**SX JULY 17,2013** Excited and anxious at the same damn time! - Suwanee, GA

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Hi all, First of all I am so RELIEVED I found...

Hi all,

First of all I am so RELIEVED I found this site and there are others out there just like me. For months now I have been doing tons of research on BBL. This is a major surgical operation so I wanted to completely lay out all the pros and cons before making an executive decision with what I do with my body.

I have always been known as the chubby girl almost all my life. At 21, I was at my heaviest. I'm 5'6 and weighed in at a whopping 250 pounds. It was then that I realized that I had to do something about it. I've always had low self esteem as well. Being teased throughout the years can seriously damage a person.

For the last 3 years I have managed to lose 110 pounds. Before that I've been on all sorts of diets, cleanses, light exercise, fitness classes, but they never lasted long because I wasn't too serious about it so almost all times my numerous attempts to go on a diet failed. That was up until I was very serious about losing weight because I had gone to the doctor for a checkup and he told me I was Pre-diabetic. That if I didn't change my eating habits I would be diabetic. I was tired of being the fat girl. Tired of not being able to walk into a clothing store because I knew I couldent fit anything.

I'd like to go on and on about my weight loss story but this blog pertains only to my experience to getting a BBL...

So long story short. I am currently 150 pounds 5'6. I gained 10 pounds since the holidays and haven't been able to lose the extra 10. My goal weight was 130 but by the looks of all these reviews referring to BBL, the doctor WILL encourage you to gain weight. And the last thing I want is to go in and I am nothing but extra loose skin and bones. For now, I will keep my weight steady until I talk to the doctor and from there see how it goes. I am really hoping that since most of my fat is in my abs, flanks, and inner thighs, it wont be a problem. I worked so hard to shed this weight!

My original plan (Before all the research and finding realself.com) was to get to my ideal weight of 130. And be tightened and toned enough to be 100% comfortable in my skin. That way all that is left is my surgical prcedure. Boy, was I wrong. I've been going to the gym almost everyday for the past 2 months and when I found out that lower body exercises are not recommended, (squats,lunges, hip abductor machines, back extension, high intensity cardio for fat burning) I immediately stopped. From what I've read, Fat cells shrink when one loses weight and expands when one gains. LARGE FAT CELLS ARE NEEDED! I've been doing these lower body exercises for about a year now, not too intense except in the last 2 months but I hope it hasn't affected my chances of having the dream bubble butt I desire :( These exercises cause the glutes to get tighter and to my knowledge the looser the skin, the more fat they are able to insert into your butt. So for now I am still doing light cardio, and focusing more on my upperbody (Arms and upper back) Any recommendations on exercises I can do BEFORE and AFTER my surgery? Also, is exercise helpful after surgery? Can it produce better results?

The process was quite quick for me. Maybe a week...

The process was quite quick for me. Maybe a week ago I filled out the online form on Dr. Jimersons website upon recieving a consultation. From all the reviews I've read on here, just to get a consultation or sx date is roughly a year away. That is insane! I didn't mean it in a negative way but gosh I wish I had taken up plastic surgery in school. I would have made a fortune :P

Anyway, days upon emailing the website.. I was contacted through email. It led me to another one of there websites that asked me to fill out further into and to create an account. There was also some videos on there to as to what I need to know about the surgery, general information of how a bbl is preformed, and how to prepare for the consultation. When I tried to book a consultation, it asked me to select date and there was nothing available so I couldent schedule one basically. But before that I had already requested a consultation through realself.com website and Dr.Jimersons main website (advancedplasticsurgerysolutions.com) a couple days prior. 2 days after that I recieved an email that directed me to the same website I created a login for. It was the same form I tried to fill out that wasnt letting me select a date. But this time, there was a date available. 3/28/2013 1030am (TOMORROW) I was at a loss for words. Is this really the consultation that people have been anxiously waiting months for? Or is this just to inquire and ask general questions? I also got 2 calls the next day from Sarah and she left a message to confirm my appointment. Of all days my phone was on silent so I missed them! (Stupid me) But I really didn't think I would get a call seeing that they are always so busy. Anyway, I called back and she was busy I think so I left a note with just my name and to confirm my phone consultation. No call back. But the next day I recieved another email asking confirmation again for my consultation and I confirmed it. When I looked on the login site as well the status for my phone consultation date was confirmed.

IM ANXIOUS! Ladies what kind of phone call is this? Is this the actual consultation?

In case, I've already prepared all my questions. Sent in my pictures. No wish pics yet. I never really knew the different types and shapes of butts. All I knew is that I wanted a slim body with a bangin booty hehe..

I've been on the computer for most of the week researching. Right now im doing extensive research as I type... I've been on the computer for maybe 5 hours now...because I really dont know what to expect..

Any advice would be very helpful!

Oh and ps. What are the actual terminologies for the different types of shapes of butts? So far I've heard.... square, box, bubble, shelf, no shelf, upside down heart......but I need specifics!

Ladies! How did you guys figure out your vision of what a perfect booty should be? Is it common to just browse random girls whether it be a friend of yours that is shaped nicely to famous celebrities/video vixens/models? THOUGHTS?

Yesterday I was sooooo bummed out.. My...

Yesterday I was sooooo bummed out.. My consultation was at 1030am so I woke up at 8am in case (I was asked to keep a 2 hour window open) Waited and waited...no call...1230pm...still no call. It was at that moment where I immediately thought they had cancelled my consultation. The only reason I could think of was my pictures were sent only the day before prior to the phone consultation and I was asked to send it 48 hours minimum or else my appointment will be automatically cancelled. I was stressed out basically the whole day. Drank my problems away and went on a food binge... (stupid me)

Today I saw my phone ringing and it was the...

Today I saw my phone ringing and it was the office! I immediately got up and picked up my phone. My patient coordinator is Shelly. She asked me if I had time to talk (of course) so we spent about an hour and a half on the phone. She basically told me the whole get down of everything, what to expect, pricing, etc. I was shocked that they actually returned my call. My first question to her was why it was so quick for me to get a consultation and explained that I've been doing my homework on realself.com and there are plenty of girls out there that dont even have a consultation date until 2014. Since I will be paying the full amount in cash, she told me that was one of the main reasons why. Don't quote me, but depending on how you will be paying whether it be the full amount in cash or financing, you are given some sort of priority which is easy to understand. So now I realize why it was so easy for me to get my consultation so soon. I guess its true what they say...MONEY TALKS BS WALKS! :)

Anyway, she explained my payment options and recommended I do a j-tuck as well in order to produce the best results. Which would make my grand total $14,950 but I said I would think about the j-tuck.....

ok im cramped for time...i'll be back to finish the rest of my story..until then toodles!

Hey all im back! Okay so to continue on about my...

Hey all im back! Okay so to continue on about my consultation...

Shelly basically gave me the whole run down about the procedure..She also answered all my questions I had jotted down in my notebook.. I had about 30 or so... She was very pleasant and put me at ease. I also got a chance to talk with Dr. Jimerson himself! We talked for about 10 minutes... He said he looked at my file and I basically explained to him I lost 110 pounds in the last 2 years...I also let him know how I've been going to the gym everyday and the areas I was working out. He told me to cut the high intensity cardio because i'm gonna need my fat cells to be large, not shrink or disappear. I also explained to him that Shelly recommended I get a j-tuck because of the excess skin on my belly. A tummy tuck wasnt recommended because I havent had any kids yet. A j-tuck is very different..he takes off excess skin on your belly from hip to hip.. Dr. J said to produce the best results that would be best but seeing that ive lost all this excess weight..if I was able to motivate myself after surgery to go to the gym to tone and tighten up my belly then I dont really need the tuck. OF COURSE i'm motivated! I managed to drop 110 pounds which was hard but discipline is all it takes. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and he put Shelly back on the phone. We started discussing surgery dates and she had mentioned that if I pay the full amount today I can be scheduled for April 24, 2013. (HOW AWESOME IS THAT) I really wanted to take the date but i'm a smoker and I have to quit smoking AT LEAST a month prior to surgery. I didn't want to take any chances so I had to turn it down :( Instead I paid my 500$ deposit and she gave me my sx date of January 17 2014. This is just my date FOR NOW. And that because there are many last minute cancellations I would call her on Monday. (Tomorrow) I'm looking for a specific date because my Mom will be going on a cruise May 25- June 10 then to the Philippines June 28 until October. She gave me a sucky time frame to book my appointment basically and I really don't want to wait until she's back. I'm hoping tomorrow there is a surgery date available from May 1-May 9. I'm ready to make the rest of my payment, I just cross my fingers I am able to get a date within that time frame. If all goes as planned I will book the flight and hotel the same day. It's about $220 one way from CA to GA..the hotel i'm not too worried about. As long as its walking distance from the Doctors office and the room has wifi i'm content.

The day I make my payment and book my official date (Hopefully tomorrow) will be one of the most accomplished days of my life. I've had this money saved for a while now.. I've just kept it saved up in case of an emergency, new car, expensive purse/shoes that I absolutely want and need :) I'm proud to say I actually found something I would be glad to blow all my money on...

until tomorrow, Ciao!

Hey all! Okay so i'm bummed I haven't called to...

Hey all!

Okay so i'm bummed I haven't called to make my payment nor request a new date. I emailed Shelly but i'm sure it will be awhile until she receives it. On a good note my Mom gave me a better time frame as to when I can schedule my sx date. May 4-May 10 or June 12- 20. ANY of those dates are perfect although I think i'm leaning more towards June because i'd hate to book flights and hotels last minute. It's really just more unnecessary expenses adding up and thats the last thing I need..I also have to quit smoking and I feel like a month isnt enough. I want to make sure I recover 100% without any complications as well...I was finally able to download the financial contract once I got on a desktop. Today I read over it and signed it.

Tomorrow I'm gonna give Shelly a call..let her know my available dates..and to send me a new invoice..as well as make my payment...

Once everything is confirmed ill be back to update..

Hey all! Gosh it's been so long since I updated!...

Hey all! Gosh it's been so long since I updated! Lots has been going on since the last time I wrote..

Let me try to sum it up as best I can..

So I guess my email never made it to Shelly because it was an automated email address. I ended up calling a week after. Told her my available dates (which was changed to June 12-20) She explained that she could not discuss dates until I paid in full And she had 20 girls on the waiting list whom of which 4 of those girls were able to get the June dates i needed. UGH. So this is exactly what I did. I felt uneasy about paying upfront and not being able to guarantee my date but she assured me that I would be on a fast track list. It's a list of cancellations and whoever has paid in full has first priority to select what date they want. A week passed.. No call. I decide to follow up with Shelly and she tells me there's nothing available yet and there is another patient ahead of me on the wait list. Which is weird because I know they get all types of calls and cancellations... It's hard to believe that it took over a week for one girl ahead of me to get a date. But the last week prior there was 20 girls on the list. Well there was really nothing I could do, she was nice about it and basically told me she would keep an eye out for my specified dates.

My grand total for the surgery was 1. 500$ deposit. 2. $10,300 + hips were an additional $1150 -$500 (discount when you pay full amount in cash) = $10,450

Last week I get a missed call from the office. I immediately call back only to find out Shelly was calling the girl ahead of me to offer her a date.. In these past few weeks I've been kinda depressed. Nothing is going as planned. I'm not getting my date as soon as I'd like. What I would hate is for them to give me a June Date last minute then I end up booking the hotel flight and car last minute. That's just more unnecessary expenses...

So ever since then I've been praying and keeping my fingers crossed.

Today which is May 1st I get a missed call from the office around 630am. I immediately wake up and call Shelly. She lets me know that there is a date available but it isn't for the date I selected. This is a problem for me because like I said I am bringing my Mom to watch over me and she has plans to go to the Philippines July 4th.. I asked what the chances were of my date brig available and she let me know Dr. Jimerson was taking 2 vacations in June and he is booked for that month already. Now I'm in a ugly predicament. I told Shelly to call me back in 5 minutes to decide while I call my Mom. I called my Mom right after and asked her thoughts on the date. LUCKILY she did not book her ticket yet so I guess she has no choice but to leave only AFTER I've had my surgery :)
A couple minute later Shelly calls back.. AND THE DATE IS OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED!!

*****My pre-op is scheduled for July 16 2013 1030am and my SX date is July 17 2013 1pm******

I can't believe this weight is finally off my shoulders!!

Now the hard part... I have to gain 10 pounds, (the healthy way, not a junk food binge) quit smoking/drinking at least a month prior, and have knowledge of exercise DOs and DONTs while I am prepping my body for surgery.

I looked up dates for flights to Georgia and Southwest is having a promotion for around $360 round trip per person. So I will definitely book the flights tomorrow. As for the hotel and car.. I will do some research..

My mom scored me a brand new boppy pillow, pillowcase included at a thrift store for 5$ so I'm also happy about that! They retail for like 50$ or so not including the expensive pillowcase they try to sell..

I've already made a list of everything that I need to bring/purchase so I will be gathering all these supplies from now until July..

A question I had that I forgot to ask was...

What is the limit of ccs the doctor allows cheek/hip? I sure hope there isn't one! But I will make sure to ask the next time I talk to Shelly. I also forgot to ask when my post op appointment is and when I should be okay to get back so I can also book the flights home..

That's it for now..

Ps. Did I write my review in the wrong category? I'm not getting much feedback at all and I'm really hoping there are others out there that can relate and give me pointers...

Hey RS! Sorry I havent been up on my blog like I...

Hey RS! Sorry I havent been up on my blog like I should be. Been busy looking for flights/hotels/cars trying to figure out my most affordable option. I booked my flight 2 days ago..July 15-July 26. Me and my Mom booked with Delta because we had mileage to use towards our flight. Both our flights came out free! I am SO relieved. More money in my pocket lol. Southwest did have a special.. the total for 2 roundtrip flights from CA to GA was 760$..but im glad I didnt book it and waited. As for the hotel, I've been looking at the Hyatt. Its kinda pricey $116 a night but it is the most convenient one. I wouldent have to spend for a rent a car. Hyatt provides shuttle service within a 3 mile radius so thats also a plus. I found a shuttle service for $50 from the airport to the hotel as well... Leaning more towards that idea but Im also looking at Holiday Inn Suites..

About a month ago I was a gym freak and eating super healthy for almost 3 months. Ever since the Dr. told me to gain weight and cut down high cardio exercise..I Havent been doing much working out recently..in the past 3 weeks I've been eating whatever, smoking cigarettes like crazy (because i'll have to quit soon)

My body went back to being flabby after I stopped working out altogether that its not even funny. I hate how I cant do anything about it. I mean I should be going still and working out my upper body and arms but I've just been slacking..

I was told to quit smoking a month prior but to be on the safe side I want to be at least 2 months clean. Better safe than sorry! I've been doing some research and people that have gone through a dramatic weight loss have a longer healing time and more chance of infection. My weight loss is not that recent but in the past 2 years I dropped 110 pounds. I was 140 before the holidays..I was 155 when I sent my pictures and had my consultation. After speaking to Dr.J he encouraged me to gain 10-15.. Im currently 150 right now...crazy right?!?! When I wanna gain weight I cant, when I try to lose weight It takes a long while...I guess I will have to just drink Ensure or weightgainer (which he recommended) until I get to 165-170. I'm kinda mad I have to gain weight...because it took lots of dedication and work to get to the weight that I am today...but whatever I guess I gotta sacrifice..

I dont know what else to say right now...but that im quitting smoking in a week. I know i'm gonna be a total B the whole time but oh well....lol
I'll update again when I figure out my hotel and car situation...ciao

27 days away!!!! July 17th! Team Jimerson!



I apologize for neglecting my blog so much and I hope you all understand. I've been so busy getting my life together and just prepping myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for this surgery.

In a nutshell this is what I have accomplished so far:

-On the 18th I got my physical, EKG, Bloodwork, and Medical Clearance...Happy to say I passed!! On the 27th I will fax over my papers

-I've managed to get my weight up to 164 :) I'm trying to maintain my weight until July 17th but gosh food is just so yummy ever since I "let myself go" lol

-I stopped smoking about a 3 weeks ago.. the first couple of days were rough but now just a little whiff of cigarette smoke erks me! I use facemasks sometimes when i'm outdoors or in large crowds. I know I look like a weirdo with some kinda disease but hey i'm trying to keep myself away from second hand smoking as well as avoiding getting sick. A simple cold can result to RESCHEDULING YOUR SURGERY!!! Ladies keep that in mind. Your immune system should be at 100% or healing time could be delayed.

-I haven't booked my hotel yet but I have already decided on the Hyatt. I figured I would book last minute because they always have deals on rooms they need to occupy.

-I've slowly started to pack.. not much but just loose fitting dresses from when I used to weigh 250 (haha) They will be for recovery time when I'm in the hotel laying around in pain.

Things I need to do:
Take my measurements and ideally figure out what I'd like my results to be
Buy the rest of my supplies
Hotel/Shuttle book
Fax medical clearance
Stop drinking by next week (Yes I drink quite frequently since I cant smoke...ladies is this bad? I heard you are asked to quit drinking 2 weeks prior to surgery)

Any other ladies going to be in GA from the 15th-27th? I def would like to hook up, chat, and of course show off our new bottoms :) Message/comment me so we can exchange information...

That's it for now....I start my summer class next week and I plan to take an online summer course since I wont be able to sit on my highly anticipated ASS ;)

Until then!!!! oxoxxxo

11 days

The countdown begins!

7 days and I can sleep

It's 3am and I'm up stressing buying last minute things on amazon...hopefully I get it all before I leave!!! I HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHERE I BUY MY GARMENT!!!! Someone help!!!! If someone can recommend me the best brand/fit that will be a big stress off my shoulders!

Follow up

I don't know why the nurse hasn't called me yet regarding prescriptions and what not and why Shelly hasnt confirmed she recieved my medical clearance nor returned my calls... Ugh this is frustrating! I'm booking my shuttle from the airport to the hotel tomorrow as well as my pre op lymphatic massage..

With summer school I have a lot on my plate!!

I hate how much I've had to gain.. Everyone has been noticing. My clothes don't even fit the same way.. My stomach is bigger than ever and I hate it

ATL shawty!!

I depart San Jose 1040pm tonight! Here we gooooooo! Ahhhh my nerves!!!!!!

Pre op JULY 16 1030am

I'm scheduled to arrive in GA at 615am. My Mom and I have already reserved a shuttle to take us to the airport. Hopefully be able to check in before my preoperative appointment. I'm so ready to link up with my bbl sissys! Oxoxxxo

ATL SHAWTY!! Preop 1030am July 16 2013

Just touched down!!!! I'm at the front desk at Hyatt hopefully webcam check in early. My prep is at 1030. Gosh I didn't think the stores and grocery would be so far. I swear I read somewhere that it was walking distance which is why I booked this hotel. According to the front desk this is the closest hotel to the hospital.. Well I just got off phone with one of my RS sissys LiveFreeForever! Her preoperative is 10 mine is 1030 so were gonna link up and go from there!


Let me just say Hyatt has the best customer service. Check in is supposed to be at 1 but they were very accommodating and said if we wanted we could check in now. Alongside offered us the breakfast buffet (when we havent even checked in yet) which is superb by the way. So far I have no complaints with the Hyatt. Their service is top notch


My RS sissy is currently in surgery right now.. Praying for a safe recovery. See you on the other side :)


I am beyond exhausted. So I met up with my RS sissy (LiveFreeForever) in the front lobby. We rode together to APSS. I finally got to formally meet my patient coordinator Shelly. She she the fkn bomb by the way! At first she didnt know who I was because I go by my nickname but as soon as I told her my full name she screamed and gave me the biggest hug! We chatted for a cool minute and were just discussing everything. I was considering adding a j-tuck or tummy tuck since I'm Dr. J's last patient tomorrow.. Anyway Shelly had just got a bbl shes 6 weeks post op and DAYUM is all I can say. She took me to the back room and I showed her what I was working with and vice versa. Her donk was RIDIC!! I can't get over how big it is even after reabsorbtion. Pre op appointments were running a little late..

Kim finally called me in around 12. I had to sign a buncha paperwork electronically and we discussed all medication. The only thing that pissed me off is I was constantly asking for the prescription before I came to Georgia and I never got a call back. When I walked across the street to fill it, I JUST NOW ONLY FOUND OUT KAISER IS NOT COVERED. THE TOTAL IS 290$...wtf. I mean its not a problem but had I got my prescription before I left I could have had my general doctor prescribe it to me. So basically my whole day has been nothing but drama with the prescription. Ive been calling back and forth trying to figure out who can cover it. If it comes down to it I will just end up paying for it but I really dont want to.

Anyway, after speaking with Kim, I talked to Shelly again. She had to explain to my Mom about the whole adding hips thing since my Mom doesnt get why I need to add hips when my measurements are a 45' already. Its because I have NO curves, a flt shape. And also explained the difference between a tummy tuck and a j-tuck. At the end I got to talk to Dr. J. I have to admit I was a little shy..I think because I was starstruck. He seemed tired but very helpful. I basically asked him what my advantages were of getting the tummy tuck now or waiting until next time (only because I dont know how my body will react to surgery since this is my first time, and I didnt want too much stress on my body) He said there is no difference and if I wait and come back I can become curvier. It's just that my results now wont include a flat tummy. And im fine with that for the moment... He also said my fat looks like its hard to find but I have the same figure as Shelly so he will be able to work with it.

After my appointment my Mom and I walked to the Pharmacy across the st only to find out kaiser doesnt cover my meds (bullshit) My phone died so we finally called the shuttle to pick us up. They come quick!! The driver brought us to walgreens where she recommended we try to fill my prescription there. She offered to wait for us which was really sweet but we didn't want to keep her waiting so we said we would just call when we were ready. Walgreens couldent do anything because my temporary kaiser member # for Georgia is new and wont be in the system for 24-48 hours. Sadly we couldent fill it again but hey at least she tried and helped us get the answers we were looking for. The lady working at the pharmacy was very helpful too. Man now I understand the meaning of SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! EVERYONE IS REALLY KIND AND HELPFUL OUT HERE :)

We went on to walk to Krogens..By the way. Walking sucks. YOU CANT GET ANYWHERE. If it wasn't for the shuttle or my RS sissy being so sweet to offer her car, I would go crazy. This is the first day and I've already been stressing because of the walking. The shuttle picked us up with our shitload of groceries and about an hour ago we just got back to the hotel

I bought a few days worth of groceries..but I'm gonna look into what I should be eating because I want to maintain a healthy diet still. Housekeeping brought up a microwave just now too. So we're good. Forgot to buy plastic kitchen utensils but I guess tomorrow my Mom can go while I'm in surgery. I'm supposted to stop eating at midnight tonight. and I'm gonna take off my nail polish and wash with hibiclens tomorrow morning. Until then I'm gonna be searching for a solution as to what I'm gonna do about my prescription.. and for the rest of the day i'll just be chillen until I go to bed

After pics

I'm about to go to sleep but here are my after pictures between 5 and 10 hours post op. I will write about how my sx went tomorrow morning oxoxxxo

I hate realself sometimes

Realself really need to update their website. I just tried to download a Before picture and after picture from my Iphone and its not working. Whenever I write a long ass update it either deletes and doesnt load to my blog either. It's pissing me off to the point where I dont even wanna write. But I do it for my RS sisters so I will try again tomorrow. I'm going to bed but when I get the chance I will update you guys on how everything went today. Goodnight!!


Here is my before picture. Dr.J marked me up and this was right before my operation. The 2nd picture is 10 hours POST OP.

There are not enough hours in a day

With summer school and feeling weak I only get to briefly update. I want to be as thorough as I can so when I get the chance I will update you from the start of my surgery. I'm 2 days post op. Today I changed my garment. I went to APSS because I tugged on my drain by accident and I needed them to take a look. I also went in to ask why I've been on the verge of ALMOST FAINTING 4 times. (I will get into detail when I write a full review) Nurse Kim (I think shes a nurse assistant) didnt really have alot of knowledge about how to go about emergencies except that she is really good at explaining things but ONLY the things she knows about. Anyway I told her the garment they put on me after surgery was ridiculous and way too loose that it wasnt giving me compression. The actual nurse in the surgery room (I forget her name but she looks middle eastern) came to my rescues and they immediately took my blood pressure. On the day of my SX my blood pressure was 130/70 which was a tad high because of my nerves but when I went to get checked today it was 106/69. Pretty low. They explained that I might be dehydrated and blood count is low so they put me on an IV. They gave me 2 bags. After the first bag they checked my blood pressure.. It was still the same but I guess my pulse was better. Dr. Jimerson went in for a quick second to see how I was feeling. Again he looked tired because he had just got out of his last surgery. After the 2nd bag they didnt even check my blood pressure and sent me on my way with a new garment. The one they put on me the day of surgery was a 2x. NO compression whatsoever. I got a XL and am currently wearing it. Now I feel the compression but I know in the next week or so I'm gonna go down to a large.

Some brief pointers:

1. Don't know what I'd do without my female urinal. Ladies you will be peeing alot and this will prevent you from peeing all over yourself.
2. I was able to poop on the 2nd day.
3. No problem eating after surgery..they encourage you to eat cheese and meats high in protein. No junk food, soda, white starch, minimize wheats
4.Stay in the room the first 48 hours
5.I recommend you hire a caretaker the day you remove your garment. They usually do 4 hours minimum which is 80$ That way whoever is watching you can see how they clean the woulds, replace dressings, give injections, wash and dry the garment (because it sounds damn near impossible to dry it in an hour while your body is resting)
6.KEEP HYDRATED! I recommend drinking a gallon or more because everytime you pee, that liquid is leaving the body so you have to constantly rehydrate
8. Have a yoga block or stool of some sort to be able to get in/out of bed. Dr.J didnt have to get fat from my inner thighs and its still hard to push myself out of bed. You have to use your arms because you dont want to put pressure on your tummy
9. SHOWER COVERS on the bed is a must I also put a towel on top where I lay so it soaks up the blood. You WILL bleed the first couple of days.

other than that...my pain is at a 6. And this is my 2nd day. But I could be speaking too soon. Usually to avoid morning pain when I wake up my Mom gives me my paid meds and meds for dizziness. And I wait until they kick in and thats when I get up and have breakfast. Take your time getting up.

ok back to my homework..I'll update as soon as I can :)

Compression Garment Issues

I'm having too many issues with my damn garment:

1) When they released me from surgery the garment I left in was a 2x. Mind you im 5"6' 165pounds...what the hell

2) a day later I went back and told them how i'm not getting any kind of compression and they gave me a size smaller XL

3) I'm 3 days post op and the XL is giving me no type of compression to my stomach or thighs (even though he didnt need to get fat from my inner thighs)

I just feel I should be wearing a Large right now...and then before I make my way back to california I can go to lipo express to buy a medium. I just don't want to end up buying both a large and a medium...

Ladies! How will I know what size is best for me if I'm not even allowed to try it on? This blows.....seriously


Who has a size LARGE lipoexpress garment they don't have much use for? I have a 2xl and XL


BBL WARNING!!! WHAT THEY FAIL TO MENTION: Recent patient of Dr. Jimerson 7/17/2013

During my stay at the Hyatt this is what i've experienced so far..

1. 3 out of the 10 girls who stayed at the Hyatt during the same time as me were rushed to the hospital and recieved a blood transfusion. Ladies this is very dangerous and risky. Using another persons blood not knowing where it came from..you could catch aids. And if you don't have insurance this is VERY EXPENSIVE. Thank god I didn't need a blood transfusion. But I do have to wonder, why weren't any of us warned that this would happen? One of my RS sisters that went to the ER mentioned that the nurses were making smart ass comments such as "Let me guess you're one of Dr. Jimersons patients.." and when she asked "Why did I not get the memo?" They responded "Oh nothing.. we often have ALOT OF HIS PATIENTS coming in and out of here" REALLY?!?!?!?!? That's scary.

2. 8 out of the 10 girls (Including me) were diagnosed with having VERY low blood levels and suffering from dehydration. But upon asking the staff at APSS, they reply...."You're PROBABLY just dehydrated and have low iron" PROBABLY?!?!?!?!?!?? Probably is not a good enough answer for what I paid for don't you think?!?! And how the hell do I come out with low blood levels when Dr. Jimerson himself told me I didn't lose much blood???? Something is very fishy if almost everyone is going through this. It's funny because alot of girls don't mention this in their blogs at all.

3. Low blood levels can lead to fainting, dizziness, ending up in a hospital. So DON'T IGNORE IT just because you think you are on so many medications! IT'S CLEARLY NOT NORMAL. I almost fainted the first, second, and 3rd day. Good thing I got to a bed/couch quick. And Thank God I had my Mom with me.

4. DO NOT GO BY YOURSELF. I woulden't even recommend a caretaker. LADIES I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. I am so thankful for my Mom. don't be one of those girls who thinks they can suck it up and take care of themselves. It's not possible. I got a BBL and he didnt even touch my inner thighs and I was STILL IN PAIN. I'm not one to whine nor have someone baby me but the first 3 days I would say are the most critical. Even the days that follow are crucial but day by day you will figure out how to do some things for yourself. Don't waste your money hiring a caretaker because you will just be asleep most of the time. The only time you'll need to get up for the first 48 hours is to use the bathroom (id say about 20 times or more considering all the water youll have to be chugging) ..everything else such as eating can be done in bed. You will also be bleeding ALOT. So don't forget the shower curtains as well. I reccomend placing a dark colored towel on top of the shower curtain because with all that blood it can easily flow all over the floor. There you go, another stupid expense from the hotel :/

5. I don't understand why lymphatic massages are so exaggerated. I watched one of my RS sisters get one. Honestly a 7 year old can do a better job. They dont even touch any of your lipo'd parts/ butt/ any areas touched during surgery. The massage isnt even enough to be classified as a massage. And this massage is supposted to "promote blood flow"?!?! Honey go home and get rubbed by a loved one/boyfriend/whoever! But don't even bother with this. I asked my patient coordinator Shelly that I've read on RS that it is recommended to get a few lymphatic massages before your SX. She said NO. Think about it...why would you have to get a massage beforehand if you've already been cleared for your medical clearance...your bloodflow is obviously fine. It's BS to get this massage before and after and frankly a waste of money. They typically charge 50$ if you buy 4 or more. Or 75$ an hour with an addition 20$ if they come to you. So thats $100+ INCLUDING TIP to be patted down??????? Honestly I think it's just a money scheme...

6. From experience I hired a caretaker( named Clarice or Claudia Stovall I forget her name...) for 4 hours (80$) So my Mom would have some knowledge on how to safely remove my garment, wash/dry the garment within an hour, bathe me, properly change dressings, and clean incision sites. She was the worst caretaker, all she really did was talk our ear off the whole time. And she is extremely bossy. I didn't like the way she talked to my mom. While cleaning around my wounds we used peroxide...I asked her will it sting? She replied "I tell my girls don't even bother asking me that because you have no option" UHHHHHHH, I ask so I can prepare myself if it's gonna sting or not. She is an elderly woman who mostly did all talking all while telling us what todo. Her excuse was "Let her do it or she wont learn on her own" I'm fresh out of surgery, do you even know the definition of a caretaker??? SO BASICALLY... All she did (with the help of my Mom) was change my dressings, yank my garment off without taking her time which hurt like hell, clean my incisions, and just talk the rest of the time. She even refused to bathe me in the places I couldent reach and help me clean up talking about "ohh no I dont do all that...you gotta do that on your own" ...Lady how do you expect me to even bend over when i'm in pain. She talked a good game saying she can do this and that and in the end all she was doing was giving instructions. STAY RETIRED you wasted my $80 bucks.

There is so much more i'd like to warn you women about but right now I will leave it at that. When I have the time I will write a full update on this as well as my experience with my SX. Other than that, as of right now I am 1 week post op so I can't tell you if its worth it. But in time, we will see. I just wanted to show the negative side of having a BBL because not most of you ladies post what happens after..... I don't mean to be so negative because my experience has had its good days and the staff I was involved with were helpful in most ways but this is just a warning to whoever is looking to get a BBL.

(Keep in mind this is from MY experience. Some of you can agree they've been through the same thing and some of you have been successful without complications. The purpose of this is not to bash nor hate on this institution. But to just BE CAREFUL!!)


3. I forgot to mention I was drinking more than a gallon of water a day. After getting checked at APSS, I took Iron pills. That's not to say IRON PILLS made me feel better right away. I secluded myself in the room for 4 days after that sleeping, eating, and drinking way too much fluids to the point where I hate drinking water. I didn't physically get checked at the hospital so maybe my body just kicked into a normal mode...but I'm not a doctor so its still unexplained..

No review for now just pics

I will review when I have some time. I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op. so far I like my results except the fact that my right hip totally sticks out more than my left. It sucks but oh we'll..

Quick updates

Quick update:
-I ordered a medium garment from lipoexpress. Shit didnt fit had to get a large instead so I'm waiting until it comes in the mail..
-ordered a half foam roller hopefully I can start driving
-I use mederma and neosporin everyday on my scars
- been eating right maintaining weight
-weird because when I came home from GA I was 179.. Now I'm 170
- cant wait until I can tone up at the gym
- booty has dropped from a '48 (day of sx) to '45.. Not too dramatic of a drop considering I was swollen
-back sides and front tummy is still sore and tender to the touch
-I've even off my meds
-didnt start back on my birth control pills yet
-I take multivitamin and arnica and iron pills
-I usually eat a lot of meat and veggies/fruit only

Waist to Hip Ratio

Measurements as of today:

I went online and checked my waist to hip ratio
it was .73
Im a happy camper thats all I can say :)

I cant wait until I start working out. My waist and back fat need to go...I was 34-36c before having to gain weight....My waist I cant expect it to be super tiny because realistically I went from a 250 pound body. But im confident I can shed a few off doing ab workouts standing up as soon as I'm in the clear to get it in at the gym

thats it for today!

Photoshop LOL

I usually dont let minor things bother me but i saw something disturbing..confusing..So one of the girls I met in GA turned out to be a fake ass b****. Sad but true. I feel sorry for her. What's funny is she's an older lady. I'm half her age. Didn't find out about this until recently but in the end I heard she was talking behind my back. But let me set it straight: I'm not one to kiss someone's feet and act like their important when their really NOT. It's really sad what people will do to feel loved and what they will say to earn attention. Fake attitude claiming she would be of help and whatever I needed her companion could do it. HAHA she had NO benefit to me whatsoever. like it even mattered im a big girl i can handle myself but the fact she had to bribe the people around her to win their affection is kind of Sad. It's also hilarious how this particular person would post a picture of herself on here but PHOTOSHOP Her post op pics. Because honey in real life you could never look like that nor would any surgery be able to fix your fugly personality and snake-like ways.... Lol just a hater I wanted to address and LAUGH OUT LOUD AT. (Might I add I'm not the only one laughing at you, so who gets the last laugh now hehe) Seriously Like who posts photoshopped pictures on realself come on now this site is intended for REAL REVIEWS. There is obviously something deeper that needs to be fixed if you are so insecure to post your real results lolol

On that note I'm gonna laugh and catch zzzzs

I CAN'T GIVE A FULL RATING UNTIL 6 MONTHS POST OP.... But so far my experience with Dr. Jimerson himself is A+. He is super attentive and a sweetheart! I saw him 5 times during my visit and spoke with him on the phone even more. After countless nights of doing my homework, I am almost 100% confident that Dr. Jimerson is my go-to doctor! TEAM JIMERSON!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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