26 Y/o, 34F, 72 Kgs - Wanted This Since I Was a Teenager - Surrey, GB

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Breast reduction this Friday and decided to create...

Breast reduction this Friday and decided to create my own little profile on here as I know with the drug induced cabin fever I'm going to have OOOH so much to ask and share with people who actually understand what it all entails. Can't guarantee I'll be brave enough to post any photos yet, BARE WITH

1 day and 10 hours to go ticktock

The first thing I did when I got my date fixed was to add it to my countdown app. I humorously called it "DDD/E day" but after being fitted for a post surgery compression bra I was told I'm actually a 34F/G. If I had any doubts about this, that moment in the fitting room definitely confirmed this is what I've wanted.

I thought I would join the community and post something in way of pictures but as I've become so accustomed to deleting anything that makes my breasts look like I grew up next to a nuclear waste land ... there's not much to show.

Here's a very flattering cropped Bikini shot for now. "Before"pics to come tomorrow!

Sorry mom, Santa and Jesus but here come the uploads.

Ok guys. I remember browsing real self after my friend decided to get her girls reduced (see I'm even using the lingo!) and would always think "man those women are some braveass individual for uploading those pictures" not cause of OH boo nipples nudity etc. But because I always avoid looking at myself in the mirror once the minimising bras are off and I'm left flying solo with no support of Triple-clasps and thick straps.

But if I'm gonna join the community and share my story and cry and ask what v-pillow and gels to get - I, too, shall be a braveass chick.

Apparently one breast is slightly larger than the other (lol the things you learn about your boobs when you go for consultations) so my man Giles Davis shall be taking more from that side.

Other than that I've pampered myself the days leading up to it. Mani-pedi ("oh no colour this time why?" Oh ha ha no I'm not going anywhere fancy), laser hair removal session (apparently my laser woman had her reconstructive surgery wth my surgeon after her breast cancer - she said I'm in really good hands so that was reassuring!) and cleaned the hell out of my room.

Last thing I need to order/get today is some form of v-pillow? Yes, I HAVE indeed been paying attention to the reviews. Any recommendations are welcome.

And today is my last day at work with the most understanding manager and HR team that granted me 3 weeks off for plenty of rest. EEEK. Happy healing fellow boobarellas.

ITS DONE! And thank you!

Can I just start by saying how great this site and community is. After reading about 13 reviews. From 4 weeks before till 6 weeks after. I felt like I really knew what to expect from my OP day. I don't think you brace and beautiful ladies know how helpful you are in simply sharing your experiences. I was barely nervous today! Just excited.

The day went as follows
07:00 - admitted

07:45 - anaesthesiologist comes to ask a few questions.

08:50 - my beloved surgeon comes and scribbles on my girls. We banter, talk about girl on the train and Storks.

And then every 20 minutes a nurse or doctor comes by to ask what I'm allergic to as my wrist band is red. (Shellfish. I know, EXCITING. Yes I do miss out on great sushi platters. Oh hospital chitchat).

I get anti-sickness and some painkillers. Oh and a pre op drink as I hadn't eaten since 21:00 the night before and my procedure ended up being a bit later in the morning.

11:00 - anaesthesia in. Knocked out within seconds. After the week I've had concluding cases at work I embraced the long, deep assisted nap!

14:30 woke up. Asked if it's done, in the croaaakiest raspiest voice ever. And an hour later I'm back in my room and my mum and bestie are with me.

The compression bra was a little tricky to put on, tight as it should be. And I bled a tiny bit, gauze went on and bra was zipped up.

No pain. Slight sting every now and then. Been given paracetamol and fed regularly like a gremlin. Antibiotics injected just now.

Other than that: not sure what I was nervous about. Perhaps more about the recovery once I'm home and I don't wanna jinx it. But it's all gone really smoothly.

Ok I'm attaching a scribble on boobs pic now and pray to all above that no one from my life ever finds me here.

Happy healing ladies!

Drains out and home we go.

Ok my sleep was everything but.

The nurses were surprised I was awake for every single injection occurring at 1:00, 02:00, 03:00 for anti-biotics, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory.

I'm typically a light sleeper anyway and with those pulsating boots I had attached on my feet, the drains, trying to sleep propped up... well I slept for exactly two hours.

I attach a blood stained surgical bra for your reference. And I was super worried about removing the drains. I've heard so many mixed opinions on this. And it was more an uneasy discomfort than actual pain. The left one tugged a bit due to dried blood (yum) other than that - Done.

Was given an oral morphine shot that the nurse advised me would taste like sambucca (it did not).

Just got home about an hour ago. My friend drove me and been chilling on the couch since. No painkillers were given to me.

A friend of mine advice she took two naproxen, two co-codamol and two diazepam per day following her surgery... whereas I was sent with nothing but advice to take paracetamol regularly? Anyone else been prescribed the heavier stuff or nothing at all?

Am I just a little soldier that my pain threshold is higher?

Anyway happiest of healings to you I shall go send for some arnica and pineapples as per the suggestions via reviews on here.
Dr Giles Davis

I've seen three different Surgeons in London and this was my favourite. He's performed operations in the thousands and deals a lot with breast cancer patients so it's not your bogstandard surgeon. Super friendly, informative and has made this seem as casual as going for a general check up pre flu season.

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