7 MONTHS Postop and LOVING My New Body!! I'M BACK LADIES!!

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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

I'm here ladies! Surgery was an absolute success and luckily, I'm feeling really good today. I won't lie, right after surgery I felt horrible. I wasn't really in a lot of pain, but I was extremely dizzy and tired. My caretaker and the nurse helped me walk to the car, but then I couldn't get on the seat, so I kneeled on the floor and leaned over the seat for the short ride to the hotel (less than 5 minutes). When we got to the hotel, I was too weak and dizzy to walk to the elevator, so they put me on the luggage carrier and wheeled me up to the room lol! I got in the room and went straight to bed. From that time until this morning, I was literally waking up every hour or two, just to walk around and drink some fluids. I tried to eat yogurt, it made me nauseous... Tried again a few hours later, made me nauseous again, so then around 11pm, I tried to eat a few crackers and drink water. I only ate half a cracker and had a few sips of water, then I immediately threw up! I felt fine after it came out, so I just drank some more water and Powerade and went back to bed. My caretaker Clarice is AMAZING! Honestly, one of my biggest fears was having a mean caretaker that wouldn't properly care for me, and she is just wonderful. She nurtures like a mother to her child, and I know she's a big part of why I feel so good. She has been making sure I got up to walk and drink fluids, and preparing food for me today (now that I can eat). Every time I moan or make a noise, she's checking on me making sure I'm okay.

Hey ladies! I have missed this website, but I have...

Hey ladies! I have missed this website, but I have been trying to focus my energy into healing properly, and being on my laptop was not part of that. The problem for me was that it is uncomfortable for me to be on my laptop when I'm laying down because it hurts my neck and my eyes. Then when I get up to walk around, I'm trying to eat and rub on my arnica and get my massages and do sponge baths, then I get tired and wanna lay down again! Sorry it took me so long to post pics but I finally got my sh*t together so I could upload these pics. And don't worry, there's more to come!

So, my recovery has been going great. I seriously was expecting this to be so much worse than it was, but it has pretty much been a breeze! I can't relate to comments like "I'm in so much pain" or "I feel like I got hit by a truck" because I just haven't felt anything like that! Not to throw shade on anyone that has, but those were the feelings I expected to have and I was so shocked at how fine I felt. I do have bruising and minor swelling on my thighs because I had inner thigh lipo, but nothing else on me is swollen. My lower back is kinda numb, and my sides are pretty tender to the touch, but the massages have been helping a lot with that. I got my third massage today. I got my first massage on Monday when I was 4 days post op, and I got my third massage today at 8 days post op. I'm going to continue to get them every other day until I leave GA which will be on March 1st. When I get home, I will continue getting them every other day until I am 4 weeks post op, then I will cut down to twice a week until I am 8 weeks post op, and then I will get them at least once a week until I am about 4-6 months post op depending on how the healing comes along. I know you guys probably think that's a lot, but the massages have been helping a lot with keeping the swelling down and avoiding scar tissue. It is also highly suggested to massage your lipoed areas on your own as often as you think about it so that your body can heal properly. I've been getting my massages from Belinda and she is GREAT, so if anyone wants her info, feel free to PM me and I will gladly give it to you. She has an amazing touch and she specializes in lymphatic drainage, prenatal, and something else she said I can't remember lol, but she is good at all massages. I can literally feel the difference in my upper thighs from the beginning of my massage and the end.

The one issue that I have had is that I woke up 4 days in a row with a TERRIBLE headache. The first 3 days, when I would get up, walk around, and eat something, the headache would go away. But yesterday? HOLY SH*T! That headache threatened to take me out! It hurt so bad that I felt like I was gonna throw up and I couldn't keep my eyes open and stand straight up, nor could I go to sleep! I had my 7day follow up appt yesterday and expressed my concerns about the headaches and they told me it was probably a mix of the trauma to my body from the surgery (since I had never undergone any surgery, medical procedure, childbirth, broken limb, nothing major at all) and also the way I had been sleeping. Of course we have to lay on our tummies, but it hurt my neck to use a pillow so I had been sleeping without one and blood was rushing to my head. So they suggested that I take some ibuprofen (instead of Tylenol) and sleep on top of my body pillow with a regular pillow under my head. So I did just that and took three Advil and POOF! The headache was gone! Thank GOD! I feel like a new woman today! ALSO, great news ladies! Jimerson was so impressed with my results so he will be adding my pics to his website and other sources of advertisement! Yay! When he came in the room during my follow up, he just kept saying Wow, wow, wow, yep that'll work! Lol! Shelly was going crazy over me too, she was taking pics of me on her phone and telling Dr J that when she gets hers done she wants it to look exactly like mine! I was excited and very proud that he wanted to add me to his website :-)

Now, as for this garment... Woooo, it's a tough one! As we all know, we're supposed to wear the garment 23 hrs a day for 6 weeks and Jimerson vets and soon-to-be's are familiar with the triangle creation thing we have to wear on our lower back. That thing is NOT comfortable! It makes it kinda hard for me to stand straight up sometimes, so I look like I'm walking sticking my butt out, but I just can't stand straight sometimes! But I deal with it because it is doing a KILLER job of shaping my lower back and giving me that sexy triangle spot right above my butt so to HELL with the discomfort, I can deal with it! Okay ummm... what else... Hmmm... OH! I had my first bowel movement in the middle of the night between day 3 and day 4 and I felt SOOOO much better afterward! I was starting to feel like my food was packing itself in stacks in my stomach, so that first #2 was extra glorious! I have been going twice a day EVERY day since. This was my daily recipe for success in that department : Two cups of warm prune juice, lots of fruit and broccoli, Activia yogurt with fiber, 5-7 bottles of water, 2 bottles of Zero Calorie Powerade, and 2 cans of soup, along with other miscellaneous meals. But I had those things every single day since the day of surgery. Also, stool softener is one of the prescriptions that Jimerson gives us, so I was also taking two stool softeners every day, one in the morning and one at night. Ladies, it's gross and PLEASE have lots of moist flushable wipes handy, but it makes you feel a lot better.

I can't think of anything else to update right now, but I will be back with more info as soon as it comes to mind. OH YEAH! He took out 3700cc and he put 850cc in each cheek and 150cc in each hip.

Hey girls!! My stay has been so nice, and SO long,...

Hey girls!! My stay has been so nice, and SO long, but now the time for me to go has come and I don't want to have to just throw this stuff away! I have unopened soup, a case of bottled waters, Powerade, Vitamin water, crackers, cups, bowls, plasticware, protein shakes, straws, and napkins. I also have bed pads, an unopened pack of Depends (never needed them), scissors, cotton balls, gauze, basically a bunch of crap!! I would really like to give it someone because I have to leave it behind and hope that the maids will at least take it home instead of throwing it away. I bought WAY more than what I needed so, if anyone is here or in the area and wants it, let me know asap!

By the way, I am two weeks post op and I will post pics when I get home tomorrow!

Hey ladies! Okay, so today makes 3 WEEKS postop...

Hey ladies! Okay, so today makes 3 WEEKS postop and I am loving my results more with every day that passes! I've been home for 6 days, and I have been such a lazy ass, it's ridiculous! Having to lay down all the time instead of being able to sit just makes me so sleepy, so I've been soaking up the opportunity to rest a lot. My body is healing beautifully, I am so shocked at the progression. There are no more bruises on my thighs, actually they've been gone since about 10 or 11 days postop. But, unfortunately I think I have a little fat necrosis on the inside of my upper thigh near my vajayjay. When it gets massaged, it seems to flatten a little, but then it comes back after the massage is over. I've been told that with continual massages as well as me massaging it myself at home and putting cold packs on it from time to time, it should go down. I hope so! You can't see it, but I can feel it, and it's hard and I just want it to go away! I don't have that anywhere else on my body though. No lumps or hard spots on my stomach, back, or anywhere else. The incision scars on my butt are healing very nicely too. The one that I am a bit concerned about is the drain hole. They don't sew it closed after removing the drain, so I just hope that with continued use of Mederma, it will fade away completely. I don't want there to be any evidence that I had surgery, and if someone is ever able to see the scars, that will create room for questions that I do NOT want to answer lol! I have to keep in mind that I am only 3 weeks postop, so it will take a little time for the scars to fade away. I actually was putting Neosporin on them a few times a day until I got home. I just started putting Mederma on them a few days ago, and I still am not putting it on the drain scar yet because it looks like it isn't completely healed yet, so I'm still putting Neosporin on that one.

Now, I have been eating like crazy! That is one thing that was never affected was my appetite! The only day that I couldn't eat was the day of surgery because I was nauseous, but as I stated in a previous post, I still TRIED to eat but my body just wasn't having it lol! So yes, I have been eating all of the normal stuff, just in smaller quantities. Well, I take that back… I haven't eaten anything fried, nothing greasy, nothing really unhealthy. I have, however, been eating pasta, sandwiches, steak, fish, all kinds of seafood, and the works! I do still eat lots of fruit and yogurt, and I also have a protein shake and plenty of water, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice everyday. So I have been eating healthier, but still lots of food, just not a lot at one time. Sleeping on my stomach has been okay because I am a tummy sleeper, but having to lay flat on my stomach the whole time is a bit annoying! I can't like hike my leg up, or lay face down but on an angle, or curl my knees up, or any of the other things I normally do. So, I do still wake up a lot needing to stretch and pee and snack on stuff, but overall it has not been a major issue. I've only had one massage since I've been home because it's been snowing like crazy and I am not yet driving myself anywhere, but I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, and another one scheduled for 3 days later. I will be getting them every 3 days until I am 6-8 weeks postop, and then I'll start getting them once a week. I got the 3 month membership at Massage Envy for $177 and that includes 3 massages, and then any additional massage is only $39/hr or $57/90min. That is a CRAZY good deal! And the one by my house does have a masseuse that specializes in lymphatic drainage massage, so I'll be seeing her tomorrow. My first massage there was not lymphatic drainage, but it was GREAT and much needed! He focused on my lower back, neck, shoulders, and thighs and omg, I felt like I was floating out of there on a cloud! I don't have pain in my lower back, but it's mores just tenderness. My lower back and sides are still kinda tender because these are the areas where Jimerson is most aggressive with his lipo, ESPECIALLY the lower back! Literally, there is NO MEAT left on my lower back! If you touch it, it's straight bone! That helps create the beautiful arch that leads into the butt so I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

I finally started trying dresses and stuff two days ago and I was like DAAAAMMNN!! I'm still shocked at how my butt looks in clothes, it is so mind-blowing! I'm gonna be completely honest with yall, I don't even know what to do with all this ass lol! I was in the mirror like omg, how should I pose? Should I stand like this, or this? It's gonna take some getting used to because I'm just not used to having ass and hips and this tiny waist. My body is so different and I look at the faces I'm making when I take pics of myself and it is so funny because I'm looking at my own ass the way I would look at another woman's butt if I saw one walking down the street with a big butt like this lol! I still have to accept that this is MY butt! I know that may sound crazy, but it's just so weird to look in the mirror, turn sideways, and see all that projection… It's truly amazing… Anyway, so lucky for me, I don't have any major obligations until April when I start my externships, so I can pretty much just relax and heal until I am 8 weeks postop. If I absolutely have to, I will drive, but I have been able to avoid it so far. I am sure that cabin fever will get the best of me soon and I will be ready to get out of the house, but the thing is, I can't really hang out with my friends yet because I can't sit, and I don't want people questioning me about why I am laying down or sitting on boppy pillows and all that, so I would rather just chill out for a while. I don't mind if people come see me at home because I walk around in baggy PJs all day and it's not a big deal if I am laying down while holding conversation at home (not quite so obvious). I have been invited to go to all kinds of parties and I have had to decline, just saying that my back is hurting (which is true, so I'm not lying!) I cannot wait to go out though! That's why I'm glad I got this done now, because by summertime, I will be back to normal and ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

That's about all I have to update right now. I added a few pics so you ladies can see how things are coming along. To anyone that has messaged me, I'm so sorry I haven't responded, but I haven't been on RS much because getting on my laptop is hassle. I will try to respond to everyone asap. To everyone that has recently had surgery, HAPPY HEALING and welcome to the other side lol! Xoxo

OK, just a few things I forgot to mention in my...

OK, just a few things I forgot to mention in my previous post. Some of it is stated in my Part 1, but I just wanted to include a few more things, some of which are things that people have asked me about...

Ok, so I was taking the VitaMedica preop/postop vitamin kit. I started the AM and PM pills two weeks before surgery, the Bromelain 3 days before surgery, and the arnica in small doses 3 days before surgery, but then discontinued taking arnica for the first seven days after surgery because Kim (one of Jimerson's nurses) said that we should not take arnica while taking the Lovenox injections. / I did stretching exercises twice a day everyday for the 3 or 4 weeks leading up to the surgery. I also went to Zumba classes twice a week and ate a very healthy but filling diet (lots of water, fruit, and veggies, NO fried or greasy food). / I listened to meditation music to put me to sleep at night, and tried to have positive thoughts as much as I could. The anxiety was high and my nerves were all over the place, but the meditation music really helped and relaxed me a lot. A bbl sister also told me to listen to "Preparing for Surgery" by David Gibson and it was GREAT! I highly recommend it. / I DEFINITELY OVER-PACKED and regretted it lol! Seriously, you do NOT need a bunch of clothes, and I knew that, but still brought too many and it was just a hassle when it was time to go home. I was there for 16 nights and I spent more time in my PJs and in my robe than anything else. Seriously, 2 or 3 dresses, 2 pair of loose pants, and maybe 3 tank tops is all you need. And of course PJs and a robe, but you may not even need that! I slept in just my garment a lot of the time, but my PJs were good for when I walked around the hotel and when it got chilly in my room. DO NOT over pack, it's a total waste of energy! / I put a cotton ball in my belly button everyday because without it, my belly button probably would have collapsed! After lipo to the stomach, when you're wearing the garment, you belly button can easily become disfigured, so putting something in there to keep it as a circle can be helpful. That may not have happened to everyone, but I remember taking the garment off on like Day 3 or 4 and looking at my belly button like WTF is that?? And I kept a cotton ball in there at all times ever since and it was fine within a few days lol! / Your vajayjay WILL swell, and the garment is tight, so you may get irritation in the crease between your upper thigh and vaginal area. I would put a little powder there and actually after a while, my skin there actually became kinda raw, so I started wearing underwear under my garment so that the edges of the garment would not continue to rub against my skin there. Before I was doing that, I would put a tissue or a pad there just to keep the garment from irritating my skin. / I had a Gopher II from Walmart and it SAVED MY LIFE! It's just like an extender to help you pick things up, and Lord knows, there would have been a lot of crap on the floor all the time if I didn't have it! At first, I couldn't bend down to the ground to pick things up, and if I got down on my knees, getting back up was difficult. That thing was only $10 and I would have truly struggled without it! / The triangle piece that Jimerson patients wear on our lower back is simply two towels, one folded into a triangle and one folded into a rectangle, then they are wrapped with tape and taped together. Msnewass13 said she took hers apart, washed it, and put it back together or made another one, so you can check out her blog for how she did it. I will post a picture of it as soon as my stupid phone stops acting up (it keeps giving an error message when I try to send the pic to my email) / I bought a mesh back support from Dollar Tree and it helped on the plane for the few minutes that I was sitting. I had the boppy and a regular pillow under my thighs, then I put a roll pillow through the mesh back support and put that behind my back, so I was able to sit for a few minutes for takeoff, then I laid back down. I had a whole row of seats, so I laid down for the remainder of the flight including the landing. Note: Remember to get a note from Jimerson's office before you leave stating that you need to be allowed to stand or lay down as often as possible because you just had surgery. I never had to show mine, but you may have evil bitches for flight attendants, so having the note may help.

My caretaker was Clarice and she charges $150/day for her services or $13/hr for additional time. Her number is 757-409-4066, her email address is stovall.clarice@comcast.net, and you can message her on RS at Luv ur booty. / My masseuse was Belinda and she charges $75/hr or $110/90min plus a small travel fee. Her number is 770-771-2570. I got 5 massages from her. The first session was an hour, and the other four were 90min. / I also got two massages at a place called Above Physical Therapy. They do cup therapy and use the machine and I had Olga, and she did a WONDERFUL job! I'm actually going to order some silicone cups so I can use them on my stomach and thighs. Their number is 770-904-2332. Without insurance, the lymphatic drainage session is $50/half hour or $90/hr. / I stayed at the Hyatt which is less than a mile from Jimerson's office and they have a free shuttle to take you to the office or anywhere else within 3 miles of the hotel (restaurants, grocery store, regular stores, banks, LOTS of other things!). Great location, great staff, and if you get it on Hotwire, Expedia, Roomkey, or something like that, great price! We got it at a rate of $71/night, but others have got it even cheaper than that, so just make sure you reserve it through an alternate website instead of calling them directly because they will charge you full price. / I did go out to eat 3 times within the first 2 weeks after surgery. We sat at the bar and I would use a regular chair from the table instead of a bar stool, and alternate between standing and kneeling on the chair. DO NOT do this until your body can handle it, because the first time I went out to eat was only at 4 days postop, and on day 5, my legs were swollen and bruised pretty bad! I didn't feel pain, but my legs were not ready for me to be up and about for that long without resting. / I cut tiny slits in the butt holes of my garments because they are small, and the butt is big! So it felt like circulation to my butt was being cut off. If you decide to do that, make sure the slits are SMALL so that you don't ruin the garment. / When getting ready for this surgery financially, do not forget to plan for other expenses outside of the cost of the surgery. My total expenses outside of the $11,600 for surgery came to around $5000. That included 16 nights at the hotel (approx $1200), 8 massages so far plus tips (approx $850), 2 extra garments at $130 each, a waist cincher and body shaper (approx. $100), 3 days with caretaker ($450), prescribed meds ($320), roundtrip flight with extra seats for return trip (approx $500), rental car for 6 days (approx $250), VitaMedica preop/postop kit ($92), vitamins, supplies, and miscellaneous items (approx $250), and groceries (approx $225). That equals $4497 and I'm sure there were a few other things that I'm not thinking of right now. I was blessed that my boyfriend paid for my surgery, massages, hotel, flights, and garments (I effing love him!) so I didn't have to come out of pocket for much, but if I did, it would have been a pretty heavy load, so be sure to plan for the other things as well when you are saving up. / DO NOT go overboard buying stuff that you may not need. If you will be alone, then it makes sense to get it all ahead of time, but if someone will be with you, they can go get extra stuff as you need it. There was SO MUCH STUFF that I left behind or had to throw away because I never needed it and had no way to bring it home, so don't waste your money on questionable items. Everyone's needs are different so get the essentials and worry about the rest later.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I will update it as soon as it comes to mind. OH YEAH! I had a massage yesterday and as it turns out, that was NOT fat necrosis on my inner thighs. She thinks it was just localized swelling or fluid, because she did a deep massage starting from my knees and going up my thigh pressing hard with even strokes over the swollen area and like magic, it's gone! Like literally, COMPLETELY gone after one massage! It was definitely very sore while she was doing it, but it is fine now, just a little tender to the touch. The swollen and hard areas that were there are now flat and soft as ever! AMAZING!! So needless to say, I will be seeing her for the rest of my massages lol! I'll update more info as it comes to mind. I added a pic I took this morning. Later girls! Xoxo

Hi BBL Beauties! So, recovery has been going great...

Hi BBL Beauties! So, recovery has been going great. I finally started driving last week, and it was TERRIBLE at first, but I am starting to get the hang of it. My first day driving was on Day 25 postop and when I got home, my right hip was hurting SO BAD! I was sitting with the boppy pillow and another small pillow under my thighs with a mesh back support, neck roll pillow, and small pillow behind my back, but my body still wanted to sink down, so I had to use my muscles to hold myself up and my body was just not happy about it! I literally screamed a few times while driving because of the discomfort lol! But I have driven almost every day since, and each day, it gets a little easier. I have been getting the massages twice a week and they are GREAT! No hard spots or lumps, but my lower back and sides are still pretty tender. Also, I never mentioned this before in my blog, but after hearing that other girls have experienced it, I feel I should mention it... Occasionally, my pinky finger and ring finger get tingly. Like, they fall asleep at random moments and I have to massage them for a while to make them feel normal again. At first, I thought nothing of it, but it has happened a lot ever since surgery. Well, since about 2 weeks post op. Maybe it's just my nerves trying to get normal again but it is pretty weird...

Finding jeans that fit is PURE HELL!! I did manage to find a few, but they are big in the waist and even with a belt on, they just don't fit the way I'm used to jeans fitting (duh! lol) But even though it's a struggle finding jeans or bottoms that fit, it is a struggle that I am MORE THAN HAPPY to face lol! This weekend was my first time being out and about a lot. I didn't go to any parties or anything (not quite ready for that), but I did go to two malls, two shopping centers, grocery shopping, and out to eat, and OMG, the attention was ridiculous! Like seriously, I was a bit overwhelmed! At the shopping center I went to yesterday, I had so many men coming up to me trying to give me their card or ask for my number or begging to just buy me lunch or whatever. One guy asked to take me out and of course I declined because I have a man, but then he was like, "Well do you need a caterer, lawn service, towing service, a car wash, anything like that?" LMAO! I'm like wow, really, you just threw out all kinds of different services lol! I heard things like "Daaaammnn" and "Oh SHIT" and "Mmm mmm mmm" and "Sweetheart, SWEETHEART, come here!" so many times, it was ridiculous. NOT TO MENTION, I saw two of my female friends that I haven't seen since last summer, and when one of them called my name and I turned around, she was like, "Damn girl, I almost didn't even notice you with all that ass! What you been eating?" Lol, I just laughed it off and said "Everything in sight" and left it at that. The whole weekend was full of stares from men and women, and some of those men got very dirty looks from their girlfriends when they got caught staring. Yesterday was definitely the craziest though! I was actually happy to get out of there. I am going to have to get used to this new body and the attention it brings. I already had men chasing me down before, but now, they are coming at me by the boat load! I am so happy to already have my man and be so secure in my relationship with him because what these men are going after has nothing at all to do with who I am as a person. No doubt, the extra attention is definitely flattering and I feel so womanly with my new curves, but all of this is just my shell, it's not me, and there's nothing better than the security of knowing that the person you're with loves you for YOU, not for what you look like...

Anyway, so yeah I am less than 2 weeks away from my 6 week mark and I am SO excited!!! I'll still continue wearing my garment for most of the day because it is still helping with shaping my body. The scars on my butt look a little better, but I still need them to fade more because I do NOT like having those marks on my butt. I've been using Mederma everyday and also rubbing cocoa butter on them, but it's not working fast enough for me. Does anyone have good suggestions on scar fading creams? Thanks ladies. Pics added :-)

7 MONTHS Postop and LOVING My New Body!! I'M BACK LADIES!!

Hey ladies!! I have missed this blog SO MUCH and I feel like such a traitor for disappearing shortly after my surgery because I VOWED not to do that! But what can I say... Life happens... There were so many times I started writing updates and then I'd get distracted and never get back to it. Before the surgery, my life revolved around surgery prep. Once it was over, I relaxed and stopped being consumed with it. Then I received several emails of people asking what happened to me, and am I still happy with my results, and can I post recent pics. And then I hit my 7 month mark on 9-14-13 and I said okay, enough is enough, I have GOT to update! Even though I haven't been updating, I still peek at the site every few weeks just to see what's new, and it broke my heart when I read a review where a bbl sister complained about how vets no longer update. I felt so guilty, because she was right... This website helped me keep it together when I was preparing for this surgery. I lived and breathed RS for many months lol! I wouldn't have made it through that process without the support and information provided on this site, so I will do my best to remain active and answer any questions that you ladies may have!

So anyway, hello everybody!! I am 7 months and 2 days postop and I am SO IN LOVE with what I see when I look in the mirror! My body has taken on a very natural shape and I look good in EVERYTHING that I wear! I literally feel like this body is a gift and a curse, because I can't go shopping without liking EVERYTHING that I put on! I have a small waist, curvy hips, beautifully sloped booty, and a big ass ego! Lol I can't even lie, I feel like a new woman! I always had a very feminine shape, but I was never really satisfied with my backside. I felt like I was all boobs, no booty. Dr J gave me something I never imagined I would get from this surgery. It's not just the butt, it's the difference in how I feel about myself. I feel so sexy, so feminine, so proud... I still look at myself in mirrors when I'm walking and I'm just like, "Wow, that's really my body!" Even after 7 months, it still amazes me!

I have not taken my measurements in FOREVER, but I will do that in the next few days and let you ladies know my new measurements. I'll admit, I have not exercised at all since the surgery! Terrible, right? I haven't had time! Between school, work, traveling, and sleep, I haven't been able to fit in exercise. BUT I WOULDN'T SUGGEST THAT!! I am still an advocate of getting plenty exercise postop, so don't follow my lead in that sense lol! I have, however, continued to wear my garment. I wore it 22 hrs a day for the first 10-12 weeks, then I started wearing it all day and taking it off at night. I still wear a garment most days, but not at night. My boyfriend says that is a waste of time to keep wearing it because my shape is permanent, but I really feel like it's the reason why my stomach hasn't got big again. I eat whatever I want, don't exercise, and I've gained like 8 lbs since surgery. I think I weighed 152 at the time of surgery, and now I weigh 160, but my stomach is still flat! I credit the garment for that...

I have much more that I wanna share, but I have to go into class. I'll update again later today or in the next few days, but I added some pics so you guys can see the total transformation. Much love ladies! Talk to you soon!! Xoxoxo

(Vitamins C and D, surgery scars, diff garments, sex, jeans, female vs male reactions,my thoughts on Round 2, updated measurements, headaches, blood flow, booty jiggling, "fluffing", change in body shape... Things I will touch on in my next update!)
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