35 Year-old Use to Be a HOT Size 2 - BBL Suwanee, GA

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Hi Big Booty Team (lmao)! I'm 35 with a square...

Hi Big Booty Team (lmao)!
I'm 35 with a square body shape now that I gained 40 pounds since having my 10 pounder via c section (almost 4 years ago). It's very hard to get my previous body back and even when I was a size 2, I had no butt or hips. All I had was some nice size boobs. Anyway, my friend and I are on this journey together to see Dr. Jimerson in ATL. Of course my quote was high (originally $17000) but I took a few things off like his suggestions of a j tuck. I'm thinking all the areas I need lipo will average about $13,000. I'm excited and a little worried that I won't lose the pounds I need to lose (any suggestion is appreciated). Anywsy this is my journey and I have a lot of wish photos. I'm thinking I should go bigger than I want just in case the fat dissolves a little!

Finally have a date June 2015!!!!!

June 15th here we come....not sure if I should lose more weight?!?!

Counting down the days

Supplies are all coming in....quick shipment. I only have a few more personal items to get and I will be ready.
Had my physical and bloodwork (fingers crossed that labs are normal but they should be). My doctor said I'm ok to have the procedure! My fiancé gave me the best birthday gift...money for additional areas to get lipoed ????

Labs and Medical Clearance Received

So Dr J has received my lab results, EKG, and medical clearance!!!! Yay...now just waiting for that big day to arrive!

Booty buddy arrived

Booty buddy arrived today so tomorrow I will try driving with it. Still waiting for the neck roll and compression socks.
FYI- tafford uniforms has compressions socks starting at $6.99 and they are cute!

Added arms today as well

Decided to just go ahead and add my arms ($950 more)
So excited

Renee (Nurse) & Randi (Patient Coordinator)

All I will say is Renee & Randi are the BEST! Some people need an extra customer service classroom training! ????

Still need to lose more weight!

10-15 more pounds to go in 3 weeks

Neck Roll arrived today finally

2 1/2 more weeks

2 Weeks Left

Valerie, Renee, Randi, and staff

I just wanted to compliment Dr. Jimerson's staff as I read many comments on real self stating how terrible other surgeons office staff is after making a payment. Everyone at Dr. Curves have been very helpful and responsive to any inquiries or concerns I had. I am looking forward to meeting Dr J and his staff soon. Good luck to all the future bootylicious dolls!

New wish picture

I will take 1500cc in each cheek pleasseee

6 more Days

6 more Days.... Excited

Fajate Store Locations

Thought this was good info

Last week looking Square

This is my last week looking square and having no shape!
This is me today with no squeem or my butt enhancer panties...yup I'm all squared out right now.
Oh and I'm adding another wish photo


$50 work-out snatcher
Instagram: @envymycurvesboutique

Pre-op ??

Come on June 15th!
I just want to say that Dr Jimerson's staff is very nice and down to earth! It was such a pleasure to meet Kim, Jerell, Michelle, & Dr. Jimerson. the office is very comfy and private. So far I'm giving this doctor 5 Stars....very happy patient

1 1/2 more days :-)

This will be my last update. My next update will be after bootylicious!
Good night dolls!


Michelle my pre-op and post-op nurse was amazing!!!! I had my surgery around 12ish and let me just say, I don't remember anything after getting this nice cocktail from the anesthesiologist. I don't remember walking to the OR or getting prepped! After the procedure, I was quite sore and could not do too much. Thanks to Shelly for helping me get back to my hotel and get settled in. Anyone looking for a recovery person if you are staying in a hotel, I will upload her flyer. I did not take a before picture with my dress that I wore there; however you will be able to see my snatched waist and I'm still swollen. I also have a chucks pad wrapped around me so that bulkiness on the left is a chuck. I am walking which made it quite better for me to move around but I still rely on the pain meds. I also get nauseous at times but I was provided with medication to take care of that. NO APPETITE what so ever!!! I had to make myself eat my pineapples. I will provide more updates later once I'm up and cleaned! Thank you Jimerson Team!!!! I am happy so far

More pictures

More post op pictures

More pictures

I'm very sore. I had a massage today and boy oh boy this pain is no joke

More pictures. I'm still swollen

Still swollen but loving my shape so far

More pictures Day 3 post op

I will try to post pictures everyday because I know that I was only interested in postings with pictures just to the get an idea. I was 5'5 and 179 prior to surgery. I will get measuring tape tomorrow

Day 4

Day 4 laying down in bed. Pain is not that bad now. It's just getting in and out of bed that really hurts but it's not as bad as post op day 1 or 2

More Pictures!

So far loving it

More picturees

4 days post op and still loving my results. Pain is better. I can get in and out of bed with no problems; however I still take my pain medications just in case. Went to the mall yesterday and boy oh boy, that little trip there & back plus the walking at the mall had me exhausted. I now just cannot wait to get back home.

Just An FYI for All Future BBL Dolls

I just wanted to give an update:
First, I am very much still happy with my results; however the recovery process is not the easiest! Ladies we have to prepare ourselves for this procedure. This is a serious procedure and your body must be prepared. I have had the feeling of feeling better and then weak. Today I was extremely weak; therefore I decided to go get checked out. I was dehydrated and a little anemic (hgb was 9) and yes I was drinking water. just know that everyone's outcome and take on this is different but definintely you should want this really bad. Praying for all my future BBL Dolls for fast and healthy recovery! I will post pictures later.

As promised more pictures....

This was just taken today at 7:30 pm.

Post op Appointment

Today is my 7th day post op appointment.

Feeling So Much Better

9 days post op and I feel 10x better than yesterday. Drove today (actually drove last week too) and I will say, it's so damn uncomfortable! Booty buddy sucks....neck roll will have my head hanging out the sunroof so I had to get creative. I used my booty buddy and rolled a towel up and place it on top. I also used a hand towel to support my back. If anyone else has some suggestions, please comment!
Anyway, here's some pictures from today. I did not wear my tight garment because I wanted to be comfortable but booty still looks good and no complaints with my waist. I will continue eating healthy and walking daily.

Pictures wouldn't upload


Happy Friday!!!!

11 days post-op and this thing is still sitting up pretty nice. I will admit that the shape has changed into a boxy shelf look which I don't care for. Hoping this is just a phase. Also when driving & sitting on your booty buddy pillow, does it feel like your putting pressure on your precious jewel back there!?! I miss sitting on my butt

1 more pic

1 more pic

Garment off and poof

I think it went down some. I need to find my measuring tape

Had a good massage today

Feeling really good after my massage

Need a smaller garment already

So I have been eating pretty bad since getting my appetite back...ughh! I have to get back to my healthy eating. I was able to walk 3 miles today which felt great; however I my thighs under my butt was in so much pain afterwards. Since I cannot run or do much exercising, I will continue walking daily. My butt measured at 50inches this morning; however I am assuming it's from waking up so swollen. I purchased a smaller garment last week and already it's too small. I will be looking for a tailor to take in my first one and I will purchase a squeem too! Not about to spend another $120. Anyway that's my update. I will post pictures later. Until then, good night team.

Before and After

Picture on left is 1 1/2 months prior to surgery and the one on right is from Friday.. Excuse the tape still on the cheeks... Trying to get that crap off


I hope I keep what I have....it's only been 2 weeks and 1 day! Please don't let me lose any of this

Butt down 6 inches

So my butt is down to 44inches :-(
My waist is now 32 inches. I need to tone up my upper body (arms). Any suggestions on what to do and not do.

3 weeks tomorrow

Almost a month soon...please 6 weeks hurry and come! Anyway, I took my garment off to wear this nice fit dress and boy did I pay for it! I was stiff and sore... Couldn't wait to rub my body down with vitamin e and put my garment on! Ughh-this post op is for the birds!!! Although it's getting easier and easier, I still hate driving with that pillow. I'm tired of wearing my garment to bed too! I can do it in the day but I'm use to sleeping with just a shirt on. Sorry for complaining but I figured I should give the heads up to the ones about to go through this life change. It will be all worth it in the end though. Anywho...this is a picture of miss booty while I'm laying

Whoop whoop, that thing is still FAT

It's changing every week but it's still nice and plumped!

Anything and Everything you want to know about Garments/Fajas

Anything and Everything you want to know about Garments/Fajas
~ good forum of garments


Today makes 4 weeks and so far no change in Ms. Boota! Still measuring at 44 inches. I have been bad with not wearing my garment 23/7. I think it's because it's summer. You can really hide the garment with summer outfits. This is a procedure where getting it done in the winter is best. Anyway, these next 2 weeks I will be wearing it right and I'm dieting. I started back walking at least a mile a day since I cannot jog (they say it will make you lose the fat in your butt).

4 weeks post op pictures

More pictures

Ok so I knew my stomach wasn't going to be completely flat. I had 2 c-sections and my last baby was 10 pounds and I also went from being a size 2 to big as hell during that pregnancy. At least it's better than what it was and I'm not complaining..... So I have some work to do and I will do it. Took these today while in the office.

See what bad eating is doing

Straight to my a$$
No more summer drinks or bad eating

Feel like the booty is going down some

Either it's changing shapes or going down or maybe it's all in my head! Still measuring the same 44 inches

Ready to Exercise-Recommendations Please

Hello my BOoty Family.
Just wanted to get an idea on when you started exercising and what type of exercises you have done after having this procedure. I use to run 2 miles 4-5 days a week and since I know that's not good for the fat in the butt, I need a new exercise to do. Any recommendations is appreciated.

5 weeks today!!!! Yayyy

This photo was taken today. I'm wearing my ann cherry waist cincher over my garment

It's still big

Purchased jeans today

Love how they fit and they are comfortable. Purchased at Banana Republic.... They had a great sale...extra 50% off sale price!

Stomach is coming along

Ok...the stomach may not be completely flat but it's a hell of a lot better than before! I did not want a tummy tuck or anything cut because 1, I wasn't close to home and 2, I want 1 more baby. I won't be wearing my garment today due to an event I am having and it just wouldn't look right under my outfit so I will pay for it later. Butt is changing shape EVERYDAY. I just hope it doesn't go down

Jean shorts today

These are from Banana Republic and they fit Great! Great stretch, size 28

Massage therapist in ATL

She is CERTIFIED in lymphatic drainage massages! My first massage was by someone who did not know a thing and it was so painful! These massages should not hurt

6 weeks post-op appointment- NEVER HAPPENED!

Well today made 6 weeks and I was suppose to have my 6 weeks post op phone conversation with the nurse but of course this never occurred! Instead I receive a phone call asking why I never showed and would I like to reschedule. BS...I sat there and watched them put me in as a phone post op. Anyway we rescheduled for 3pm today and still no call! anyway im in constant contact with 3 other girls that had surgery around my time so 1 of them provided some information. I no longer need to wear my garment for 23 hours out of the day nor do I need to wear the full garment with the butt out. I can now wear corsets and upper garments...and it's only 8 hours out of the day!!! Yes and thank you!!!! I will probably wear mines longer and just don't sleep in it. Still want this waist to go smaller. Well that's about it so have a great night everyone.

6 weeks & 3 days photos

Weeks are flying by! I'm only wearing my upper garment and of course my waist trainer; however I think I'm going back to wearing my full garment once I get it altered. I think the full garment gives more compression. Anyway, happy healing everyone and good luck to the future bbl chicas!

7 weeks yesterday

Ok so yesterday made 7 weeks and I'm noticing changes. First my butt has gone down and it seemed to have dropped. I wanted it to stay higher but it's kind of going into a heart shape. I want more fat added to the top part. Waist still look good. Going to the gym and walking. I will post more photos later because these tights don't show good

More 7 weeks photos

It still went down some but it's better than before! I will wait until my 3 month post op and determine whether I will do a round 2

Butt in work clothes

I'm wearing my garment since the swelling was coming back. I will get my garment altered because it's too big

Pictures wouldn't post


8 weeks today

Today makes 8 weeks and yes I'm noticing my butt volume going down. If it goes down anymore, I will be contacting Dr. Jimerson's office! Oh and I never received my 6 weeks phone post op follow- up. Good thing all is going well (besides butt going down)..

Purchased a new Ann Chery Garment

Ok... So I have been out of my garment for about 2 days due to a stomach virus. I lost 10lbs because of this virus (I'm not complaining). Today I purchased 2 Ann Chery Garments. See photo below

Almost 9 weeks

Just received it today. It's a size medium so definitely runs smaller than the full faja garments. I'm only on the first set of hooks and it was a bitch putting it on. Ordered off eBay for $90. I dropped 2 of my garments off today to be altered.

9 weeks

Today makes 9 weeks post op and I'm 100% myself. I will be picking up my altered garment Wednesday as it was not ready Sunday-can't wait because I so need it with my waist cincher. Anyway, happy healing and good luck to the future bbl dolls

10 weeks

Today marks 10 weeks post op and yes it has gone down quite a bit. Here are my pictures

10 week pics that didn't upload


Yup... I will need a round 2. 1 hip is bigger than the other and the size is not what I wanted.... Yes I'm being greedy...I want more!


Nothing really new to report. I'm still numb around my upper and lower back, sides, and lower abdominal area. At times when stretch, it feels like I'm ripping my skin so I'm still healing.

1 hip bigger than the other

As you can see my hip is bigger than the other. Same thing has happened to 3 other girls of Dr Jimerson. No, I have no and on calling him or his staff because I'm not paying him more money. I paid over $13,000! Sometimes just because you pay more, doesn't mean you are getting the best. I will get this fix by someone else.

Duran, Robles or Hasan

So since I know I will need a revision (uneven hips & etc), I have narrowed my choice or surgeons down to 3. I love all 3 surgeons' results but I'm really thinking Dra. Duran is the one. I have to wait until I'm 6 months post op so I still have some time to figure all this out. I'm just a little disappointed because I only wanted to do this once and I understand about losing up to 30% of the fat and blah blah blah; however this is why I STATED to give me A LOT (1500cc in each cheek or more)! I also paid for extra areas, if you knew that you wouldn't be able to get to that area, don't take my $950 for each additional areas!!! Rip Off

12 weeks

Today makes week 12 + 3 days. No changes to report. Hips still uneven but you can only notice it when naked or in black leggings.

Don't let the side view fool you

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Ok so I'm updating my review because I'm very disappointed in my results and with Dr. Jimerson and his staff. Yes, some of his staff were very friendly and if it wasn't for his certain staff, I would have never gave him my money. Randi, Kim, Michelle, & Jerell were all very nice. I will say that my waist is the BOMB compared to before but my butt has gone down A LOT. This is why I requested a lot of fat to be transferred. I knew I only wanted to do this once and YES I wanted it to be BIG, not shapely but BIG like JLO big! My 1 hip is bigger than the other (pissed about that) & I know of 3 other girls that went to home that is experiencing the same issue. As for following up with me, I never received any post op calls or anything! I was very disappointed with the little interaction you have with Dr. Jimerson. I only saw him while awake during my body mark up. No I haven't called him to complain about my results because I'm not paying him $4000-5000 in revision fees! I paid enough the first time. I'm sorry but rule #1 in my book is patient care and I did not receive that at all! I paid a lot of money and I expected better treatment and better results! Giving him 4 stars for responding to calls & emails because Randi, my coordinator was excellent and always returned my call promptly.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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