Round 2 or Mommy Makeover 2016??????

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I'm 33, 5'7 with 4 kids and 183lbs. I have been...

I'm 33, 5'7 with 4 kids and 183lbs. I have been researching this procedure every since I ran across the site. I have been doing fish oil rubs and lunges. I was in the process of looking for Brazillan Butt Lift videos when I found you all. You ladies rock!!!! There is a lot of information and support within this board and I'm glad to be able to share experiences with one another so thanks ladies. I was very excited to book my surgery date for Oct. 16th. I was hoping to go a little sooner but It'll give me some extra time to save and get my finances in order so I'll await patiently for my day but that is cool because I will start preparing myself more physically and mentally to get ready for this surgery. I know everyones experience is different so I plan to post how I feel and what I'm feeling and will be as detailed as possible. I will post pictures up at a later time. I am addicted to this site and the hubby giving me the side eye so I will post at another time because as you know its V-Day and I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

So I'm feeling some kind of way, Really don't know...

So I'm feeling some kind of way, Really don't know how to explain what I am going to tell my kids or my family about my upcoming surgery. My hubby is not too excited but he has told me that its my body and that I should do what makes me happy. He's just a little scared of the risks but he knows as well as I do that Dr. J is more than capable. I pray that I'm not being vain cause I really dont hate my body just think that it could use a little improvement. I have a little booty and a little projection but I have no hips at all. I'm just straight up and down. I dont want my butt HUGE but I do want to go as BIG as possible because I want it to still be nice and big after the swelling subsides. I pray that when my time comes I'm as brave as I am now.

Very Anxious!!!!

So I havent been blogging at all lately, really because there isnt much new to post. I'm still awaiting on my big day. While I'm waiting I have just started a new workout regimen and today marks day 1. I started on hip hop abs and I've been trying to clean up my eating habits. I've had some time to read a couple of blogs and oh my, Yily is everywhere. I would love to go to the DR but I'm so scared of being in a place where I completely have to depend on google or other software to! After doing some price checking I'd come up a little bit cheaper in the DR but not too much for me to feel secure. Idk it scares me a little but I'm actually thinking about it because she shapes really well and I do want a big butt but I dont want to sacrafice the lipo because I need it. I'm okay with the little curve that I got and think that lipo alone will give me a smaller waist which will make my lil booty stick out so I just dont know.....oh, well I will be doing a little more research on her and Duran and see if I can get a quote. I do want the best body that I can get. I just hate that deposits are non refundable. I cant be paying deposits all over the place. Just something that I was thinking.......I havent seen many updated reviews from Jimmerson's patients showing their lipo after a couple of months. This kindof bothers me because I need LIPO! I want my tummy extra flat without a tummy tuck and I'd hate to have a big booty and a horrible kango pouch. If there are any patients that are 4 to 6 months out that recently went to Jimmerson please PM me. I'd love to see what your bodies look like from all angles (not just the back please) Yes, I do want a DONK but I'm concerned with reviews of people complaining about their lipo and he's really expensive and I don't forsee round 2 being a option with me because my funds are limited. I also just want to say Congrats to all the ladies that have recently made it over to the other side and those that are preparing to go that have shared their stories. I have learned so much by reading everyones experiences. I think its time for me to start planning this surgery out and buying supplies. I paid my deposit back in March and I'm not scheduled for Dr J until Oct...seems long but I need the extra time to get everything in gear. I will be putting together a supply list soon. Any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

BBL first or BR?

Oh, I forgot to mention that Im really wanting breast augmentation. I'm a little heavier on the right than the left and after nursing all my children its quite noticeable and they are heavy and saggy. Just thinking of what I should go for first. The boobs or the BBL. Im nowhere near brave to do both at the same time so which do you ladies think first? BBL or BR?

New Date March 26, 2014

OMG, so I'm making some progress towards my weight loss goal so I'm very happy about that. I've been determined lately and its paying off. I was able to change my date...Yay!!!! I honesty was just not financially prepared to come out pocket $10k by October so I got switched to March 26th and I'm first surgery of the day :) I finally decided to post some pics..ugh...but here goes.

On my mind

So I decided to tell a few people in my family about my intentions to have surgery just in the case something was to happen to me and I was asked "Why do you want to die?" WHAT? That was not the response that I was expecting. I understand that everyone has their views on plastic surgery and I am aware that this is a elective procedure but damn, I dont want to be reminded that there could be a slim chance that something unforseen could possibly happen but I just expected to not hear that and to at least be supportive or happy about my decision. I just want to be the best me that I possibly can and to do that I have a few changes that I'd like to make to make me feel better and more confident. I'm trying to stay very positive about this and I'm no longer scared, a little nervous but not scared. Nervous because I know no matter how much you read others experiences I still wont know what to expect as far as PAIN, which is my main boo, boo but other than that..I'm ready. I'm so ready to just get this done.

Playing The Waiting Game!!!!

I really dont have much to update. I've been researching still and exercising 3 to 5 times a week. The only thing I need to add is a good vitamin regimen. I've been taking my multi's daily and B Complex. I see a major change in my bod since I've gotten routine to exercising but dieting is just not working for me. I find myself restricted and hungry all the time so I no longer am trying to diet instead I just eat better food selections. I have not had a Pepsi or Soda in over 5 weeks. I'm so proud of myself. I've had soda daily since childhood and it got even worse as an adult so its a biggy to me to no longer be! I've only been drinking water and green tea (no sugar drinks either) I also have been limiting my fried food intake. I may have something fried like once a week and even then I just want to taste it so that is also a big improvement. The only thing that is hard for me is bread and pasta :( I've taken some new pre-op pics as to what I look like as of todays date. I want to be as accurate as possible with documenting my pre and post op weight and body changes . March is just around the corner so I'll start documenting at least once a month between now and then unless something drastic happens that I just cant wait to share. Till next time ladies :)

New Pre Op Pics

Dont know why the didn't post the first time but here goes again

I Gotta Gain Weight :(

I've been working out and I have been feeling really good about my weight loss. The scales have only tipped 7 lbs but I wont let it discourage me cause I can see it in my tummy and inner thighs and I've lost a couple of inches so Yay!!!! But hold up just when I started to like the way I look in my clothes I was told to not lose any more weight. That I could stand to gain some instead well at least I know now instead of continuing on to my big day then being to I dont have enough fat :( but I been working really, really hard just to drop the few pounds that I did and I hate that I gotta put on more weight now cause I was really liking how my body was looking in my clothes (with the help of my squeem) but anything for beauty/booty right?

I cant believe that in just a couple of months I will have my new body!!!! I'm so excited. I had my first BBL dream last night and in my dream I went through the whole process of the surgery and woke up and was happy with my results and loving my body and then I woke up and was like DAMN!!!! It was just a dream but I'm taking that dream as a sign that everything is going to be alright, cause I prayed on it and then I had the weird dream a couple of days later and I think I got my good! I know corny right? Well here is some more preop pics at my current weight and I've decided that I will not stop working out but I'll cut back cause honestly its serving more than one purpose for me to work out. It calms my nerves when I'm stressed and its another way for me to blow off some steam. I work in customer service and dealing with different attitudes from day to day can sometimes be very aggravating and stressful. It takes a real patient person to deal with the drama so I found another way to vent so I cant give up on the working out but I'll just try to maintain the weight that I am now and focus on doing more leg toning/strengthening to build up some stallion legs to go with my new soon to have BIG BOOTY!!!!

Playing the waiting game

Nothing new to add. Still waiting! Ive been working out and enjoying you ladies! March is creeping up on me and Im trying to whip this body into shape. I decided to not focus on dropping pounds but to tone up what I got. I dont want skinny legs and a big butt so Ive been doing cardio and weights. Ive totally given up on dieting. I just try to be more sensible now with my portion sizes......well here is my pics. I will document my body as I workout from now till March every month to see if my workout dvds really work plus I cant wait to compare my before and afters when my surgery actually happens....Til next time...Many Blessings

I gained 10lbs.

Hello everyone!!! Long time, no post but hey its still pretty early and I got 3 months to go and I have purchased no supplies or anything yet. I know, I know. I'm not procrastinating or anything. I just don't plan on overdoing it. I will buy my vitamins this weekend and start on them 60 days before surgery. I take my regular vitamins which consist of a multi vitamin, fish oil pills, b-complex and vitamin d and I will start the add/delete process after the beginning of the new year. Im so upset I gained 10 lbs so now I'm at 193 :( I figured that would happen with it being the holiday season and all. I have gotten lazy and started eating more and exercising less so I am really going to work out more cause I really need to get my wide back under control. I'm officially an inverted triangle and those extra 10 lbs show horribly. I have to wear my vendette now just to feel like I have some type of shape. I can't wait til its my turn. I have also been guilty of stress eating. Im trying to get it under control but with the most recent turn of events I've been feeling some kind of way……I won't bore you ladies with my drama but lets just say. I had to CLEAN HOUSE and now its back to what it needs to be…Myself, My fiancé and my Children….No extras!!!!! so that burden is lifted from my shoulders. THANK U JESUS!!!!!! I have been researching alternatives to Dr. J. I am still Jimmerson all the way but just in case….I created a backup plan. I got my quotes from Yily, Duran and Baez and if all does not pan out as expected by the end of February 2014 I will be going to the DR. I LOOOOOVE Duran and I'm not soooo focused on my ASS anymore. I feel I have built me a lil booty so I'm okay with it now. It could ALWAYS be better but I'm not hating the way it looks anymore so I'm very happy about that but what I think I do need is that overall sculpting (full back, abs, flanks and inner thigh) and I don't have over 10K to pay for all that so we'll see as it gets closer. I'm about over half but still not quite there yet….but I have to say I'm very, very impressed with Duran's work my quote included Lipo, BBL, BR and BL $5800 after taking in consideration hotel, flight, passport, etcs I'd probably only spend $8000 (estimate). I would NEVER put a price tag on my surgery but for some of us working single mothers ( or those that are mommy and daddy like me) I can afford what I can afford and I won't jeopardize my financial situation for a ASS so I gotta think smart and I really like what I'm seeing from them so who knows???? but only time will tell like I said before I got 3 more months. I took more pre op pics today with the weight gain..I look a mess so please don't judge me, ugh!!! I'm so not getting a TT so I will be trimming off this extra gut before Jan 2014……..Much love to all!!!

Switching PS….Now on board with My Vanities

WARNING…LOTS OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS (trying to update at work) OOOKay!!! Where to start. Well a lot has been going since the holidays. I do hope that everyone has bought the New Year in on a positive note. I most definitely am up for change 2014 is my year and I'm changing everything from the inside out. I know I've been MIA but for very good reason. The last time that I posted I was on the fence rocking back and forth about WHO would be my PS. I hate switching but it is what it is and I have chose to go with Dr. Fisher at my vanities in FL. My decision was entirely income based. I don't want to keep rescheduling this surgery over and over again because I'm short on funds so I'm making a reasonable decision based on research and funding. It has nothing to do with ANYTHING ELSE!!! I repeat….I think Dr. J is a EXCELLENT surgeon but I can't afford him….not with all these kids I got. I'm taking my babies to Walt Disney with the money that I'll have leftover as a summer vacay :) I just can't spend that much on myself and sit around this summer looking at my kids with the LONG face cause mommy spent all the money on her ASS!!!!!! So if anyone is interested in purchasing my deposit for Dr. J please let me know. I am scheduled for March 26th first surgery of the day so inbox me if you'd like my date….so things have most definitely gotten real. 2 months…OMG !!!!!Time has once again flown by. I'm so excited and thrilled. I aint even nervous anymore. I'm ready to get this done and over with so I can open a new chapter of my life I have too much going on right now so besides stressing over this surgery that I want so badly I have also been trying to plan my destination wedding which we've made real easy….SANDALS JAMAICA and its done…..LOL finally a wrap. I love Sandals because its all inclusive so no extra fees and worrying about this or that so WHEW!!!! finally glad that's over with now I can focus more on my dress. I'm torn in between 5. Yes 5. SMH…I know but I'll narrow it done more after surgery so I can see what my new shape will be. I plan on having my surgery done sometime in March, preferably the last week of the month. I just don't have a confirmed date as of now until half of my surgery fee is paid. I'd love to have March 24th which is perfect cause it would fall within my kids spring break so I could plan to make this somewhat of a family trip but again I'll have to wait to set the date in stone so I'm not making any reservations yet. The only thing that I have paid thus far is the deposit to lock in my quote. I plan to pay the rest in full over the next 6 weeks so I will keep you all updated on the actual date. I have been looking for Condos or vacation homes for rent equipped with the luxuries of home so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, yeah the surgeon that I chose is Dr. Fisher. I initially wanted Ghurani but I was told that he does more natural looking butts. IDK but I want a little more extra than natural (Im going for Video Vixen BIG) and no I'm not a stripper but I do want a ASS that turns heads. Im just concerned that it won't be as BIG as I'd like because I have lost a lot of weight so far 30lbs, not intentionally but I had the flu and just couldn't keep anything down then upon returning to work I just could not eat cause its been making me feel too damn drained. I can't sit for a 8 to 10 hour shift and a FREEZING COLD building and eat a good hearty meal and return to work. I'd be FIRED cause I would be snoring all in my cubicle so I usually wait till i get home and by that time I'm so hungry or at least think I am and when I sit down to eat I can't ever finish half of my meal. I know this aint a healthy approach and I definitely wouldn't advise anyone to do what I do so please, please don't do this. I have a headache everyday by the time I get home and don't want to do anything resembling talking after being fussed at all day on the phones (some customers are just EXTRA on the phone) so I'm now done to 160 but no worries because I still gots ALOT of gutt and back fat that I'm more than happy for them to suck out. I have made my list of supplies which are as follows: and If there is more or less that is needed please let me know cause I don't want to over do it……toothpaste, toothbrush, liquid dial anti bacteria soap, white washcloths and towels, Make me heal pre/post vitamins, arnica gel, hoppy pillow, extra pillows, 2 pks of white tanks (wife beaters…lol), non skid socks, my hair braided or twisted (a must) 2 maxi dresses, 1 jogging suit, 3 pair of leggings, hoody (cause I'm always cold), Extra Strength Tylenol, Pads, Gauze, Food and family….Hope my list is reasonable if not please feel free to add suggestions. I will be bringing ALOT more than this list states just because of the FAM. Aint no telling what all the kids will be packing so with that being said we plan to drive instead of fly because I enjoy road trips. This will be very interesting so I will post my experience in detail the weeks leading up to the surgery…Til then have a Very Stress Free and Blessed Day!!!!!

Today is my B-Day!!!!!!!!

Okay so I'm so straddling the fence once again. I dont know what it is but even though I have my mind and plans set on what I'm going to do. The DR just keeps calling me out! I sleep and dream of the DR and I really want Duran to work me over but I'm so scared of the language barrier. As some of you already know I have quotes from Jimmerson (deposit paid) , Cortes, Salama, Baez , Yily, Duran and Fisher/Ghurani (deposit paid).....all these dr's...smh!!!! decisions, decisions and I really wanted to stay in the US just because I dont want to be outside my comfort zone but damn it. Duran and Yily be doing the damn thing. Perfect Lipo!!!! I mean I'm looking to have that flat, flat tummy and super tiny waist. I honestly aint even worrying about my booty any longer and I no longer have wish pixs I'm just like make it do what it do but I do need dem! but real talk I'm honestly thinking of jumping ship and going on with my instinct and holla at my girl Duran. I LOVE her work as well as Yily but staying in contact with Duran gives me a headache and I can honestly say that I had a easier time communicating with Yily than I did with Duran. I emailed Duran for over 3 months before I finally got a response and quote from her :( I know she's busy but OMG!!!! I dont need a lot of one on one attention and dont even really have a lot of questions cause I've been researching for over a year now but I'd like some form of convo to followup with a few basic questions that I did have. IDK maybe if I send her some money she'd respond again. I really just want to know what her surgery calender is looking like as far as availablity before I send in any money. I need that late March early April date but I dont want to keep dropping these non-refundable deposits...hell I need my MONEY!!!!!!

I'm still looking for more of Fisher's reviews. The more I see the more confident I feel in my decision to go with him but in all actuality If I was a little more comfortable speaking spanish I would NO DOUBT go to DR. Its getting down to crunch time and March is coming up on me abruptly so I gotta really be confident in my decision. This is just way more harder than I thought it would be. I really would love to see more up close front view pictures of Fishers tummy lipo because more than anything I want that flat, small ass tummy so any Fisher Chicks that are willing to let me see pics of your tummies Please, Please send them my way.........

Today is my b-day and I'm so glad that I did not have the ever classic bday/superbowl party this year. I decided to schedule my party this coming up Saturday ( A RAVE) so that My day can be really special without anyone stating "Are we gonna watch the game?" LOL!!!! Here are a few pics from last night of me and my besty. My girl and I got so turned up and faded. Oh and I gained 7 more lbs :( think I'll stay this size for my surgery so that I can get the most fat transferred to my hips and bootay...also pics of the vits I'm taking. I purchased these from Family Dollar Store. I did some label comparing and these are no different than some of the more expensive brands. FYI just trying to help some of you dolls save a buck or two.
Later Ladies :) Enjoy the pics. I'm the one in all black.

New Pics Pre-Op

OOoops!!! Here's the pixs and Im not embarrassed nor shy so I dont feel the need to cover up my face in my photos.

June 24th?????

I know that I haven't updated in a while but I have been very busy. I'm in the process of making it past the first 90 days on my new job so that I can get all my benefits available. As of right now I have about 6 more weeks :) then on my way to Florida I go to see Dr. Fisher. I have been doing great with my weight. I fluctuate between 174 to 178 so Im good with those figures. I actually like myself at 178 better just wish that bottom tummy pouch would disappear but I'm not too sore about it because its going away I spoke with Jessica about a week ago and she states that I can have June 24th. Thats Great!!! Just what I would've loved but because of some increment weather days. My kids won't be getting out of school until the 29th :( it just changed recently so now I gotta see if there is any later days in the week if not my kids just gonna have a early summer vacay cause I refuse to keep pushing this date around. I need some of the summer for actual vacation but its decided the kids will be coming with us to Florida. Ive purchased a couple of garments in a size S, Yes I can wear a size S and I'm so ecstatic. I've come a long way from a XL to a S. I purchased the Eva Extreme Vendette 110 and the Ann Cherry workout band and OMG!!! I totally love, love, love how small my waist looks...Makes my butt look so much bigger but this ish is very uncomfortable. I've grown attached to it though because I will not go out in public at all without my garment and that is a damn shame....smh. I have pretty much knocked out my supply list. I still have a few things left to get like the ab foams and boards, tylenol, benadryl, thermometer, pads, bandaids, gauze, arnica gel and beaters. Other than those few remaining things I'm good. I've got a few pics that I added while wearing the garments. I wonder though If I can fit them now should I go down a size for after surgery. I know that I will be swollen but seems like I should be smaller afterwards right? Anyway maybe I'll order some others in a XS.

Haters!!!! How to Deal :(

Okay, so I'm feeling some kind of way today about this BBL as some of you already know I started a new job around February. My 90 days are coming in around the corner May 10th to be exact and I have to say that I LOVE my job but I absolutely can't stand MOST of my co-workers. For the most part everyone is nice and kind and so am I. I'm always a team player and probably the only one that will wish everyone a friendly good morning at the coffee machine and if my office spaced is passed. Everyone at work is in my age group so there wasn't too much childish ish going on until...they hired two new training classes and these birds are full of it.....These lil girls are at work paying too much attention to lil ol' me; what i wear, how I wear my hair, if my hair is real??? Yikes!!! I don't understand why people aint at work counting they pockets like me cause I just don't have time for the bull. I'm there for one reason and one reason only and that is to make MONEY!!! Anything else is irrelevant but WOW!!!! They really doing the most.......Is it surprising these days that black girls do have hair too, yeah I wear ALOT of WEAVE but I do have real hair that is middle back length...smh!!!! But really who goes to work to deal with all of the harassment? Its just really uncomfortable. I have even walked up on conversations where my outfit was the topic of the day, and yes on casual Fridays I do wear my high waisted skinny jeans and I will continue to do so until I decide that I no longer want to spend my hard earned coins on them anymore....ha, ha!!!!! But real talk I just can't imagine how much drama it will be once I get this BBL done. I haven't told anyone at work cause I don't want any rumors floating around. I have thick skin but I have to say that all the hate is bothersome to me. I really don't like a lot of drama cause I am very outspoken and can be very confrontational if provoked and Dear Lord Jesus I'm trying to not take it there but its getting to me so IDK ladies. I'm trying to keep my composure and not pop off while I'm on the clock. I just keep thinking sticks and stones (dont lose your job over these hating b's or I won't be able to fund my BBL) yeah I'm not going to let them prevent me from getting my shine on but to what extent? Am I going to have to start looking for another job? That's the question that I'm trying to figure out.....but anyway to a much happier note. I am now at 170.2 lbs. I have been keeping everything toned up without losing anymore fat. I'm taking a mini vacation on the 27th of May so I'm trying to get this belly down cause I need this fanny pack gone and its getting there but I'm worried with not having enough fat to transfer, ugh I don't want to be walking the beach feeling fugly. I'll be heading to Florida to see Dr Fisher around the last week of June so Im keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well in between now and then. I'm so excited yet I feel so unprepared. No matter what items I scratch off my list I still feel that I'm missing something and then the list turns into a big long list of stuff that is wanted but not necessarily needed so I do need to get it together. I've posted pics of the current weight loss and some wish pics. I said that I wasn't going to put up any because we are all shaped differently and carry fat differently so I didn't want to post wish pics and be disappointed if my desires are unreachable but what the H? I least can post them as a ideal shape of what I'd goes.

I know I’ve been gone waaaay to looong!!!! Setback but the journey continues.

I’ll spare everyone the dramatics I didn’t get my surgery :( I had a financial setback so my surgery and possibly my wedding will have to wait to 2015. I haven’t updated in awhile because life happens and I’ve had to make some adjustments and clear my debt before it cleared me…!!! I was thinking maybe I could do the surgery in December but I’ll wait til after the holidays so I won’t be stressed with stashing money for this surgery and buying xmas gifts. This journey seems like its taking forever but I know that I will get my turn soon. It just isn’t my time right now so I’ve accepted that and started trying to focus my attention on other things so I wouldn’t continue to be obsessive with this site…lol my fiancé was like okay….why are you looking at butts all day?????

I really hate that I had to put my plans on hold because living in this garment sucks especially if you are pre-op but I wear my Ann Cherry daily and with that and exercising its doing a little something, something for my tummy. I started off in a XL and now I can get this waist in a Small. I’m real happy about that but my bra rolls and back fat hang over the cincher so I went out and purchased the Ann Cherry 2027 and this ish is a killer. I haven’t weighed myself in a while but I can tell that I have gained weight. I’ve slacked off my cardio and have been pretty much eating what i want, when i want and doing lots and lots of muscle toning exercises. Trying to build me a booty for the time being (lol) I figured while I’m waiting I may as well build up these thighs and legs and whatever oomph it can add on to my butt is a plus. My current measurements since I don’t think that I’ve ever stated are: Bust 43, Underbust 34, Over navel 34.5, At the waist 35, Butt 40……….My Wish Measurements are: Bust 40, Waist 28, Butt 43. I don’t know how realistic these stats are but anything close. I wouldn’t complain. I’ve posted more pre op pics with these cinchers on. Guess I gotta fake it until I make it. I’ll update again soon when I get a more definite date with Dr. Fisher.

The Countdown Begins................

OMG........I'm so amp'd up. U know what time it is? Yep, finally going to be my time. YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! This is it. I'm on the BBL train for Vanity aiming for March/April 2015 whatever date he got open I'll take it. I'm currently waiting on a call or email back from Jessica just to get a heads up on what his schedule looking like. I will be paid in full by February 27th, 2015. Thank you Jesus cause God is GOOD!!!!!! So as promised I will start to update more frequently now. Nothing much has changed Im still in the same ballpark range with my weight. I dont currently own a scale (deliberately) but the last I checked in with my PCP back in November I was 164 a couple of weeks ago I weighed myself over my grandmother's house but her scales are old and off so IDK if its correct or not but it said 172 so I guess I'm somewhere between 164 and 172. My workouts are so non-existent these days. I've starting working from home and got lazy as I'm going to start back with some light cardio 3x a week and build 2x a week. I'm currently awaiting on some refills of my vits cause I've inconsistently have almost used up my supply so I'm starting back on those religiously starting Monday so I can make sure my hemo is good. I'm going to visit my PCP again tomorrow and put the little bug in his ear about my PS decision and hear all the "I dont think you need it crap" but that's cool, I got thick skin and I aint looking for his opinion only my blood work so I'll be cool with that. I know its a little early but I just want to know what my levels are looking like thus far. Last I checked it was 12.8....again that was several months ago when I thought I was going in for surgery so Im hoping to aim higher this time with my hemo levels "Come on iron" Mama needs that hemo at 13 :) anywhoo......for all that is still following me "Its getting real" I've been looking all weekend at airbnb for a place to rent for me and the hubby. I have a few that I have my eye on but for the most part I cant tell from looking at the map how close those locations are from Vanity. Guess since we'll be driving it really dont matter. We live about 13 hours away from Miami and cant believe we gonna drive it but I'm such a ROAD TRIP gurllll. I love the outdoors and sights so I'm all for it but during recovery I can imagine that this is gonna be a long ride home on my tummy. SMH but we got a SUV so I'll tough it out. Guess we'll drive then stop then drive some more and bout halfway we'll get a hotel or so in Georgia( visit with some relatives ) and jump back on the road the next day. I decided to leave kids with mom. I did want them to be there, especially my soon to be 18 year old (my gosh-2 more weeks) cause I believe it would make my recovery easier. I hate being away from my kids and honestly pretty much take them wherever I go...honey they give me life so the thought of them being away from me for a week kindof sickens me. I'll be too worried. Besides my mama 52 in fabulous she aint never really been a big fan of kids, she likes to party. I'm the complete opposite...... but they at a good age to where she can just feed them and go. Ha, Ha....but that's what worries me but guess what? She's good with my decision to get this procedure done....WHAT????? I'm too happy so no turning back now. I feel so much better having her blessing and knowing that I got her support. I'm her only child so I need her to feel comfortable with this.....I've got new pre-op pictures. I know they a mess so ladies please be I just want to make sure that I give a full comparison of my before and afters from every imaginable angle. I hope to look back on this a couple of months from now and be able to say.....Yes it was worth it and I can most definitely see a difference. I'm all nerves now but I can honestly say at this point I cant wait for this to be over. Its been a long time coming.....I've started purchasing supplies too but as I was doing so I started seeing how long this list was adding up to and got to thinking that I'll prolly not need all this waste not, want not. I'm not feeding into all the extras. Im shortening this list as follows: boppy, pre/post op vitamins, pads, toothpaste/toothbrush, shower liner, pillows, a big cup w/bottom cut out (for urinal), tanks, garment, cotton balls (navel), compression socks, robe, leggings, sunglasses, a few maxi dresses and a few groceries (pineapples, ensure or boost, water and mo water, yogurts, soup and healthy snackables. Sweet and Simple but if I'm missing anything major please let me know. Okay ladies I'll holla....lunch break almost over.

9 Week Countdown

Cant believe it....9 weeks counting down. Nerves aren't kicking In yet but I think about this surgery everyday and think of what my body is going to look like afterwards. I cant even imagine since I've been a mommy since age 16 so my stomach has been a mess every since. I've been having a hard time with these vits lately....the iron!!!! OMG never done me like this before but now they are making me damn near know that may be TMI but I cant imagine taking them afterwards if they bothering me so much now but honey I ain't taking no chances so me and this iron fights with each other everyday....ugh. I shouldve done this long time ago but Im glad I'm doing it now.

I'm pretty much prepared I've packed my one duffle that Im taking and making last minute preparations for a few items that I'm missing which is my compression garment and boppy. On a good note I visited my PCP last week and told him of my plans to get a (tummy tuck and breast augmentation) yeah. I lied :( so what. I thought he'd have issues with the word LIPO cause some dr's avoid the subject like the plague. I just wanted to see what his response to elective surgery would be and if he was going to be pro or anti and lucky enough he's pro so that made me feel so much better. He did some blood work and scheduled me for a chest x-ray. I used to have a heart murmur when I was like 13 so he just wants to make sure that it closed or I grew out of it. I haven't had any issues with it in years don't even know if its still there. Guess we shall see. I will be getting that test done on the 29th. Other than that he said I'm overall healthy and he don't see any reason as to why I couldn't do this surgery so that made me feel a lot better. Oh and I gained weight. 7lbs to be exact and it SHOWS...OMG I feel so FUGLY. Glad I work from home cause I definitely look 5 months preggers.

I have to admit that this site has been a life saver to get direction and experience from all you post op dolls that have been great with sharing your journeys, pictures and advice so I want to thank you all. You all have been great!!!!! I do want to shout out Sexeeangel on her new book she's writing, all about pre op and post op surgical care on what to expect during your BBL experience so go to her page and show her sum luv. Congrats hun on the new book your help and advice comes from a very caring and sharing heart so I'm so happy for you.

Oh and last but not least since time is winding down. I'll see if I can get my doctors name changed. Does anyone know how to do this? I just want to be able to give my surgeon the proper credit after surgery and also since I've been on this site for 2 years I need my exact date changed as well so it wont look like I'm post op when I'm not. I'd sure hate to have to create a new blog so any help would be appreciated. I will update again after my chest xray and blood test results.

And remember ladies lets be kind to one another lets build each other up rather than tear each other down. We are ALL beautiful and bootiful and our own individual ways. God Bless TTYL

Fast Forward....5 Weeks Left...NEW DATE 3/6/15

Pump the brakes cause we moving extra fasssssttt now!!!! I'm scheduled for March 6, 2015 so I gotta re-route and re plan but its all good just gotta make some minor adjustments but OMG Its gonna fly by. Im a NERVOUS MESS!!!!! Now I gotta go get the remaining of my last minute supplies. I pray everything goes as planned.

All Booked and ready to go

So I found a place to stay on airbnb and booked it. Lucky me that the host is very familiar with Vanity and is located about 14 minutes away. We chatted a little bit about what to expect. I'm so lucky to have found her and cant wait to meet her. The place looks great and the reviews are fab so only thing left to do is sit and wait on the remainder of my supplies. I also ordered a garment that I haven't seen anyone else use. I will use it as my secondary garment. I know that most use the 929 and I am getting that one as well but I was told that I would be getting a free garment from Vanity and that it was included in my pricing. I don't see that on my invoice so we shall see. I'm going to give a call to Jessica in a bit because I want this in writing. 33 more days so the countdown begins oh and I had my labs done and my hemo is 13.2 (all smiles) even though I took them only to see what kind of shape I'm in so far. I know that I will have to repeat these labs because they will be over 30 days but that is okay I just didn't want no unexpected surprises. I also rescheduled the EKG so I go take that Friday at 8:30am.....Debating now if I should start going back to gym now. My BMI is 27. Not trying to lose any weight but get my wind back up. I aint been doing ish the last couple of weeks so I don't think 20 minutes on the elliptical 2x a week will hurt anything besides I've been eating whatever I want and this big tummy aint going no where.....Too embarrassed to post new pics now but I will do full nudes (face covered) from every angle after pre-op visit. Oh, did I say I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya girl getting on top of it.

19 More days till I'm Miami Bound!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!! Got a email from Yiselle with my doctors note and missing labs. I noticed that my date said March 5th instead of 6th (what????) I thought my preop was on the 5th and surgery on the 6th okay so now I gotta make some minor adjustments but its cool since we were leaving out on the 3rd anyway. Right now I'm real anxious. Just trying to take the time to enjoy sleeping, sitting and living comfortably for the time being because I know that all those things will be a challenge after surgery. Some supplies came in. I'm still waiting on my vedette 929 from ebay it was around $63 much, much cheaper than Vanity. I just hope I got the right size cause my second stage garment is going to need to be exchanged for a smaller size its waaay too big now so I know it wont provide the right amount of compression. Oh, well to the post office I go. TTYL

14 More Days

Wow. I still can't believe it's 14 days til my new booty. I've been turning up this month cause I celebrate my bday the whole month of so finally got all my supplies and I'm ready to go. Im thinking of buying another vedette 929. These thighs and legs (oh my) are not cooperating. The Medium faja is so tight and barely fits on my ass now so i cant imagine them trying to squeeze my aching sore body into that after surgery so im going to purchase a size L maybe a Extra large. Thatll make 3....L, M, S. I hate exchanging stuff. I think at this point if I do I may not get it back in time. The mailman, ups, dhl, or FedEx has not delivered all week. We've been having horrible winter weather the last few days and they shut Nashville and sum surrounding areas down. We had a code red issued over the city yesterday and I'm so over all this cold weather. I can't wait to have some fun in the sun.

Small update for Sexeeangel

So I finally spoke to our big sis today Sexeeangel and she is doing good. A little sore but she's in great spirit as always. She told me to let u all know she will update her blog as soon as she makes it back into the everyone let's drop some love on her page and say a prayer from our hearts. She really is a angel.

Should I invest more money into a bigger garment?

Idk I feel this thing is way too tight. My besty seems to think it's supposed to fit like this. What do y'all think bigger 929 garment or keep this one? Here's some pixs in it.

7 Days before Miami

Nerves starting to get to me. This time next week we'll be leaving for miami. 9 days b4 surgery and I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I ain't gonna front I haven't been sleeping to well. Waking up like 3/4 am and haven't been able to return to sleep. Mom says I'm prolly anxious and try not to think about it so much. Alot of my family knows about it now (mom can't hold water...smh) Now I'm Getting The (U sure u wna do this speech from male and female cousins) Uhm yeah its getting done so if you can't be supportive miss me with all that negativity....I so don't need all that right now.

2 More Days Til I have my Fisher Fatty

Leaving for Miami today. Preop tomorrow. Cant wait to meet the man to transform my body. I still in the back of mind cant believe I'm doing this but I do want this. I had some last minute change of plans. I'll be traveling with my mom and fiance. The besty and her hubby is out. Just didnt want to deal with their drama on this journey. I love them both but this aint the trip for all that plus I feel she was making it bout her and vacationing instead of me getting surgery and being there to help me and support me with recovery.....not cool.
I'm a little on edge today because I havent been able to speak with anyone at Vanity in regards to my lab work. I was a little concerned about something that was on my EKG even though my dr said it was fine. I just needed some clarification about what something meant but was forced to find answers elsewhere...smh. I was told Friday that Dr Fisher would look all my labs over and Giselle would call me back. I aint received no call back yet also I've sent emails to Jessica and Claudia and no response there either. I will be calling them again today and somebody needs to confirm that Dr Fisher has at least looked over my labs. I know that I will more than likely have them repeated but DAMN!!!!! It's annoying to say the least. I have the answer to the question that I needed confirmed now but it was really just the principle of the whole thing as far as communication is concerned. I shouldnt have to get answers from elsewhere while awaiting a response from them but I'm good now and I will be leaving out as expected. They (Vanity) really need to have a better response time in how to address their patients concerns. IJS they need a better systematic approach to communication....but as long as everything works out as planned I wont complain.
I have a little last minute house chores to be done and gotta do my oldest girls hair so she dont have to depend on my aunt to attempt to jack her up while I'm! Cant have my shawty walking around with her head all messed up for the week. She a senior this year and baby gurl aint having it.
Will update again once I get to Vanity tomorrow. Will keep you ladies updated.

PreOp Visit

So arrived at Vanity and I have to say that even though communication was lacking via email and phone once I got there they were all so nice and eager to assist. That made me feel so much better. I did not see Dr fisher today cause he dosent work on Wednesdays but Giselle was Wonderful. I feel comfortable and confident with my decision and he will be doing my surgery at 12:30pm tomorrow....My 14 hour drive to miami was long to say the least but I did enjoy the beautiful scenery which put my mind at ease but omg the tolls!!!!! Florida should be rich!!!!!! I'll post pixs and preop measurements later tonight but until then i'ma enjoy some of thus weather and scenery. Here's some pixs of where we are staying. Ignore all our bags and mess. I'm too happy with our housing arrangements.

Surgery Day

On my way to Vanity. Nerves a little on edge. Preop pixs here as promised. My measurements are under bust 34.5, over belly 36, butt hips 40. Wish me luck dolls.

Made it to the other side

Recovery ain't no joke. I've been struggling. I'm 2 days post op but I'm doing okay. Not alot of pain for me but I do get really dizzy and break out in a sweat while trying to walk. You definitely need help. I don't know how i would've done this alone. Will update pixs little later today . Thank you ladies for all your support. This really has been quite a journey.

Feeling a little better today

Day 3 Pics. Will update review later.

Full Review Day of Surgery

So I arrived at Vanity at 12:20pm my surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm. It was a little busy in there. I waited til 2:30 before I was called back to get my weight, cap/gown, footies and more pictures and a bag to put my things in. I was able to meet some really nice ladies that were sitting in the back with me waiting for their procedures as well. We had fun exchanging information. Very informative to me cause one had had previous surgery and knew what to expect. After a little while I met Dr. Fisher himself. I was a little star struck so I really forgot what it was I wanted so we went over some Q and A's and then he took more pictures afterwards he marked me up and told me what needed to be changed and he basically hit all the spots that I was complaining about. He told me I had a athletic build and skin kindof tight so he was concerned with filling in flat areas and rounding out others. Fine with me I told him that I've seen his work and trust that he'd do his best. Afterwards was walked to the operating room by the anesthesiologist and was told to lay on the table. Dr Fisher came in made some funny jokes (He really tries to make you feel at ease and he has a very good sense of humor) My feet got strapped in and I was given a IV lucky I had my talk with God all day cause before I knew it I was out cold. I woke up on my back with the nurse asking me if I was awake and to get my faja on. I was amazed that I had the strength to help and didn't feel too much pain. I just felt my butt was heavy and sore like I did a lot of squats which I'm used to so she helped me get dressed asked me to sit in the wheel chair and I asked her if I could kneel instead and she said yes so I put my knees in the chair held on to the handlebars and she wheeled me to my truck where mom and my fiancé was waiting. When we got back to the guesthouse I was mobile, moving around feeling good. Mom was like take it easy I'm doing too much and try to rest but I was starving and trying to eat and drink. My fiancé went to get my scripts filled and nowhere in the Coral Gables area had Vicotin (can't take percs) so I took Tylenol instead till we figured out where were gonna get pain meds. I was feeling great until I took the antibiotic. Shortly after taking it I was leaving the bathroom and saw darkness and heard ringing in ears and down I went but mom and hubby caught me on knees. They said my eyes were open but I was out and heavy as hell. I came to and asked what happened. They helped me get to the bed where I started feeling nauseous and dizzy and I felt like that every time I got up. I started to feel better by day 3 but was still getting a little light headed with headaches and sweats (which I still have today on day 5) Other than that no real pain but I did start feeling that burning sensation in my lipo areas. The next day I went in for Post Op and got my meds and tried taking it and it made me sick as hell too so I just stuck with the Tylenol. The staff kept telling me how strong I was and couldn't believe I was functioning on Tylenol. I had a massage by Miriam and OMG that ish hurts. I tried to take a Vicodin just because I was expecting it to be more painful that what it really was and I ended up vomitting before she even got but I felt great afterwards, sorry roomy cause I know I probably grossed her out with all that. then we got to the massage, It was painful and we couldnt finish cause I was so weak after her doing my back and sides that she couldn't get to the front....I'll finish the rest later cause I'm getting pains in my neck from typing on stomach and this headache is killer, ugh can't wait til the headaches stop.

Day 6

Headache letting up some. Decided to try on a thong. Butt still feels hard but Dr Fisher explained how things will round out within the next couple of weeks.....anyway here's some more pixs.

9 Days Post Op and feeling better

I woke up this morning feeling so much better. Even had a hearty appetite this morning. I'm so glad that this headache has lifted. I'm not sleeping to good at night though seems like after the midnight hours my faja becomes unbearably tight. I mean like squeezing the life out of me so it makes it very hard to sleep. I called Vanity and was told that its probably because I swell more at night. I feel so restless as though I don't get enough sleep (always napping) the hubby has turned off my phone the last couple of days thinking it would make me rest more sound, nope didn't work. Going to wait to see my PCP on Thursday at the 14 day mark to see if he can prescribe a mild sedative. Looked at my butt today and I think its dropping some. Dont seem as big as before but I know that its mostly swelling. I pray that fluffing is real cause I really wouldve liked my butt to be bigger. We shall see how it goes but round 2 is a no go for me so this waist need to shrink. My stretchies are also looking kind ugly right now too but Im doctoring on it with organic cocoa butter ordered off Amazon. Will keep you ladies updated on that as well. I also started adding dabs of vitamin e oil to the dark areas where my incisions are hope those fade away nicely too. Will finish my update and experience with Vanity as well as the place I stayed off airbnb in case anyone was considering of staying there. I had a very stressful situation at the Guesthouse AKA Garage turned guesthouse. It was nice and everything but the host....all I can say is he is nice and she is a "TRIP" lucky I wasn't in rare form cause OOOH WEE!!!!! but I'll get to all those details later....just bear with me.

Update on the AirBnb Guesthouse AKA Garage!!!!!!

So the guesthouse aka garage turned guesthouse where we stayed was nice. Just as pictured on airbnb and the host seem to be very knowledgable about the BBL process and Vanity. ( A little too much knowledgeable and will discount whatever info that you have researched cause she's a know it all) When we first arrived there she took us on a quick tour explained how to use things and quickly went over some of the rules of the house. She had everything you can imagine to want already there as far as cookware, towels, washclothes, linen, wine (which is $5 a bottle) etc. Upon first meeting her I thought she was very nice ( a little too aggressive but nice) but things took a turn for the worst once I told her that I was having surgery at Vanity. She started telling me horror stories of others who went there and was acting in a very negative manner like I didn't know what I was getting myself into etc but I'm one of those people who you can turn a negative into a positive so I was like my money already been paid and Ima deal with their disorder. Ive been researching for over 2 years so Its not like its new info to me and so on.....anyway we put up our things and decided to go try out her pool. Ugh wrong....... within 5 minutes of us putting our feet in the pool and snapping a few quick pics she comes out and tells us that we should try going to a nearby park where there is a rocky beach and can look at the water and get a different view. Now we were going to go out sight seeing anyway but damn lady we just drove over 14 hours to get here. We want to relax first. I just felt like she didn't want us to use her pool and gazebo. She was like rushing us out and giving us a itinerary (it just didn't feel too welcoming which was obvious once she realized that we didn't speak spanish) but that was pretty much day one. We went ahead and took a walk around the park took some photos and came right back to the guesthouse. I was tired and just wanted to prepare for surgery day. I just wanted to eat and get some sleep so when we came back that's exactly what we did.

She instructed us next day b4 surgery to use the white linen instead of her designer colored linen cause she was worried about stains not coming out of the colored stuff well after surgery mama didn't understand exactly how to empty my drain. The instructions were given to my fiancé and he was off on a wild goose chase trying to get my scripts filled so she didn't deflate the bulb and I bled down the front of my garment while I was sleep. The next day my mom called the host over so that we could clean up the sheets and the host nearly lost her damn mind. She started saying we messed up her Ralph Lauren stuff. Im like lady you knew ahead of time I was having surgery and were even trying to tell me what was needed and all that crap like she was the BBL expert or something and kept discounting any information that I was telling her that I researched before I even got there (Know it All) I had liners up under her white sheets but she stated that she told us to use the colored instead of the white. Im like NO you didn't. Blood wouldve never washed out of the colored stuff especially since it was a mint green so that don't even make sense. Then her daughter that was home from college was rude to my mom saying things like "Would they do there stuff like that at home?" "What kindof people do stuff like that" As if it was intentional or something. It was a f'ing accident. and she made statements like we can't afford her little designer labels.....hun where we from we aint rocked ish like that since the 90's anyway but whatever...... so my mom was like I wouldn't put down expensive designer Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and whatever extra designer bs down for someone who was having surgery anyway especially if you know there will be blood. What f'ing sense does that make? They way the statement was made had us feeling some kindof way not to mention some derogatory statements based on race as if "us" since we are African American and not part Latin American are trifling or something.....WTF????? Okay whatever. I looked that over but mom was not having it. I was so sick and dizzy I didn't give a f$%k what derogatory statements that the host was insinuating.......So after that the host wasn't nice anymore just bitchy the whole damn trip. It made us feel real uncomfortable but I paid her already and wasn't planning on going nowhere until my check out. Now her husband on the flip side was concerned wondering if I was okay. He did come to check on me and was like there just white sheets we can toss them in bleach or throw away no big deal but honey she wasn't having it. Acting all brand new. I'm like you the Expert and knew what to expect so why would you put down white sheets anyway, hell accidents happen. Even if I wasn't having surgery which she knew I was I could've been on menstrual or anything. Whoosaaaah!!!!!!!! I just overlooked her negative behavior the remainder of the time because I was trying not to get my BP up. I already had a incident at home that needed to be handled as soon as I got back so I was already under a little stress as is. My aunt (mom's sister) was paid to watch my kids took the money and left my kids at home stranded in the I had enough rage on my mind trying to fix that situation so the last I needed was to be arrested in Miami for choking this lady out for being a complete and utter ass!!!! anyway the guesthouse is just a garage that she had fixed up to a small studio apartment it had a AC that blew cold, flat screen tv, rainforest shower, stove, refrigerator, etc but there was a hole inside of her sliding glass closets that kept coming off track and there were lizards that kept coming in through the hole in the closet and therefore were running around in the guesthouse. They live on the roof (they eat the insects) and you can see them from the outside. luckily I'm not afraid of wildlife. We have a few exotic pets in our home so that bothered me none.....but overall I wouldn't stay with that B ever again just because she needs a major attitude adjustment. Even through all of this I'm a reasonable person and tried to leave her a nice review on airbnb based on the accomodations of the guesthouse and not her attitude cause all she kept talking about was her 5 star reputation the whole damn time and this lady in return gave me a bad one like I didn't follow directions and intentionally messed up her stuff. Guess she was upset because nobody offered to replace her stuff. I wouldve offered to replace her sheets but because her attitude was so derogatory I apologized and kept it moving that was the only thing she was getting from me but I was too pissed about her review on me that I chose to elaborate and tell the truth on airbnb on what really happened just so people who were foreign to the area know what to expect coming from her. I can deal with all types of people. I've worked in Customer Service for over 17 years and have done hair for over 20 so I can ignore igorance at its best but honey. I wanted to choke her out she was too extra!!!!!!!

So I'm just sharing my experience using airbnb so that when you're researching about finding a place to stay. Try to read all the reviews and make sure that they are from people all over instead of just one ethnicity. Also just cause someone throws down a lot of labels shouldn't make them 5 star which she kept if your attitude aint even 1 star. I also noticed that everyone else that stayed with her was not of our ethnic heritage and they got to enjoy her pool, cookout on her grille and hang out under her gazebo.....Wonder why????? but it is what it is and if you can speak Spanish fluently maybe things will be different if you consider staying there but unfortunately our experience was different :( Hope this review don't rub nobody the wrong way. This was just my experience and I pray that nobody else had to endure this especially after surgery, its hard enough without the drama.

Day 10

So on a better note. My swelling seems to be going down. Here's some new butt pics. Sorry leggings

Vanity's New Patient Portal

Sound interesting you can now login and get all the information that you need in regards to your care and keep track of your communication. I really think this a good idea but unfortunately if you had surgery before March 9th, 2015 none of this will apply to you...WTH????? Im still waiting on information in regards to how much fat was extracted and how many cc's were put in. I'm too frustrated considering this is my 4th request from Vanity and I keep getting that medical records will email me blah, blah, blah so I was too hopeful to skip all the communication error and go straight to the portal....ugh wrong.....anyway this new portal will be great for upcoming patients and hopefully will be useful as a tool of not being completely dependent on awaiting information via fax, email or return phone calls that could take days or weeks.

16 Days Post Op

New pics up. Started waist training yesterday. My stomach is alot flatter but gotta work on the stretch marks but as requested here's my tummy pics. Still a work in progress but after 4 kids. I ain't complaining. I see a TT in my near future ;)

B4 & After

Tried to post earlier....Missing Pic

24 Days Post Op

Happy Sunday!!!!!! Thank God for another day!!!!!Woke up today feeling great!!!!! Decided to do some much needed spring cleaning (nobody cleans like mama) I don't know what my rug rats definition of clean this ain't it so I'm back on it. Im now 24 days post and have been waist training on top of my cg faithfully since day 21. Had to do it cause my stomach need that extra compression. I was a lil depressed last week thought my butt was shrinking alot and I know it was swelling but this morning my butt was like pow!!!!! You see me! I think I'm fluffing....yay! Don't really know but it's 1.5 inch bigger than last week...yeah, I been measuring every week. It's now like a weekly regimen (know that's horrible) I decided to do a video and post a few pixs cause pictures ain't doing this thing justice....lawd!!!! I'll now update my blog monthly to show progress but will still answer any questions anyone has....TTYL

The Good, The Bad and Everything In-between

Sorry I havent updated in awhile. I was trying to wait till week 8. I thought by then that i wouldve started back at the gym and would have some improvements to share on my tummy......well sorry.

Ive been lazy and I havent been anywhere near a gym so my tummy still looks as is......So today I'm 7 weeks post and so far I'm loving my butt and feeling so-so bout my tummy. It's flat and I'm grateful but my stomach seems to be a little uneven. Idk maybe he reached his lipo limit. It's hard to pick up on a pic and when I show people they don't know what they're looking at and says it's just wrinkling due to my stretchies (yeah I hope so) and I pray with continued massage and wearing this annoying board that it evens out. I can't really explain it but it's located on my left side and looks like dimpling. Its not hard, nor soft, feels normal but looks like its dented. I'll post plenty of pics....other than that I'm feeling about 98% better.

I'm extremely mobile, just started really sitting and driving at week 6, still sore in sides and bra rolls (lots of tightening & soreness) its so irritating and I pretty much eat what I want just in small portions and I try to stay away from starches and fried foods (but no dieting).

I'm currently wearing a vedette 136 in the daytime and my first stage cg which is extremely big at night to sleep in. I'm awaiting a colombian powernet cg that should be arriving today. This is my second exchange so I hope this one fits. Couldn't get the others up past my thighs so keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

I will start my fitness regimen on week 9 which is what I'm calling "Operation Shrink This Stomach" lol
I'll be using my albolene, saran wrap and Ann Cherry workout belt under a tight fitted tank and hoodie.....yes I'm seriously bout to go hard for this tummy. Just hope my butt don't shrink too much but I will incorporate weights to keep everything toned that's my plan and I'm sticking with it....hopefully at about 12 weeks I have better tummy pics to show y'all . I debated on posting these but I like to keep it 100 and hopes that it'll encourage someone else.....well here goes.

Booty Update

Video I forgot to post 6 weeks post op

11 weeks post op update

Hi Dolls. Sorry have been MIA for a couple of weeks but Ive been really busy with getting my oldest senior year concluded and now getting her ready for happy. 1 down, 3 to as promised here's my 11 week update. Still sore on my sides, back and stomach still a little tender in some spots but it's coming along. Will post a more detailed review next week at week 12. Here's some random pics from week 7 to 11 until then.

Oops........Missing Pics


The Third Month

I'm now 3+ months post op and I'm feeling fantastic other than the random pulling and tightening at night. I'm finally back to my normal activities. It's been a long recovery and to think 3 more months of this....smh....As promised I have random 3 month pictures of my progress with toning up my tummy. I've been a lil naughty so I've edited most of my pics with just having some fun with da old man so hope these pixs don't offend anyone but I've seen worst so "Don't judge Me" lol..anyway
I was actually considering a lipo touch up after 6 months but since the tummy starting to tighten up I may just move on to my breast reduction/lift which is my next big surgery. I contacted Vanity cause out of curiosity I wanted to know how much fat was extracted and from what areas and I was told I'd have to pay $34 for a copy of my medical records....What???????? I'm at a loss for words about that right now cause I don't need my whole record. I really at this point can no longer refer anyone else there cause they nickel and diming EVERYTHING!!!!!

-Now to the Tea.....Grabs a cocktail and a Cigar-

So now that ive had the procedure done my family and real friends have finally come to grips with my decision. Glad they no longer got they nose turned up. Idk what they issue was I'm the same as I was at first. I have always been pretty so guess they thought the new body would set me over the top.....nope!!!! Still the same and those close to me compliment me all the time of how humble I remain........Jealousy is a bad look for anyone. I support everything my folks do as long as they ain't hurting nobody and I asked for the same support in return and only got it from a few in my circle. I'm glad everything is good for now and for the ones that was too jealous to handle it I had to cut ties with cause I'm too good of a person inside and out to deal with lil girls and they self esteem issues. ( I got 3 girls at home. I cant raise grown folks too) Now some of these same haters want a BBL ain't it always like that always???? They start off with the negativity cause they secretly wish they could do it themselves and then try to bash and talk shit about u then turn around and do it themselves. Even one of my so called Haters done slick made herself a profile and now on the boards trying to ask questions about the procedure instead of putting in the time to research. It took me 2 years of research and saving before I landed on the best surgeon for Me......My besty and I find this situation humerous!!!! I should've listened with my hard headed ass when my besty was telling me that ol gal was a hater and ain't really my friend but me being too nice......yeah that's my downfall. I'm too nice but don't get it twisted I can turn up better than the best of em.....but when I was discussing my plans with this person it was "u don't need to do it and how I'd look fake and all that ish" now since we are no longer friends it's funny she on here following my journey... you can thank me later for introducing u to RS but for now....Bye Felicia!!!!!

Here are those pics I promised and I hope that all the new and upcoming dolls have a successful and healthy journey. I'm still here to answer any questions anyone may have but it may take me a minute to respond cause I filtered how often to have updates emailed to me cause it was flooding my inbox. Keep ur head up ladies and try to support and help one another. Always be the bigger and better person. Til later ladies....Much luv.

More Pixs

These didn't load with the others.....

18 weeks update....Going for Rd 2

Said I wasent gonna do it but I'm gonna do it. Round 2 it is!!!! I submitted my pictures to Yiselle to get feedback from Dr Fisher on the way my stomach looks and she recommended a TT w/lipo to my flanks only. That would be okay but I'm not wanting a TT right now. I dont really care that I have stretch marks its just that my stomach seems like it was lipoed unevenly and I really want that even lipoed belly and in addition I'd like to have my arms lipoed and bra roll hit again cause I cant really see a significant difference in my upper back so I responded back to Yiselle to explain to her what my concern areas were and how much to get more lipo and fat transfer and I got no response....okay so lets try this again. I called Vanity again as a last effort to let them know I'd like a revision surgery and was transferred to Leo (guess she'll be my new coordinator) she gave me a reasonable offer of $3500 for full stomach lipo, arm lipo and bra roll with transfer to hips and butt and if I wanted to add extra areas it would be $500 an area....okay that's cool with me. I'm primarily focused on my stomach and waist but I'd do the back again if I dont have enough fat for the transfer but I think second time around I'll get the results that I'm seeking. Dont get me wrong I love my butt but my stomach is not what's happening. I'm looking to have my Round 2 around March of next year. I have no more vacay time to use this year :( so next year March will be the Round 2 BBL and July will be my Breast Lift/Reduction. I wish I could combine the two but Leo stated that she wouldnt recommend doing both at the same the meantime I'm still working out 3x a week (cardio) and 3x a week (strength training) I usually do no less than a hour per workout. The scale has not buldged in my favor if anything I have gained weight (which saddens me) but at least my midsection is shrinking slowly but surely. Heres a few pictures into the fourth month.

4 Month Video

Trying on new outfit. Didn't work out but will be exchanging for a smaller size.

1 week shy of 5 months

Weight training and Supplements Working.

Explicit - Click to view

Just dropping in to update at almost 5 months. Started doing squats. The booty growing. Think the squats and the supplements working. I luv these leggings now. One of my fave pair now. I bought a new latex garment. I luv ann cherry products so i got a smaller one this one is a size 32. My waist is a 29 in this thing. Ugh its so damn tight and makes my bra roll pop out so will only wear while exercising or around da house. Wtf is up with the back fat....ugh. why do I still have that bra roll? Ima make sure to empasize that I NEED my bra rolls and arm pit and arms sucked the hell away. In the meantime I'm gonna work on my arms and back....still don't have a round 2 date as of yet and I may just get the transfer to my hips only. My ol man seems to think I got enough azz so we shall see. Here's a new video. Will post again at 6 months with tummy updates. TTYL

So Lets Play The Blame Game

So I contacted Vanity again today because I wanted to start making payments towards my Round 2 because my main focus was to have a FLAT tummy which I don't. I see lots of chicks who are heavier or had more volume in their stomachs than I did come out with a flatter stomach than me. I have some lipo irregularities and Fisher or at least I was told does not want to take OWNERSHIP for the irregularities. As I've repeatedly said from Day numero uno that the top of my stomach was NEVER lipoed. What 12 areas did you lipo? These answers have never been confirmed. As you all know I take tons and tons of pictures. I mean I take so many pictures and videos that whats on this blog ain't even 1/4 of the picture diary I have documented from Day 1 til now and for me to have sent dozen of pictures of my jacked up belly to his office to only be told it will get better over 6 months and hold off and blah, blah, blah have now turned into they want to charge me the whole amount over again....What????? I don't think so....somebody is gonna get this ish together. I need to speak to him directly not these coordinators that is trying hard to fight for commission....I was told last month a certain price and damn it that is what I plan on paying. Saved the emailed quote so now what? I'm starting to second guess if he didn't get it right the first time should I try with him a second go around. Well...I'm a forgiving person and could deal better with him admitting his faults and knocking something off the second procedure since he failed to do it the first time around but insulting my intelligence and telling me you did something that I know you did not do is some straight up and down bullshit. I never had any pain, nor did I have any incisions under my breast from where he supposedly lipoed my WHOLE stomach and that part being pudgy at the top but completely flat at the bottom makes 0 sense to me so with that being said I don't know how understanding I can be towards someone who wants to shift the blame so think I will be going with Hasan for Rd 2. I'm satisfied with the butt think he does a GREAT JOB ON SHAPING ASSES but I don't know what the hell happened when it came to my stomach....uhmmmmmmmm....NO!!!!! Hey Hasan where you at? I need you around Jan-April 2016 How much????? I'll let y'all know once I confirm.

6 months and counting

Hey ladies...sorry so long to update but life has been a little busy. I finally spoke to the man himself and he stated that additional lipo would not correct my stomach issues that I really need a TT and he suggested a Mommy makeover. I was more interested in another round of BBL and a breast lift /reduction but seems that they don't recommend doing the both at the same time. I really thought that a little extra lipo in the stomach to correct the unevenness would be sufficient but he said that he can't really say that it will work so now I'm confused on what to do next. I want to put some much needed attention into my boobs considering that they need a lift and to be smaller but according to him I would need a small implant with my Breast Lift/Reduction or I'd loose some cleavage. I thought the whole idea was to make them smaller and perkier, not bigger...smh but okay. I'd kill two birds with one stone and do the MM then I'll have to go back and do a separate surgery for my arms and chin to be lipoed because with the MM he suggested flanks only lipo. Wow!!!! The coins we spend to make ourselves Bootiful lol!!! Anyway here is some updated pixs while I continue to save my coins for the upcoming surgery. Not sure if I'm using Fisher again or if I'll get a second opinion because I haven't seen too many MM's from him so I really gotta start researching some more and I'm VERY PICKY!!!! I like straight lines (no crooked ones), my skin keloids easy, and I'd like a very low, clear and precise flat cut and I don't know how to explain that to a doctor without sounding all bitchy but it is my body and I want a very clear low cut line. Those are my conditions to ANYONE doing a TT on me or I'll do without so any ladies that have had one or know of anyone who's had one and knows of doctors that do really well with MM's please hit a sista up in her inbox. Until then I'm going to do those IT work wraps. I'll do a separate review on those to see if they really work. Heres some pixs for now.

Almost 9 months Post BBL 1

Hey ladies.....Did u miss me? Well I most definitely have missed y'all. I have been neglecting to update my review only because I'm still on the fence about my round 2 and MM. I haven't scheduled anything yet and I'm currently still researching surgeons. Id love to have the courage to travel abroad for surgery but I'm still not 100% sold on the idea yet but I love what I see so far on Almonte's TT's they are phenomenonal!!!! but I have decided to move forward with fixing the girls first so that will be my priority over a second BBL. I will do a Breast Lift and Reduction then carry on with my BBL 2 journey in the later part of 2016. I'm currently awaiting for insurance approval for my reduction and as soon as that's a green light I will be posting that journey seperately. I'm loving life and my body as well. I have posted a few pics so that y'all can see my progress so far...think I'm about 9 months post op or will be tomorrow. Know this update is short and sweet but just know I'm still around if y'all have questions or concerns and I wish everyone great success and happiness with your upcoming surgeries and recoveries....much love and many blessings to y'all.

9 months vid

.....don't know why this didn't upload with pics.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fisher is a great sculpter!!!!!! Im really happy that I chose to have him enhance my figure. The staff at Vanity is very polite but customer service and the way they follow up with the patients is lacking to say the least. If you have a great deal of patience and know what to expect beforehand than I'd highly recommend Vanity Cosmetics.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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