30 Yo Professional, mom of 2, Ready to Get JCurved!

I've known about Dr. J for over 10years. I always...

I've known about Dr. J for over 10years. I always wanted to wait to have children in fear that pregnancy would alter my results (Have you all seen Blacc Chyna!) fast forward ten years and the time has finally come. I started a SX savings account when I started having children and managed to save up 19k apart from family savings in 3years. I'm not looking for a doctor to be my friend but I hope he us personable enough on my surgery day.

Finding a recovery house

December 9th will be here sooner than I know. I've decided to go with Gold Platinum Recovery LLC bit I'm beginning to have second thoughts. Has anyone had experience with them? Based on recent interactions, Im beginning to agree with the claim that they are unprofessional. I paid my deposit and have yet to receive any documentation. An invoice was sent through Venmo. It was on there the care information was provided. In my opinion, that is unprofessional. I may just cough up the extra $1000 and stay at New You Recovery. No one has time or energy to be fishing for information for post op care. They should be applying there energy to getting lab work and other pre-op together. I have YET to see a welcome package from them.
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