New pics 4 months post op! Dr.J is amazing!

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Quick introduciton Age 25 MY BDAY IS...

Quick introduciton
Current weight 151
Height 5'2
Idk my exact measurements but i wear a 36DD to E bra.
So I began doing research for this procedure years ago. Last year I told myslef the only way I could do this was if I paid cash (I dont need anymore debt lol). I live in Atl and I didnt wanna travel far. So I researched Dr. J's results and fell in love. So Nov 2012 I called to make a consultation (at the time I wasn't aware of his appearance on TI and Tiny) they told me May 9, 2013. Of course I was like WTF but I decided to be patient and wait. May 9th came and I couldn't contain my excitement my parents are suppoetive of me getting this procedure so my mom came with me. I arrived at my exact appt time and before I could sit down they called me back. My patient coordinator was Valerie she was very sweey and helped ease my nervousness. We discussed what procedures I wanted and in walks the man himself Dr. J! He was so nice! Of cousre my I mom had a million questions and her answered them all with ease. At the time I weighed about 163, he told me for mt best results I should be 145 to 150. I showed him my wish pic of Irene the Dream. He said he could achieve the ass buy her waist is tiny and mine wont be that small bc we arent built the same. Hey I can live with that lol. So I decidedly on BBL with fat grafting to my hips. Lipo to my abdomen, flanks, lower bra roll and possible inner thighs if I dont have enough fat. I was prepared to pay the cash then but my debt card would only allow 5k maximum purchases. So I called back over the next week til the entire 11900 was paid. I was super excited but knew I had to get this weight off. I began to only eat lean protein fish and chicken breast, unlimited veggies, and fruit but I had to eat ot by 2pm. I fell off a few times but I finally got it together lol. So im 151 lbs and I hope to be 147 by the 15th we'll see. As for my surgery date in Feb 2013 I pais the 500 deposit and I was given Nov 1st. I requested a date between July 22nd and August 9th. After I paid my surgery off in May they gave me Sept 10th and said be patient bc there will be ppl who cancel.A week later I got a call I could be bumped to July 15th at 10am. It was a week early but I jumped on it quick! Well I'm done typing for now bc I'm about to turn up for my birthday, even though I'm not smoking or drinking bc of the surgery I stopped doing that the 1st week of June. Blah a sober birthday lol. Turn up turn up turn up lol!

Wish pics

I'm in love with Irene the Dream lol

Sooo I lied lol

So I did end up drinking for my birthday lol. I went back and read through my paperwork and it said no drinking 1 week prior. I was 9 days prior, I definitely enjoyed myself. On Tuesday I got a colonic. I decided to do so after hearing that the pain meds make you constipated. I've been drinking plenty water, eating right, and taking the make me heal vitamins. Oh also I got all the prescriptions and with my insurance it was $52! I couldn't be happier bc I just turned 26 so when August 1st hits I will be uninsured :( I'm adding my pre op photos. Dr. J told me to be 145-150 lbs for sugery. I'm 150 on the dot. I realized when I went for my consultation in May I was actually 163lbs. That's all for now!

Morning Ladies!

Good Morning Ladies! Well today is the day. I'm anxious and excited. No nerves yet. Im just ready for this to be over. Spent yesterday with my family. Just got off the phone with my best friends (they always know how to make me laugh). I had to be here at 9am. Its 830am so I'm a lil early. Anyways I'll update as soon as I can! Happy healing and blessings to all the ladies having surgery today also. I'll see yall on the other side :)

Post op!!!

Hi ladies! The day of surgery is a blur. They called me back early. I took a preg test, of course it was negative. They hooked up my IV and then Dr. J came in smiling. He marked me up. I told him I wanted to be curvy like a coke bottle. Smallest waist and flattest stomach possible. I wanted hips and butt that matched my big tits lol. He smiled again and said how big of an ass, my reply as big as you can make it without it looking cartoonish. Next they put something in my IV to calm me down. It made me extra silly and everything made me laugh. 10 mins later they walked me in the OR. Helped me on the table. The nurse simply said we'll see you soon enjoy your sleep. Before I could say I don't feel anything I was waking up in recovery. When I woke up I was started talking the nurse head off. Telling her how good her ass looked. Then to pee. I wasn't feeling much pain just high as a kite. My mom and aunt came in and their eyes got huge so I knew my butt was big lol. Dr. J took out 5000ccs and put in 300ccs in each hip and 1000ccs in each butt cheek. I couldn't believe it! My aunt was amazed by the nurse and shelly ass. She kept starring and finally she asked can i touch it? We all laughed as my aunt gripped both butt cheeks and jiggled them in her hands,my aunt is hilarious. Next thing I remember was the ride home IT WAS HORRIBLE! Traffic was bad and I could fell every bump. My momma was yelling the whole time "theses sobs better slow down I got my baby on board lol". These past few days have been a lil rough. Getting out the bed was the hardest thing. Its getting better. My arms are sore as hell frm lifting myself up. The office called me on tues to check on me. I had a massage scheduled for yesterday but I canceled bc Dr.J was very aggressive with the lipo on my waist and stomach. So now my massage will be 2mrw at 4:30pm with Tiana. My mom has been great! My dad and brother has helped alot and since tues I have had a constant flow of family and friends stopping by to visit. I am so blessed to have a strong support system. Anyways enjoy the pics. Im getting sleepy now. TTYL LADIES! Oh one more thing I love my hips n stomach but im hoping my ass goes down just a lil. I know im extremely swollen still so im not tripping about. My boo loves it but we all know how men are the bigger the bigger lol


Excuse all the typos!

2 more photos


Pre op back

No more drain!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

Today I had a 3:30pm appt for 1 week post op. It was my 1st time leaving the house since surgery. The waiting room was full but luckily they called me right back. The nurse came in and asked how I was doing I think by the look on my face she could tell I wasn't in a great mood. I've followed so many of the ladies on here and when they got depressed and began questioning their surgery I always said I would never do that......... well last night I did lol. I was crying and upset. I just felt sad. I was concerned about my ass beingotoo big and it was really getting to me. Well my smart ass decided to try on a tight club dress with my garment on I started crying. My mom didnt know how to console me. Everyone keeps telling me I look good but I feel like my ass is too big and after seeing that dress on I broke down. Now back to the appt. I told the nurse and of course she had me open the gown so she could see. 1st thing she said was girl your ass is still super swollen lol. I laughed. She then removed my drain and continued talking to me about my results. She told me how she had the same meltdown during her recovery. I felt 100% better amd kinda a little embarrassed for being so emotional. She talked to us for a little longer and then she said I was all done and I began to get dressed. I was fully dressed and was about to walk out and then it was a knock on the door........ in walks Dr. J he was smiling from ear to ear lol. He comes in and says I heard you were a little upset whats going on I explained but told him the nurse made me feel much better. He had me pull up my dress so he could see. He smiled again and said its rare for us to hear its too big but you are still very swollen. He touched and pointed out areas and showed me how it will begin to drop. Afterwards he asks so you ok now with a smirk on his face. All I could do was laugh lol. He said "I'm hot and sweaty bc i just got out of surgery but give me a hug and don't hesitate to call if I have any questions" After that I couldn't stop smiling lol. I felt like a new person leaving their office. Other then that yesterday I finally had my first bowel movement. I had to use a suppository. It wasn't the best experience but it worked. I'm having my 3rd massage tomorrow with Tiana. I love her lol. After my massage I always feel great! Uhhh...... I think thats it for now. Oh I did see Dr. J on Love and Hip Hop tonight, smiling as usual lol. I'll add more pics soon. Ttyl!

Sorry for the typos!

Quick Update on this emotional roller coaster lol

So far so good. I'm actually going to eat my words now............ my butt was NOT too big lol. I actually wish it was around the size it was when I very swollen. Booty greed Anyways so far I've had 6 massages with Tiana. I love her! She does great massages and I enjoy talking to her. Some days I'm happy with my results some days I pick and pick at the smallest things and I end up depressed and sad. Since Tiana has went through this journey with so many girls she helps talk me down off the ledge lol. Of course I still have swelling in my abdomen and back. But my stomach looks 1000% better then before surgery. Its flat!!!!! That alone was worth getting surgery. All my life my stomach has NEVER been flat. All my weight went straight there to the point where people would mistake me as being pregnant. I do need more compression. I ordered a garment from vedette just waiting on it to arrive. Oh and I'm loving my weight loss. I started at 150 and now I'm 144. Uhhh........ that's about it for now. Here's a pic from 16 days post op. Back shot. Next time I'll take a pic of my stomach. Ttyl ladies!

3 weeks post op!

Hey ladies! I'm half way to the 6 week mark, this time feels like it's moving slow as hell. I'm tired of being confined to my house so I'm planning my escape lol. Next weekend its one of my friends bday and Lord willing I'm going out with her to celebrate. Other than being bored out my mind no real changes to report. I finally got my garment. I did the Vedette 338 in a Small. This thing is suffocating me lol. Yesterday was horrible today is much better. My waist has disappeared lol. Without garment I'm 28 with garment 25 closer to 26. Jesus Christ that's small lol. After this garment runs its course I plan on getting a simple cincher bc I don't want my waist any smaller. Im still swollen esp on my back and sides. Ohhhhhhhhhh idk how I forgot to tell yall but around 2 weeks my 2nd toe on my right foot was hurting very bad. I thought it was broken. Nothing could touch it even air blowing on it left me in excruciating pain. My mom looked n didnt see anything. Well 3 of my close friends are nurses and they came to visit me. I describe the pain and showed them my toe. I favor right side more then the left. When I get up I push off on my right foot. When Im stressed i tend to tense up when I'm sleep from clinching my teeth to making fist and waking up with achy hands. So in my sleep I was pressing my right foot as hard as possible on the bed. Weird I know but its just something I do. So after explaining this to my friends and them examining my toe found out I had a bed sore. Luckily the skin hadn't broken so they told me to keep it clean, wrapped, and on something soft. Aloe Vera is great for Stage1 bedsores so I've been putting thaton it everyday. It heped alot. It doesn't hurt as bad but it's still tender. Its amazing just how fast they can form. Im glad a caught it early. I had my 9th massage today. I plan on doing another package of 10. I think I've talked enough for now. Ttyl ladies. And excuse my typos!

4 weeks post op before and after comparison

Hey ladies! 4 weeks post op and I'm feeling great! Almost feeling like my old self. The only issue I'm having is the itching!!!!! It's about to drive me crazy. Benadryl does help but damn its annoying/very uncomfortable to itch and can't scratch. Last Thurs I cried bc I was so irritated frm the itching. Hell to me its worse then the pain after surgery. Its torture..... ok let me stop ranting lol. Anyways I had my 11th massage today. My sides are still very tender and swollen. Abdomen is still a little swollen and right side of my abdomen is tender. And the discoloration of my skin is starting to fade away. That's about it. These before and after pics put things in perspective. I knew Dr. J had transformed my body but after looking at these pics just showed how much. I know my results will continue to get better but I'm just happy to be where I am now. Thanks Dr.J!!! Well Ttyl ladies!

Best decision ever! 7weeks + pics

Hello ladies! Man I can't believe it's been 7 weeks. I'm really enjoying my new body. I went to the club like 3 times. Funny story me and my friends at the club. I see one of my friends cussing this guy out next she taps my arm and says he has something he would like to ask you. This clown had the nerve to say is your ass real? I'm like yes but that's rude to ask someone before I could finish my friend started going off on him again lol. My friends are very protective of this ass lol.

I've basically realized I'm gonna need a new wardrobe bc all my clothes don't fit. More money to spend but I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow is my 20th massage from Tiana(Wellness Sanctuary 6788563864). I love her soooo much. I went for my follow up today at Dr. J office they said I had no scar tissue except a little on one side. I attribute that to my massages. My 3month appt is 10/16. Overall getting this surgery was the best decision I've ever made every penny was worth it!

I went to bebe in the local mall and the girl who was helping me said damn you have a nice body I almost cried lol. I just said thank you and went in the dressing room to hide my tears. Also wait for it.......I bought 2 dresses from there size small and xsmall, I couldn't believe it. Right now I'm just using a small squeem and at night I'll sleep in my original lipoexpress garment(waist is 28). Still not sitting. I sat twice both times at a restaurant but I had a pillow and I shifted my weight to keep from putting pressure on my butt. I had sex at 5 weeks no pressure on my butt, then I waited again til this past weekend ummmmmm yeeeaaaaa probably tooooo much pressure lol. Still sleeping on my stomach too. That's about it. Just patiently waiting on the fluffing fairies.....booty greed much lol?? Also I gotta get better at taking pics, I always forget when I'm out but here's a few.

4 months post op! Loving my booty!

I haven't been on in a minute. Life just got very hectic. Since we last talked I've had a lot of ups and a few downs. Downs 1st the guy that I've been dating for almost 2 years...... well we kinda grew apart. Do I blame it on the surgery? Kinda, I dont know if it was insecurity on his part or jealousy or whatever. Either way I was depressed for about a month I gained around 8lbs but I think it all went to my ass lol.

As for ups......omg lol. From the partying and not paying to traveling I've enjoyed these few months. I just got back from Cancun, Mexico and I enjoyed myself.

Now for my ass...... its big and I love it lol. I do see the weight gain in many stomach but its not major. So now I've decided to start working out by next summer I want my stomach to be cut up. I still wear my lipoexpress and squeem all the time. I went for my 3 month appt and they was nothing but nice. Dr. J came in and examined me too. They are filming for their show and I decided to be on it but they won't show my face at this point I dont care who knows because I did this for me and I couldn't be happier.

I still swell in my stomach and back. I still have random pain in my abdomen. If I sit for too long it does get uncomfortable. Nothing too major.

Well I've missed realself. Congrats to all you ladies having surgery soon and if you're just beginning your journey good luck! Yall have a long road ahead but its worth every penny!

one pic didn't upload right

lets try this again

Anybody experienced soreness in your butt @5 months post op?

The past 3 weeks my butt had been very sore. I started light (super light lol) exercise. 10 mins of cardio, 40 push ups, 50 crunches, and 80 bicycles. To me this little bit of exercise shouldn't cause me to be that sore. I'm debating calling the office tomorrow bc it's very annoying and uncomfortable.

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