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WELL... were 2 begin? I'm a 24 yr. old mother of a...

WELL... were 2 begin? I'm a 24 yr. old mother of a precious 3 yr. old little boy. He's not the reason I'm here though. He did no harm to my body besides a stretch mark near my bellybutton & my breasts r slightly saggier than b4. My pregnancy actually led to a nice weight loss as soon as I had him with no (diliberate) diet or exercise. I just had a natural appetite shrinkage during pregnancy.

All my life I've always had a belly that protruded. I've ALWAYS been slim with a big belly. I was really good at sucking it in so I just looked skinny to everyone but no one knew that had I let my stomach "hang" it was literally to where I couldn't c my vagina without leaning over. I also had NO waistline whatsoever. I didn't have spilling over the pants love handles but there was definitely some visible thickness if I didn't wear the most strategically thought out outfit. My butt was ok, depending on what I had on. Its never been "flat" but its never been anything to make a big deal over. Nothing I could do about the boxy waistline though besides wearing shirts with belts to create that curve or shirts that were loose n the stomach and tight at the hips to make it seem like my hips were greatly surpassing my mid section. My mom's shaped like a coke bottle & my grandma's just a bigger coke dad's side however is comprised of spongebobs & speaker boxes so I got the thick/straight up & down waistline from them but thank goodness I at least sorta got my mom's curvy hips & my butt is shaped just like a miniature version of hers lol & I got the big boobs (had, rather) from her side as well. Once I get this waist slimmed out, I'll b a coke bottle just my mom's side of the family & the big butt is just the icing on the cake.

So after having my baby I went from 130 lbs pre preg to 105 post and eventually dropped to 101 lbs. My height is 5'5 so u know that is QUITE underweight although I don't look unhealthy or anorexic or anything. Anywho at one point I let myself get down to 99 lbs & I STILL had a handful of lovehandles & a protruding tummy. I was like oh hell no. I CANNOT continue to b this skinny but I know if I gain my weight back, my mid section will only be bigger. I've done the hundreds of sit ups a day, I did the damn near 30 lb weight loss, I was a dancer and cheerleader in school so we had plenty of exercise and even then, my tummy and love handles were right there with me through all the exercise. Hitting 99 lbs at my height and still having a thick mid section was the point at which I was thoroughly convinced that my natural body shape just won't accomodate for a trim defined waistline no matter how small I am.

I heard about bbl in my teen years on Dr. 90210 & began to look into it last year. & I'm the type of person that once I get something in my head, I have to execute it IMMEDIATELY so I was way anxious to get the procedure done and I was on a tight budget and I didn't give myself enough time to get REALLY educated on EVERY aspect of the procedure before deciding on a doctor and going through with the procedure. I stumbled upon this site after googling bbl and I live in Louisiana but didn't see any bbl reviews for doctors in Louisiana so I knew going local was out. I did see ONE woman who went to the dr. I eventually chose who said she loved her results but she didn't post any pics. I also checked out his reviews on here and his website and all but one were fantastic. Everyone adored the work he did on them but none of these were bbls. But I still hung on to that one woman who did get a bbl and said she loved her results despite me not seeing any photos (I did see a handful of bbl photos on his website, and they were doable. Nothing fabulous). I also let price dicatate my decision. He was the dr. closest to me (he was in Birmingham, Al and I'm in New Orleans) that had any type of internet presence & reviews although they were for procedures other than my own. He also only charged $4,400 for the lipo and threw the fat transfer to the butt in for free because he happened to be running a special. I was sold on that price... WELL I only weighed 101 lbs at the time so I knew that I probably wouldnt have enough fat to make a significant, especially permanent difference in my butt but that was free so I figured it cant hurt to try. I only got slightly less than 200 cc in each cheek :( but I didn't trip because my main focus was getting the flat stomach and hour glass waistline because I knew that'd make my butt appear bigger anyway. So, I got the procedure done in September of last year and when I went to my post op appointment the day after surgery and they took off my "compression garment" I looked AMAZING. My waist had a perfect hourglass curve & no fat anywhere. The stomach looked great from the front. From the side the stomach still had swelling but I was told that would go down... NOT... First off, the compression thing they gave me wasn't the whole body suit type thing I see most of you girls wearing on here. It was like a little waist cincher thing that had velcrow and only went around the stomach like a corsett. After a few days it started to get bent out of shape and would ride up under my ribs and hurt like hell. Sleeping in it was torture. My doctor said to wear it for two weeks and that's what I did but the materal that the velcrow attached to started come off so the thing would pop open sometimes & I'd have to restrap it... I didn't think of these types of things happening so I didn't wait until I had enough money saved to maybe buy another compression garment & I didn't even read up enough to know that I could even purchase my own REAL compression garment elsewhere. After about three weeks, my stomach and love handles had puffed back up to pre op size. Here we r nearly a year later and I look 95% the same as I did pre op. I am blessed that I didn't get botched up lumps or ripples or anything. I merely look like I never had anything done besides some keloids on my pubic region I'm assuming I got from the pubic swelling. I wasn't even aware of makemeheal or anything to get scar fading creams or arnica or anything.

Well this time I'm doing it right. First off, I'm going to gain weight frist because I do want a donk this time along with the hour glass waistline. I got on a $700 appetite stimulant (my physician was able to prescribe it and medicaid actually paid for it!! I just had to put $3 with it lol). It's called Megace Es. I had been having the hardest time eating more on my own and getting over 101 lbs so I'm glad I was able to get a hold of the medication because I now weigh about 115 lbs after only three weeks of use. That's still very thin but I have until December and at this rate with this medicine (which I get two more refills of and they're a month supply each) I'll be able to put on the weight by then. I was told to put on 20 lbs but I think I need more like 30 or 40 lbs because I'm not 5 ft, I'm 5'5. I've never been over 135 in my life but I think I want to get to about 145 lbs. or 150 lbs. I've decided to go with Dr. Jimerson! I was torn between him and Salama and Salama is a little cheaper and includes more in his price but he is just too over booked. I wouldve had to wait until March 2013 at the earliest. Plus he's in Florida. I'm in Louisiana so Jimerson is closer being that he's in Atl and I'd only have a 1 hr. flight home which is good news for my butt. Dr. J's results are amazing and I'm seeing more and more women on this site that are going to him so that's great. & for all that money he charges, he better be damn good!

I'm scheduled 4 surgery with Dr. Jimerson on Dec....

I'm scheduled 4 surgery with Dr. Jimerson on Dec. 21 & I simply cannot wait! I've even booked my flight, hotel, & car rental already and I paid my $500 deposit. The procedure includes lipo of the stomach & lower back & I'm propably going to tell them to throw in chin lipo as well because if I'm a pound over 105 (which is too thin) my cheeks fill out & I get a little bit of a mini double chin. I can't have a bangin body with a fat apple jack head. Nothin I can do about my cheeks getting a little chubby cuz cheek lipo isn't recommended but at least marking sure my chin/neck & jaw line r defined will bring some definition & slimness to my face. I envy those who can gain all the weight they want & still get to kerp their slim face & cheekbones! Lol... Well goodnight all. I'll keep u updated on my journey 2 Jimerson!

Not too much going on over here but just wanted 2...

Not too much going on over here but just wanted 2 let you guys know I've worked my way up to 120 lbs! That's so crazy to c after being between 98 and105 lbs for the past two years. I wanna put on another 20 or 30 by late December. It's A LOT of work but I think I can do it. I gained nearly 20 lbs in about 1 1/2 months and that was with not taking my appetite stimulant for days at a time and forgetting to drink my over 700 calorie protein shake some days. If I get on the ball, I think I can do it!

Added some before pics of me at about 122 lbs. I...

Added some before pics of me at about 122 lbs. I took these before going out one day so I wasn't thinking and didn't take a back shot but I did take a side shot so you guys can see my "projection" or lack there of rather lol. I'll add more pics as I continue to gain weight.

Took a back shot in that same outfit real quick....

Took a back shot in that same outfit real quick. In looking at it, I think I actually picked a realistic wish pic (my profile picture) I don't want some big donkey booty that's still in one room when I've walked to another one. I like my hips and I like buts that are hippy and bottom heavy. Sort of tear drop shaped. Of course I do desire more projection and a bigger hip to waist ratio which would then put me somewhere around my wish pic! :D

As you can see from all my wish pics, I'm really...

As you can see from all my wish pics, I'm really BIG on hips and teeny tiny waists. I think an overall hourglass shape is more important than a big ol donkey booty if that's all you're gonna have. I mean if you're blessed to have BOTH hips and ass, more power to you which is where I'm trying to get to lol but some women, not matter what else is going on else where, all they want is a huge hunk of meat attached to the bottom of their backs and they call it a shape... To me shape consists of ass hips and waistline and I'd sacrafice some ass for nice hips and a tiny waistline. Now no ass at all with nice hips and a tiny waistline is kinda not so hot but as long as there's something going on back there, I say ur body is bangin. Don't even talk about if you have nice boobs too. That's just a huge bonus. I originally just wanted to gain weight to get my hips and thighs bigger and my butt will grow some too and just get lipo to get that tiny waist and accentuate everything else but I figure it'd b such a shame to waste all that precious fat... May as well get me a nice plump booty too while I'm at it lol

Found out about Dr. Jimerson here on realself. His amazing before and after pics, his location being only an hour flight from my home & he & his staff being so nice during my phone consultation were all factors in why I chose him. I strongly considered Dr. Salama at first because he yields amazing results as well at a cheaper price but he was booked solid until March 2013 at the earliest and he's farther away from me in Florida and I think Dr. J's work leans slightly more in the direction of what I like. His butts protrude more, and the waists are tiny.

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