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I am currently looking for the best BBl surgeon...

I am currently looking for the best BBl surgeon located in Georgia. From the research I have done so far, I believe Dr Jimerson II is the best in the state of Georgia. I am so excited to have this procedure done. I plan on relocating to the state of Georgia from New York in the Fall. I have read many reviews from Dr Jimerson's patients and all of them gave him great reviews. He seems to be very knowledgeable and shows great passion for his work. I want to have a surgeon that is confident in their work and patients. I want to feel like the surgeon will have my best interest at heart rather than how much money he would receive.

Please Help......

Who is the best BBL surgeon in Georgia? If you need to answer me privately, please feel free to do so.

Seeking some assistance

I have read many reviews from informative honest people. Most of the reviews "big up" their surgeons, while others are displeased. How do you know which surgeon to go with? How do you know which doctor will produce the results you are looking for? Any Suggestions


I have a question and it might sound like a stupid to some but I was wondering if you can have a guess stay with you while you are at the RH?

40 years old and loving ????

All I want is damn hip and a juicy booty; not too big but definitely noticeable. Lol


Wish Pictures


So I decided to go along and have the procedure done by Dr. Ruth Celestine. Throughout my research I found that she was the best fit for the job. She's very warm compassionate intelligent and understanding. She will Voice her opinion on what she feels is right for you. I could not have selected a better surgeon.

3 weeks post op

Loving my results....
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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