Dr. Michael Salzhauer is my BBL surgeon! He's the best!

I have been researching over a year now and I'm...

I have been researching over a year now and I'm excited about having this procedure. My motivation is looking in the mirror and looking at my flat ass! I have (NOAZZATALL) syndrome but my friends say I got a tear drop...LOL! I'm from the country so growing up I was picked on for having no booty...especially being a black girl! I have always had BIG boobs since a teenager but the buttocks never grew LOL! As I went through college it never bothered me because I would wear clothing that made my butt look bigger! After graduating college in 2009 I moved to a city where I know anything is possible Ft. Lauderdale (Tri-County Area). It's close to Miami and that's the HOT SPOT for fun and cosmetic surgery...LOL!! In 2011, after getting out a bad relationship I decided to consider the BBL more than ever before....I want a breast reduction too but that can come later! To gain my self-confidence back and to finally be able to wear a bikini with NO COVER-UP...that's my goal! I don't like the way my butt looks in certain clothing...so enough is enough... I've made the decision to book my consultation and start paying! I was REALLY undecided between Salama or Jimerson but looking at the before & after pictures it was no comparison! Also, I took into consideration education background, experience & training, prices, certifications, and of course the overall RESULTS. Salama is closer to me and cheaper but I feel Jimerson will give me the look I want EXACTLY with no 2nd rounds or seroma's! I haven't found one bad review on Jimerson but it seems like alot of pros & cons with Salama. I'm looking to have a BOMBSHELL body and "Dr. J Curves" will be the one to create this look! He has outstanding artistic abilities! My consultation is Oct 24th and I'm soo excited to ask all the questions I need to know! I'm 25 with no kids so this will be my first time having any type of surgery. I will have to fly in, and pay for hotel accomodations so this will be an expensive journey....I figured Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)!!! Good thing my homegirl from college stay in Atlanta...I will definitely be staying with her for majority of my recovery. So happy to know it's plenty women out there who's going through the same thing I am....I literally stalk this site more than Facebook or Instagram....LOL!! I'm in love with booties now!! Stay tuned my BBL sisters...

I had my phone consult with Dr Jimerson today!! We...

I had my phone consult with Dr Jimerson today!! We talked & laughed for about 30minutes! Hebanswered all my quedtions! Everything he explained I basically already knew. The lovenox shots is to prevent blood clots after surgery. I love the fact that he usually have only one drain coming out of you & that's in ur lower back (top of ur butt crack)...lol! I was worried about all them drains. He will b on the TI & Tiny Show on Mon @9pm so all his fans please tune in!! Once he told me that I knew I had the man with the master plan!! He's amazing!! #teamJCurves

God is AMAZING!! Today I got a call from the...

God is AMAZING!! Today I got a call from the plastic surgeon coordinator telling me I got approved FINALLY for my breast reduction!! I have been denied previously though from Aetna so I thought this time it would be the same outcome. I was soooo shocked!! So now, my surgery date is set for 1/3/2013 for my breast reduction. I can't wait!! I'm currently a 40DDD and I will be going down to a 36-38C. Since, Aetna is paying for my surgery as a MEDICAL neccessity I don't have to pay anthing out of pocket but a $35 co-pay. That was TRULY a blessing for me!!

I will be putting my $500 deposit down on the 23rd for my BBL with Dr. J. For now, I will be preparing myself for this surgery that will change my life forever. This is just the beginning to a NEW ME! I will finally be able to find a bikini top that fits...WOOP..WOOP!! LOL :)

I have exactly 20 days until by BR surgery!! I'm...

I have exactly 20 days until by BR surgery!! I'm excited & nervous at the same time...LOL!! My PS is Russell Sussani of Take Shape Plastic Surgery in Plantation, FL. He is the best in Broward County...my opinion! I did extensive research before choosing him. Plus, he's an Aetna approved doctor as well. Had my Pre-op on 12/3 and now I just waiting for my day to come. I got my script for keflex and percocet so I'm ready. I went to buy some button down shirts to wear after surgery and some stool softener (recommended by Patient Coordinator). I have my list of things NOT to do 2-4wks prior to surgery. I had to cut out alot of things...it's all for the better! I want to heal within a two week period so I can go back to work by 1/17/13. I think the only thing I'm worried about is the drains i'm going to have on my sides under my breast! Thank God my mother will be here to help me the first couple of days. To all my BBL sistets and RS friends please put me in your prayers. This will be my first surgery EVER so I'm going to PRAY, PRAY, and keep Faith! God will see me through! I will update once I have my surgery to let you know how it went! Take care ladies....wishing you all the best!

Looking for BBL sisters that have dates in June....

Looking for BBL sisters that have dates in June. Please comment. Looking for a buddy system!

My breast reduction surgery is in the morning.....

My breast reduction surgery is in the morning...can't wait to pick up my mom from the train station. She's my rock!! My boyfriend and cousin will be there to support me as well. I will update you ladies soon as I'm able to do so. Getting all my last minute things together. Keep me in your prayers RS friends!

I have been going back and forth for the last two...

I have been going back and forth for the last two months deciding if I should find a cheaper PS. I have checked out Yily de Los Santos, Jaime Campos, Moises Salama, Wendell Perry, Salzaheur, etc. I literally stalk this site from sun up to sun down. Thanks to my boyfriend I have a NEW IPAD...Happy Valentines Day to me....so I'm going to be on here faithfully now. Lol :)
I paid my $500 deposit today!!!! Yay! This has been a long journey for me and I finally went with my first mind...Locked in now! I plan on making large payments every month until its paid in full. I called and spoke to Kevin, he is so cool we were laughing like we known each other for years. Valerie was the bomb though she kept looking for me a closer appt date & finally I was able to get Sept 9th!!! Woop Woop! I will be flying in on the 6th to do my per-op visit. This was the best Valentines Day ever in my life!!!!! Thank You Lord for all your blessings.

I will keep you ladies posted as time gets closer..... I got my intro email today so now it's time to SAVE for my big day!!!! By the way he is booked up til October and prices are going up soon. It's a $500 discount if you pay in cash so that's a little better for me. 10,300 went to 9,800 so I'm going to do whatever it takes....it's time to sacrifice!

Quick Update: So I spoke to Monica like 2 weeks...

Quick Update: So I spoke to Monica like 2 weeks ago and I had some random questions I needed to know! She was so humble and sweet! He talked over 30 minutes or so.....she informed me he was busy than ever before! We talked about REALSELF and her BBL as well. She's on my IG so we will be in touch with each other. Geeta, Renee, and the new nurse is also on my IG! Dr.Jimerson is the man with the master plan hunni! I will continue saving each month for my dream to finally come true! Since my date is 5 months away and I don't want to finance or borrow from my 401K I might as well push my date back until my bday next year (2/21). I want this soooo BAD it's a shame!! I grind HEARD everyday so I can get this BBL! I don't have any kids so I want to just live and ENJOY life while I'm still young! My boobs are looking AWESOME by the way....I walk around my house with NO BRA!! Glad I did it! I will keep you ladies posted on my journey.....guess I'll spend my lunch hour calling Monica to push my date back. All in all it will give me more time to pay and plan! By the way, I'm in LOVE with Keyshia KA'OIR...and heads over heels for her cosmetic line!! Posted some wish pics of her today!

Spoke to Kevin today who pushed back my date for...

Spoke to Kevin today who pushed back my date for me!! Ladies if you are looking for a Sept date I just re-scheduled today so there maybe an opening for Sept 9,2013. This is only for the best! Now, I have more time to SAVE so I can pay in CASH! I'm not looking to finance bc I have enough DEBT already! Good day my BBL sistahs!

2 years later - Change of Doctor (Michael Salzhauer is my BBL Dr)

So many things have happened in my life over the past 2 years. I was so excited about Dr. Jimerson initially as I started my BBL journey during research in 2012! It is now April 2015 I have found by BBL doctor Michael Salzhauer in Bay Harbor Islands, FL. I have finally paid off my entire balance! It was a struggle but I made it happen. Unfortunately, he's so booked out so the earliest date was next year in April. I have my date set for 4/7/2016!!! Nothing is going to stop me this time! I have a year to prepare myself so I'm going to focus on eating healthier, losing weight, and changing my lifestyle. Dr. Miami is a real down to earth guy! I was laughing during my consult with him! You ladies have to follow him on Instagram if you are not doing so already! His posts are hilarious! You can also see awesome before & after pics too!

More Wish Pictures (Baddies Galore)

Pre Op Pics

Salzhauer VS Hasan

I'm all of a sudden confused again??? Ladies help me out!!! What do you all think? Paid in full with Salzhauer but Hasan is making amazing asses right now!!! Plus I can save $5300!!

More Banging Wish Pictures

I have been browsing Instagram & Real self for some nice shapes!!! I'm addicted to looking at butts!! Lol!! 6 Months to go....Salzhauer Trap Queen!! Bol....I swear my Dr is the coolest!! He loves Fetty Wap & he's the neighborhood butt dealer on IG!

Dr Miami (Michael Salzhauer)

April 7th is my BIG day and it is quickly approaching!! I am 205pds 5'5 so I'm trying to lose atleast 20 pounds to be at 185 by surgery day! I dont want to lose alot because he's going to need the FAT to make my ASS FAT!!! LMAO! I have been stalking this girl on Instagram named lainsuperable69! She's in the Dominican Republic and I'm her biggest FAN! She has the PERFECT body (my opinion) I hope and pray Dr Miami can make me look like this! Hopefully I wont need a ROUND 2 but if so I'm going straight to Vanity to HASAN for $3500! I have spent over $8K to go to Dr. Miami because it was a dream come true for me but now I see you can get great results for much cheaper! Cheaper is not always better but I'll take a chance on Round 2. I will be going in for my PRE-OP on March 24 @1pm! His staff has been amazing and very professional! I love Dr. Miami personality and his results I'm just hoping I get the BIG BOOTY I want! I'm about to upload some pics of the girl I'm stalking on IG- She is BADDD!

My NEW Wish Pics!!!

I'm obsessed with her body!!!

2 1/2 months to go before my Dr Miami BBL

More wish pics!!! I am going to the gym everyday until I get down to 185-190. I'm
5'5 so I need to be 192 or lower before my preop appt March 24th.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

DR MICHAEL SALZHAUER IS THE BOOTY KING IN MIAMI!Board-certified Miami plastic surgeon with a reputation as the neighborhood butt dealer. He's such a cool person! The staff is very professional and the office is beautiful!

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