8 month's post op and I'm still in love with my Jcurves!!

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I'm three months away from my sx date and this...

I'm three months away from my sx date and this time around i am doing my homework this site is great and has helped with lots of info. if anyone is having surgery around july 16th let me know i will be in atlanta for 16 days someone to walk with or even just talk to would be great. i paid cash for my sx so i got in very fast i could have taken a earlier date but i would rather have my kids out of school so my worries are at a minim when i return home. after being let down from my first bbl I'm more nervous than excited and i wish that would change its like looking forward to christmas knowing damn well ur not getting anything! lol...really i just want a great outcome! I've had a breast augmentation with silicon implants 3 years ago, i love em ...a tt also at the same time VERY happy with that as well so u might say this is the icing on top of my cake!! i will post pics as soon as i figure out how to do it from my phone so i can get some feedback on what y'all think, thanks for stopping by i hope i can be of some help as well. good luck ladies...

gain weight? loss weight??

ok i really have not said much on my own blog but I'm gonna start so when i look back in 6 months hopefully i can say it was all worth it!! so i talked to Shelly again i couldn't be happier that she is my PC she eases my mind and has a genuine kindness that a girl like me needs, i tend to be a worrier! Anyhoo she looked over my pics again and said they were kinda blurry i was asking about my weight loss I've been working hard at the last few months. so i send some new ones and she shares them with Dr J again and calls me and tells me not to lose anymore weight and that my results are gonna be hott (made me feel great) lol oh and that my boobs were huge! i have implants i love them all 800cc's! done by Dr Martin in Las Cruses n.m ... then Dr J jumps on the phone and tells me to GAIN 5 more lbs!! I'm so confused!! so I'm just gonna gain the weight and walk everyday so my legs look good i have big thighs. and just lift weights to tone my arms stop all cardio and just eat good and ride out these last 47 days. so many ups and downs but always big booty thoughts! i hope everyone is enjoying there summer and happy healing to those who have crossed over!

3 weeks post op, just a update...

well i still have not found the time to do my full story and i feel i really need to and will, but for now i will just update I'm 3 weeks post op I'm doing great i did add a mini crescent arm lift on top of my BBL, i am completely satisfied with both procedures. Dr Jimerson went so hard for me i am amazed daily on my results i got the max 5000cc's taken out 250cc's in hips anddd 1300cc's in each cheek my booty is huge!! i come out of sx in a 2x garment and I'm already in a large, i am now using a waist clincher i have a very small waist i already had a tummy tuck done 3 years ago so Dr J just went in on that Jcurves dip in my back and did some very aggressive lipo i just can't express how happy i am! i seen Dr Jimerson every single time i went to the office he spent time talking to me and answering all my questions. His personality as a Dr and a person is over the top he is very skilled in his field and is also a genuinely humble man who only wants the best for his patients i couldn't have choose a better doctor... i was also BLESSED with the absolute very best pc who has become such a good friend to me SHELLY is the best she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and is as real as they come! these people really make a difference...Kim was my nurse and has called me several times to check on me and even Dr Jimerson has called and checked in on me it makes me feel good to know that even after sx and coming back home to Texas I'm still important to the Dr and his staff. with all this being said Dr J was not playing when he said get ready for the haters it happened pretty quickly, but oh well everyone needs to find there own happiness i have mine I'm happily married, a mother and now a bomb ass trophy wife to my amazing husband who has been so understanding through all of this . The surgery is no joke recovery time is hard at least it was for me the first week was so crazy but i made it I'm on a great road to recovery and resuming my life. good luck to all the girls having sx soon and happy healing to those who have made it to the other side.

3 weeks post op with Dr Jimerson

i said i was not gonna put up pics due to drama i hear going on but i feel like its only fair i love to read updates and love to see pics and that is after all how i came to my decision to go to Dr Jimerson for my BBL and as u see he " hooked me up"! I'm very happy at this point I'm still in recovery and have days where I'm not at my best but I'm feeling better every day and i would truly recommend Dr Jimerson to any girl who is looking to have this procedure done he is absolutely the best and knows how to work with what u have to get u to where u wanna be! good luck to all of u and happy healing to the ones who have made it to the other side we are all different and we are here to share our stories and offer support if anyone has any questions just ask!

one month post op with Dr J lovin my results! new pre and post op pics added

Just talked to shelly she was my pc and we clicked from day one and we have become close friends I was going to delete my profile due to little girl drama but after taking and laughing with my girl I decide hell no im not going nowhere! im gonna keep up with my blog and not about someone else but about ME because I love myself and I most definitely love my results.its not my fault ur mama didn't teach u any better...Anyhoo im feeling great living a healthy lifestyle no gym yet but I do take ling walks here on my ranch just trying to get my energy back. I did have to have a blood transfusion 3 days after sx I spent one night in the hospital and shelly and Dr Jimerson came to visit I had a long talk with my Dr that day and he put he at ease he is a very caring kind hearted person and wonderful Dr and has only the best interest for his patients. I made the best decision when I chose him to do my sx he came through for me all the way I have no regrets things happen and yrs losing blood sometimes comes along with aggressive lipo and removal of fat and fluids he did take out the full 5000cc's and once again I received 1300 to each cheek and 250cc's to hips. Im thrilled and completely satisfied with my results here are some pics I will be adding many more weekly and will be keeping up with ny blog so if you have any questions please ask. Good luck everyone and stay surrounded by only positive people and never let haters get the best of u instead just pray they find there happiness then there healing will follow!!

I love it!

Already looking goooood thanks Dr J

new pics 2 months post op!

8 month's post op still thrilled!

It's been 8 month's since my BBL with Dr Jimerson and I have no complaints I love my results I have not lost any volume my butt is huge and my confidence is at an all time high! Since surgery I have opened my own business a clothing boutique/tanning salon- cappuccino/latte bar it's a huge success I'm constantly in the public eye and the endless compliments on my figure make my day everyday! Here are a few pictures to update u on my results and I would still highly recommend Dr J to anyone who asks. ..He is simply the best!!

i made the decision to go with Dr Jimerson after extensive research that i did not do first time around! the proof is in the pudding! take a look at his work, it speaks for itself...

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