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Y'all I'm so ready for this BBL, till its not...

Y'all I'm so ready for this BBL, till its not funny!!!! I'm going to Dr. J, he do awesome work....and I just can't wait....Don't get me wrong, my body is not bad. Unfortunately, I have gained some weight. My stomach have gotten bigger, and yuck!!!! I just want my confidence level to be sky high how it use to be!!!!! I booked a consultation on Feb. 18th, for mid April....in the meantime, I'm going to lose some weight!!! Work out work out work out, and eat right!!!!! Anyone that knows any good iron medication let me know!!!! Also, if your consultation near mines with Dr. J....let's link up!!!!! Talk back to me ladies!!!!!


I need to lose weight if anyone have any tips please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iron Pills!

What is the best iron pills out there!!!! I want to start some ASAP!!!


OK Ladies....I am so terrifed about getting put to sleep......I guess the won't wake up part!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeassseee help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!.....


What do your iron levels have to be to get the surgery?

Hey y'all!

I know i asked this before, but i went to get my blood checked....and I was wondering what does your blood have to be in order to get the surgery....also this is one of my wish pics!!!


Hey is something wrong with RS?? Or is everyone ignoring me??? Lol!!! Talk back to me bbl sisters!!!

Date changing

Does anyone have a September date, that would love to have my August 13th date???!!!! Let me know ASAP!!!
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