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Hi, I'm Maxine, I'm 27years old and I have just...

Hi, I'm Maxine, I'm 27years old and I have just booked in for my breast reduction surgery.
I am quite little everywhere apart from my breasts I am 5ft 3 and 130 pounds. My breasts are currently in a 36FF but i have never really found a bra of any size that gives me any support!
My mum says that I have been big since I was about 14-15yrs old, I guess I never really noticed back then because they didnt cause me any problems but when I was in the first year of my nursing training I started getting a lot of back and neck pains and constant headaches. I went to see a chiropractor which helped but he said the pain wouldnt properly go away due to the weight of my chest. This was approx 7yrs ago and since then I must have paid out £70 a week seeing a chiropractor and having a sports massage to keep me in work!
I also noticed how saggy and horrible looking they had become, reminded me of an old ladies boobs rather than a girl in her 20s!!!
So in Oct 2013 I really hurt my back at work, cant really pin it down to what I did I just got home and woke up in the night in agony and it has been constant since then. I was referred for physio on the NHS and then I went to see my GP about a breast reduction on the NHS. She didnt even know it was available on the NHS but she consulted another GP who said to refer me to a breast surgeon at the local hospital.
I didnt it very long to see a consultant, approx 8weeks. I took my mum along to the appointment because my husband is in the army and is serving in afghanistan at the moment. The appointment was very rushed but he said that as I met the criteria: non-smoker, bmi 24 and evidence of all my back and neck pain I would be eligible for the surgery. All I had to do was get a letter fro my physiotherapist which she did for me straight away and sent to the surgeon. After the appointment I was told I would be put on the waiting list and be sent details when they where ready for me. I hadn't heard anything for 2 months so I called the office and was informed I wasnt on the waiting list because they didnt have my letter from the physio. So I asked her to provide another which she kindly did, phoned a week later to see if I was on the list and they claimed they hadnt got it still and I wasnt on the list!! Getting rally frustrated now as I am off sick from work and really want to get back asap. Then there was talk that I needed to be seen by a counselor prior to be putting on the list and they would request my notes and get back to me by the end of the day if I needed this. A week later no phonecall so rang back and she said she was waiting to hear from the surgeon.
By this point I was gettin very anxious being off sick and in constant pain, I am taking strong pain killers which uspset my stomach as I have crohn's disease and was constantly on the phone in tears to my husband so he told me to just go and get it done privately and he would pay (what a great husband I have btw). So on wednesday I saw another breast consultant locally who has a very good reputation. He takes his work very seriously and was concerned about doing the surgery whilst I was on the pill, and I have a colonoscopy booked for the 25th April to check on my crohn's so he wanted to make sure I was in good enough health to go through major surgery. I have stopped taking my pill and I have seen the breast care nurse who as just wonderful answered all my questions and had all the time in the world for me. She has booked me in for 30th april as long as my scope is all ok!
She said the surgeon uses the 'anchor' type incision with no drains and I will need to stay in for 2-3 nights depending on my progress. He only does one of these surgeries a day as he takes about three hours and likes to have time for anything that might crop up. She said they will bandage me up tightly and then 10 days post op I will return with my sports bra to have bandages removed and stitches and sutures removed.
I am so excited! Fingers crossed my scope is all ok because im so ready for this! I hate being constantly zonked from the pain killers. Even trying on sports bra's today put me in agony keep getting changed.
This site has been great reading everyones experience Im hoping sharing my story will help others too.
If anyone has any recommendations for me re post op bras and anything they have found useful please let me know!!
Good luck to you all :) xxx


Thought I would post some pictures, not brave enough with nothing on yet but hopefully I'll be so proud afterwards I can show you the results :) xx
Mr Allan

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