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So, im a new addition to this site,although ive...

so, im a new addition to this site,although ive been stalking it for awhile now to read the reviews on experiences with dr. j in atlanta.:) I must say that i was sold on him out of the gate! i set up my consult with him back in october, and i had planned to go in person. however something came up recently and i had to make it a phone consult instead. Luckily i was able to get it on the same date!(today).

I'm already approved for financing and everything. so you would think all systems were a go...right? i even got 2 courtesy phone calls, and an email, (that i responded to) to make sure everything was still good to go....not quite.:( my consult was supposed to happen at 12 noon today. 1,2, and 3 o clock went by and no call.so i call the office and speak to 3 diffrerent people only for them to tell me that they were short staffed today, that they are sorry, but someone would either have to call me on monday for my consult, or worse..that i should call them first thing monday morning!-they are gone for the day.:( REALLY??!!

I get it that dr j is awesome, and his popularity has really gone up since october and after the TI and TINY show, but i thought it was extremely inconsiderate and unprofessional of them to leave me hanging like this! i have been waiting 3 months for this consult, and i really dont want to wait later than august for a surgery date!:( UGH! really hoping things get better from here!:(

Hello everyone:)! so i FINALLY got a phone call...

hello everyone:)! so i FINALLY got a phone call this evening from aziza (patient coordinator at dr j's office), and looks like were back in business! :)) my consult is now set for tomorrow:)) she was very sweet and helpful.so much so, that i forgot how upset i had been the last few days! lol but she basically went ahead and gave me the consultation because she asked me all the questions that they are going to ask. so she told me just to tell them that i can bypass the questionaire and just ask to speak with dr j. she said sometime tomorrow i will be getting a call(they dont do consults on tuesdays), but she assured me that she would make sure it happens this time, because SHE put me on the schedule.but it was nice that she made sure to call to let me know i wasnt being ignored.:) so tomorrow is the day........to be continued....:))

Well well well...progress is sweet! :)) so i was...

well well well...progress is sweet! :)) so i was pleasantly awakened from my nap this afternoon by a call from dr. jimerson! he was very pleasant and helpful. i was also very happy to hear that i didnt need to gain or lose any weight to acheive my goal,and that so far everything is a GO! i am 5'8 165 pounds. my normal weight is 140-145. i was so mad at myself while i was talking to him because being that i was half asleep, my mind was a little cloudy and i couldnt remember some of the things i wanted to ask him! i did tell him what i wanted to acheive, but i wanted to emphasize the super tiny waist and make sure he understood just how big i wanted to go on the booty, because i want her GINORMOUS..but natural. if there is such a thing! :) he seemed kinda in a rush,but i think he got it though. you better believe though, that while he is marking me up, i wll definitely be stressing those things to him:)) but i totally trust in dr j and his abilities, and i am pretty confident just letting him do his thing. he dosent seem to need too much coaching.:)so, after receiving my official quote today from shelley, it puts me getting the surgery around the end of august/ early september time frame as i had anticipated. so if all continues to go smooth then i dont see anything delaying my surgery.:) feeling good:))))) the saga continues.............lol

So, today has been glorious! after getting the run...

so, today has been glorious! after getting the run around for almost an hour with dr j's office this afternoon, i FINALLY get a coordinator on the phone. there is something to be said for persistance! so, i spoke with michelle and gave my deposit.(yay!) so she emails me the 19 page instruction/welcome packet of all the do's dont's and other stuff. im super pumped! so my surgery date now is officially october 2nd,(dr j is booked till then), which is cool because i was shooting for late september, early october(around my birthday!) gotta start 40 off right! lol now on to the task of saving.:)....come on october, lets do this!:)))

Smh-omg! So im realizing that although this...

Smh-omg! So im realizing that although this website is ripe with helpful info, it is far better to tune out the drama queens spreading wrong information! Smdh...people really need to start fact checking! Lol. Some of the blogs on here talking about hfd(healthcare finance direct had me so worried that i called jimerson''sd their office to see for myself. Broads are so damn out of control on here that the coordinators are getting pissed! Lol i know because one brought it to my attention. I found out that hfd is still very much in effect just lrss is financednow. Period.lol granted jimerson's office still needs to get it together,confusiob and higj blood pressure could be kept to a bare minimum if people actually know what theyre talking about first! Thats frustrating as hell!

yay! im officially a jimmerson doll!;)

So haven't updated in a while as life has been mad hectic! But I am elated to say that I went to dr j's office today, and paid the full surgery in cash to get this badonk right! :))) (11,900 grand total)...all I know is this better be worth it! But I have all the faith in the world in jimmerson and his abilities or I would never have given up that kind of money.he really is a miracle worker! Im a little concerned that my skin is a little firm- not saggy enough for a ginormous nikki minaj donk-lol but I am gaining weight (the easy part!) And keeping fingers crossed.im on the fast track list so hopefully I can get this done in a couple months!:) wish me luck!

july 31 2014-I finally did it!:))

So Ive been gone for a while, but im back with my experience with this surgery. :) on July 31st I was the first one of the day (730 am). Being that I had iron and blood pressure issues(and I had to gain weight!) which caused me to push back my date, this was a major accomplishment in itself! Lol so after surgery, I was groggy and sore, but greatfully not sick like when I got my boobs done:)) im not going to knock anyone else' s pain tolerance but for me it wasnt that bad at all. In fact I sent home the nurse I hired, and just had her run errands for me and give me my shots.she said I was the easiest patient she ever had! Lol but I was up walking around, changing my dressings,and cooking my own food from day 1. However I will point out a few "lady issues" that I dont hear too many divas (or any) speak about...I guess because it dosent sound as glamorous. ...lol but here is the real on what you may experience...based on what I've gone through:#1-I think the worst of it was the pain of getting in and out of bed from laying on your stomach...the incisions from lipo leak fluid(smells!)and burn. #2-due to all antibiotics you are taking, your vaginal secretions will turn into dark brown goo, and you could "conveniently" get a yeast infection.:) if you are normally very hygiene conscious down there like me, then that will horrify you! Lol when I called the nurse they said its a side effect. ...nice. #3- wearing that damn garment is not as easy as it looks! When your body is still sore and tender from the lipo, you dont want anything rubbing against it! So yea I told you some things arent so damn glamorous. ...but in all honesty, im truly happy with the results so far, and it really is a small price to pay for having a beautiful body!:) pics coming soon!:)) good luck to future jimerson dolls...and oh yea he's very sexy in person!;)

me-1 yr and 1/2 post op bbl

Year and half post op bbl...

2 yrs later..

Mwah..2 yrs po bbl..

just me..

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

i found out about dr j by surfing online. he appears to be an excellent PS, and is very personable. i was definently sold on him!:)

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