430cc Textured Round Silicone Extra High Profile - Sutton Coldfield, GB

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Like most of you i have been stalking this site...

Like most of you i have been stalking this site for months. I have found that the reviews have been so useful to me during my decision making but it is a bit difficult to find reviews from people who have had implants like the ones that i am getting. So this review is to help you ladies considering overs or extra/ultra high profile implants - the reviews on these are rare.

Im afraid there is nothing different about my story. I have wanted a BA since i was a teenager and all of my friends were blessed with big boobs and mine took another few years to arrive. Ive always liked the shape of them but wished they were a little bigger. Now ive had my daughter and breastfed her the timing is right for me. My body bounced back better than i thought it would after a baby but things are never quite the same are they?? I can live with my boobs when im standing up looking at them but im horrified when i bend forward.... someone else posted a pic of themselves from this angle and it really made me laugh because thats me! im considering putting one in with my before pictures but dont know if im brave enough yet.

My PS is amazing. She did a rhinoplasty for me 6 years ago and she was so good then. I knew exactly who to go to now that its time for my BA. My consultation was pretty brief as i had done my research and didnt have many questions but she was extremely thorough doing the measurements and her checks. She thinks that polyurethane coated overs would be best for me and i have complete confidence that she knows what shes doing. We decided on Silimed 425cc ultra high projection but all Silimed implants got recalled last week. We've now changed it to Polytech Meme 430cc extra high profile which are very similar.

Only 3 more days to go and no nerves yet! the only worry i have is not being able to lift my daughter afterwards. She is only 14 months old and a real mommys girl. I will just hide upstairs if its too difficult to be around her during recovery.

I'll get my hubby to take some before pics for me later. He is more excited than me and is fully supportive - i feel very lucky to have him. I haven't yet warned him about the wearing ugly bras to bed indefinitely situation.... im guessing its far from what he is imagining hehe.

Was anyone else shocked by their before pictures?

So I asked my hubby to take a few before pics for me and they really shocked me. I honestly didn't think they looked this bad, this deflated. I guess I'm so used to pushing them up and making the most of them. It did reassure me that I'm definitely making the right decision though.

I did it!!

Had my op at 9.15am yesterday. It all went very smoothly I can't see them properly as they are all strapped up. I wasn't expecting to have a strap over them - I thought that only happened to girls who went with unders. I've got to keep it on until my 1 week check and it's sooo tight. Will be worth it though.

The pain is more of a discomfort that pain. Just feels a bit swollen and my chest feels heavy. It really isn't anything to worry about.

My hubby is picking me up from the hospital in about an hour. I can't wait to get home. I'll try to get a few pics later too.

Can't tell what they will look like?

I hate this strap! This is the best pic I could get. I can't tell what they look like at all when they are strapped like this. It's so uncomfortable but I wouldn't say it's painful. Recovery is going well so far. Excuse the bloated tummy.

Dressings are finally off!!

Finally had the dreaded strap taken off and I feel so much better now. They have swollen a little more since then, I guess the strap had been so tight it didn't allow them to swell that much. Still sitting pretty high but I expected that, I can't wait for them to drop and fluff.

They are tender to touch but generally feel fine. Please ignore the sticky marks on my side I tried to scrub at them but it won't come off! Any tips? I also can't get the pen marks off.

Showering again feels sooo good!!

2 weeks

Still a little tender and swollen but I do think they've dropped a little since my last update.

I'm still not seeing any definition on the sides because of the swelling but they are looking a bit better from the front. My tummy is still a bit swollen too.

I havent taken any painkillers for the last week which I'm happy about. No real pain just tenderness and my incisions do hurt if I reach or stretch. I feel totally comfortable lifting my daughter now but haven't been brave enough to walk my dog on his lead yet.

4 weeks

It's been a bit of a rough week this week. I got a bad rash / lump on the inside of both boobs so I asked my PS to check them. She told me that I'm having a reaction to the polyurethane coating on my implants and gave me a course of antibiotics. Apparently it's pretty common!? They are already looking loads better so fingers crossed that won't return once the antibiotics run out.

She also told me not to wear a bra at night. I was a bit nervous about it at first but I'm used to it now.

They are settling slowly although my right one is still noticeably higher. I'm finally starting to get some definition on the sides but have a way to go. My incisions are looking good for 4 weeks. The redness has gone right down but they are still raised and lumpy.

What do you think?

Sorry pics didn't upload

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