I've crossed over! BBL & TT w/ Dr. Jimerson *2 Weeks Post Op w/pictures*

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Hello to all the BBL sisters! I've been looking...

Hello to all the BBL sisters! I've been looking into getting a tummy tuck for the last 5 years. I first got pregnant at 17 and have 4 children total, 1 via C-Section. My children are now 15, 20, 21 and 22 years old. I literally haven't seen my navel in 22 years! I turn 40 in 2013 and I refuse to celebrate my birthday with anything other than a BIG Booty and a flat stomach! I am 5'7" and 196 lbs. I'm comfortable at 175 lbs, so if I loose 10 lbs. I'll be right where I need to be.

I've been researching the procedure for a tummy tuck and already had a consultation scheduled when I ran across RealSelf.com. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Jimerson's results. Although he's more expensive than what I originally planned to spend, I feel Dr. J is the expert for the look I'm trying to achieve.

All my life I was teased for not having "black girl" hips and butt. I've worn butt pads for the appearance of a bigger butt and compression garments to make my stomach appear flat. I am so ready to burn them all! I've lost weight, down to 150 lbs at one time. I looked too skinny, lost the little butt I did have and had absolutely no curves! Well I'm soooo ready to change all of that! I love being thick, never looked good skinny. I just need to put the extra fat in all the right places!

I've been stalking this site for almost a week now. I've learned so much from your posts and pictures. I have my phone consultation with Dr. J tomorrow. I'm super excited! I'm hoping to schedule my surgery for the week of January 28, 2013. That's right I'm ready to go!!! I've waited long enough! Keep you guys updated on my story.

Ok, so I had my consultation with Dr. J today. I...

Ok, so I had my consultation with Dr. J today. I first spoke Michelle with who gave me a recap of the information/expectations posted on Dr. J's website and then some. I've found that everyone I have have encountered has been very professional and knowlegable. I've seen some complaints about the timeliness of the calls for the consultation. My call was 3 hours later, but I have flexibility in my work schedule so it wasn't a problem. Most doctors charge a consultation fee, Dr. J is "free." For this very reason, I didn't mind the extra wait time. So happy to talk to the man himself! He was so down to earth and easy to talk to. He answered my list of questions and I didn't feel rushed at all. I hung up the phone feeling confident he knew exactly what I'm aiming to achieve. My list includes BBL, TT, lipo of inner thighs, lipo of upper back and bra area, also lipo of my arms. Heck I even threw a little Botox in there! LOL

Only disappointment of the day was the timeframe for surgery... I was told they're booked out until May 2013! My heart sank to the floor. I can't wait that long! I had my medical clearance done today and have my cash in hand for surgery. If anyone plans to cancel in the month of January PLEASE let me know. I'll even pay $500 for a January surgery date! There's no way I will be able to get this done in May. I will be on business travel and hoped to be healed by then. HELP!!!

Hello BBL sisters! Work has been crazy since the...

Hello BBL sisters! Work has been crazy since the beginning of the new year. Wanted to take a few minutes to give you guys an update. So, I have my surgery date all set for January 30th! I'm totally excited and anxious to get it done and over with. I really needed to have my surgery done in January for work purposes and ended up with the second to the last day in the month. Michelle at Dr. J's office has been awesome! God is good!

I've been focusing on getting all of the items from the "needed" list (thanks BootieBeauty78 ;-). They are slowly trickling in via US mail and fed Ex. Half of it i dont know what to do with, LOL! I'll be stalking your posts to find out when i'm supposed to do what and take what (hehe). I'm learning so much from you guys, thank you! One of the things i'm really concerned with is the extra garment. I want to buy an extra for sanitary reasons, but don't know what size.... I'm 5'7 about 190 lbs. I'm also having arm lipo/upper back/bra rolls, so didn't know If I should get a garment with sleeves... again what size? Does anyone know if Dr. J will use a garment with sleeves with these procedures? I looked at the recommended styles 1630 & 1632 on Lipo Express. They also sell the garment with sleeves. I believe there is a garment store in the mall close to my house. I will check it out.

I'm all booked at the Holiday Inn Express, but thinking about changing to the Embassy Suites that's approx, 6 miles from the office. My caretaker has a car and is going to take me to my appointments, shopping, etc. so the distance to/from the office won't be a big deal. I like the long hallways and openness of the Embassy Suites which will allow me ample space to walk around. Of course they have a microwave, fridge, separate room with sofa bed for my caregiver and free breakfast daily for the both of us. I'm having quite a bit done (BBL, TT, fat transfer to hips, lipo: inner thighs, upper back, bra rolls and chin so I have her for 4 days post surgery and all appointments.

Other than that, I'm just trying to get all of my business in order so surgery time is stress free! Still have about 5 or more lbs I want to shed so I've cut out carbs, sodas and sugar. I'm also walking 3 miles in the afternoons. I'll post some photos just before surgery. That's all for now! TTYL!

OMG, got a phone call from Dr. Jimerson's office,...

OMG, got a phone call from Dr. Jimerson's office, they can squeeze me in the Friday! As you all may know I was looking into getting my surgery done sometime this month for work purposes, otherwise it would have to wait until 2014. Let me tell ya, Michelle is da bomb! She has really worked with me! I have nothing but positive reviews thus far about Dr. J and his staff! They all have been great! This shows they will work you in where they can, so ladies don't get discouraged if you don't initially get your preferred date or timeframe. The schedule changes all the time.

I already changed my plane ticket and hotel. I fly to Atlanta in the morning! I can't tell you all how super excited I am. My bags are already packed! There were only a few items I considered buying based upon reviews I've read. Y'all please let me know if they are necessary and I will have them shipped to my hotel. The items include:

- Yoga Mat
- Spanx compression cammis
- Spanx compression shorts
-adominal binder or foam
-lipo express tummy board
- Squeem

Gotta to do some last minute grocery shopping for the house. My caregiver is out of town and is flying back to take care of me! She is so sweet! You guys have to use her. She has given the ok to share her number so InBox me. Pre-Op is on Thursday. I've started my Make me Heal Pre-Op vitamins as well as Bromelain. Thought I two more weeks to she'd some weight, but oh well! Super excited!!!

BBL sisters, it's been an eventful day today!...

BBL sisters, it's been an eventful day today! Changed hotels from the Holiday Inn Express to the Hyatt. I guess at one point and time the Holiday Inn welcomed Dr. Jimerson's patients with open arms. This certainly doesn't seem to be the case now. They stop giving Dr. J's patients discounts, they even told me I should bring my own sheets because they were now going to charge for damaged linen. With all of this said, I still chose to stay. I brought disposable bed pads and I had the AAA discount and the rooms were comfy. What finally did it was the lack of interest to assist me with ANYTHING! I asked for extra pillows, the clerk asked how many, I told her maybe four, she bluntly stated "I don't believe they're going to give you that many!" with Straight attitude! Needless to say they didn't give me any! I asked for directions to Dr. J's office, I was going to walk to my pre-op. this same clerk who has been there for years stated she didn't know where his office was! It was raining all day, so I asked for assistance with a cab and she stated it was going to cost a lot of money because cabs had to drive far to get there.... Really? Can you help me with anything with a smile on your face besides charging my credit card for 18 nights?!!! Frustrated, I called Dr, J's office and was told they've been hearing more and more of these stories about this hotel and was planning to take them off the list of hotels for Dr. J's patients. I was quickly referred to the two other hotels in the immediately area. I chose the Hyatt. The rates were cheaper, the staff we super friendly and they have a shuttle! Thank ya Jesus! Not only did the come pick me up from the Holiday Inn, they dropped me off at my pre-op, came back to get me, took me to get my prescriptions filled and took me to Target to get some last-minute items!. That's customer service! The manager and the director of sales were in the lobby and welcomed me with open arms, you would think I was a celebrity! So accommodating and professional!

I had a slight scare after my pre-op. Dr. J was concerned with my iron level at the time of my medical clearance. It was slightly below normal. I immediately started taking iron pills. The patient coordinator stated before surgery tomorrow morning Dr. J. Wanted to discuss having so many procedures at once and thought we may have to scale back.... What? Oh No! My heart sank...... "Tell Dr. Jimerson I've been taking iron and I should be good now!..." The only way to get cleared was to go to the nearest walk-in clinic to have my iron checked and faxed to Dr. J. before C.O.B.... Once again, I called the Hyatt shuttle and they drove me there and waited for me to finished.... What a blessing! My iron was perfect! Dr. J said I was good to go!

My phone rang around 6:30, it was Dr. Jimerson's office again. I was hesitant to answer thinking "what else could be wrong?" It was Dr. J himself!!! He wanted me to know due to the storm, we were going to start my surgery one hour later. OMG, what a relief! This is really going to happen!

I've posted some last-minute pictures. If I don't talk to you all again before surgery, I'll see you on the other side!

Hello Ladies! I've crossed over to the other...

Hello Ladies! I've crossed over to the other side! I arrived at Dr. Jimerson's office at 8:00. I was originally scheduled to arrive at 6:45 but things were pushed back due to the weather. The nurse promptly took me back. We went over brief medical history, took my pre-op pictures and put my IV in. The anesthesiologist came in to ask some brief question regarding my history with surgeries and explained his role during the role. He joked he would be giving me a drug through my IV that would make me feel like I had a few shots of me favorite drink! I said "Bring on the Hennesy!" LOL! After that we walked into the surgical room and that's all I remember.

I woke up in recovery with the shakes. My body was so cold, the nurse had to warm me up a few times. I remember her saying Dr. Jimerson took the max 5000 and did not get to my arms. I was too out of it to ask how many CC's he put back in. I will call the office to find out.

I am SO glad I didn't get my arms done! I've had to use my arms for so much, I can't imagine how much harder it would be without them. I've had to use my arms to get out of bed, wipe myself and to eat. Ok so, recovery so far hasn't been that bad, my stomach feels like I did a 1,000 crunches. My butt feels hard and stiff, but it hasn't caused me any constant pain. The worse is getting in/out of bed. I couldn't do it without the help from my caregiver. I'm also finding it difficult using the female urinal without wetting my garment. I've started lowering myself over the toilet to pee, which still does not totally eliminate getting my garment wet.

I know some of you had questions as to how to sleep after having a TT and BBL at the same time. I'm sleeping on my sides. One of the patient coordinators suggest I get (2) body pillows, put them together and place my hips in between the crack. It's been working out fine, but I'm wondering if I'm putting too much weight on sides.

So far I'm happy with what I see thus far. My caretaker keeps saying you have a phat one, lol! Yesterday I attempted to walk the length of my hotel room, but would feel like throwing up any time I was out of bed. Today has been a little easier. I walk the length of the room about 10 times before getting back in bed.

I haven't had much of an appetite but making myself eat so I have some energy. I've had low sodium soup, fresh fruit, and protein shakes. I'm also drinking Gatorade. On scale of 1-10, my pain is about 7 which is primarily from the TT. I've posted a couple of pictures. Can't wait to hear the amounts he put in my hips because it doesn't look like very much :-(

Going back to sleep now. Thanks for all the prayers and good well wishes!

Hello BBL sisters! I made it though week one, let...

Hello BBL sisters! I made it though week one, let me tell ya it's was a little rough! I'm usually good with pain. I had 3 children without any pain meds or epidural. I also had 1 c-section, so I really thought I wouldn't have any issues. Having so many areas done at the same time really limits what you can do independently and how much rest you get. My third, fourth and fifth days seems to have been the worst. Having a tummy tuck and BBL at the same time and lipo of so many areas can be done, but you will be very uncomfortable! My caretaker is the Bomb! She was so patient and understanding which made a huge difference, she made sure I woke up on time to take my meds, ate when I should and she really pushed me to do as much as I could independently. I ended up having to use her for my entire 1st week. Taking the garment off and putting it back on is a b***h! It will be much easier once your drains are removed.

I attended my post -op appointment. My front drains were still emitting more than 30 cc so I only had the back one taken out. Nurse said I'm healing just fine. I ran into Dr. J as he was headed into surgery. I thanked him for my new booty! He is so down to earth! I like what I'm seeing thus far, but still waiting to see what my hips will look like. I got 1000 in each cheek and only 200 in each hip. I wanted 300, but oh well nothing I can do about it now.

I got the green light to start lymphatic drain massages, but I'm going to wait until my front 2 drains are removed. I'm having my massages done at the Massage Envy about 10 Minutes north of Dr. Jimerson's office, but the nurse at Dr. J's says she has the contact info for a lady that will come to you. I have a membership with Massage Envy and have 5 massages I can use without having to pay.

Overall, I feel good. I can stand up straight. My lipo'd areas are still sore and stiff. I get out of bed and walk as much as I can. usually every 2 hours. My butt seems like it's already trying to soften up in some areas. I hope to keep the current volume. My lipo'd chin looks great! The swelling will take about a month to go away. The chin garment wasn't tight enough, so i bought an ace bandage which works just as good. My body garment is starting to loosen up. Planning to order a smaller size and have it shipped home. That's all for now. I've posted a few new pictures. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!

Hello Ladies! I finally made it back home to...

Hello Ladies! I finally made it back home to Florida. Had a little drama before I left GA. Someone went into my hotel room and took all my meds. Which really sucks, because I could really use a muscle relaxer right now. My body is quick to remind me that I just had major surgery and not to take on too much.

Flight back was ok. Walking through the airport was worse than the flight itself. I sat on my boppy pillow and put my neck pillow behind my back. Let me tell you I felt guilty sitting on my butt! I was like I'm hoping this isn't killing cells right now!

Made it home expecting to find my smaller garments delivered and waiting, but they aren't here. Ordered them from Lipo Express a week ago! Ughh! The garment I wore after surgery is way too big and isn't compressing anything at all! I'm going to continue my lymphatic drainage massages because they do make a huge difference. I can already feel some rough spots starting to form in some of my lipo'd areas. Overall I'm happy with my results so far!

I've seen some of the girls talk about a belly board or foam. Can someone tell me what that is! I'm not sure my stomach is getting enough support in order to be flat. I added a new picture taken today. To all the ladies who asked questions I haven't forgotten about you! I'm playing catch up today.

I chose Dr. Jimerson because of his amazing results!

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