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I'm 24 years old and been wanting this surgery...

I'm 24 years old and been wanting this surgery forever. My body is not bad at all, I just think its definitely room for improvement. I like to say " I'm just trying to put some icing on this cake". (LOL) Last year I was team salama but I am so impressed by Dr. J that I am sold already. He is going to be my doctor for sure. I know calling is the first step so when I feel I'm prepared I'm going to do that. I just have to figure out do I want to finance or save and pay out of pocket. Decisions

What I'm working with

Adding my pre op pics so you ladies can see what I'm already working with. It's not bad but I have room for major improvement. I think I already have a pretty good foundation. I just want to make sure I end up with the right ps to take me body to the next level. I want a really tiny waist and major projection. My waist is small it's just cover with fat and I don't need hips because my hips are already wide in my opinion. Once I get the waist I want then my hips with probably look as wide as they really are. What do you think ladies?

Pre Op Pics

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