My Booty Dreams have been postponed... Just found out I am preggo!!! :(

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Hello all, Im new to real self and have been...

Hello all,

Im new to real self and have been lurking here for about 2months now. I've decided to get a BBL and have done tons of research but am still early in the stages of preparation and have soooo many questions that hopefully you beautiful ladies can answer.

To start off a little about me, I'm 24, 5'7 and 185 pounds. I have no kids, am single, and in the beginning of my career as I graduated spring 2012. I"ve recently lost a bunch of weight and can't bare to look at my butt any longer. It's just sad. I'm all into health and fitness and am still steadily losing to get to my goal weight of 150 pounds, but this behind of mine has got to be enhanced. It is just the essence of a woman to me and I have naturally 36DDD breasts and no butt to match. Terrible i know.

As for my surgeon, I've been researching 3 of my top picks and for very different reasons. My first pick is to go with Dr.Jimerson in Georgia. His results are at the top of class no denial. His expertise also makes me feel comfortable that i will get the desired results. However, price wise, for what i want, i'm sure i'll pay around $10,000 and it would literally take me a year to have this procedure done if i don't finance it. Then there is Dr.Yily in the Dominican Republic. Her work is awesome, and prices are great. But I am very skeptical about leaving the country, especially for a surgical procedure. After care is very important to me and I just don't feel like I will get the best care as I have a very low tolerance for pain and it just scares the crap outta me. Finally there's Dr.Hughes who is here in Los Angeles. His work is awesome, his patients love him, and he is about mid range in price, and very aggressive in the liposuctioning portion of the procedure, which is what I want. I feel I may be able to get the same results with Dr.Hughes as with Dr.Jimerson, and will be able to get that right here at home where family and friends are readily able to help, and i dont have to pay for hotels and additional costs of traveling. So of course I am split in 3 different directions. Which is why I am here. My agenda is to research as much as possible, find out all the pros and cons of the procedure, and make an informed decision on which route is best for me to go. A very stressful process I must admit. But the ladies here seem really supportive and have loads of information and I'm looking forward to being a bigbootybeauty.

My wish pics

So I've been hunting down the perfect photos of what I want and just let me be completely honest... I want a donk.. but i want it to be proportional, natural looking, and just overall like i have a banging body. so it's very hard for me to decide on which of these fits my frame the best... all i do know is... all these i said to myself... she is baaaaad! here they are.. hopefully when i have my consultations, the surgeons will be able to steer me in the best direction for my frame.

my before photos

so i was finally able to take some completely embarassing before photos. for some reason after looking at these i feel like the desired booty im looking for is not achievable!! like my body is just soooo messed up nothing can be done to fix it. please tell me im not the only one who feels this way :(.. anywho, i can't believe i am actually uploading this.. but man ol man, it would really help if i could get some feedback. i knew it was a problem when my boyfriend told me "baby, you aint got no butt, you got a loooong back".. it was funny at the time, but later on i was like, darn, i really do tho. I carry most of my weight in my midesection, so my surgeon should be able to get a good amount of fat from my abdmoinen, back, and flanks.. i really have to get rid of that bra roll tho.. it grosses me out! I am currently 181 pounds at 5'8 and hopefully by the time surgery comes i will be about 160. my goal weight is 150 pounds (140 if i wanna get to a healthy BMI) but i want to leave some fat there to be taken for my butt.. I hope what i am looking for is realistic and achievable. I have plenty "rump" its just awkwardly shaped and has no curve appeal at all!!!!

more wish pics

so these ladies is what i believe is ideal for me. im loving these pics and think i am about done looking at booty.. its upsetting me already! lol

Consultation with Dr.Hughes tomorrow!!!!

So I literally email Dr.Hughes about 10 minutes and he promptly responded saying he can meet with me tomorrow. Already great signs from this surgeon. The fact that he is so easily accessible took a huge weight off my shoulders. I hate surgeons that are sooooo busy they have their assistant's assistant contact you and so on and so forth. Hold my hand, walk me through the process... baby me dammit! This is a major decision for me and I dont wanna end up in the wrong hands...

Had my consultation!! Dr.Hughes it is!

Hey guys,

So excited right now! I had my consultation with yesterday and I feel comfortable in his hands. After surveying my body and hearing my concerns about my long back and wide waist, he assured me he could gett waist 5-6 inches smaller as well as suction a lot from my Lower back making the butt look shorter then injecting 1300-1500 ccs in each cheek and 200 ccs in hips. The total cost for lipo to upper and lower abdomen, back, flanks and bbl is $8000 and a $250 deposit was required to lock in that rate (promotional) since I wont be having the procedure until December/January. Which is great because I am paying cash and this gives me time to save. Will be paying deposit next Friday and my goal is to lose another 30 pounds before procedure... BBL here I come!!!! Now I just need to start gathering supplies. Ladies please help me out this part. What was absolutely essential for you all?

30 pounds to lose before BBL

So after the consultation and paying deposit, I realized that i am in the process of losing weight and my goal weight is 150. I would like to get to that weight before having procedure done so that i can maximize my results and dont have to lose any weight post surgery. I am having procedure done around December/January so i have a little over 6 months to lose the 30 pounds. I'm more than confident that it can and will be done. I've been training like crazy especiall my core area so at least once liposuction is done my muscle definition can be seen. I am super excited! Dr.Hughes said losing an additional 30 pounds should not be a problem as he will still be able to get at least 5 liters out and inject 1300-1500 ccs in each cheek and 200 ccs in hips so that was wonderful. He said i had more than enough and the working out will do wonders for my recovery. However he told me that i needed to discontinue taking fish oil as it thins the blood and makes u bleed more. I can live with that!

but dr.j's work is soooo good :(

Even tho I've decided to go with Dr.Hughes, I keep going back and forth about Dr.J because even though he is pricey, I honestly believe he will be worth every penny! Oh dear what will i do! I'm gonna go thru with the consultation with Dr.J and if need be i will just postpone date further in order to be able to save more for cash. I honestly feel he will do an awesome job on a body like mines!

my measurements

so i kept seeing everyone take before measurements but i was apprehensive about taking them because I am losing 20-30 more pounds before the procedure. I decided to take the measurements now, so that 30 pounds from now my measurements are as such to where Dr.Hughes can get my waist down to about 26 inches. he said he can guarantee 4-6 inches off my waist, so if my waist is 30 inches by time of surgery I'll at least be 26inches in the waist after. 24 inches would be ideal, but i think that is just too small for my frame! anywho, here are my measurements:


i felt so boxy. but after the 30 pound loss i am hoping to be 34-30-40 and after surgery 34-26-42 or 34-26-44.. Oh she gone be baaaad. On top of that I am in a serious hair growth phase. I am completely hair obsessed. In 2011 i cut my hair to 10inches, by january 2012 it was 18inches, i did a chop to 15inches in december 2012, and today it is back around 18-19inches, but because of my massive weight loss have done tons of shedding. I am hoping to have about 22inches by the time of my surgery. Call it vein, but i wanna be a long head thick redbone (not really redbone but you know the song)... then I plan on getting into some modeling and acting and whatever else allows the world to see my beautiful body. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it!

getting started with this weight loss

i recently got a chemical peel and because of the sweat and moisture was told that i could not workout until peeling is complete. With that said, I will be back in the gym officially tomorrow. gonna get better with this diet as well. 2 protein shakes daily, 2 small meals daily, and lots of water! this shall be interesting.

squeem and vedette... I came up!

decided to start waist training and working out in compression garments to prepare my waist for my upcoming bbl... also will be working out in them. since these were trial run CG's and i know i'll be much smaller after the procedure, I decided to try and find them cheaper. Of course i go onto craigslist, a seller is selling a brand new Vedette 305 in a large and Squeem body panty in medium, both perfect for my current size for $20 each. met her right on my lunch break and snatched those up and also were brand new in bad never worn!!! heyyy now. found another seller selling the Squeem miracle vest in a small for only $35 brand new. I will be purchasing because hopefully this will fit me immediately post surgery. Finally, found a brand new boppy pillow on craigslist for $10 that i also purchased. Im getting ready honiess yes! Thanks to Summertimefine for putting me up on it! I recommend to anyone comfortable using Craigslist!

quote from Yily!!! aww shoot!

So i received my quote from Yily and I'm shooting for late February early March as a date for my procedure. I am really hoping there are some ladies out there looking for the same dates and we can arrange to be travel buddies! this process is about to get super stressful for me but I know it'll turn out great!

4weeks and 5 days

So of course this would happen to me. I'm all in the process of planning surgery and got my date from Yily and was arranging for travel buddies.. when boom... i missed my period on Sunday. I didnt think much about it but on Tuesday i felt sick as a dog and went and took a pregnancy test. Sure enough, i was positive. I cried and cried and cried. My boyfriend was actually happy. My best friend was too. She actually became so tired of me obsessing over this booty procedure, that she said verbatum last Friday "I hope you get pregnant before your surgery date so you can't get"... how freakin mean was that. My boyfriend was also tired of hearing about my booty obsession and though he didnt want me to do it, he was gonna be there for me regardless. now he's all dancing around excited talkin bout "you cant get no booty, you cant get no booty".. how mean are they?!?!?? anywho, my booty dreams arent over. I will still be having the procedure in 2014. I am due April 21st, so give or take about 5 months after, I'll be living this booty dream for sure! I can still watch all you lovely ladies and continue to be inspired. I guess its not such a bad thing in that this is my first child and I can at least have a child first (doctor recommended it anyway that i consder having children before the procedure).. Wish me luck ladies.. booty dreams are still alive!
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