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I came across Dr. Jimmerson years ago and thought...

I came across Dr. Jimmerson years ago and thought he would be a good doctor, but this website helped me make a definite decision. I like how he shapes his patients to compliment their frame. I'm 5'2 140 pounds. I've been eating a little more exercising a lot less trying to maintain this weight.i know he likes you to be at least 15 pounds above ideal weight . I have a small waist, nice hips but no ass. I can rock a dress but it has to be tight to look right. I have the kinda shape where men break their necks to see me coming, then are left wondering when I pass. Shorts and swim suits are a NoNo. I have lower back fat which causes my butt to look flat in the middle of my ass. Losing weight does not help this. I've always had a saggy booty. My first time realizing all women aren't shaped alike was in the locker room in 7th grade gym class...
My phone consultation was November 29th. Since my phone consultation I've learned that if you have stretch marks on ur stomach u might need a tummy tuck due to the elasticity of skin. This is not factored into my price. I was not thinking i needed one, my stomach has never been a problem. My surgery date is April 12. Almost two months out! I'm getting excited I've decided to stay at Sun Suites because they have a full kitchen and laundry mat, so I can wash that dreaded garment, but this could possibly change.

Because so many doctors are booked well into next year, I often wonder how many women and MEN Lol have already had bbls! I find myself to be obsessed with ass . I'm constantly watching and waiting impatiently on my BIG DAY

Just spoke to Aziza at Dr.Jimmerson office. She is...

Just spoke to Aziza at Dr.Jimmerson office. She is really sweet and funny. I paid my balance in full today so I'm ready. I'm ready. She also said they have a girl trying to switch dates on MARCH 4, 13! If anybody Is looking for an earlier date. Also she said Dr Jimmerson says the foams cause seromas.That's a No no.

It's 3:53AM, can't sleep. I'm hooked on this site....

it's 3:53AM, can't sleep. I'm hooked on this site. I wake up check REAL SELF, go to bed still checking RS..Haha..
I haven't told my fiance about my surgery. He thinks I'm just going out of town for my birthday with my girls. We live together. He knows I.want liposuction but I didn't tell him anything else. I didn't tell him , when., where, procedure.All I can say is when I get home I'll be more nervous than when I went in for surgery. Do u think he'll notice???? jk..Dr.Jimmerson is my surgeon of course he'll notice. He's a very caring person , so hopefully he'll give me oneof those looks,,FALL MORE IN LOVE WITH MY NEW ASS, and take care of me.
OH~~~ I finally saw mzChicago aka phat stacks booty.WOW..it's amazing to big for me, but she has the best bbl I've seen from.Dr Jimmerson.

I don't think I've read on here how long it takes...

I don't think I've read on here how long it takes for us to resume normal lifestyle of having sex. I know y'all are sore and busy and protecting your new bootys, but on.average how long do you abstain from sex? Do the doctors advise you on a time frame to refrain from sex? And how do you keep your partners off you..ALL THAT ASS HAS TO BE A TEASE....lol.
.good morning###sexisonmymind..I guess

I don't know where to go to get medical clearance...

I don't know where to go to get medical clearance for my bbl. When I do a Google search for it , it comes up with generic info. can anybody direct me in the right direction. I'll try calling Dr Jimersons office today to find out if they have any advice?

Time i ticking away, My doctors appointment ...

Time i ticking away, My doctors appointment is set up for Friday. I feel like its last minute! What if I get bad results? Have to cancel. Everything I've been planning for would be down the drain. I know we have to get these test in a certain time frame, but gosh. maybe I should've done pre lab work. I'm A PLANNER..I HATE LAST MINUTE DECISIONS..(I SOUND CRAZY).lol. so I would have no worries, and be clear of disappointment but ohh well.
This surgery is getting real. NOT that I'm worried about the actual surgery. Once I'm out (anesthesia) I'm in God hands what will be will be. I'm worried that the secret I've been hiding for so long will be out off the bag. I'm a tight clothes kind of girl. mainly because of the way I'm already shaped, small waist big hips. so there will be no denying this. NOT that I'm trying to hide my butt. I think it's the whole lifestyle change. No sitting, drink plenty of fluid. I like water i just don't drink enough of anything throughout the day.. I'm not a thirsty person. then there's the lay down no driving thing. I pick my son up from school everyday. that car pool line sucks now. it will be no joke then.

Do y'all think I should book me a flight back. It's a six hour ride back home and I was planning to leave ATL a week after surgery NO MATTER WHAT, my friend would drive me home and I. would lay in the back, but I'm starting to reconsider this. Think I'll check flight prices when I get off rs
anyway I'm rambling, cross ur fingers for my results

I lucked out with my medical clearance. ...

I lucked out with my medical clearance. It's time for my papsmear and my physical. My Doctors office will do it for cheap. I completed my blood work and xrays today..So thankful they look good. That was stressing me. however I have to wait till next Wednesday to do my ekg and pap, Dauum period came this morning, but oh well I'm making progress.
Kisses till next Wednesday

And I had to tell my doctor why I needed ...

and I had to tell my doctor why I needed the clearance,, I told her for Lipo suction ONLY, she was like where...I am fat people....I had to grab my fat and show it to her. she was like EXERCISE..I LOVE HER

I'm writing u too inform u on what is like ...

I'm writing u too inform u on what is like in DR not talk about any bbl surgery. I want to piggy back. on petitemami, I think we as Americans are going to the DR with the same expectations we would have in the US and this is not so..
I personally vacationed in the DR in May 2009 and I didn't care for the country or the way I was treated . I said I would never return, this was way before I was considering a bbl. Yes I know vacationing is different from having surgery but I'm trying to explain the way they make you feel.. First of all most Dominicans in the area I was in were all darker than me (I resorted at the Riu all inclusive). I'm saying that to say they all. look black. If you don't speak there language they treat u like Shit. they have an obvious attitude with you like your beneath them. they literally walked up to me start speaking in a foreign language because they thought I was one of them, when they realized I couldn't respond. they had complete mood swing . like I stunk or something. remind u this was at a very nice resort were they make their money off tips, based on the way they accommodate you. they didn't care. it was like they were testing me this happened repeatedly. in the three foreign countries I've been to they all drive like Shit, people literally jump on backs of motorcycles at the light while the driver slows down NOT STOP! they have no traffic laws, it's completely chaotic. however u get use to it. and learn to expect certain things when traveling to island. did I mention I'm over islands, next vacation will be somewhere completely different. being in a resort is nothing like experiencing the true culture of the island but don't expect courtesy because I'm sure your not staying in a resort, especially if your black.
don't be surprised if you see half of a pig hanging on the side of the road hanging in the hot sun with flies swarming around it awaiting too be purchased for someone's dinner. this is there way of life we think that cannot be fda approved, but HELL they do what they want and it's normal to. them.
Outside of the pearly gates of the resort, everything is old, cars are falling a part, poverty over there is on a another level. it reminds me of that scene in SAFE HOUSE, were Denzel is getting his passport made by his friend.. blah blah blah, there are no new cars. no 2000 nothing, my tout guide said teachers in America make more money than doctors on the DR, with that said that's word of mouth no research done on my end . So basically if u getting a good deal over there is because their standards equipment and practices are out dated.
I stayed 5 nights by the time I got home good I had diarrhea.. my stomach was rejecting the resort food, every day I ate less and less , bloated and couldn't Shit. It wasn't until I was in the airport in America and had some tgif that my bowels went back to moving. diarrhea HELL
nice things about it, the tourist excursions are beautiful. I rode my first horse, got an erotic massage NO SEX, but I was horny , saw upside down banana trees, went to sugar cane field d and tasted it, sweetness that's so good and fresh cocoa too.,DR as a tourist culture is decent but , I could have had better service and I will never go back. I also haven't recommended DR to anybody as a vacation spot.

I'm cleared for surgery YAY!!! I think I ...

I'm cleared for surgery YAY!!! I think I have 3 weeks and 1 day before I go to ATL, I literally eat sleep and breathe REAL SELF..I can't wait for my surgery.. wishing everybody good luck with there's

Does he schedule your post opp appointment ...

does he schedule your post opp appointment exactly 1 week later and where their appointments in the morning or what time? Are they spread all over the day or what?

I dreamed about my new booty last night, ...

I dreamed about my new booty last night, that tells me nothing and I mean nothing else is on my mind other than ASS ASS ASS... I'm ready to get this done and be on the other side healing. I'm starting to regret declining earlier dates, but oh will I must be patient.

Just got my email my surgery is at 9:30 ...

just got my email my surgery is at 9:30 that morning, which means I have to be there by 8:30! Am I the first surgery of the day? Or does Dr Jimerson get up with Roosters? Ladies is there anything u suggest I bring or do that u wish somebody would've told you?

I'm leaving tonight I'm going to stop over in...

I'm leaving tonight I'm going to stop over in Birmingham tonight spend the night at my familys house. leave early Thursday morning because my pre-op is at 2 and my surgery is Friday.. I think I'm ready bags are packed. and there's no time to turn back. now.. Operation Fat ASS in in full effect

SOOOOO Dr. Jimerson spot is nice. he has a ...

SOOOOO Dr. Jimerson spot is nice. he has a huge and I mean huge staff. there was like 7 people behind the counter, which makes me wonder why they never answer the Dauum phone., my pre op took less than a hour. You sign all your paperwork electronically on an IPAD. I spoke with Kim about my surgery she was really nice. chick tells me your not suppose to sit or sleep on ur rump for up to 3 months, I didn't know it was for that long.. but I guess time will fly by..I guess. That means all sex will have to be on all Four.. I saw Michelle's booty and I'm not impressed, I guess if I would've seen. her before then maybe.. she should've gotten a little hip added.. I'm partial to women with hips,, the prescription place is right across the street from his office and if u don't have any insurance it's 320$, so there's an extra expense u can add if u don't have insurance. the first they put u on is basically no white starch, white potatoes, sugars, white pastas.. u get the point.

Waiting to go into surgery and, all I hear ...

waiting to go into surgery and, all I hear is bump.. Dr Jimerson gets TURNED UP before surgery..haha.. I got here late AGAIN, but they were cool about it ..ATL traffic is no joke.. I'm staying at the EMBASSY and the front desk dude is STALKING ME SERIOUSLY, he, wants to go to the movies, my mom gave him the room number, so now this lame is calling me... who does that. Yes o clicked on my mom about. giving my personal business.. since I ate yesterday around 7, I went to breakfast this morning and stole all the fruit and yogurt and put it in my fridge till after my surgery. I love embassy's breakfast but was mad I couldn't have a omelet... anyway back to surgery.. this really sweet all smiles girl named Blake takes my vitals and put my IV drip into my hand.. I hate this thing ( USHER is playing loud) , then Dr Jimerson comes in then walks back out. I'm like stop teasing me. Then he came back. I asked was he bumping and he said he has to get motivated to. produce donks, he couldn't listen to classical music because then he would make a classical ASS... He's gotten me naked faster then any man EVER, and then he marked me up. He told me he loves my hips, and he says he tries to make hips to duplicate mine, but mine are perfect because of how they sit. then he told me to relax and surgery will get started as soon as the 7:45 appointment is cleared out.. oh yea DR JIMERSON was cool and easy to talk to.

Oh yea,, I don't have my iPad. I left it ...

oh yea,, I don't have my iPad. I left it with my son. so no pictures until next Saturday 4/20! don't sweat me about pictures unless u know how to upload them from an android Galaxy 3

I made Dr Jimerson, the anesthesiologist...

I made Dr Jimerson, the anesthesiologist Marshe' , Geeta the OR nurse ( who had s nice ASS that she pulled her pants down and let me see) and Kim the vitals chick sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Everybody that I dealt with yesterday was nice and comical. surgery was scheduled for 9:30 it started about 9:45. all I remember is the anesthesiologist saying u won't remember what happens after the next 15 seconds and I don't. I don't remember the walk to the O.R., I remember seeing the operating table, but that's it.I woke up shaking uncontrollable. they have me some meds in my IV for that. I tried to pee couldn't. I remember walking thru the hotel lobby, and that's it.. next thing I remember is being woke up to take medicine and pee. I purchased a medium Size funnel from Wal-Mart in the automotive department for 96ยข ,, it's a big help!
when I get up to pee I also walk..I normally walk around the hallway in the hotel. it's shaped in a big square.
I was a bit weak yesterday after surgery all I had to eat was fruit, grilled shrimp, and some crackers. I Don't take. my nausea medicine, because I don't have a weak stomach. the anesthesia didn't make me sick just knocked me out. I'm not having any. problems, no swelling other than Lipo areas, no headaches, no dizziness, no nausea. I don't know how many ccs I got because I was knocked out.I will find out next Friday and let y'all know.

Also I have really high tolerance for pain, ...

also I have really high tolerance for pain, but with that said this surgery is no joke. I can't imagine getting my arms lipo'd along with a bbl, because they have been my life saver. I literally military crawl in and out the bed. it takes me about 3 minutes to get in and it. I also wouldn't recommend getting a beast augmentation with this because how would u sleep. I haven't had any problems sleeping, because I'm not a back sleeper, and they said I can still sleep on my hips which I'm not. I just sleep on my stomach. let me know if u have any questions.. oh yea. I gained 6 more pounds before surgery. so I don't think I got inner thigh Lipo but I will know at 1:15 when I take this garment off. my butt feels like bricks, and my abs hurt

Finally took the garment off and my mama ...

finally took the garment off and my mama cuts my tube in the process. Dr Jimerson office said they won't change it out, but it will definitely be removed at one week.. so that's good. yes my inner thighs got done, that's the only thing on me that's black and blue, should've known that cause getting in the bed was requiring to much work.i feel a whole lot better today than yesterday.I finally took a nausea pill when that garment off. the feeling of being free is nice... I got so much booty I don't know what to do. I can't wait till it drops though.. all my lower back fat is gone,, looks so strange. I let my mom take about 10 pictures, every last one of them are blurry... help me Lord

Cut the sticky parts of the bandaid ( no ...

cut the sticky parts of the bandaid ( no need for the bandage part.) cover the whole our incision with both pieces of the sticky part . then wrap some gauze around it, cover with water proof tape. bam back to draining

I haven't taken but 1 nausea pill and I only...

I haven't taken but 1 nausea pill and I only take pain meds at night. I am not in any pain however I realized at night u get really stiff so when u try to change positions in ur sleep it causes some discomfort. I take the hydrocodone before I go to sleep and now I'm able to sleep thru the night. I only wake up to change positions not for anything else. I sleep about 8 hours straight. I can sleep on my hips but I don't. I mainly sleep on top of a long pregnancy pillow with my hips falling off to one side, this helps me not get stiff as quick because I'm sleeping on something soft. my ASS is round and really that's all I wanted but to me it doesn't say bbl.. he sat my ASS in the middle of my hips, I think my right cheek might be slightly higher than my left, but not noticeably. It looks completely different from before, it's almost strange looking because I'm not use to seeing that much ass.
I drove for about 30 minutes the other day and my legs went numb from being elevated.I think the thing I was sitting was too hard, and preventing blood circulation. I had to pull over about 7 minutes before I got back to the hotel I got out to let the blood flow, which made me collapse over into the drivers seat when my legs began to tingle from the blood flow. this has been my only painful moment . anyway I made it back to the hotel popped a pain pill and went to sleep.
I am very home sick . I really miss my son and my love. I'm leaving town immediately after my post opp Friday.

Did anybody recommend somebody for a ...

did anybody recommend somebody for a Lymphatic massage

So they say my ASS is huge I can't see it....

so they say my ASS is huge I can't see it. All I see is my big ASS hips still making people think my ASS is huge. but whatever.
Michelle booty is still minimal. Monica has a Trina Booty way too big four her frame. Aziza booty fits her.
My paper work says :
3100 ccs Out and 2000 IN ,
but then it says..
800 into each cheek
so what they do with my other 400!

I went out last night to an Old Head ...

I went out last night to an Old Head Kappa Founders day party and this jerk ask me an I natural? I have never been asked this before. he was like u know women paying to be Shaped liked that, so I asked him what he thought was fake and he said my hips,,, SO MY ANSWER WAS .. NO THERE COMPLETELY NATURAL, I have had them since 3rd grade ... lol

So I went grocery shopping today a man ...

so I went grocery shopping today a man followed me around the store met me at the check out, paid for my groceries and carried them to the car,,,, all to look at this Ass / Hips.... men stupid

I had my first cycle since the surgery. it ...

I had my first cycle since the surgery. it was strange wearing panties over the garment but you get use to it.. my booty is starting to giggle a whole lot more.. funny thing is one of my ex saw me the other day slapped me on my ASS( hard) I looked at him like he was crazy.. he said " you act like it ain't real and can't be spanked. I was like how would u know it's real? He was like cause I know . I'm thinking only if u knew some Shit has changed .. PASSED THE FEEL TEST.. then I was over my friend house and she was going on and on about how stupid these chicks look with there fake bootys and booty pops she was like the dont even look real. these chicks paying for what we got...I didn't say anything.. neither one of them had a clue about my surgery neither one could tell. Baby Judy looks natural

Thighs are still swollen

thighs are still swollen

5 weeks

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