation for surgery tomorrow. Then left cause he had a surgery to do. I went and got blood drawn but the nurse stuck me twice. Once on each arm and it was dry!!!! No blood coming out. She said I was dehydrated....might be sure but I'm not dead and I have blood in my veins. Why none coming out and I've never had the problem? And it hurt like he'll. Waited an hour to be stuck again and a man did it this time he stuck me twice once in each hand. The back of my hands hurt so bad. The first time he stuck my hand he kept moving the needle around in my hand and it hurt so fucking bad. When he stuck the other hand I didn't feel anything and bam! The blood came out. They wasn't getting my veins right. So after all that the driver took use to Wal-Mart to get good and headed to the hotel that xanadu put us in, extended stay america. It's nice. By the way ALL the dolls at eres that was coming out of surgery or getting massages look so good! Like booty model good. Everyone had big asses on round 1 and two girls were getting round 2 but booty was so damn huge already (booty greed). I went live on my surgery Instagram page @nicoleatl_calva . It's so much easier to so that. Follow me. I don't know what time surgery is until 6pm when they call me. Please pray for me I will keep you updated. I may not post for a day or two. Don't know how pain will be. But I will be on Instagram live. I feel good about this

I made it!!!!!

I didn't update. Yesterday because I prefer doin my IG live.if you haven't already followed me please go follow @nicoleatl_calvadoll. I Go into great detail on my journey and experience. I'm not going to do that here because it's too much so dr. Calva had made his markings on me and I went to the back with the anastheseologist. My hemo was a 13 which is why I think I feel so damn good. He found my Vein to give me fluids. He put the mask on and told me to breathe in and out but nothing was coming out the mask. He left it on the side of my face to go turn it on. The fumes started coming out immediately I got a soft of it and I was no Count down or nothing. He didn't even get to put the mask on all the that's the last thing I remember and woke up in so much pain. My driver from xanadu recovery house and my sister was in the room with me as well as. The nurse have gave me a shot for pain and they helped my off the table into the wheelchair. We rode a shot distance then I got in the car on my stomach. When we got to our hotel booked by my recovery house mariam gave me my Percocet and I felt so much better. No more pain just really really sore. Mariam spoon fed me, washed me, helped me pee...everything! Love her. I walked and drank water and Gatorade all night. I peed out fluid all night. It was clear. My booty is so big. Dr calva recommended that I get a inverted hear shape with fat at top and bottom heavy. He also gave me more hips. Dr. Cava is very aggressive with Lipo. He snatched my waist. I'm swollen and you can still see my curves from day one. He will be letting me put my faja on tomorrow. The massage I got today hurt a little but felt so damn good! She put that warm cocoa butter on my back and drained my fluid and broke up the knots. After massage dr. Calva took more pics and swelling was down even more. I'm not gonna have waist in three he says no sitting for 2 months or 8 weeks. Sleeping is difficult and hurts my neck so mostly I'm up walking. Again please follow my IG @nicoleatl_calvadoll. I will update there more thorough and we have fun on my live. The pics are before surgery and the same day of surgery when I got back to hotel. Any questions please ask me on IG. I may not get back to you as quick on RS. Bare with me because I have lots of messages

Tired tired tired

I've been very tired dolls. Can't really sleep because my neck hurts sleeping on my stomach. My butt is a 43 inch right now. I was 44 coming out of surgery. Of course a lot of swelling but I didn't swell as much as I thought I would.. the foam and board are putting deep dents and impressions on my skin. The fluid is collecting around it. So I ditched the board all together. I wear the foam for maybe two days and give a day break to get rid of the dents while I massage. I wear the garment 24/7 except for showering. I'm loving my results. My stomach is retracting greatly. I do have stretch marks had them before surgery but I don't have any hanging skin. I could get a tummy tuck to get rid of stretch marks but I'm never getting another surgery unless it's life or death. This is a lot to deal with.

New pic

New pic

Loving my body. Wearing my faja up under this.

I'm back so sorry

I'm sorry I've been missing from RD. I've been on IG! I'm loving my booty. Still swelling up. My faja got really big due to my waist being very small and I had to find a good cleaners that I could trust to do alteration. I get it back tomorrow but being out of my faja for a couple weeks had made my belly swell. I was wearing faja but it wasn't right enough to help with the swelling. I was told by Doc calva that this could last for three months. I am a month and a half post op I believe. After swelling went down I lost about an inch or inch and a half. I will update u dolls a lot more. I haven't went shopping or have I been wearing anything but tights. I want to get belly down before wearing jeans because if I'm still swelling up it could alter my lower belly by wearing right jeans. Questions are welcomed. I will tale more pics soon

Round 2??? Or revision and tt????

I am thinking about getting a round 2. I need my booty filled in and a tt. I'm staying here in atlanta not going back to Miami. My husbands best friend brother is a board certified plastic AND reconstructive surgeon. I didn't go to him before because he is very conservative with his bbl but is awesome at tt. His incisions are very low and curve. I may just get him to fill me out and do my tt. His practice is called taylormadelooks. His name is dr.chichi berhane. He also has an Instagram. If not him I will go to Dr. Cochran he's in Columbus Ga but the one thing I don't like about dr. Cochran is he doesn't have an anesthesiologist. This is why his price is like 5,000 compared to 8,000 but he hasn't had any deaths due to this so we will see. I won't be getting it done till the beginning of next year but I have a meeting with dr. Berhane so he can look at me. I've already seen dr. Cochran before my bbl was done so I won't go back to him unless I'm ready to place a deposit. Why I'm getting a revision? Well it may not be noticeable to others but my right cheek is more plump than my left and some absorption of hips happened. So I want that back. Docs say there is a better fat survival rate the 2nd time. That's why dolls look so great round 2. I love my body but I feel as though it could be been better. Not looking for perfect but I can see one cheek is different. Why tt??? Well my stomach is flat but not really. I have muscle laxity which pevents my abs from being tight and flat.When I sit my skin hangs on sides and in front. It also hangs above my belly button. It was expected because I have lots of lower an stretch marks and two kids. Exercise will not fix this. My waist is like a 28 but is should be smaller cause i have a small frame. Im 34-28-43. I want 34-26-45. Came from a 36-38-40. It's a bigggggg difference but if I'm gonna get plastic surgery I want to be the shit!! I will keep you updated. I'm still healing. So we will see

Eres lied on paperwork

I just had another consultation with a doc here in Atlanta for my tummy tuck. He is so awesome and educated. He works on CELEBS. He Is a little high but I can tell he will give that celeb look I want and quality work. Well while on consult he tells me there is no way they took 3990cc of fat in lipo off my small frame and still have fat. He said my stomach should have been so flat. Although I have laxity in my muscles from babies and loose skin he said I should have a wayyy flatter stomach. I also have irregularities from lipo. He took more fat from the top of my abdomen and less from the bottom half and then took all fat from mons areas he will be fixing all this for me and said he can give me 26" waist. Thu doc is also my husband's best friend brother in law. I know the docs wife and all but this will not get me a cheap he will be doing surgery in hospital and the hospital charges for operating room as well as anesthesiologist fee. So although doc only charging me 6k with all the other extra fees it will end up 11k for tummy tuck. I have not so good credit cause I have no credit. I will be paying with cash or borrowing from husbands best friend (millionaire) and pay him back. Oh yeah and i wanted to go to dr. Cochran. He was my first choice but he has passed. R.i.p
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

So it's forever later. I'm Older and stable. I talked to karina the coordinator. She is very responsive and I'm just ready to get this surgery. I've done my research on the Company and doctor. Dr. Calva is great and can't wait to be in miami.

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