Confessions of a BBL Girl: Week 2 on Wednesday and I'm already ready to show out!

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Hi I am new to RS when it comes to postings review...

Hi I am new to RS when it comes to postings review but like many of you I have been a RS stalker for quite some time now(about 4 months). So I will start with the basics, my stats:
From- DMV area
Sex-F (not trying to be funny but nowadays you have to ask these ?'s so this is my confirmation)
Age-21, 22 in Jan
Hgt- 5'3 1/2
Wt- 170

Arms-14 (now that's a big arm my dog's body is the same size which makes those inches look even worst)
Bust- 36
Abdomen (like right under my bust)- 31
Waist(around navel)- 36
Hips-45 46

I will try to keep this blog clean but ladies I'm only human. My wanting and deciding to get this procedure done literally happened in like less than 48 hours. I am pro comestic surgery so I knew I would be going under the knife one of these years I mean let's face it kids arrive and with that comes destruction of your body, age goes on (you get older) and gravity takes hold instead of everything pulling up up it starts pulling down, so with all of these wonderful things I have to look forward to I decided yeah i'm defintiely pro fix me please (comestic surgery). Oh forgot to mention I have no kids and don't plan on having them for awhile so kids weren't a factor in my decision of getting this done. I never considered or thought about a BBL because I already have a booty so I never had the desire for a bigger booty. Now as far as lipo let's just say I started scheduling consults at the age of 16 and 17 but just never got anything done because every doctor I saw recommend I wait to until I was 18, needless to say after being told that so many times I got impatient and eventually said forget it. Well this August my family took a cruise to the Bahamas and guess I wasn't the only one hating my beach body because as soon as we settled down back home I was asked by mother (allwaysblieve) do you want to get a BBL I pause for a hot second then told her yeah. Well little did I know this heffa already done her research, got the doctor picked out and pictures of results to show me. So in other words if I said no it wouldn't had mattered because she was already ready. Anyways, I was sold after seeing the pics I told her seriously lets do this. The next day we were on the phone scheduling consults. We were scheduled for 9/10 and let me just tell ya waiting that week or 2 was the longest weeks every to me. I just wanted to know how bad off I was. It's like taking your car to the shop you take it in because you hear a noise, while you wait for them to check what's wrong with it you sit on pins and needles wondering if it's ok bad or just horrible, what are they going to have to do, and how much is it going to cost....well that's how it was for me waiting for the consult. Meanwhile, Aziza sent a email with links to more of Dr. J's patients results. She sent me a RS profile (novastar) and a mmh profile. After seeing their results I was confident that's picked the right doctor for my body type and I started to become more excited and antsy. Sept. 10th finally came around and my mother was first then I went next. My consult went pretty quick. I spoke with Dr. J first. He was very nice, pleasant and he spoke very well he seemed very confident in what he does so that automatically made me feel at ease. I told him I wanted my waist as small as possible but still realistic for my frame, I am a thick girl and I want to keep that look. I also told him I don't want a huge booty, I want a little more projection then what I have and roundness oh yeah and I need her to be lifted but not too high that my ass is on my shoulders lol. I also mentioned to him to that I have these dimples well more like dents, one in each cheek (wrong place to have dimples right....I always wanted them on my face but I guess in my prayers I didn't speficiy lol) but I told him I want those gone. He told me that he could do all of that and as far as the dents/dimples he has a tool to pop those out, so ladies if you have this same problem and you want to get rid of it mention it to him so he can have in mind and on file to fix it there's no additional fee which is also great. Next I asked him what does he recomend for the areas of lipo from looking at my pics he told me with the BBL I get lipo of the abdomen, lower back, and flank area and for my additional areas I needed my back roll and arm. He asked me how did I like my thighs expressed my concern about them rubbing and I might want to get them done but recently changed my mind and decided to get my front bra roll done. Once my convo was over with Dr. J I spoke with Monica who asked for additionally info. After hanging up I got an email which had preop instructions, a quote, and some forms. It took about a week to schedule our surgery date because we didn't know if we wanted to get it done at th same time, if we would be recovered by our next cruise which is new years, and for me how am I going to go to class oh yeah I'm a student, and so on and so on. After coming to a final decision we called and got scheduled for 2-20-13 and paid our deposits. We are the first two surgeries of the day which I love, My mothers first I'm second. Since that day we have been prepping physically and mentally. We've done research to make sure we fully understand what we are getting into to. We also told our selected few people which included my dad, younger siblings, a cousin, and my boyfriend. Everyone is behind me/us and are excited for us. I am so blessed to have the support. My boyfriend is supposed to come visit me during the 2 weeks I am in GA, he doesn't live in the DMV area anymore he's in a different state right now that's why he not coming with me but meeting me. Confession, so I am not paying for this surgery so ladies I can't really give advice on how to save or anything dealing with financing and money because that's not on my list of to dos.

Present Day

I am now 85 days away from surgery and 175 lbs which wasn't supposed to happen and I have kind of lost the excitement for the surgery due to stress. Right now my mother is in the hospital and has been there for about 2 weeks now and I have taken on some responsibilities to help keep the household a float. I am still prepping for the surgery....somewhat but to be honest wouldn't be surprised if I have to postpone this surgery. My mother is still ago for me to get it done even if she doesnt but my inner feelings are telling me with all the craziness going on right now it may not be the right time. I don't know I will keep you ladies updated and also I will post a list of supplies and other specific details on another day I really don't have the time plus this review is already starting to be lengthy. Hope I didn't bore you guys to death lol promise this review will get better as it goes on....i hope! Will post pics later today.

Hi ladies I know I'm so terrible for not updated...

Hi ladies I know I'm so terrible for not updated or responding but honestly between the holidays, a family cruise, school, prepping for this surgery, and whatever other BS that has come up RS hasn't really been a main concern of mine. Not mention all the pettiness that goes on on here and I just don't have time for all that so that was another reason I took a break. A mini update I'm sticking with my date, i go for my clearance feb 11, weight is unknown for right now will know once I get home I'm just getting of the cruise ship so lets hope no weight gain! Also I have been taking a multivitamin, iron pills, and phentermine for weight loss. Sorry if there are any typos I'm on my phone! I will give a better update and pics later

Ok so I have been so bad at keeping this review...

Ok so I have been so bad at keeping this review updated but ladies I'm not going to lie, things have just been extremely busy for me lately. Like many of you this surgery is a start of a new period in my life which means many needed changes are going to happen as well as new life experiences and we all know these things are time consuming.

So here's the latest with my journey. My mother and I are 24 days away from surgery and honestly we have bought nothing yet. We haven't booked any rooms, massages, Homecare, anything yet and that's mainly because we're still waiting for our clearances. We went for the physical part but we need to get the CBC test done which is scheduled for Monday. Now I will tell you ladies that the prepping for this surgery has been hard for me with 3 holidays back to back and my birthday it was hard not to gain weight. The other thing I had problems with was the smoking. I don't know about some of you but let's just say I'm use to getting my Wiz Khalifa on everyday so to just quit cold turkey was a little hard. Not to mention it doesn't help that the few people that know, excluding my boyfriend (of course) and my mother (but she get wondered sometimes) feels that I already have a ass and if I get a BBL it's going to be stripper huge and I just don't need to get it done. Now the type of person I am I don't even know why they would voice their opinion because if you're not paying for it it's not your business and its my ass if I want to walk around look reDONKulous with a big ol ghetto booty then that's me, hell don't nobody have to deal with it because its on my back so screw em. Now my mother is just wondered because she doesn't want me looking crazy but I know I will be fine! I will admit I am starting to get nervous because I've never had surgery before, I've never even broken a bone, or had a sprain, fracture none of that. My ass ain't even had the flu lol. Lets just say I'm a pretty health people and damn near as strong as an ox. I'm known as the amazon woman of the family-without the height though, I'm fun size lol. I know this post is all over the place I apologize I'm typing as I think about stuff and I'm on an iPad so if there are any typos my bad I'm not stupid the iPad is lol! Now even though we haven't bought, booked, or rented anything we have everything written out. We are going to do things pretty simple. We are renting a car to drive down so that way we can bring all the pillows and big bulky stuff with us. We are staying from the 18th of feb to the 1st of march at the Hyatt Place Johns Creek. To return home we are going to do the train so we can lay on the way back. The ride is going to take a though but I just plan on being drugged up on pain pills. As far as our list of items, it's quite small. We don't want to overbuy so we're sticking to what Monica is telling us to buy plus we're going to be miles away from home and me personally I don't feel like bring a whole bunch of BS that I gotta drag round with me after surgery so if we need extras we will get them when we get back to the DMV area. Oh question for RS members, has anyone had their underarm/armpit whatever it's called lipoed? Can you tell a difference? Because I'm thinking about instead of my arms doing my armpit area but haven't seen any RS members that have had it done. Any info will help!

Hi ladies, here is my mini update. So me and mom...

Hi ladies, here is my mini update. So me and mom dukes(allwaysblieve) have been cleared! We are not 7 days away from leaving and 10 days away from surgery. I'm very excited and also nervous at the same time, but there's no turning back now! We are staying at the Hyatt Place for 2 weeks (exact dates 19th-march 1st) so if any ladies are going to be there on those dates feel free to inbox me or my mom (allwaysblieve) if you want to buddy up because let's face it, this is a stressful time we all need all the support we can get so why not support each other and keep each other busy. As far as supplies, we are only taking a few articles of clothing because we don't plan on dressing too much while we're down there and nothing else. We are buying our boppy pillows, alcohol, gauze, etc. down in GA. Since we are out-of-towners we don't want to buy too much then have to drag it back with us after surgery so we're packing very light and then we will get our extras when we're back at home. We're driving down on the 18th and arriving on the 19th, first will be checking into the hotel, next preop appts (12:30 & 2:00), lastly shopping at the Walgreens to get our nessecarities. For our travel back to MD, we will be taking a train so we can lay down and rest, figured even though it will be a long ride it will be the best because we can lay down. My mother and I started this journey at 165 days now we are 10 days away! This is so surreal but all I know is we're super ready to be big booty Judy twins!

Will add a post.

Will add a post.

Quick update. So like I said we drove down, took...

Quick update. So like I said we drove down, took about 8 hours. We left at about 6pm and arrived about 230 3:00 and that was with 2 stops. While on the road we got mooned by some high white boys and they showed us some of their "brown cigarettes" know the ones that don't have tobacco they have herbals instead lol lets just say I was jealous lol. We got a lymphatic massage at Above physical therapy on suwanee dam road and ladies they take insurance! We didn't have to pay a dime (I wish paste pictures of us getting the massages done). We then went to preop, after that got our scribes filled so we can start poppin pills immediately. Then we went to the hotel and got some rest.

Surgery day
Woke up at 4 something 5 my mom got ready at 6 and left at 620. My surgery was at 11 so I got ready at 9 and left at 9:20. I remember everything up until I laid on the table and they told me take deep breaths then I was out. They made me pee in a cup for a preggers test which of course came back negative, put my ass and back out gown on as well as those compression socks and a hair net. They took my pictures and then put the IV in which took a few times. Next was questions questions and more questions. I saw my mom before I went in the OR told her see you on the other side and then I got the happy juice which made me nice(I guess the Valium helped too lol) next they sponge bathed me and then put me on the table and I was gone. Woke up and ready to go get in my bed. I could walk and I didn't throw up which was good. Our nurse has been the best Clarice I love my results I know my body is still going to change but I love what I see so far! I saw my BBL buddy BeautyIsHerName....she looks amazing and she also doing so well. Ok I feel my meds kickin in so I will wrap this up so that way I don't type shit like fhinhdndbchdmf c lol because then ya will be like wth is this drugged up girl talking about lol. I will post what we bought with us and what we bought at the store because ladies you don't need to carry a bunch of stuff with you...only take what the doc tells you and buy your extras when you get home plus some of that stuff might not work or mess you up because its not the right thing to do so stick to your doctors list and pick light! I REPEAT PACK LIGHT! You're not going to want to bring all that stuff back because you will be sore. My pain is about a 5 so I'm not hurting really bad also make sure you walk and drink PLENTY of water.

I will post more info tmrw! I'm not going to post anymore pics until I take the garment off bc there's no point but if your in the area or in the Hyatt place feel free to inbox me so you can see the results because picture don't do the results no justice. Also my ass(Roxi-my BF named her lol) feels like 2 boulders...can't wait til it gets soft as make sure to tell Jimerson what you want when you see him the day of surgery don't wait when you see him tell him bc that might be the only time you see him the day surgery. Also if you don't to get nauseous after ask for a scope patch it will help and let them know period so they will make a mental note. If ya have any questions just inbox me, post on my review, send a smoke signal whatever lol.

Ok ladies so I have our breakdowns of CCs Mine...

Ok ladies so I have our breakdowns of CCs

Mine (msnewass13)
Abdomen 1000 CCs
Lower Back 1400 CCs
Flanks 300 CCs ea.
Back bra roll 100 CCs ea.
Front bra roll 100 CCs ea.
Booty 850 CCs ea. in
Total 3400 CCs out

Moms (allwaysblieve)
Back bra roll 200 CCs
Front bra roll 200 CCs
Inner thigh 200 CCs ea.
Flanks 300 CCs ea.
Upper Back 100 CCs ea.
Lower back 1200
Abdomen 600 out
Butt 800 IN ea.
Hips 200 IN ea.
Total 3200 out

Ok next is our list:

Menstrual pads- 6.98 (Get the overnight pads the ones that feel like you got a diaper on lol)

Gauze- 5.77

Ointment- 1.62 ( we got A &D)

Body pillows- 8.88

Clorox wipes- 4.93

Lysol spray- 3.98

Baby wipes- 1.50

Antibacterial soap- 2.97



Food (noodles, soup, crackers, fruit bowls etc.)- 20 bucks

For clothes we packed 3 maxi dresses, 2 T-shirts, 2 hoodies

Meds includes:
Ondansetron (zofran)- for nausea
Hydrocodone/ APAP (norco or Vicodin which ever you prefer to say)-pain pill
Docusate (colace)-stool softener
Cyclobenzaprine (flexeril)-muscle relaxer
Cephalexin (keflex)- antibiotic
Make sure you call or check with the pharmacy to see if they accept your insurance if you have insurance.

Pain level is still the same just very sore. Also I saw 2 BBL buddies BeautyIsHerName and also Newbody ready and they look amazing. I have to wrap this up because its time to take my garment off for an hour.

Hi Ladies, now where do I begin. Wednesday will...

Hi Ladies, now where do I begin. Wednesday will make 1 week post op which seems like it took forever to get to one week. Pain is pretty much the same which is just soreness. I am getting sick of being in this damn hotel room! This shit is driving me crazy so hopefully my drain comes out on Wednesday because trust and believe we'll be on the first thing smoking back to MD if our drains come out. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND WALK, I can't stress this to you ladies enough plus it will make you feel better because if you dont walk you will get stiff and it hurts when you get stiff. Also watch what you eat you dont want to get fat sucked out of you and then eat it back on before you can see and enjoy your results. Another thing, do not come out of surgery thinking this is what youre going to look like. Your body will be changing for up to a year. So in other words, your body will look different from month to month especially if youre working out or change the way you eat. And whatever you do just make sure you follow your doctors instructions. I know we are here to help each other and some of the creative ideas we read on here sounds really good but lets face it WE ARE NOT DOCTORS so what the doctors say tops what your fellow BBL sisters say because some of the RS ladies are doing a lot of extras and spending a lot of unneeded money. We dont want to buy our booties and then can't do nothing with them as far as buying clothes and going out if we broke the bank buying and doing stuff that is unnecessary during the recovery period. Ladies it is also a good idea to find out other BBL sisters that will ne in the area and or same hotel because its nice having the company, especially company that can relate to what you are going through. Oh yeah do not buy garments before you get the surgery done because you do not know what your ody is going to be like after so it is better to wait at least a weeek or 2 after your surgery. Ummm I dont know what else to tell, to be honest I took a pain pill and i feel my eyes closing. Within the next couple days I will update again telling you ladies how i felt about Dr. Jimerson and his staff, by the way I love Monica's shape, that bitch bad looking like a bag of money lol. Her ass is magnetic you cant help but to look at it. Also I will be giving my opinion on the Hyatt Place as well along with uploading pictures of the stuff we bought and the hotel room that we are staying in. Im going to tell you guys now, not all of it will be good there will be some negatives and I know some people will probably get mad with some of the things me and my mother have to say aboyt about Dr. Jimerson's staff and how theoffice is ran but I dont care because he's already cut on me so now I'm going to let ya know some of the issues I had with his office. So I will talk you girls later.

Oh I forgot to tell you ladies this but this is...

Oh I forgot to tell you ladies this but this is stage one for my moms mommy makeover. So she will be getting more work done. Next is breasts, thigh, and arm lifts. So we will be on realself for awhile, just thought I should mention that.

Hey ladies, so I called Dr. J's office today,...

Hey ladies, so I called Dr. J's office today, spoke to Geta, and asked how do you wash the triangle piece you put inside your garment. She told me it's a "custom-made" piece so you don't wash it because it will come apart just wipe it off. Ok that didn't sound too clean to me. What I heard was wear this triangle piece that has old sweat, blood, dirt, and whatever else that is imbedded in it for 6 week! I know gross right. For the newbies, the triangle piece is a blue triangle that is taped to your lower back after surgery under your garment to help mold and shape your lower back. It's made with some type of blue medical drip material or like medical mesh and you're suppose to wear it for up to 6 weeks under your garment. So back to the issue at hand, so she told me it was a "custom made" piece and not to wash but just wipe it off. Well I won't and I'm not wearing that thing without washing it for 6 weeks! I took mine out of my garment, took the tape off, and took like a slideshow of pictures of how the triangle is folded. So yes you can wash it you just have to refold it, hell if you want you can throw the old one out and make a new one or make multiples in different colors but just know that the "custom-made" triangle piece can be washed and refolded. Hope this helped someone because I know it helped me! I will update soon on the train ride home, which I also have pictures of and my mother made a video. Happy healing to my vets. Good luck to my newbies! All others ....ummm Godspeed, Good Bless, Best Booty wishes, and all that good stuff!

This Booty always causing traffic Jams!

This booty always causing traffic jams.!

more pics

PICS!! PICS!! PICS!!-about 7 months or more post op

One year post op......going for a round 2 sometime this year!!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I picked Jimerson because he does wonderful work especially on thicker girls which I am and his work has been consistent in my opinion.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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