33 Y/o, No Kids, Wanting a Nice Shape. Suwanee, GA

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I really want a small waist with some banging hips...

I really want a small waist with some banging hips and a nice size butt. I had lipo to the lower back, waist and abdomen. I've never had a stomach just wanted more definition. Well that was almost 10 years ago. At the time I wanted a bbl buty surgeon basically said you don't need that... Little did I know I didn't have enough fat. I was about 125lbs and 5'2". I've always had a cut shape with a little booty. My friends tease me with you have a really cute shape you just need a little booty.. Ahh well.. So that's why I'm here. Just like others I life on here. I can't wait to have my in office consult by Dr. J. I actually had a phone consult with one of the coordinators back I'm May 14. Now I'm ready to pay in full and realize the importance of seeing him myself to ensure I have enough fat because as mentioned I've had lipo in the past. I search and searched for a Plastic surgeon and was torn between J curves and Salazar. Anyways my decision was with JC. I also insulted Dr. Cortes bc I live in Houston but his hips were to hippie for me sooo JC it is!!! I didn't hesitate to pay my deposit. Since the date was so far away and care credit could only be used for the date they provided I decided to save my Moolah without owing an arm and leg. Actually glad I did. I will be seeing him in office the first part of January. If all is well and I am the right size, I will pay for my surgery to be placed on the fast track list. I'm sooo excited. Until next time ladies....

A flight away and an office visit

So excited that I will soon meet the man himself, Dr.J. I will have an in office visit on next week. I already have my care team together so I'm hoping that they will have an open sx date by the latter part of January or the beginning of February. Stay tuned...

Headed to see the man himself

Excited! I have my in office consultation today. I hope all goes well... Really nervous about the effects of me having lipo in the past. Fingers crossed!!!

Decisions, decisions...

Sooo I met the man himself and he reassured me that my results would be great... He mentioned that he would match my body with my really cute face... Lol... Chocogurl... Anyways I need to decide the best dates for me. I think I'm going to shoot for the 2/2 dates. Wish me luck ladies!

Paid in Full!!!

So I decided to go ahead and pay in full... Not sure of my date because I am currently in school but confident that when I'm ready I'll have an appointment. Tentatively scheduled for spring break... Fingers crossed!!! :-)

Scheduled for Friday the 13th

Yea I know for all of you that believe in superstitions... Ah well... Firm believer, God is in control. I meant to share with you all my experience when I flew in to meet Dr.J and his crew. We flew in on Saturday and stayed until Monday which was the day of my appointment. When I arrived, no one was at the desk and it took a few minutes for the receptionist to return however he was very nice and friendly. They knew I had a flight to catch back home so they brought me right back along with another client. I went in the room and changed into a gown. Sharonda (coordinator) came in who was super cool. She said she never had a bbl and just a natural girl back there. She has a nice butt... Hopefully mine will look like the real McCoy! Anyways we went through medical history and took pics. She asked what I was interested in an I informed her of the works for the bbl, front bra roll, upper back, bra roll, arms, thighs and of course a bbl. Dr. J was in with another patient that apparently had question after question. I understood because I would too if I wasn't in the healthcare field or been there done that. Sharondia was trying to keep him on track waiting for him to come out of the other persons room to make sure I didn't miss my flight. A few minutes past and finally enters the man himself. He was really cool. He told me he was going to match my body with my cute face. I was like, what's wrong with my body... Blank stare... He started laughing and was like nothing but I'm just going to enhance it a little more. Made me feel good that he said I was cute :-) I am soo happy that I came in for an in office consult because of the previous lipo I had. He told me I should be ok and that I would have a nice shape once he is done. We laughed and talked for a little while on a personal level...He was all smiles but looked exhausted by the eyes. I am really happy that Dr. J is doing my procedure! Until next time dolls......

Ok ladies... It just got real!!!

I am super excited that things finally are working out... Ugh... I have been on an emotional roller coaster trying to finalize my surgery date and all the logistics... So for some apparent reason my date was all jacked up due to my own fault. The actual date is 3/12/15. I am coming from Houston so I have to be there the day before for my pre-op but not possible because I am also in school and have an exam on 3/11... I just received my schedule. I called Monica and she worked her magic so I am set for surgery. I will have a phone pre-op on 2/19 then in office pre-op on 3/12... Yaassss.... I'll be on spring break recuperating. I purchased flights last night for my dream team caregivers... My mom and 2 aunts... They were awesome when I had my last surgery! Nobody like family. I can't wait to cross over to the other side... Until next time.

30 Days Away and I wilb1sexichic

I am super excited! I received a phone call from Dr. J's office confirming that I am all set for my pre-op. I will be counting down and posting more pre-op pics.

Starting to gather items

So I've officially started gathering items for my bbl on 3/12. I decided to order the bbl pillow so I hope it's comfortable. I also order me a body pillow, arnica gel, PEZ and gauze and things. I realized I have not posted my measurements and will likely do that on tomorrow. Good night dolls!

2 weeks to go and my nerves!!!

I am extremely excited and on an emotional rollercoaster. I am nervous but at the same time comforted in knowing that I have selected the best of the best to do this procedure. I keep thinking what if it's too big... Or maybe not big enough... What if my hips don't last... I keep telling myself it will all work out but boy am I over the top right now!!! I need a ton of prayers to settle my jitters. I know this procedure is not a cake walk because I've kinda been there done that. Not looking forward to that. I have sooo much going on in my life right now but also know now is the best time... I want to be summer ready so that I can say "look back at it" lol... I took my fist package of vitamins tonight from Make Me Heal... I hope it does the trick. I know I haven't posted current measurements but will soon I promise. Anyways dolls until next time. Only 2 weeks left!!! Wow!!!!!


Ok... So I am 5'2"
Pre-op: 40.5-33.75-38.5
Wish: 37-38, 26, 43-44

1 Week Left

One week from tomorrow I will be headed to Bootyland! I am sooo excited and nervous at the same time. I've wanted this for sooo long!

Less than 3 days until the new me

Words cannot express how elated I am to be embarking on this new journey of becoming 1sexichic! I am so grateful to have such loving family and friends that are supportive of this decision. Ladies, don't ever let anyone deter you from your dreams. Until next time. :-)

Made it to the other side!!!

Thank God,I finally it to the other side. Pics to come.

Sore as heck but so worth it!

I am really happy with my results...

After pics

The new me!!

Sorry ladies... It's been a while. I can honestly say Dr. J is truly an artist! These pics really don't do any justice... I look pretty dang good if I do say so myself! Yessss... That thang is really poking... These are some older pics. One day I will have time to sit down... Lol... And put things in chronological order... But until then....

Waiting to meet the man himself. Dr. j Curves.

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