Asthma and General Anesthesia Fears - Suwanee, GA

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Hi everyone, I'm sure you can guess my...

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you can guess my question from my thread title, LOL. I have asthma and its controlled well depending on the season.. I'm 33 years old, with 3 children.. I have really been considering the bbl over 8 years now.. so now I finally got pass my fears, and decided to go through with the surgery,, until I developed asthma.. my dreams were pretty much shattered... I'm so so upset.. I have been doing a little research on this topic, I came up with nothing that satisfied my curiosity or anything that I had a clear understanding of... A little more about my asthma.. I m on a daily steroid (symbicort) to control my condition. I feel its well controlled but my problem is when I DO get upset or nervous I bring on my own asthma... I am afraid of having something go wrong while I'm under and somthing triggers me to have an attack on the table.. I assume that they will know if that happens??? I have so many questions n so little answers... So I thought what other better place can I be thats more informative, helpful, concerning passionate and supportive than Here (this ish better then facebook) lol! But seriously tho any information would be helpful and appreciated...

Anyone else have asthma that had a surgery this general anesthesia??

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