2 weeks post-op with pics. #Dr. J

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Hello Ladies, So I have decided to be more...

Hello Ladies,
So I have decided to be more involved and writing my first review. I am looking for the same support I've been seeing through the BBL sisterhood. I had a phone consult with Dr. J two weeks and I was going to see Dr. Markmann and Dr. Rodriguez, but after seeing the T.I. & Tiny show, I was sold. He is way more reasonable and I feel that he will really be able to give me the body that I want. I picked up running in the spring through a running group I joined (Black Girls Run- shout out) and I love it. What is starting to happen is that Im getting more toned, but my butt is getting even smaller than it was. Ive been having this battle with my butt my entire life so I am taking the step to do something about it. I'm looking to have kids within the next 2-3 years, but I'd rather do it now than wait to have it when my children are of toddler age and I'm able to go through a 3 week recovery. At minimum that'll be 5 years from now. I'm not waiting that long. Doing me now before I have to give my all to kids, career, and husband. After speaking with Dr. J, he said the lipo and BBL will provide a good foundation to be pretty and pregnant and keep my body at a decent size with no effects to the butt. The stomach will stretch but I'll work out all I can and nip/tuck if need be. I just want the butt!! I'm looking at this as an investment into my body. LOL. I was told to gain about 5-10 pounds. Im running a half marathon in the spring so I'm really going to work on that weight gain for summer 2013, which is when I plan on having the surgery. It's going to be hard for me not to run and workout but Ill do what I need to do to give him enough to work with. I want something natural that will put an S-curve to my backside. In a thong, my butt doesn't look crazy but without it, I have a long back. Dr. J also wanted to give me hips. At first, I didnt think I'd need it but he is the expert. I hear that he is always trying to give someone hips but that's maybe why he is Dr. J Curves. That's his thing. I want a natural looking S-curve to my shape and a butt like Serena which I think will go with how big my thighs are. Anyway, Ive found a buddy on here already....BuddyGum28. Just talking to her has been great support and reading you guys comments are all encouraging me to move forward. This was a solo effort for me. Not much support from friends and boyfriend, so its amazing to have this community. Looking to put my deposit down today as soon as the office opens and before prices jump. I'm sure they will after the exposure from the show. Monica was my coordinator but she hasnt been answering her phone or returning emails. I heard she may be out of the office because she underwent BBL recently. Well I was approved for the entire amount of the surgery through CareCredit but want to put at minimum half down. I'm excited to start the journey. 2013 will be my year.

I put the deposit down and July 3rd it is. Because...

I put the deposit down and July 3rd it is. Because of Realself I found my buddy and wont have to do a solo effort. We are traveling together and our surgeries are back to back. This is helping me take the anxiety off and feel nothing but excitement. Now the prep begins..

Happy that I have another buddy to go through this...

Happy that I have another buddy to go through this with...PrettyPhysique. Our surgeries are all scheduled for the same day and we are looking for a house to rent. If you are serious about putting a deposit down, but have a late consult date and your looking to book a surgery soon, I would call the office and tell them just that. My two buddies were scheduled for consults in January and February, but when they called and told them they were serious and had their deposit, they moved their consults up and were able to put their deposits down. Had they waited for their consults, the July dates for surgery would probably have been booked. You pretty much better have your deposit ready to be paid so you must be serious if you are looking to get an earlier consult date.

I'm disheartened to see the attacking going on....

I'm disheartened to see the attacking going on. Why do WE have to act like this. I'm so thankful for the encouragement from strangers on this site who are going through this emotional and physically taxing journey. I love my BBL buddies, PrettyPhysique and BubbleGum28 for the phone calls and texts as we go through our ups and downs. Thats what RS is about. Ladies lets keep it classy and assume for the most part that people are coming with the best intentions. That behavior will turn newbies like myself off of this site. Just sharing my thoughts.

12 more days. Nervous, excited. #DR. JIMERSON

I have not updated for a long time so I am getting back on it. I have benefited so much from other ladies and their experiences and so I am obligated to pay it forward to the rest who are on this journey.
I had my medical clearance on June 4th. I was extremely nervous because I had not taken any iron supplements. Thankfully, my iron levels were good and I have been taking iron and vitamin C daily to get my body ready for surgery. I am flying into Atlanta to stay with family for a few days prior to surgery. July 1st I will have my pre-op appt and will be checking into Hyatt Place with BubbleGum28. July 3rd at 9:30 am, I will be in surgery.
I am using CareCredit to pay for my surgery and will have an automatic debit set up for them to withdraw the money each month before the end of the 0% interest period. I am happy that I have the support of my boyfriend.
I send him wish pics all the time and he always gives his honest opinions as to what makes them good or bad. That support is so comforting. Only him, my 2 line sisters (DST all day!! ), and my best friend who is coming down to help me out for a couple days know. Everyone doesn't need to know your business. Just my true blue, tried and true friends.
I will be starting a new job Aug 5th and so I am a little nervous about sitting. I don't want my new colleagues to have any idea as to what I may have gone through so Im hoping 4 weeks will be enough time for my fat to set. Im happy because Im moving to a new area and no one will know what my body looked like before. Im very happy about that. New job, new area, new body.
I spoke to Shelly (my patient coordinator) and she was about 3 weeks post op. She is the best. She told me that she came back to work 4 days post-op because she was so restless. She did not sit but kneeled. She was so excited and happy about her results but wished she had more fat. She suggested I gain another 5 lbs. She's a runner like me and she said its best to give Dr J enough fat and if he doesnt need it, he can get rid of it. Im not going crazy but I am a little less careful about what I eat. To date, Ive gained about 10 lbs. I'm comfortable with what I have for Dr. J to work with. Shelly said I had to wait 8 weeks before I hit the gym and no more running. So sad about that but to keep the results, Ill be focus more on weight training. Ladies this is an investment. Dr. J. is giving me a foundation and Im just going to make it better with good nutrition and exercise.
Since I have started my journey, my wish pics have definitely changed. I went from being very conservative to wanting a fatty lol. If Im going to drop 10k, I do want a body that's going to turn heads. Im already a thick girl so a fatty will be believable. Ive listed items Ive gotten so far.

Items I have to date:
Dial anti-bacterial wash
Saline wound wash
arnica gel
arnica pills
benadryl itch gel
2 mattress covers (found at Dollar Store-Thanks BubbleGum28)
Boppy pillow
surgical tape
Maxi Dresses ($10 each from wet seal)
black robe
sports bras
tank tops for under garmet
headbands for drains
vitamin E oil for scars
mederma for scars
military chair (off amazon)
waist cincher (thanks BubbleGum28)
vitamin C

Added wish pics. Trying not to get too much booty greed. #Team Dr. J

Had appointment today. 2 days pre-op. #TeamDrJ.

So I checked into the Hyatt Place earlier than check in time. The front desk was so accomodating and they knew right away that I was going to see Dr. J. My maxi dress I had on and length of stay gave me up. LOL. The staff made sure they found the largest double room for me and my bbl buddy knowing we would be staying for damn near 2 weeks. The shuttle service is magnificent. They will take you everywhere you need to go. My pre op appt was for 1pm and I had them stop at Chik-Fil-A so that I could eat before hand.
I arrive at Dr. J's office to fill out the paperwork. Im going to keep it 100% my experience so far. It was a little bit unprofessional as far as the front desk. The receptionist was eating chicken wings and had to wipe his hands to take my Patient Pad and cards. He should have gone to the break room for lunch. He also forgot to give me back my drivers license and credit card. I didnt realize it until after my appt and after I had left and was trying to get my prescriptions filled. Im a very laid back person so it was annoying but not a huge deal. Being that Dr. J's office is in Johns Creek which Im told is the Beverly Hills of Georgia, I was expecting just some more professionalism. Your front desk is the face of your business when clients come in to greet you. So thats just one small criticism.
I met with my nurse Renee who was very informative. There was a issue with my medical clearance. The doc didnt fax the CBC part over and I had no idea that this happened. It would have been great if they had called me though they did make an attempt to call my doc office about it last week.. I was sooo scared they were going to push back my surgery. Luckily enough I signed up with Lab Corps to view my results online. I pulled them up in the office and my CBC was included and I was good to go. Whew cause I would have been too upset having traveled down there from Jersey. I have been agonizing over what my results will look like so Shelly, who is my patient coordinator, came back and showed me her ass. She looked amazing and she really assured me that I was going to look amazing. I pulled up my dress and showed her everything and she told me I had good elasticity with my skin and that I will turn out well. Renee assured I had a clean bill of health and was in tip top shape for this surgery so Im praying I will have a smooth recovery. Geeta also came in and showed me her ass. She had hers done two years ago and she looked great. They both made me feel so much better to see their results live and in living color. The staff is amazingly sweet and attentive so I forgave the chicken wing eating receptionist. LOL.
There are some characters that came into the waiting room. I saw girls that looked straight from Magic City...not mad at it...to professional looking women to women who were def in their 50's.
Overall Im confident Ill be in good hands with Dr. J. Im not nervous but just ready to take this surgery head on. Oh the room at the Hyatt Place is definitely comfortable and accomodating. The staff has excellent customer service and for $71 a night with the AAA rate, its definitely worth it.
Okay ladies. I will keep you all updated on my journey. Good luck to all going into surgery and recovering. I respect you all.

1 day pre op. Surgery in the A.M. right behind BubbleGum28 #TeamDrJ.

I am excited for this transformation. I went back to Dr. J's office with BubbleGum28 for her preop. I was able to ask some more questions and this time meet Dr. J and talk to him. The office was less busy because typically this was his day off but he came in to do some surgeries I believe from the patient's who paid cash. I feel better and better about going through with it. Again Shelly is an absolute doll. She really is an asset to the staff.
On another note, I want to give my condolences to my girl, my sister through this journey, PrettyPhysique. She has been the biggest supporter along with BubbleGum28 during this journey and I am so saddened to hear of her brother's death. Girl, Im praying so much for you and your family. Such a loss that was so sudden and senseless adds even more pain and turmoil. Im praying your strength and comfort in Him.
Alright divas. See ya'll on the other side.

1 Day Post-op. #DrJ

Day of Surgery:
I arrived at 9:45am for my surgery at 11am. I went immediately to the back and Jean was my nurse. I think she was new to the practice. She took my pictures in front of the blue screen twice but then Renee, the head nurse, came in to take them again to get a better angle. Surgery was running behind schedule so I didnt go in till about 12:30pm. Jean then asked me questions about my health, took my blood pressure and then stuck the IV in me. Thankfully she got it on the first try. I put on Pandora laid back and listened to some jazz and neo-soul to relax me. Around noon Dr. J. came in to mark me up. I showed him my wish pics. Told him not to make me cartoonish but give me my money's worth. He said Im gonna give you a nice J curve and that he would hook me up. Then the anesthesiologist came in. He was very cool and informative. I started to get a little nervous as he told me the possible complications including cardiac arrest and death but that was his legal responsibility to inform me. He had been practicing 13 years he said and never had any fatalities under his care. During surgery he monitors the whole time and if anything happens, the ER is literally across the street and they dont hesitate to take us there if anything were to arise. Once he gave me the meds, I was gone. Next thing I knew I woke up in the OR. Mostly soreness and pain was about a 3. I couldnt stop shivering even though I wasnt cold. It was result of the anesthesia. I had no nausea whatsover. My caretaker came back and I heard Jean the nurse giving her instructions. They put my clothes on me and I waddled to the car. Being Im staying at the Hyatt Place, it was only a 5 min drive. All I wanted to do was lay down. Honestly ladies, even if you are from the area Id say get a hotel like 5 -10 minutes from Dr. J's office. I get to the hotel and luckily only the front desk people were in there. You will be out of it. That anesthesia is no joke. Once we got to the room, I immediately went to sleep. Took my pills and drank a lot of fluids. you have got to walk. that first day trying to walk was difficult. I almost fainted on my first try. Do not get yourself up so quickly. I remember telling my caretaker as she tried walk with me that I dont feel so good, next thing I knew I was falling to the ground and I just heard them say dont fall, dont fall, use your legs. They helped me get back in the bed and fell asleep. I had to pee often. I had a big cup. I needed my caretakers help as they opened the hole in the garmet and I peed.God Bless them. There were times I filled that big cup up and it spilled. Your urine will be very dark like apple juice. Thats the anesthesia coming out your body so keep those fluids coming to flush it out your system. I ate that evening a chicken bowl from Chipolte. I was starving. I hadnt lost my apetite at all. I went to sleep and woke up at 3:45 am to go to the bathroom and walk. My caretaker was sleeping and I didnt want to wake up. Surprisingly enough, it wasnt much trouble doing it myself. Thankfully I bought an oil filter which was very easy to use and really a God send. i also emptied out my drain because it was looking full. they say if it gets clogged, its a bitch to take care for. I dont want experience that and risk getting fluid backup which could cause a seroma. I walked the hotel room back and forth about 3 times. Getting back into the bed, you need your arm strength. I was able to muster back and adjust myself.
Post op-Day 1:
Woke up at 6:45 am. My pain meds had worn off. I didnt feel much pain just a little achy and sore. Pain was like at a 2. It was more uncomfortable than anything. Took my meds and I was good. Bubblegum28's sister and cousin have been my caretakers and they have been nothing short of amazing. Ladies make sure you have someone who will be attentive and really stay on top of you, will write down how much you drain, make sure you take your meds consistently. I am so so so grateful to them. My best friend couldnt make it last minute and they have really stepped in and helped me so much. Anyway I had breakfast--egg sandwich on a croissant and some fruit and yogurt. Im eating that yogurt to make sure I dont get a yeast infection as a result of the antibiotics im taking. Im doing well in my recovery thankfully. I dont feel pain at all once I take those pain meds. Still going to take it slow though. Oh and ladies, get throat lozenges or sore throat spray. Your throat will be raw from the breathing tube that is stuck down your throat during surgery. In addition, you dont even feel the drains. The drains freaked me out prior to surgey. Dont get them snagged on anything and get the chucks/ wee wee pads for dogs. They are a must have cause you will be bleeding and leaking. To ensure we dont mess anything up, BubbleGum28 and I put mattress covers on (you can get them from the Dollar Store) and we have our black towels and sheets on as well as the wee wee pads. You will leak alot of fluid and blood because Dr J keeps the wounds open to keep that fluid running out. In addition the shots you are to take to prevent blood clots, you dont even feel it. I hate shots but these are very doable. I thought this would be a million times worse. Thankful that Im not suffering through this recovery. Alright ladies, feeling a little tired. Heading back to take a nap.

5 days post-op. #DrJimerson

Hey Ladies,
I am going to update as much as I can and remember. Overall this recovery is rough emotionally and somewhat physically during days 1-4 post-op. Not being able to do much without getting dizzy and not having to be dependent definitely messed with me. I would not advise to do this recovery alone and if you get a caretaker, use them up till day 4 post-op. I havent had much pain at all. I definitely have my bouts with stiffness and getting dizzy from standing too long. I took my meds around the clock non-stop so I think that def helped with my level of comfort. Bubblegum28 and I have slept our lives away during this recovery. Because you are on your stomach alot, its easy to drift right to sleep. We took at minimum 3-4 hour to 2 hour naps a day. On day 3, we got our first lymphatic drainage massage by Tiana. She's knowledgeable and good at what she does. She is professional and I would recommend her. Her massages felt great but unlike other ladies on RS, I didn't feel like a brand new person afterwards. I had normal drainage in my bulb but if it facilitates the draining process and gives you an hour to relax and get a nice massage, I think its totally worth it. As of today on day 5, this was the first day BubbleGum28 and I went downstairs to have breakfast with her family. We both took a sponge bath. You can not take a full shower with your drains in. Hoping that at our post op appt on Wednesday, we will be ready to take them out. Anyway, at breakfast we were good till about 30 minutes into breakfast. We started feeling a bit lightheaded and returned to the room. Took a nap and we have both been feeling better than we have since surgery. Today I put my waist cincher on top of my garmet to help shape my stomach. Hoping its just a lot of swelling because I dont see much change in my stomach area. I currently have a nice bubble butt with a curve. I waiting and hoping for it to fluff cause I would like it to be a little bigger and shape. Overall Im content with my results. Bubblegum swears my butt is very big and nice. Im just waiting to see how it changes and settles. It definitely has some projection and it looks natural. Ill post pics soon. Any questions, ask away.

2 weeks Post Op! Dr. J.

Alright ladies. I am officially two weeks post op. Whoo hoo and each day I am feeling more and more like myself. Let me rewind because a little bit of time has passed since I last updated.
At 7 days post op, Bubblegum and I went to Dr. J's office for our post op appt. As we were waiting, we striked up conversation with a lady who was there for her pre-op. We gave her all the ins and outs of what to expect and I even disrobed and showed her my results so she could get an idea of what she wanted, could see what the drain looked like, etc. Now that I have done this, I love educating all the ladies who are going through this because I know how nervous I was getting plastic surgery for the first time and the fear of the unknown. Afterwards, we saw Kim our nurse who checked us for any abnormal fluid buildup. We both were good and she took our drains out. She told us that she had gotten the BBL the day after Shelly making her 5 weeks post op at the time and she said it was the worst pain she had ever had. Worse than her breast aug, nose job, and childbirth with two kids. She needed a blood transfusion and everything. That was no where near my experience. I wasnt in much pain. It was stiffness for us both and being that I had thigh lipo, I had very bad swelling and lumps of fluid that made it hard for me to walk. I massaged the mess out of them myself with my hands, a paint roller,and with the 5 massages I had with Tiana. Im digressing but thigh lipo was the worst for me out of it all. Anyway Kim took our drains out because we had been draining less than 25 cc's over a 24 hour period. I really think those lymphatic drainage massages helped us drain that fluid out. Afterwards we got our medical reports. Ladies ask for them at your pre-op appt. I saw that Dr. J took 1200 ccs out my lower back, 400 ccs from each thigh, 800 ccs from my abs, and 200 ccs from my flanks and I received 800 ccs. He also gave me a killer J curve. At first I had mixed emotions about my results. I thought it wasnt big enough but after two weeks, my butt is starting to round out and soften even a bit. I have a track butt. Its high, round, and lifted. It definitely fits my frame and my friends say its definitely a big ass but its nice and believable. My gays said I was giving them Kim K realness so Im pleased with that. I will post some pics soon. I moved to a new city the day after I returned from Atlanta. Yes, I was tripping and my swollen ankles and feet even 4 days later are thanking me. Anyway, after we left Dr. J's office, we walked across the street to a pharmacy that makes their own scar cream in house that is supposed to be better than Mederma or anything on the market. With my insurance, it was $15 so I was a happy camper. At your post op appt, your nurse will write your prescription. The Hyatt shuttle picked us up and there we met another girl who was getting her surgery with Dr. J that following week. We chatted it up, let her come back to our room and did our best to help educate her. She had come by herself and utilized the services of the "Recovery House." Ladies, Im just going to say, based on what she told us, its a total rip-off. They charged her $2500. Child, bye! and that was after they first asked her how much she made and gave her a starting figure of $3500. They promised to pick her up in a luxury sedan from the airport and instead it was some shady guy picking her up in a Trailblazer. People are trying to get there hustle on and make up these bootleg businesses. Anyway we had dinner with her that evening. It was great just to get our the hotel and eat something other than or Chipolte. We went to a place called Bridges and ate standing up at the bar area. Nobody paid us any mind. We took it back to the hotel and rested.
The following day was our day to fly back to Jersey. We were picked up in a Suburban from GroundLink transportation ($130). A little pricey but to ensure we had a vehicle that had two rows of seating for us to lay down, I was fine with it. We got picked up at 1pm for a 4:30pm flight. It took about 50 minutes to get there and I wanted to give us plenty of time to get through such a huge airport without having to rush. Checked our bags, went through security fine and went to eat again lol standing at the bar. The waitress asked why I was standing and I said it was because I had recent back surgery and pretended that my waist cincher I had over my garmet was a back brace. I said Bubblegum was standing with me because she was such a good friend and didnt want me to feel awkward. Everyone bought it. We went to the gate to board the flight. We told the ticket agent we needed to board a little early and notified the flight attendants we needed help putting bags in overhead and that we would need to sit. We purchased stretch seating which placed us in the front row. Of course it was a full flight and so there was no option to lay down so we had no choice but to stand. And YES we both stood in the first row the entire flight as the whole plane stared at us like we were crazy. I just kept playing up having back surgery and rubbing my back. My back was on fire because we did have to sit during take off and landing. That was an ordeal for me. Thank God I had some strength in my thighs. I bought a Cuddle-U (a cheaper version of the Boppy) and it was just too big. I didnt want to carry it through the airport so I packed it in my suitcase. all i had was a blanket and my hoodie. I rolled that up as much as i could and put it under my thighs. It didnt do much. I had to keep my ass off that seat by shifting my weight from one thigh to the other as I kept my self in the air. It was hard but I got through it cause I wasnt crushing this 10k ass. My friend picked me up from the airport. Thank God he had a Navigator and he put the back row down and made me a makeshift bed. That ride home felt like heaven. At that point I had been on my feet for about 5 hours and I was in some pain.
The following day, I moved to my new place for a new job Ill be starting in 2 weeks. Moving day was an ordeal and I was on my feet a lot and my feet and ankles just swelled up. I had my friend drive my car as I laid in the back seat. I have a Maxima. It was not the most comfortable ride but I got through it. I stopped taking all my meds but I had to pop one of the pain pills Dr. J prescribed. All of my friends who helped me move all loved my results and about 3 of them are trying to get their surgeries next. Good Luck with getting with Dr. J. I heard he will be on the next Love and Hip Hop episode because one of the characters is getting plastic surgery. Forget trying to get a date anytime soon unless you are paying all cash.
Today marked two weeks post op and I have to say I feel pretty good. The hardest part of this journey I feel isnt the pain or stiffness you may feel after surgery but its trying to adjust to a life of not being able to really sit. I am determined to not have this surgery limit my life too much. Hell I see Shelly on Instagram all the time and she is out and about sitting on bar stools. She showed me how to sit just using your thighs. Not to give too much TMI but I took my first bowel movement sitting using rolled up towels. I had been squatting before and it was so uncomfortable but I couldn't sit on my thighs because they were too sore from lipo, I was so happy, I texted Bubble gum. I'm going to try and conquer driving tomorrow. I will do a practice ride driving up the street to the gas station.
I'm going to see if I can buy a rolling stool for work. I will be standing most of the time but when I do sit, I cant be using pillows and yoga mats. Thats too much. When I initially got this surgery, I thought the wait time before direct sitting was 3 weeks. Dr J says 3 months minimum. This was a lot of money and I want my results to be permanent so this will be a challenge. My friend who had hers two months ago says not sitting is a challenge. Just going to take it day by day. Okay ladies. I will have pics soon. Ive got to buy a large mirror for my bedroom. I'm supposed to hopefully get together with Bubblegum soon since we are now neighbors. I moved to her city. When she comes by with her family to visit me at my new place, Ill get them to take pics so I can post. I'm so grateful to this community because I have found lifelong friends on here and would have never went through with the surgery. Im going to give this surgery a worth it rating. It sucks laying on my stomach alot but my body is banger and gave me a great foundation for me. All the time in the gym would not have given me what I see in the mirror and I am definitely happy.

2 weeks post with Pics. Athletic look. #Dr. J

Hey Ladies so I got brave enough to post my post op pics. This is with 800 ccs and 200 ccs to each hip. In person my slope on my back is very nice and in a fitted dress it looks great. I pray that it will fluff. I truly dont want my ass to get any smaller. I suggest for you ladies out there to tell Dr. J to go a bit bigger than your wish pic in case of reabsorption. Your ass will get smaller and like everyone says, dont fall in love with your swelling. If you watch Real Housewives, I have more of a Porsha ass than a Kandi ass. I was going more for that look anyway. I like my proportions and when the 2 month time frame hits, Ill be in the gym squatting and lunging like crazy. No running and no cardio. I had a rough day today. I had a breakdown. Ladies, this ish is emotional. Having moved to a new city right after my BBL, I'm having a tough time adjusting to not being able to get around. I ordered a rolling/adjustable stool for work so that I can hang my ass off the back. I also ordered a squeem vest and medical grade compression stockings. I plan to transition to this after 6 weeks of wearing the garmet. I am currently wearing a waist cincher over my garmet and still holding tough to wearing the triangle. Alright chicas. Good luck to you all going through this and make sure you do this surgery for the right reasons.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. J is a skilled surgeon specializing in butt augmentation. He gets 4 stars for his skill alone. The office lacked professionalism but made up for some of it with a down to earth staff who were very personable. They rocked backward baseball caps, J's, and leggings. I appreciate the detail in things and it being a medical office and that I was paying 10k, I would appreciate a little bit more professionalism from the look of the staff to the overall appearance of the office. I had my surgery July 3rd and we did not receive a follow up call till 6 days post op and that was after we called Shelly to tell her we felt some type of way at the lack of follow up. Within an hour, Geeta the nurse called to see how we were and to answer any questions. We had to rely on friends who had already went through the procedure when we had questions on Day 2 and 3 post op. I saw and spoke to Dr. J for the 3 minutes he marked me up. I never saw him for the pre-op or the post op. He again was out of town so I cant say much for follow-up. I would recommend him because at the end of the day if you want a great ass, he has the skill to do it. The trade off is the office is a little ghetto and there is poor follow up. I love the staff personally and they are overwhelmed but I'm just being honest. No shade at all.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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