Jan 27, 2015! I'm ready!! Suwanee, GA

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I have always had a pretty flat booty I started...

I have always had a pretty flat booty I started becoming even more self conscious when I moved to the east coast and it was filled with beautiful body Dominican girls. So I started to wear the butt lifter garment and butt pads ugh total false advertisement. I started looking into doctors and what do I find... Dr j curves and he pictures don't lie.... He's the ass doctor for sure. My boyfriend doesn't want me to get it done because he says he's happy with what I got and that I should be too but if I have the money for it I see nothing wrong with getting a little work done. My mom is supportive she just worries about the complications because of all the shit they show in the news which I understand it's definitely scary. But I've done my research and feel comfortable with my decision. I am a healthy 23 yr old female now it's all about preparing my body. Shelly is my patient coordinator and she said for best results I would have to lose 15lbs. So after the holidays it's all business baby. I even started these kickboxing classes and a full protein diet. The only thing that has me a little sad is that I will have to travel alone.... I will have to hire the gold platinum care staff so just a little scared to be in so much pain and my momma not there to help me lol I have a three year old and I sure as hell don't want him seeing me with drains and not being able to move and play with me. Pls only encouraging comments I need them!

Still trying to keep faith

So as some of you may have experienced I have real self syndrome. I cannot get off this site! Even though my surgery is more than a year away I just want to be fully prepared. I keep reading and reading and sometimes read these horrible horror stories. I have yet to speak to dr jimerson only to Shelly my patient coordinator she recommended I get a few other things done but I refused because I started going to the gym and dieting and want to tighten my arms and hopefully get rid of my bra roll. I am 5'3" and 165 lbs. yes I'm on the heavier side but the way my shape is, doesn't look too badI will take pics soon and show you guys my body type. Shelly did recommend I lose 15 lbs and that's my goal anyway. I feel like maybe some girls go to a doctor and expect to be completely transformed but girls we have to do our share too! Dr j curves can only take out 5000 ccs if like to get down to 150lbs then my results will be more realistic. Anybody else have a procedure done with dr jimerson? Any recommendations? What is he like? I'm just honestly scared shitless. I'm glad you guys are here because I sure as hell can't talk about it with anyone else

More $$$ towards deposit

Today I put a $5000 down and will put the rest in a month or so so I can get on the fast track list because my surgery is in feb but that is a busy time at work so I would like to move it up to the beginning of January or beginning of December... Whichever will be just fine! Anyhow I've been doing kickboxing 3x a week and eating super clean I don't want to weight myself quite yet. I've been buying things here an there like arnica and I bought a chair that I will use while I'm at work. I will take pics soon. Only 9 months to go!!!

Paid in full!

So here are some photos I've lost 10 lbs and gotten rid of some of that belly bloated ness. I am paid in full and just kind of waiting around to lose a little bit more weight I would like to lose another 10 lbs. I want a booty but I don't want to be like deelishes lol


OK girls, So Iziza called yesterday and we have officially moved my day up to January 27th with a pre-op date of January 26! I AM SO EXCITED! I also called my family doctor yesterday and scheduled my medical clearance for Dec 30th. I got a list from Iziza of all the things that I will need. I will be buying in the next couple of weeks these Make Me Heal vitamins they are pre op and post op vitamins for faster and better healing. I am sorry that this post is all over the place but its how I am feeling right now! I will also be contacting Terri from Gold Platinum Care for my stay down in ATL because I ave no one to come down with me, I would have my mom come but then my will be 4 by then son would have to join as well and there is no way that will happen. Mommy will need resting happy stress free environment and that would not happen with a 4 year old. I am overall in good health but I cannot help to be scared and nervous, after all I am going under the knife! I have gone 2 weeks today without smoking as well because I just want be the absolute healthiest for a speedy recovery. I will be asking my job for a total of 12 days off (mon-fri, weekends dont count). I am very scared about the way that will go. anyway ladies wish me luck my date is slowly approaching!

Gold platinum care

I will be staying at gold platinum care with Terris for the full two weeks she provides transportation to and from the airport, doc visits and prescription pick up. And three meals a day with unlimited snacks for 1950 for a 14 day stay which is super adorable if you ask me I won't have to worry about food and transportation and to me that is huge because I'll be traveling alone and won't have my mom to help out. Another thing still going to kickboxing 4 times a week and well ladies let me tell you I believe the number one thing for weight loss is what you put in your body! The food. I'm a comfort eater and will eat my feelings away which sucks but I'm trying to deviate from that. I've lost 16lbs so far by eating only grilled chicken or fish with a cup of veggies and that will be my diet for when I am out of surgery as well. Ladies I believe we need to do our part for best results and recovery. Dr J can only take so much out and while he does sculpt you he can not make miracles out of some of us. Shelly told me that I had to be 10-15 lbs overweight of my ideal weight. So if you are over by 40-50 you must do your part by losing weight anyhow... Only 3.5 more months and I'll finally have the curves of my life I'll post pics soon of my weight loss when I get to my desired weight for surgery

A week away!!!

Ok guys! I am literally a week away!!! I am excited and beyond nervous. I am super sad about not having my mother there but I know my caretaker will take great care of me. I will be heading out Sunday evening to Atlanta and doing my preop on Monday at 2pm with my patient coordinator and dr j (it will be my first time speaking with him and meeting him!!!) I have my wish pics ready and I'm going to drill aggressive kilo on my stomach. I will put up more before pictures. Ladies pls pray for me. Also I had absolutely no problems with my medical clearance. I'm an overall a pretty healthy person. I've been drinking down 8 glasses of water a day and vitamin c 1000mg a day. I am vowing to myself to get better right away after surgery. My bags are also packed. Plenty of sports bras. And a bunch of sweats. I'm not going to Atlanta for a vacation it will be only for recovery. My surgery is on Tuesday January 27th at 730am. The first one of the day!!! Again ladies pray for me! This is going to be completely life changing!!!

And it's finally done!!

So I got to Atlanta on Sunday with my preop being Monday. I saw dr j at my preop and said that he would def take care of me it was a very brief interaction (smh) but I had gotten this far so no turning back. Next day my surgery was for 7:30 but you have to get to the office one hour early. Well no one got there until 645am. The lady that opened the door wasn't as friendly and wasn't helping with my nerves. On top of all of this my period decided to come that same damn morning. So she tells me put a tampon put on my surgery gown and cap on my head. Ok. Now I'm in a cold room and they put the ivy in me. Dr j comes in and I showed him the pics he says you already showed me, you're gonna have a big butt bc of your shape I said ok nervously bc I want something proportioned to my body he says I got you. Ok he leaves I say a prayer and then Greta and the other woman who wasn't as friendly are walking me into the OR, btw at this point I am crying due to nervousness and bc my mom wasn't able to be here with me. When I step into the OR Iam cold the unfriendly nurse says this will help you relax and puts the goods in my IV lol. Then they put this soap stuff all over my body. Now I am dizzy and they help me lay down and I am out!

I made it to the other side. I wake up feeling drunk lol. They say how's your pain I said a 6 not too bad just soreness. And they help me get on my tummy. The lady who was picking me up I think was late bc I could hear the nurses making a fuzz about it. Finally she is here and they help put on the maxi dress I brought and out the door we go. We get to the recovery house and I am still drunk lol they put chux pads on the bed and my period how now gotten heavy and I bled all over my garment. Embarrassing and you cannot take it off for 48 hours! Ugh. I peed a lot during those 48 hours and slept a lot. Now after the 48 hours I am getting the lymphatic massages. Three consecutive ones. And ladies you need these! Idk how girls do it without them. You have so much fluid in your body and my body was so sore. Those massages help a lot. I get my third one tonight. The recovery house is cool. There were three of us now only two. I had asked for a private room and got it so I have to the privacy and space that I need. I am in a size XL garment which made me sad but I think it's all bc of my fat butt and bc I have a lot of swelling. I will post pics. So far I am happy with my results. I am still doing massages. But I know my body will form


Almost home.

Ladies the recovery process is real and slow. I am now officially starting to feel normal except for sitting. I haven't done that at all but to just test out my booty buddy which is amazing and I refer it to all girls getting this procedure done rather than a hoppy pillow. Also your knees and elbows will hurt like hell since that's where you'll put most of your pressure day in and day out. Propping out of bed, reading a damn book sitting up or kneeling down. It's crazy the things we do for beauty lol I am very pleased with my results so far. I also get to go home in two more days. I got a note from drj for the flight that says that I will have to stand or lay down for most of the flight. With the exceptions of take off and landing and turbulence I'm sure. Giiiiirls I am so ready to be home and be in my own bed. The girls here have been great terris really does her thing with helping you and the nurse d is a doll and my fav is Trina who did my massages! Any questions feel free to ask


Did you any of you change into different type of garments when home? I don't really like the full body one I ordered a thong compression garment without the legs. What did some of you ladies do?

New pic!

10 weeks post op

So sorry

Oooomg I haven updated in so long! Sorry girls! It had completely changed my life... Everywhere I go it's eyes on me. My boyfriend broke up with me due to all the attention and amongst other things. It def has its ups and down... Attention is everywhere all the time sometimes the wrong attention bc all the men are just lookin at you and the women lookin at uou with envy. I feel so confident and amazing tho. It has boosted my self esteem immensely. I definitely recommend it to anyone who feels insecure about their bottom. He gave me great projection and I can't thank him enough for changing my life.

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