Count Down Till Make over 8/12/16 Dr. Jcurves (Shakhana Inspired Me) - Suwanee, GA

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10 (ten) months to go. I'm excited, anxious,...

10 (ten) months to go. I'm excited, anxious, worried, and a lil nervous. I have already started buying my supplies for my BBL. There is more stuff I have to buy, not much, just a few items.. Some of the supplies I already had. I'm looking forward to the new me. I've gotten my teeth fixed "now" it's time to work on this body. Curve doll????????

Dr. Jcurves Suwanee Ga

8 months 19 days to go until I have my fat transfer to but and hips, lipo my abdomen and extra area of lipo (bra roll) w Vassar Smooth for my cellulite. I've been needing this BBL for about 15 yrs now. I'm 35 with a teenager is getting married in a few yrs. Need my body to be on point like it was before I had my daughter. I'm also a Property owner and a stylist so image is everything in my field.

Count down 8 months 3 days until make- over w Dr J

Exactly 179lbs as of today. Still excited about the make over. My inches are about the same. After all I just might end up getting some hips, cause my booty is pretty thick, has nice volume, just need some shape to it, that nice Heart?? shape booty. Now I look like sponge bob square pants. Like I said before I don't want a ghetto booty I just want a nice shapely feminine rear end, not to big and not to small I'm already a 44 1/2 in the booty but w them hips God knows how much wider I'm going to be. It's going to be hard finding jeans that fit.

A night on the town

Pics of me out before I have my BBL w Hips and Vassar smooth bra area lipo.

7 months to go

I've changed my procedure. I originally said I wanted a BBL, but, my booty is already big. I don't want a ghetto looking but. What a lot of u ladies don't realize is it's hard to find jeans that fit. My reality is I'm already thick, it's hard finding jeans that fit perfectly. I don't want to be 50 yrs old walking around w all this weight on my ass, my husband loves my ass, he don't like ghetto booty so I'm going to get hips and Vasarsmooth. I can't wait to get this done and over w. My but w/o hips is at a size 46 1/2 that's about a size 14-16 in jeans. Designer jeans are not made in these sizes...I just want a feminine shape that hour glass. Fat Grafting to my hips I need 300 cc in both hips and Vasarsmooth and that's it

Fat transfer to hips

5 months to go and counting. It looks like I'm going to have it done earlier than I expected. I'm excited because I had a dream about my results. I dreamt that I loved my results, hope it comes true. I knew he was the doctor for me when I saw shekana's results, even thoug I don't want a but that big. I'm thrilled and can't wait. Still have about 4 items on the list to buy.

Fat Transfer to hips

Im finding it hard to find people or pics and videos of Fat Transfer to hips only. I guess I will be one of the first people to post pics and updates of my experience.? I hope that when the time comes I can make my own video to show u guys what it is like getting fat transfer to hips only.

Fat Transfer to hips or BBL

Ok. I called SpectrumAsthetics. Tt Liz the coordinator. They are running a special it looks like I will be getting the BBL after all. The price is right just took my photos and sent them to her. Hopefully I will get a call back soon. I'm hope ing to get a date w Doctor Llorento soon. $4100 can't beat that vs $10,300 and he has 16 yr experience does a good work just like Dr J. I checked his reviews and board certifications ow yeah it's going down baby.

BBL w Dr. O Llorente at Spectrum Asthetics

After calling and calling Liz finally got back to me. Come to find out Doctor Llorente was fired/ let go. Apparently he was booking BBLs and not showing up. Wow. Too many complaints and not showing up. Why would a doctor do that? So my new doctor is Sergio Vagrez and he's a celebrity doctor, Liz expressed to me. Paid my $500 deposit my surgery date is July 28,2016.

BBL with celebrity Doctor Sergio Alveraz

Ok. This has been a long exciting sometimes frustrating journey. I had to switch doctors three times. I was originally scheduled w Dr. J. But I was laid off had to switch doctors. Dr. J doesn't have a lot of video footage showing how he does his BBL. all u c is a lot of pics. That's the one thing I didn't like. The other thing I didn't like is I notice how at first when I was acquiring about the service (BBL) the coordinator was (Jazmine) very attentive giving me all the 411, and as soon as I made that $500 deposite and a few more deposites it was difficult getting in touch w my coordinator after awhile. That frustrated me more making me have 2nd thoughts about the BBL. then last but not least. I cancelled my Fat grafting to hips and asked for my refund. I'm still waiting on money Dr J office owe me. It's been two months. The problem I did have was the fact that they took the money out my account now it's time to give it Bk. U want to cut me a check. I didn't write u a check when I paid. The same way I gave u the $4,450 needs to be the same way you give it Bk. With the exception of the $500. Other than that I was good w Dr. J. I didn't have anything done but if I was to rate his office on communication and feed back it would be a 7????????????????????????. I'm at Spectrum Asthetics scheduled w Dr O. Lorentte he was let go due to scheduling patients for BBLs and not showing up. Wow, so that's how I ended up w Alveraz, Liz recommend him to me. I will be at A New Life Recovery House July 2016. I'm ready to get this over with

17 days to my BBL

Finally got my Booty Buddy pillow and an Extra faha. Rented my car and book my flight and made my reservation for A New House Recovery. I'm excited not scared. That ?? shape with projection and fullness.

My garments and booty pillow

Waist snatched. Dr. Sergio Alvarez

A week left

My suitcase is packed and ready to go.

Post op pic

Day 1 Dr. Sergio Alvarez did his thing very nice man. I love my results. I'm glad I stayed with Spectrum Asthetics

A New You Recovery House

Awesome, William and his mom are the best. Food is great. The scenery is spectacular. Very pretty/ Luxury and clean. They are taking great care of me. I'm not in pain but just sore as hell in my booty.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Post op day 3

This Faja suite and Lipo Foam boards

9 days post op

Looking fabulous Dr. Sergio Alvarez did his thing Heart Shape w hips and projection

1. Month post op. Spectrum Dr. Sergio Alvarez

I love my new body so does my husband. He can't stop touching my buns

2 months post op

Dr. Sergio Alvarez is a good BBL physician

More Photos

2 months post op 184lbs and 33" waist with 49"hips

I have not talked to him officially but Jazmine is my coordinator. She has been fab so far. I made my down payment secured my date.

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