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Hey Ladies !! Im 20 years old, 21 in a few...

Hey Ladies !!
Im 20 years old, 21 in a few months, but I've been interested in this procedure for about the last 4 years. I cant even tell you how much I secretly lurk this site lol ... After looking at numerous doctors' work I was positive that I wanted to go to Dr. Salama. 1 for his prices and 2 for his great results. But to my disappointment, he seems to be getting a little lax. Idk if it's because he has a crapload of new patients or what but I found someone new ! someone better ! YEPP DR. JIMERSON ! I absolutely love his results. He is definitely pricier than Salama, but you get what you pay for right ....

So I called advanced surgery solutions last night and spoke to a woman on the phone who gave me prices, my options as far as financing, and scheduled me for a phone consultation on FEB 4th, 2013. (Mind you this was the EARLIEST date he had available for a PHONE consultation). Nevertheless, I'm really excited and I want to get this done as soon as possible. I cant wait any longer !!

Okay, now for my biggest concern ..... the $$ money $$.
I don't have any credit cards, so my credit is either non-existent or very low. This is problematic because that means I will not get approved for financing (so upsetting). So I'm trying to figure out what my options are now. Either I wait until I save damn near 12,000 in cash (which will take about a year and who has that kind of time !!??) OR I go with the healthcare finance direct option. The lady I spoke to on the phone told me I would just have to come up with 50% of the price of the procedure, as healthcare finance direct only provides up to $5000 in financing. So either way it would take me a while to save thousands of dollars .... *SIGH*
Anyway I know this is alot to read, but if any of you have any advice I would love that !


P.S. will be adding pics soon

Ok so Ive been really stressed out lately as far...

Ok so Ive been really stressed out lately as far as this surgery is concerned. Seems like every other day i get discouraged and consider forgetting the whole thing! And the reason for this is honestly only because of the money. I seriously do not know how I can get 10,000+ dollars without waiting years .... I could just kick myself for not saving up a long time ago. UGH

But tomorrow morning Im calling the office to ask if there is any other option for financing. If not then I have no other choice but to stay with the body Ive got until I can buy the one I want :'(

Oh and Ive finally updated pics. Dont judge me ! I blame my bad genes ... on both sides lol

HEY EVERYONE !!! Im so sorry i havent updated in a...

HEY EVERYONE !!! Im so sorry i havent updated in a while. just alot going on ... but as far as this procedure goes, ive officially given up. I remember about a month before i was scheduled to have my consultation, I called the office to ask if there were any other financing options. (I read on someone else's review that she was told about another option). The person I spoke to-- didnt get her name-- told me NO, and basically rushed me off the phone NOT trying to help or let me get a word in edgewise. So after that i cancelled the consultation and I figure this just wasnt meant to be. Im a young college student working part time at a retail store, so 12,000 roughly is not really feasible at this time in my life. Maybe in the near future I'll find another doctor who is a little more on the affordable side, yet still has amazing results. But until then I guess I'll have to forget about it and accept my body the way it is ...

Ok so I havent posted in a while. Sorry about that...

Ok so I havent posted in a while. Sorry about that but Im back and happier than ever !!! Just a little update ..... After realizing that I'd never be able to afford Dr.. Jimerson, I considered going to D.R. and having the procedure with Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran for $3500. I sent emails back and forth with her and even joined a facebook group of other women planning on having surgery with her. Long story short, I changed my mind due to personal reasons and I've finally decided to go to Dr. Wendell Perry in Miami.

I sent him an email with my pictures and he hadn't responded for two weeks. So I decided to give his office a call and Norma, his assistant, basically put me at the top of the list of people he needed to call. (Love her for that). He is VERY informative and knowledgeable about the procedure. I told him I wanted to take the fat from my arms, full stomach, flanks, and full back and he quoted me $7700.

Thank GOD I was able to get a cosigner for carecredit. I was approved for $7,500, so I'll only have to pay 200 out of pocket for the procedure (until they start billing me of course). I made my deposit of $750 for sx 2 days ago. MY surgery date is July 10th 2013 and Im sooooo anxious and impatient !!

Within the next few weeks I'm gonna start doing some shopping, book my hotel, flight, etc. so I'll update you guys soon.

I received my scripts from Dr. Perry in the mail...

I received my scripts from Dr. Perry in the mail today. They just say what tests my PCP is supposed to do. Im just confused as to how soon Im supposed to take these to my doctor. If my tests cant be older than 20 days, why did he send these so soon ?? Are these prescriptions different from the "packet" Norma is supposed to be sending ?? ughhh i need answers please help !

-Flight booked with JetBlue. Won 2 roundtrip...

-Flight booked with JetBlue. Won 2 roundtrip tickets a few months ago in a raffle so I ended up paying 14 dollars just for taxes (such a blessing !!! lol) Will fly into Fort Lauderdale then take a GO bus to Miami airport or just take a cab

-Hotel booked. Staying at the Hyatt at the Blue a few minutes away from the office for 8 nights. Paid $1068 which is not bad. the only thing that's ridiculous is the $75 a night for incidentals .. im gonna pay that in cash though i'll be getting the 675 back when i check out

Soooo unfortunately a few weeks ago I lost my job....

Soooo unfortunately a few weeks ago I lost my job. Smh looks like I cant get a break. This doesnt mean the surgery is cancelled. Oh hell no. Ive waited too long and spent way too much money to give up now. But I do feel like its going to be extra hard trying to get the best aftercare, just surviving off of my savings. I'll make it
Anyway I made a list of everything I'm taking. Doing a little improvising too in order to save money:

-handheld percussion massager (for self massaging stomach/back lipo areas)
-arnica montana
-arnica gel
-vitamin c
-benadryl itch cream
-squeem vest (bought off amazon for $50)
-faja (AMAZING. also bought off amazon $69. Very similar to fajas diseno d'prada)
-baby wipes
-feminine wipes
-foam (also going to ask dr perry for some)
-board (making my own from cardboard)
-cough drops (in case throat is irritated from endotracheal tube during sx)
-tape measure
-scissors (if faja is too tight around butt, im chopping that bottom part right off!)
-dial antibacterial soap

And I'm going to Walmart once im in miami to get ensure, gatorade, water, orange juice, wheat thins, oatmeal, etc.

Also have any of you opted not to receive massages while you were there ?? Im thinking since I dont have that much money to spend, I could wait until I get back home where it would probably be cheaper, considering I live in a very Spanish neighborhood where this kind of surgery is popular. I could go to a massage place around my way for half the price and self massage (thanks to youtube) in the mean time ...

And another thing ... How much did you guys spend on your meds ?? I have insurance but I just wanna know an estimate so I wont be in for any surprises

58 more days !!! I CANT WAITTTT


21 more days !!! im so nervous but i cant wait until this whole thing is over with. Ive had my stuff packed for a month lol. Last step is medical clearance


I went to the doctor a few days ago for my medical clearance. Thankfully he did the EKG in his office so I didnt have to go to a cardiologist. He took my blood and after the EKG was over, he tells me I have a sinus arrhythmia and he's going to put a heart monitor on me for 24 hours. Mannn only if you know how depressed I got! Such a scary feeling to know something is wrong with your heart. He said there has to be some reason why I store so much weight around my midsection. He said that he would check my thyroid once my blood comes back and if its not good, surgery is out of the question. I literally went home and crieddd !! I couldnt fathom spending all this time and money and effort into preparing for surgery to just have it cancelled in an instant.

When I went back to the doctor for the results, he took my heart monitor off and told me that my blood was PERFECT. I was cheesing from ear to ear lol. He gave me a big hug and although he is totally against plastic surgery, he wished me the best of luck. I will be calling Norma in 2 days to pay off my sx balance. Cant believe this is actually happening. It feels so surreal.

I wonder if people actually read my updates =/ ...... Anyway now I have to deal with my friend who's traveling with me and her stressing over how we're gonna get from Fort Lauderdale airport to the hotel in Miami. I have no issues taking public transportation/a shuttle but she's not so resourceful and thinks cabs are the only way to get around but i refuse to pay $80 for ANYBODY'S cab ughh


I called Nadege two days ago and set up transportation arrangements for my friend and I while we're in Miami. She charged me a great/reasonable price that my friend and I are going to split. She says that it would've been so silly to rely on cabs being that they're so expensive and i'd be waiting on them forever. She is so cool and down to earth. I cant wait to meet her and Norma. Every time I call Norma and say my name, she just laughs and says im so cute lol I love her.

Putting up new wish pics.

Also if you have nothing positive to say in the comment section, keep your words in your head. The users on a site like this, where we all expose ourselves in so many ways, shouldn't be subject to negativity and judgment. If were all grown ups here, let's be mature and a have some sensitivity.
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