Dr J Made Me Booti-full! - Suwanee, GA

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Hello ladies n gents!!! Had my surgery today at 7...

Hello ladies n gents!!! Had my surgery today at 7 am, everything went well!! Resting in the hotel now, I'm sore! As far as pain not really hurting just feel like I been exercising my azz off!! I will explain everything tomorrow, I got the shakes right now!!! Aziza is very nice I gave her a big hug when I saw her! The staff was excellent! The men upfront seemed super cool! They have much swag!!! Lived there outfits and voices!

Hopefully the update I just wrote will appear!!

Hopefully the update I just wrote will appear!!

Ok day 1 for me wasn't bad! I was up and walkn...

Ok day 1 for me wasn't bad! I was up and walkn down the halls. My friend had to help me get in out of bed other than that I took my pain meds and couldn't sleep.
Day 2, I woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast, I stayed at the Hyatt. Than took my meds and got my lovenox shot in my arm. Went for a walk down the halls again. No pain!!! Just sore in my stomach and the top of my butt. I went shopping at Ross for dresses!!! Yes I was out already!
Day 3, I was gettn out and in of bed by myself! Never needed a urinal I was able to pee without help.
Day 4, got a lymphatic massage by Tiana! It was relaxing and didn't hurt at all! Same thing, no pain, took my meds, walked around and went grocery shopping
Day 5 same thing, took meds, walked......no pain
Day 6 got my drained removed and found out I had a seroma! They drained the seroma and than I took sun pics! I saw Dr J in the hall and he gave me hug and we took pics together! He is a teddy bear! And his anesthesiologist is wonderful! He made me feel very comfortable! I truly enjoyed them!
After my drain cane out I went back to hotel and laid on the bed and decided I wanted to go home, so I packed up went to the train station and headed to the airport!! Trust and believe I had men starring at this booty!!! I felt good!!
The plane ride was ok, they let me stand for the most part!
My hubby was at the airport with Red roses and everyone was lookn at us hug and kiss!!! I was glad to be home!
Day 7, same routine. Me and my hubby went to the mall to look for another compression garment, I got a small for my waist!
Everything is lookn and going good so far, I'm very pleased and my hubby loves the new me!!

I guess my pain level is high bc I'm not experiencing anything more than a lil soreness!

As far as packing, I bought a shower curtain to cover the bed and doggy training pads so I wouldn't bleed on the sheets. Although the first dAy is the only time I got sum blood on the pads. I bought gauze, u don't need much. Band aids, didnt need them. I bought a big bottle of peroxide and only used it 2 or 3 times so don't get a big bottle. U only need a few alcohol pads for the shots and and to unclog the drain.

Dr J is super cool!!

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