BBL with Dr Fisher Next Year..MARIAN STRIKES AGAIN!! - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies So I'm new to this just joined today...

Hi ladies
So I'm new to this just joined today and finally called Dr Jimersons office yesterday to schedule a phone consultation.. Its for April 11th!! I was also put on a cancellation list but if any of you ladies could recommend an alternative on how I can move up the consultation date I would greatly appreciate it because April is a long time to wait!! Lol

Anywho after stalking this website for the last couple of months and seeing all the amazing results dr Jimerson patients were getting and seeing the before and afters pictures I said its about that time.. Got to get me a booty like all these ladies flaunting their booties on here ... So now I guess I'm officially part of the sisterhood yay! :)

I will update and also put up some pics of what I'm working with now because I have to get those into dr Jimerson office ASAP! :)

Just adding some wish pics. I would add pics of...

just adding some wish pics. I would add pics of what i look like now but I'm too embarrassed lol

I'm thinking Dra Yily now ...have a few concerns...

I'm thinking Dra Yily now ...have a few concerns with all this popularity and attention she's receiving .. but, I think she might be the best choice for me right now..Also some females were asking can she produce a big butt well ..i think she can if you ask her to because on one of her patients has a pretty big ass!!

Hey ladies I have lots of questions for my yily...

Hey ladies I have lots of questions for my yily patients and future patients, wanted to know what kind of epidural block she uses and what are some of the side effects and complications, and also I think I might bring my own garment with the butt out from Lipoexpress, do you guys think thats a good idea? How is the Yily's garment? Ladies plz enlighten me with your knowledge lol I need your help! Thanks

Haven't been on here for a while

Decide that I'll be staying in the states, after a year of following other peoples experiences of traveling to DR for surgery. I just feel safer staying here for surgery, so this is why I choose Dr. Fisher, he's price is reasonable compared to the other doctors and his results are great. So I am confident that he will give me what I want. I spoke to one his coordinators, Anna and so far so good. She is nice and informing. I do feel a little pressured though, just being honest. I want to finance my surgery, but I want to make sure everything is good, (utilization, co-signer on deck just incase,..etc) before I have her send in the application for me..and of course she tells me if I wait to long that the price might change. hmmm, but its w.e I'm not sweating it. I'm going to Dr. Fisher regardless. Any of you ladies experience the same? Anywho I have a pre op pic, plan on losing 10 more pounds.

wish pics

Deposit paid whoop whoop!!!

Spoke to Anna literally all morning, and made a deposit to lock in my price special. now i have to figure out my date, and put the down a deposit for that. I'm officially excited, that after years of lurking through forums and Facebook groups, I finally found my doctor! Cant wait to have the body I've always wanted.

Fisher Ladies!!

Any of you had lipo to the inner thighs, if so was it worth it. If you look at my pics you can see I have a lot of stubborn fat there, and I want to lipo the shit out of them. Any advice ladies? I know I don't have new ass pics for you but, could you kindly help me? plz lol

Just a little observation

Ok, so I guess if your not having surgery right at this second, and uploading pics of your new body you won't really get a response from anyone lol, but its cool. I spent a lot of years resourcing so I know what I'm getting into, and then there's always google. Any who made my list of things I'm gonna need, I'll verify with Vanity before I buy anything though, don't want to buy more then what I need.

This is the list
Female urinal
Bed pads (Tena)
antiseptic wash (wound cleaning)
first aid tape
surgical pads (curad comparably to ABD, but cheaper)
baby whips
antibacterial wash (Dial)
bath sponge
Vedette 944 L
anti embolism socks
abdominal tablita
arnica cream
vitamin code raw iron (cheaper alternative to mega blood builder)
Lipo foam
boppy pillow
and of course the basics such as, tooth brush, paste, face cream, deodorant etc. As far as clothing I will keep it light by bringing stuff I already own (leggings, sweaters, robe, sleep gowns), might buy a maxi dress or two, tank tops etc.

Hope this list helps someone, don't know if vanity gives you surgical dressings, so I will ask my coordinator. Also I will be staying at a nice little studio, hopefully! with my boyfriend for a week. So if your at the rh during your stay you may not need most of the stuff I'm bringing.

Red Flags After Surgery

These are some of the complications that can arise after surgery, but I'm sure there are many more so ladies please do your homework so you are fully prepared for this surgery. ByeByeFatty_HelloHottie kind of inspired this post. Don't remember where I found this, but thought I would share it on my blog.

Red flags after surgery

Fever Over 101 Degrees
A slight fever is not uncommon after having surgery, but a fever over 101 degrees may indicate that you have an infection.

Unexplained Leg Pain
One of the major risks of surgery is the development of blood clots in the legs, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). These clots can be very dangerous as they can travel through the bloodstream to the lungs or brain, causing difficulty breathing, a stroke or other problems.

Pus, Drainage or Streaks From Your Incision
Small amounts of clear drainage may come out of your incision in the days after surgery, but fluid coming from the incision that looks like pus or smells foul is a sign of infection. Red streaks on your skin that move away from the incision can also be a warning sign of infection.

Your Incision Begins to Pull Apart
If your incision begins to separate, your surgeon should be contacted immediately. Cover the wound with a moist bandage or clean piece of cloth, then seek medical attention. This complication may be prevented by holding pressure on the incision when coughing, rising from a chair or sneezing.

Inability to Urinate or Have a Bowel Movement
Contact your surgeon’s office if you are constipated or having difficulty urinating. Straining to have a bowel movement or urinate can increase the pressure in your abdomen and put stress on your incisions, and these symptoms can be signs of more severe complications. Do not use over-the-counter remedies without your surgeon’s approval.

Bloody, Very Dark or “Tarry” Bowel Movements
These are signs of blood in your stool and should be reported immediately, unless your physician specifically explained that you may experience some bleeding in the stool in the days immediately after surgery.

Coughing Up or Vomiting Blood
These are signs of a potential medical emergency, where blood is in the stomach or lungs. Contact your surgeon or seek medical attention immediately.

Severe, Unexplained or Uncontrollable Pain
If your pain was manageable after surgery but then becomes significantly worse or uncontrollable with no clear explanation, there may be a surgical complication.

Difficulty Breathing
A change in your ability to breathe is a significant problem after surgery and may indicate a serious problem, such as a blood clot in the lung. Do not ignore any problems with your breathing that begin after surgery. Seek medical attention.

Inability to Eat
If you have been discharged home to recover, your surgeon believes that you are able to obtain adequate nutrition from your diet. If that is not the case, your ability to eat changes or you cannot keep food and fluids down, your surgeon should be notified.

Increasing Weakness, Inability to Care For Yourself
If you seem to be getting weaker instead of stronger after your discharge from the hospital, or you are not able to care for yourself, your recovery may be in jeopardy. Be aware that you should slowly be getting stronger after your procedure, not having increasing difficulty with normal activities.

The Worst Headache You’ve Ever Had
If your doctor hasn’t told you to expect a severe headache after your procedure, and you do not normally suffer from severe headaches, you should seek medical attention. A severe headache can be caused by a blood clot traveling to the brain after surgery.

Marian Strikes again!!

Disclaimer This is not my story, I'm just helping spread the word about this woman's "recovery house" and trying to prevent situations like this from happening again. If you'd like to follow this young lady's story her name is Rockyworldwide. Please ladies do not stay at Marian House for recovery!

Im writing this review to let everyone know about the horrible experience Ive had staying at Marians Recovery House in Miami. This topic is for everyone who had considered staying at Marians RH. This is my real honest opinion; truth hurts!

A while ago i was looking for a recovery house to stay while i recover from surgery; when i found a post here on Realself mentioning " Marians recovery house" at the time of my search; i couldnt really find much negative reviews but i also did not find alot of reviews either. I figured i try it out since i had a great experience at my first recovery house visit back in 2013 in Santo Domingo. From there under lymphatic drainage section (you will find details about the recovery house) it sounded great. Inexpensive,nice,well kept bla bla bla most importantly my daily needs will be taken care of...(LIES)---i will explain more soon.

I reserved 5 days and paid a deposit of $250 via paypal to reserve my dates. Oct 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th. I agreed to share a room with another realself member who arrived Thursday Oct 2nd who booked for a week stay (all inclusive package)

I arrived to Miami on Thursday Oct 2nd for lab work.. I also wanted to visit Marians recovery house. (Was not impress but things got worst as the days past by)I went to Marians place located on 2921 S.W 16th Ter Miami,Fl 33145 (if you feel like passing by to see for yourself) ended up at a crappy looking house - but hey they say never judge a book by its cover right! I got a tour but was not happy (ive should have cancelled right then and there but i figure i try it out and meet the other realself member. From the first glance at things - i thought to myself (this is kinda of shitty and dirty looking)but then again maybe my expectations was to high....and met her perverted husband (which i will tell you about soon) met the other realself member who was having surgery that following day Friday. She is so nice and pretty. First night myself and the other girl was sweating bullets.. It was so freaking hot in that house; why would you keep it hot when Miami is already hot. Let me be straight forward sbout this-----
Shower area is dirty and i saw a roach (my roomy saw 2)there was a spider on our wall, there seating area was rough and dirty, they smoke in the house which is freaking disgusting, they keep the temperature at 82/83 degrees WTF like hello bacteria loves warm conditions; why would you not keep it cool for your patients, her charging folks $25 a day for food is BULLSHIT! Thank god I had my food catered by CateredFit (which is amazing) but my friend who paid daily for food was not fed properly (probably was fed about $2.00 worth of food) , Marians talks all this smack about shes legit, shes certified, has credentials,etc but cant back it up. I did not see one proof. Her and her perverted husband sleeps there. Her perverted husband with his ugly pony tail and his raspy cuban voice needs to go to jail. He looks at you uncomfortably, he talked about oral sex on his way to Vanity when taking my friend to surgery, he kissed my friend aka realself member on the shoulders. He even told the nurses at Vanity that he is responsible of washing the patients. OH HELLL NO not happening on my watch.thank god for all my reschedules because when my roomy went to have surgery nobody took care of her. I did! She paid for a caregiver to just watch her. Barbie was great BUT the other pretend caregiver including Marian herself didnt do squat. My roomy did not get any help with feeding, walking,washing,did not get her vitals checked etc..I did! I helped my roomy get fed with real food that i went out and bought, i helped my friend get up, i help my friend to sleep. They didnt! It makes me angry that Marian could sleep at night knowing about whats going on. Its already Saturday and im FED up. So i came with a plan to leave that shithole and take my roomy with me. Slept another night uncomfortable hot and sweaty! Sunday comes wnd we both had ENOUGH. Took pics of everything (which i will post soon) had hotel booked, packed everything up, carefully helped put my roomy in my rental car and went to a nice hotel near the hospital......things ended up getting worse for my friend...... Monday I take my friend to get her massages which she paid for (included in the package) she was very weak and started to cry so i knew something was wrong. I tell Marian somethings wrong; can you please take her vitals. Why did she check my friends pulse with her fingers... Hello! If you are a real nurse you can use a machine.. But whatever - im mad so i drove to the hospital since it was near. My friend was in very very very bad condition. Her blood was so low. I think it was at 6, pale like a ghost and weak. She ended up getting a blood transfusion and care at the emergency room until she felt better. Again this would have never happened if if the caregiver my friend paid for really did there job, and wouldnt have happen either if Marian her self did her job.

My friend got better thank god but if it wasnt for me something worse could have happened. Dont believe Marian when she tells that shes the best; because she is not!

Yesterday I asked for a refund of my money but she hasnt responded yet so will see.. Anyways tonight i will be posting every single picture I took- you can judge for yourself! If you continue to move forward after reading my post then I hope god is with you;because i warned you. Maybe after this post she will make changes but I still wouldnt trust her.


**** FYI Im currently on my flight back home- so i really dont care about my grammer and spell check at this moment. You can kinda figure out what im saying (this is towards the people who love to critique everything) pics are up tonight!

wish pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience has been with one of his coordinators.

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