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Just made my deposit yesterday. My big day is...

Just made my deposit yesterday. My big day is 6/8/2012. I'm only 22 but I've wanted this for a looonnngggg time. I have big boobs, no hips is butt, just a fatty waist. Dr J will be giving me the butt I want with fat transferred from my abdomen and flanks. I'm also getting fat grafted to my hips and he'll completely lipo my back bra roll. I'll keep you guys posted :-)

It seems like June is so far away! I'm the...

It seems like June is so far away! I'm the meantime, I've become obsessed with RS and reading about fellow BBL sisters' journeys. I'm trying to get everything together far as what vitamins to take pre-op, what facility I can get my lymphatic massages covered by my insurance, and just whatever to make sure my body is ready for the surgery and will absorb as little of the fat as possible.

Once I get home, I'll post my current pictures. I have a "box butt" in the words of Dr J lol I absolutely hate it. I can not WAIT to get some junk back there and some hips to match. I think I'm going to ask for more than I want just because I never hear complaints of their butt ending up too big, only that they wish they had more fat grafted.

Unlike most of the girls I've seen on RS, I have plenty of fat already so Im sure Dr J will have more than enough to go around (pun intended). So with that said, "Only" 64 days left til I'll look as good on the outside as I do inside :-)


Ok so this is what I look like now. 5"2, about 170...

Ok so this is what I look like now. 5"2, about 170. Im hoping to lose maybe 10 pounds prior to the sx, just to lose some fat in my face (which you cant see in my pic lol). I want alot of fat grafted along with the fat that may absorb so hopefully most of it will be used. I'm not interested in a totally flat tummy, just something proportional. Being proportional (shoulder-to-hip ratio, bust-to-butt) is what I'm most concerned with.

63 more days :-)

Just browsing the site as usual and decided to do...

Just browsing the site as usual and decided to do an update. I'm actually dieting to lose some weight before my surgery. I wanted to lose it anyway so of course it would be better to do so beforehand than after. I started at 175 and hoping to lose 25-30. Dr J would still have plenty fat considering I'm 5'1" but the results will just look EVEN better! I've lost 4 so far and its my 5th day :-) Wish me luck

Hi ladies!!!! I have been ghost for months, I...

Hi ladies!!!!
I have been ghost for months, I know. I was so mad I had to cancel my date and all these obstacles came in the way of my BBL, that I just left the board. But anywho, I made my date for October 1, 2012 aannndddd I DID IT!!!!!!
Today Dr. J hooked me up :) I'm so happy and I feel good. Now here goes the play-by-play:

My pre op was on 9/17/12 and it scared the heck out of me. I got my list of the 7 meds I had to buy, but since I had insurance, they only were $35! What a blessing,

My friend who was suppose to take me to the facility this morning turned her back on me so luckily my boyfriend's brother took me. I think she is jealous, but that's no reason to act that way. Needless to say, idk how much longer we will be friends.

I arrived at 6:45am for my 7:30 ppt. Everyone was really nice. I loved Chris, my happy juice giver. Dr. J came and asked me how big I wanted it and I politely said Not TOO Big. It's alot of women who want the Nicki Minaj, but Im not one of them.

I went into a room and once Chris put the happy juice in my IV, I was gone. All I remember is my boyfriend being there. It was a smooth prodecure and I thank God for that.

I got my first Lovenox shot by the nurse and a few meds. I had been using my VitaMedica pre-surgery kit and that just may be what is keeping me going. I did not take the Arnica from the kit, Bromelain, or SinEech yet because it contradicts with the Lovenox. My first lymphatic massage is next Tuesday and since it will be at a physical therapy/ outpatient rehab, my insurance covers 85%!

Im liking what I see so far and I promise to post pics soon. My little nurse (my bf) is great! having someone who really wants to take care of you is awesome reassurance.

Well I'll ttyl, just might take a nap.

Hi Ladies! It's Day 2 and its getting better. I...

Hi Ladies! It's Day 2 and its getting better. I haven't had much pain, just feels uncomfortable. My booty is hard and so are my hips, but they look amazing!!!

If you can take the VitaMedica clinical support system, do it!! I eat normal food except carbs, feel good, and walking is my only real challenge.

I kind of waddle like a duck lol but its getting better the more I do it. Going up and down my boyfriend's steps is my little exercise.

I can't wait to take off my garment tomorrow. I see the bruising in my upper abs so as soon as I'm done with my lovenox shots, I'm going to start the Arnica and Bromelain.

My big cup only helps sometimes when I pee. I still get it on my garment. I also haven't pooped yet. That is definitely my goal for today.

Well bbl sisters, that's all for now. Time to take more meds :-)

God bless. XOXO

Day 4. I woke up ok, but got super stiff....

Day 4.

I woke up ok, but got super stiff. Walking makes everything better. I am itching like HELL! I dont start my massages til next Thursday so I have to self massage til then. My insurance covers 85% so Im thrilled about that.

The nurse Kim told me to have the lipo areas massaged only, not the fat grafted regions. She said leave those areas alone.

I have yet to poop. I'll try another laxative tomorrow.-_- Also, I hate taking my garment off for an hour everyday. It sucks to put it back on but I've managed to do it myself each time.

I'm still super swollen and cant wait til it subsides a bit.

I'll get my bf to take pics tomorrow. Promise!

I'll get my bf to take pics tomorrow. Promise!

Day 7. Sorry no pics. Honestly its been the...

Day 7.

Sorry no pics. Honestly its been the last thing on my mind being that I can't upload straight from my phone and my desktop sucks.

Anywho, I woke up with a headache which sucked but other than that I'm ok. My hips are too wide, which I HATE, but I know its because they are swollen. I think they've gone down a tiny bit so hopefully they'll keep doing so. I'm going to do on and off with the ice and using Arnica cream on them.

I gave myself my last shot today and tomorrow I should be getting this annoying drain taken out. I haven't drained very much since day 3 anyway.

I smell like medicine, my urine smells like medicine, its just crazy. Can't wait til I'm done taking all these drugs.

Well that's pretty much it. I have midterms for grad school next week so I'll just be studying and taking it easy. I'm so glad my recovery is going well. Besides my swollen hips and upper butt, I'm feeling good. Yes, the garment squeezes my guts, but I get over it.

I'll update again after my week one post op appt tomorrow.

Bye ladies and thank you all for the support

Ok so I was asked to give more detail about my...

Ok so I was asked to give more detail about my sx

I'm not sure how many ccs I got, honestly I really didn't care. A lot of people get caught up in the number and even request a certain amount, but if you look at Dr. J's before and afters pics, the ccs vary per person. One person with 800 cc has a Nicki Minaj butt while another person with the same amount simply has a nice butt. I asked to be proportioniate so that meant whatever amount it took to get me there, no matter how high or how low. They will give me that info at my post op tomorrow so I guess for the sake of curiosity, I'll post it at that time.

My sx was scheduled for 7:30am under general anesthesia. I had been under before so I had no worries. I prayed prior to and just kept it moving. By 11am I was up and getting my first lovenox shot. I think we left the facility between 11:30-12.

Sleeping isn't a problem since I'm a stomach sleeper anyway. I don't have the neck and head problems other people do, Idk why though. I don't sleep with any special pillows or anything. I do have fluffy ones though. Since I got my hips, I can't do the side sleeping but its ok.

Staying off my butt isn't that hard. I pee over the toilet kinda standing up with my legs on each side of the toilet. I eat standing up. It gets on my nerves but hey. I just lay on my stomach all day. I don't drive, although I will eventually. So yea, just laying around.

Sometimes I think why the hell am I going through this, then I think of how unhappy I was and this process becomes worth it. No turning back, sunny days ahead. Xoxo.

Day 8 My post op appt was nice and swift. I...

Day 8

My post op appt was nice and swift. I got my drain out and have no signs of seroma or anything!!!! Have to wait til 48 hrs after the drain is taken out to shower so yall KNOW I'm going to be in HEAVEN on Wednesday!

I got 4200 ccs taken out.800 ccs put in each cheek and 200 ccs in each hip. It's crazy hoe he took out like 2x as much fat out my back than my abs. I knew my back was fat as hell! LOL
So today I'm trying to ease off some of the pain meds little by little. Luckily I only have Hydrocodone and not Percs that have ridiculous side effects, I'm just over taking all these pills. I plan to remain faithful to my antibiotic and muscle relaxers.

One thing I do advise is to make sure the garment isn't making huge creases. Mine was forming a deep line in my lower back so now I'm wearing a hand towel back there. I'm SOOOOOOO glad we got to it in time. Also, massage the lipo areas as soon as you can. I don't start massages til Thursday but you whatever can do at home is cool too.

On another note, I'm so glad to see more and more TeamJCurves!!! I feel that Dr. J is Mister One and Done. I don't have time for Round 2, 5, and 12 lol. So glad I chose him.

Ok, thats all for now. ttyl :)

Day 9 I feel great today, I'm sure my pain...

Day 9

I feel great today, I'm sure my pain pill has something to do with that lol I pop one as soon as I wake up.
My butt was itching sooooo bad yesterday. I was itching everywhere actually, guess I'm healing! Yay!
I'm eating pretty normally, carbs included. I'm not overeating so I hope I'll be ok, I'm just done with the whole diet thing. I lost nearly 20 pounds before this sx, I went from 175 to 156 so I don't see myself eating salad until my 6 week mark. I'll just work out my abs as soon as I can to keep it down.
Well that's it. Adios girls :)

Oh wow its actually day 10...time sure is flying...

Oh wow its actually day 10...time sure is flying by.

Ok time to get ready for my midterm later today. Wish me luck :) Xoxo

Day 12 Almost 2 weeks! I've been feeling good...

Day 12

Almost 2 weeks!
I've been feeling good as usual. I'm currently itchy as HELL and I scratch! It's so annoying. I haven't bought any goldbond or anything, I just need to learn to ignore it.

I started my cycle yesterday! Cramps were horrible. But once I laid in my tub of hot water (my monthly cure), I was back to normal.

I missed my massage appt because I couldn't bring myself to drive. I massage myself everyday anyway so that'll have to do til my next appt.

I got to see my boyfriend yesterday! That made my day. He can't wait til my butt gets soft and I can't either!

I had to drive like 1 min away to get my mom some food and OMG I hated it! All I could do was think of my butt. I won't be doing that until I absolutely have to.

My right side is healing faster than my left. My left butt cheek/hip is still tense, more so than the right that's how I can tell. I kept my garment off a long time yesterday just because I hate it sometimes. My stomach was super sensitive so I put it back on before bed.

I don't see much swelling going down in my back or stomach but my garment is a smidget looser so they must be going down.

I LOVE my butt and hips & pray that they stay the way that they are. Theyve been pretty consistent since they went down initially so I'm happy about that.

I have a wedding to go to next weekend so of course I'll be sitting. I'm not taking a pillow around with me lol I'm just not, so hopefully my booty will use this time to prepare.

I think that's about it. God bless you all that are recovering or getting ready to start your journey. It's worth it. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that look like I didnt just have surgery last week and pretty much function as usual. It's all God's doing, I can't take any credit for it.

All my life I wanted to look in the mirror and love my body & now I'm living that dream everyday. It's my new reality and it still seems surreal. I have more healing to do with my back & abs, but I'm ready for it :) I'm getting more and more awesome everyday.


Hey yall! I just decided to update a bit...

Hey yall!
I just decided to update a bit.

Waking up is the worst! I'm so stiff, especially in my lower back. I can't wait til I start my massages because this has got to go. I'm going to make my bf start massaging me deeply in that area because its just too uncomfortable. I'm use to reaching down, touching my toes, and this stiff, old people feeling is played. Maybe I'm trying to heal too soon but whatever. I want to move it move it lol

I have yet to change garments. I started out in a Large so I think I'm just going to get a Medium waist cincher. Kim, the head nurse, told me the only reason we have to wear the compression garment is to keep the skin as close to the skeletal wall as possible during the healing. Since I didnt have my thighs lipoed, this garment isnt doing anything that a waist cincher cant do. I do understand girls use the garment as a girdle to suck you in but I love my body and don't mind letting it all hang. Guess I'll start looking for one soon :)

Oh and there is a triangle initially in the lower back and has to be placed back there for 2 weeks to help make a shelf. I took mine out after like 5 days. I didnt want a shelf. I actually already has a little curve in my lower back before the sx. My butt still turned out ok, I just have a natural curve from back to butt vs. the hump booty shelf thing. I'm not knocking anyone from having one at all, it just wasn't for me.

That's all for now :)

I definitely need to find a waist cincher. I...

I definitely need to find a waist cincher. I completely gave up on my garment yesterday. It was not working with my body, it was more so against it. The impressions it was making on my body just made me say Enough is enough.
I started taking the Sinecch Arnica tablets I had so that should decrease the swelling that I'm having without my garment. Right now I'm wearing an old waist garment I use to wear. Since the lipo, its too loose but it'll do til I get a more fitted one.
Honestly I feel better without that garment stabbing my lower back and making lines all over it. I think my hips made the garment not fit me as well. My torso is short and then my hips start so the garment just wasn't fit for me.
I always say "Do what works for you". All is BBL girls know that everybody is different and my experience definitely proves that. Luckily I don't have problems with skin elasticity since I'm young and never had kids so I just pray that my massaging and the massages I'll soon receive with relieve my stiffness.
I just want to feel normal again :) Have a great Sunday ladies

I'M 2 WEEKS POST OP! I drove today, sitting on a...

I drove today, sitting on a pillow. It wasnt a boppy but it was comfortable to me. All I could think of was Fat cells, please don't die please dont die please don't die lol. I know its a mind thing but hey, they better stay strong for me.

My tummy is still sore, so is my back, but its better. I'm still waiting for my left side to catch up with my right. It's more soreness on the left. Still trying to massage the crease out on my side. It's a process, but I'm slowly getting there.

Oh, I slept on my back last night! I was scared because of my precious hindparts lol but it felt so good! It took a lot of pressure of my lower back and that's what I needed. I laid on 3 huge pillows and it was great. I plan on doing it more often.

Thats it for now. Just trying to remove my scars that were under the steri strips and hold on to the booty :)

Have a great week ladies! Good luck to all having sx this week! It's worth it!

HEY GIRLS!!!!! I'm doing wonderful. I'm sitting...


I'm doing wonderful. I'm sitting on pillows and driving. My butt still hurts when I sit so I don't do it often.

I went to my therapist and I'll be treated for the swelling in my stomach, back and some swelling in my thigh. I guess my lymphatic system is moving pretty slow in some areas. I'll be starting my massage and wraps tomorrow so I'll be 100% in no time.

I'm loving my body and my bf does too lol. Intimacy is still kind of difficult because my butt is still firm, hard in some areas so we work around the painful areas.

Ask any questions you want. Good luck to all future BBL girls and special shoutout to TeamJimerson!!!!! :)


Oh! Just thought of some stuff. Once I removed...

Oh! Just thought of some stuff.

Once I removed the steri strips, I used A&D ointment to rub the scabs off and cocoa butter to make it unnoticeable. My scars are almost gone and I didn't spend a lot of money to do it :)

For those that may have the impressions or garment digging in your skin, the hand clog technique works! I was so scared that it would be permanent but TIME heals all! Just place a hand towel between the area and the garment (for me, I'm using a waist camisole. It's like a tight shirt but leaves your boobs out so I can wear any bra.)

Idk how much volume I lost and honestly its hard for anyone to know because in the beginning there is so much swelling. The swelling was never a part of the results so that cant be counted. Either way, I love what I have and wouldn't change this decision for anything in the world! Dr. J automatically accounts for the fat absorption, he says it all the time, so he knew just what I needed. Any bigger and I would get questioned about "if I got my butt done". I may still get asked next summer when I show off since people who knew me forever KNOW that I didn't have any ass lol But It looks natural and that's all I wanted

Hola ladies!!!! It's crazy how the weeks are just...

Hola ladies!!!!
It's crazy how the weeks are just going on by. My body looks the same as last week, still love my results. I went out this weekend, drank my life away, had a good time, and loved the way I looked.
I went shopping for an outfit to wear this last Saturday and I went down a jean size!!!! I'm super excited. The jeggings, stretch fit jeans are super flattering. I don't think ill be buying regular jeans for quite a while. They don't show off enough lol
My physical therapist is great and my swelling is slowly decreasing in my back and stomach. I fell 90% like myself again! I can touch my toes, stretch and all that. It still hurts when I sit down though; its still some hard parts here and there that haven't softened all the way.
Other than that, its wonderful, carbs and all. I haven't followed that poor 6 week diet at all. I sit down, I just made my own lil rules. But its been working for me thankfully. I'm just glad I'm at the point over that 3 week mark where the fat is finally stable. Well, See ya at 5 weeks!!

P.S. Don't forget to vote :)

5 weeks :) Feeling great as usual. Yesterday I...

5 weeks :)

Feeling great as usual. Yesterday I went to the mall with my bf and wore leggings!!! I've never worn leggings IN MY LIFE! It felt great.

I want to start back working out, at least walking, but I won't start til after next week when I'm past 6 weeks. I don't want to lose any fat by losing weight but I don't want to get a fat stomach again so the sooner I can do crunches, the better. Plus its holiday season and I'm not going to lie like I'll be eating salad the whole time! No maam No sir.

I'm going out for my friends bday this weekend so it'll be my first time in heels going out so I think it'll be fun dressing up. I love my results still, but still looking forward to see if fluffing is real.

I tried running, but the moment my butt goes up and down it hurts like hell! I still dont like sitting long because it will hurt. I'm still tender on my upper butt, and my lower back. But overall, I think I'm progressing pretty well. I still have a scar at the two inserts in the front and the one where the drain came out. Hopefully its gone by summer time :)

Talk to you next week guys!

Hes awesome.

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