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I found this site a couple of days ago, as I was...

I found this site a couple of days ago, as I was preparing myself for my upcoming surgery. I know I need to have this done (having big boobs makes you look older than you are & I'm starting to have issues with shoulder blade pain). But I will admit I am starting to freak out a bit, it comes in waves, I will probably break down on Monday - day of surgery. Getting house in order, cleaning, gardening (when will I have time afterwards) and thinking what do I need for me before surgery. Apparently ice packs, so I will get those, people say a Hanes Comfort Fit Bra (I will check them out, if they fit comfortably around my body, then I guess the size will be ok), special soap to wash my body the night before & they day of, water jug, drink cups with straws, books, mags and TV, extra bedding & pillows (too late to get a recliner now), munchies of chips or chocolate (who knows what I may want or if I will want them, better to be prepared). So busy weekend to keep my mind occupied so I don't panic - ha ha ha.

Today is surgery day...

Today is surgery day... and I am surprisingly calm, so far. I had all my liquids up until 9 this morning, had my coffee no cream, wish I would have had a green tea instead, feel a little jumpy and I was fine before, oh well. Have to be at the hospital to check in by 11- surgery at 1. I have my drink cup and straw, a sandwich made for when I get picked up (ate at midnight last night - big bowl of mini wheats - will be starving by surgery time, hahaha) and a pillow to wear in front so I have some protection from the seat belt (found that on pinterest of all places, but thankful because I didn't know how I was going to have a seatbelt across my chest). Just got off the phone with pre admission and toenail polish is ok, yeah saved the pedicure I had last week on vacation :) And also asked about feeling anxious and they said that they have Ativan prescribed just in case, common procedure. Took all my before pictures yesterday - naked (wow do they look different when you look at them in that form - they're big), with bra, in clothes. Will post pics later to compare to same pictures. Feeling excited - Im getting new boobs - have to keep myself upbeat about this and not think of the pain ahead of me. Off to do some yoga stretches to calm myself, have my final scrub down shower and then we are off to the surgical day center. Big breath here - all is good, I'm doing the right thing, all will be ok :)

1 Day Post Op

I'm doing really good & I was panicking that I would be in a lot of pain and not doing so well - but know that you will be ok. They're sore, swollen and aching but I'm taking meds every 6 hours and I am really good - thankfully. So, I will explain my day yesterday, which went well. A difficult part for me was the IV, I have little veins well hidden and they always have difficulty - I got very emotional & teary, she suggested the Ativan, I explained that it really was the IV process which I am fine with once in. Then I felt nauseous but I think that was the no food or water and the cocktail of meds I had to take (2 advil, 2 tylenol and 1 oxy) with about an ounce of water - that should upset anyones stomach. The Dr came in and did his artwork (took a pic because it was interesting to see). Then the Anesthesiologist came and commented that my take home meds wouldn't be heavy duty as it was a superficial wound (?!) My breasts are being cut up & thats superficial, anyways.. I have a very low pain tolerance & that was one of my greatest fears. Everyone was so nice and cheerful - which made for an easier experience. My recovery was longer than expected as my blood pressure was low & my oxygen level low. They gave me oxy when I woke up & again before I left. I was prescribed Tramadol & Antibiotics for home. My husband & kids came to get me, they agreed that they were "little". But my daughter commented that I looked so skinny (and I'm overweight) so that was nice. I do look slimmer and feel so much better, but still hope that its just me and that they aren't that little. I ate the sandwich that I made early in the day - thankfully as they gave nothing but ice water in recovery. REMEMBER THE PILLOW for the ride home. I didn't feel the seatblet at all - it was fantastic. I didn't have drain's, yeah, and I have internal stitches so I can shower in 4 days. We came home & I rested, we have a leather swivel chair recliner that was comfortable to be in, they said I had to be upright for the next few days when sitting or sleeping. I slept on our chaise lounge last night & it was ok - too upright, may have to bring up the recliner tonight. I woke up at 5 this morning, but not because I was in pain, which was a good sign considering my fear of pain. I let my husband sleep until his alarm went, then I took my meds and crawled into bed with pillows - will need more pillows if sleeping in our bed, the recliner really is so much better. I had a lot of seepage through bandage and bandeau top & had hard swelling on one breast which they said to watch for. Made an appointment with family Dr, he put on new dressing and we used tensor bandage wrap until I could wash the bandeau which I feel better wearing. I briefly saw them in a side mirror in examining room, they look way too small & I cried on the way home. Hopefully they aren't and I'm just in shock from how much is gone, who knows. Feeling more tightness, tenderness and bruising as the day has gone & definitely needing the meds every 6 hours, not bad just not wanting it to get any worse. Feeling tired but I'm not one who can nap during the day, & it doesn't help that I got calls today & people visiting, all very appreciative but maybe more than I could actually handle. Again, the pain is not what I was expecting - which I am so thankful for, it is tolerable :)

3 Days Post Op

Had a bad day yesterday - I cried. Like I lost a part of me (hahaha, I know). It was so weird, I felt so sad, I questioned why I did it (even though I know why), that I shouldn't have done it (even thought I know I should have). Like I said, a real roller coaster of thoughts. I stopped taking my pain meds and just took a Tylenol with an Advil every 6 hours. Maybe I stopped pain meds too soon? I'm not really in pain, just irritated with everything, thought maybe I should go back to meds, might make me not so aware, lol. And after checking here, I remembered ICE, big help. And peoples kind words and encouragement are so nice as well. I took the bandeau off today, it was so freakin tight it was crazy. The Dr office said I could take it off for short periods but getting it back on is a 2 person job and still hard to do. So I put on one of those Genie Bras, its snug, the irritation is still there but it feels better. AND on top of everything, I think they are way too small - where are they? They look like big flat round discs. Someone said they "drop & fluff". I hope so, because I still like having breasts, just not super huge ones, but these are small. My girlfriends dropped by separately and they still think they are big (?). One said that they look great and she would be honest with me (but would she?) and would tell me the truth. She said its because I am used to them being sooooo big and that I have no concept of what is normal, true I guess. I know in a couple of weeks I may look back on this and laugh, but so far I'm not so sure. Today I made a fruit blend in the VitaMixer - yeah. I need to stop eating junk, but it doesn't help when you don't know what you want to eat. I'm so bloated its crazy. I took some tablets and fiber to help things move along, which is now moving but still feel bloated. When I move around, I hear water gurgling (?) What is that? Do I have extra water somewhere inside of me, very strange. I almost think its coming from my boobs, but that is silly because they are small, lol, my stomach makes more sense, it looks like a beach ball. Having a better day than yesterday, thankfully. Hoping that getting on track with better food will help all around (of course). I'm craving fruits and veggies, which is a good thing. So today my VitaMixer is my best friend. I'm hoping that it gives me some clarity as well :)


I totally forgot about ICE packs and I cannot stress this enough. I read someones post yesterday and thought how crazy am I to have forgotten. It felt fantastic once I got them on me :) Need more than one set of packs because when the first set is done you will want another set put right on after. Getting some extra sets today. Happy ICE-ing :)

Happy Mothers Day :)

Well today is Mothers Day. And I'm feeling good :) I was aloud to shower on Day 4 but was just not ready to do it. I had not looked at them at all. (Some of you are so brave & pics no less). Surprisingly it went well. Some bruising of course, but the tape covers the incisions & my stitches are internal. I was scared of the shower, but it went very well. Yeah, I have nipple sensation! So much so that I had to cover them from the shower, they were that sensitive. Interestingly, my back fat has disappeared (?) I don't know where it went & hope it doesn't come back. As for how they look, a little football shaped, but that I think is due to the fact that I didn't have lipo (BR is covered in Canada, but not lipo & any add ons make it not covered). My incisions underneath aren't so underneath on the sides, they actually come to the side of my breasts. So I think that is why they have that football shape. Maybe if I'm not happy later I can just pay to have it done. Looking at my tummy, I'm thinking lipo & tummy tuck, lol. Might as well keep this whole new body going ;D I got all dressed up today, well tank & capris - so cute. I just look different in the same clothes, they hang the way they are suppose to. I fit into an XL but look better in them now. And everything is longer. I just can't get over the fact that I look like I am suppose to in my clothes, the way they are suppose to hang & be worn. It's fantastic. I actually started trying on some of my clothes a couple of days ago, actually on Day 4, was sick of sweats & looking bad. A real boost to my self esteem for sure. Clothes, makeup and hair - felt human again. That would make a difference at any regular time, really need to do that for yourself to remember that you are still really beautiful :) Still feeling a little wiped. I help around and do things around the house, nothing much, but it still affects me. I would really say that day 4 was the start of coming around for me, and today is better again. I will admit that I started the pain meds after my downer day & am glad that I did. The pain was bearable but I was not. I'm taking way less than recommended (3 instead of 8 per day) but they helped me big time, took the edge off the irritableness of it all. I also got the Bromelain & I'm hoping that is helping as well. It must be because I am doing really good. Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics, so I'm planning on celebrating my new boobs on Day 8 with a glass (or more) of wine - woo hoo! Again to all the Moms out there - Happy Mothers Day :)

Dr's Report

Had to add, going through papers on the counter and came across my surgery report. When I went to see my family Dr on Day 1, I had asked if he knew how much was taken from each breast (because so many people knew this info on the site). He told me & I asked if he could write it down (I was still very medicated) & he said he would print out the surgery report. So it was very interesting to read. I lost just over 3 lbs on one breast and just under 3 lbs on the other. They actually said they used a 42 mm cookie cutter for my nipples (1 and a half inches) - too funny, my nipples were shaped with a cookie cutter :) And at the end all sponges and instruments were accounted for - yeah they didn't leave anything in me. It was pretty detailed but nothing that I couldn't handle. I just thought I would share in case someone wanted a play by play report of there own surgery.

2 Weeks Post Op - late :)

All has been really good, minor irritations but nothing big. I had my 2 week post op appointment & didn't have the time to write a review, got busy with getting back to the day to day stuff. Funny how that happens ;D So here it is:
2 WEEK POST OP APPOINTMENT - it was my second day of driving and it was about a 25 min drive to his office, and driving with a pillow & still holding the seatbelt away from my body! He was a little more chatty than he has been, I guess we had gotten to know each other better with each meeting, lol. When he came in he took me by surprise as he asked questions & started removing the tape, I was "whats going on". I would've thought it would hurt way more & it really was best that he removed it because I was too afraid to. He said they were healing nicely, but I had one spot at the T-joint where it was weepy. He said it had pulled apart, it happens, & to put Polysporin on it (which really hasn't helped, but anyways...) He also said that I could start using Bio-Oil everywhere else. From the view point in his office they seemed ok but then when I got home I looked at them and was a little freaked out. They looked great with the tape on them, but with the tape off I was not so happy :( My nipples were cut with a "cookie cutter" so they are perfectly round and the incision is fine, BUT they puff up like little muffin tops! I know there is still swelling and at 2 weeks I shouldn't have expected perfection, but I was still sad. And everywhere else the incisions are just a line, but underneath the skin they are lumpy, which I now know as "braiding". I know I have to massage it down, but it still scares me that it might not go away. My friend had surgery on her arm and the lumpiness is still there, but she said that that was because she used her arm too much. Well, we use our boobs as well, they get pulled on for everything. Walking, driving, sleeping, etc. I didn't realize until this surgery how much our upper body is involved. I find that when I am a passenger I hold my boobs because the jiggling affects me later, as in tightness and general irritation. So thanks to this site and all of everyones helpful hints and tricks, I promptly went to buy the Polysporin that night and some 3M tape - yeah. And I taped myself back up, minus the spot that just won't heal. I also taped up across my nipples, they are soooo sensitive, it drives me crazy, don't even talk to me when they actually get cold, they just tweak right up tight - OMG! Overall the bruising is just a light yellowish and only dark stitch like colouring around my nipples. I have dissolving inner stitches and no drains. So the tape hides the muffin tops and the dark around and down my breasts, so that I can slowly get used to how they look (I am squeamish). Also I have read that that keeps the scares from raising, so I hope so. I don;t know which way to go, Polysporin Complete or Bio-Oil or just the tape. Hopefully someone has had some great experience with any of them and their opinions on that - that would be great :) I did ask the PS if I could have more painkillers for the night, and he suggested Extra Strength Tylenol and Advil instead. I was a little bummed out, but still had enough to get me through the next week as I was only taking that at night. I am still taking the Bromelain and I guess its working, sometimes I do need to take a combo of Advil & Tylenol during the day, but all in all the pain is just a pulling tightness not really pain pain. I was prescribed Tramadol with Tylenol, and it has been great for me. I was only constipated from the Oxy from the Hospital, but by day 3 things were moving and have been moving fine. I was prescribed 40 pills (5 day supply, lol) and only took 6 for the first 2 days, then the 3rd day I stopped taking everything but Bromelain, would NOT recommend that at all, it was a very bad day to say the least, then I went to 3 a day (morning midday and night) then I went to just 1 before bed. So the pills stretched out to get me to 3 weeks. I have read so much of people taking Oxycodone and Percocet and being so constipated, I couldn't imagine adding that to the healing process as well. So maybe others reading can check out Tramadol as well, you never know :)
All in all the experience has been really good and I still recommend getting it done if you're considering it at all :)
I am also attaching my pre-surgery art work, lol, and me at 1 week

3 weeks Post Op :)

I will start with, I'm getting used to the new size. I think in the beginning it was the shock of going from huge to normal and holy holy, thats a lot to take in, and it happens just like that. I remember trying on clothes at 1 week and they hung differently and looked so much better. And at 2 weeks I tried on different OLD bras that I used to fool myself into fitting (once properly fitted, I was a 40J ). I tried on a 42DDD and its a little puckered in the cup, so it will be interesting to see where I end up. The reason I am so concerned about size is because initially it was shocking AND when people I know see me they comment on how SMALL they are and gasp. Only 2 friends were normal about it and thought they were a good size. So even though I do feel they are in proportion to my body, and I feel so much better, and my husband says they are still bigger than a handful, other peoples reactions still bother me :| And interestingly, most of these people have small boobs! And mine now are still bigger than what they have, go figure, anyways...
This last week I have been struggling with the lack of energy. I only realized how slow I walked when I walked with people, and I'm just wiped out. Driving the kids to school is just irritating, not bad, just irritating. And my arms feel weird sometimes, I guess its how they attach to your body and where my incisions end. I still move slowly to get something from the top shelf in the kitchen and I'm careful when lifting things. If/when I overdue it, it usually shows up the next day with a really tight feeling. I joke that it must be what having implants feels like - its so tight. Yeah, they are getting softer but still pretty solid. My nipples are still really sensitive - drives me crazy, but at least I have nipple sensation, so thats really good. I have been really trying to get the open area to heal - argh. Polysporin and a bandaid makes it wet and whitish, gauze dries to it and when I go to take it off, it starts to bleed. So I have decided to go braless for a few days to let it heal and that seems to be working. Also, my girlfriend recommended Liquid Silver. I use it for so many things and I never thought to use it for this, it dried over night and is finally scabbing over - yeah. You can buy it at Health Food Stores, I highly recommend looking up what it is good for and trying it. I have been using it for 2 years now and we never get sick. When any of us feel something come on we take 10 ml of it daily. I have even been spraying it over the tape to have it heal underneath. I'm also hoping going braless is ok, it took me 35 years and kids to have them that hanging, so I feel a couple of days should be ok with my brand new set ;D
Hoping that I can work on getting the braiding under the incisions gone. I try to massage over it but it does hurt a bit, again more irritating than painful but still it is hard to do, but I do do it. I find driving is the most bothersome for me, so I still tend to be house bound. I thought I would be going out more and getting things done, but I haven't been. So I tend to go out with my H to do things. And while we drive I find myself cupping and holding my boobs so they don't jiggle, as that ads to them being sore later. Really listening to my body and trying not to over do it. I was given the OK to walk on the treadmill, so I want to try that. I am scared that with all this inactivity I will add more weight - eek! I guess I will get more busy when I can, it is what it is. I have also been trying to do light yoga stretches that don't pull on the incisions, much needed for sure.
I went to see Cirque du Soleil - Totem. It was really good, but it was a traveling show, under a circus tent, the seats were very uncomfortable and small. Not a good thing to sit through (2.5 hours) at 3 weeks post op, but I did and luckily it was my last pain med that I had because I did need it. So I recommend that for some it may be too early to go to the movies just yet. I also find sitting at restaurants uncomfortable, even though the positive is that my boobs now don't touch the table or sit on it, lol.
Thank you to all that suggested it, the 3M tape is great, it sticks. In Canada it is Nexcare by 3M and is the blue packaging. I have read it helps to keep the incision flat, so I've got my fingers crossed on that one.
The Tylenol and Advil at bed is OK, I would much rather have my prescription for bed, last night was not a good nights sleep. Tossed and turned all night and they were painful. Will try a T3 tonight, but that might make my constipated. Short of that, I will ask my Dr for a prescription for bed. Hopefully he is OK with that. Still taking the Bromelain 4x a day, and a Tylenol and Advil combo mid day. The incisions are still bothersome, but my nipple sensation is driving me crazy, more pain is from that alone. Ergh.
Funny, I thought I would try being in bed with just the one regular pillow, hahahahaha. I still need the pillows for sure. Somehow its how my arms are attached that causes pain. My arms have to have support and I need to be elevated under my head. The memory foam pillows from Costco are great. Who knows, maybe this will be a regular thing to have all these pillows, because it really has been comfortable ;D
Hopefully my review is helpful to some, and thank you for everyones support, comments and reviews - it really has made this journey easier to navigate for sure, so thank you ;D

Lumping/Braiding Under Incision

I was wondering if anyone had had a lumpiness or braid like texture under their incisions? The incision lines themselves are like felt drawn lines - yeah, but then I noticed it kind of puckering underneath in some areas. I have read so much on the site that I don't remember where I read something briefly about it. I am scared that they will stay like this, I hope I didn't do anything to cause this to happen. Please let me know if this is normal or if this means that they will remain lumpy like this - eek. Thanks :)

4 Weeks Post Op

I had my appointment with my PS yesterday & all went well. Its funny how mine was so non-conversational at the first appointment & now he's all chatty, lol. I had a few questions (of course), braiding (it is normal and it should be smooth by 8 weeks), muffin tip nipples (small area to stitch together & therefore you notice the swelling as the 2 areas come together), sensitive nipples - omg! (lots of nerve endings in that area, I need to play with them more & tell them that I am doing it so they get used to it being a normal thing to be touched, ok), puckering of skin at end of incision towards armpit (should normal out, but if not he can do a revision at 6 months, but says they usually blend in), areas that have come apart (popped a stitch inside so of course the outer skin had nothing to hold it together, so it came apart, to continue to use polysporin in that area and bio oil everywhere else). With all of that I must say that the muffin top on one nipple is almost gone and the other is less since the last appointment. The same with the braiding that I noticed, so all was good. I did forget to ask about baths and exercise, oh well, I guess with the opening, baths are out (common sense) & exercise to listen to my body.
I am feeling not as tired, yeah. But I did put my back out the other day, obviously due to the fact that I am not in great shape and not being able to do any exercise for 4 weeks really took its toll. Yoga stretches are so important for my back, but I have been very limited to what I can do, slowly doing more. I have not added the treadmill in yet, but I will today as my back is better (thanks to meds). Speaking of which, I am out of Bromelean and will have to pick some up today, yes I did notice a difference :)
Sleeping is still a pain in the butt. I can't sleep on my side and the stretch I feel hurts too much when I lie on my back, so needless to say, I still need extra pillows to support my back so I can semi lie on me back/side.
I am slowly coming around to my new size, lol, I really think at times that they are so small (in comparison they are) but really they are a good size. An indirect Mom was surprised to know that I had a reduction, because she still thought they were big! She was shocked to hear that I was a 40J - she didn't know they went up that big - too funny :)
I have noticed that they are starting to get more giggly on the sides, still very firm but slowly softening. It will be interesting to see them at 6 weeks when I hit 'drop & fluff' stage :)
I am very happy that I had a breast reduction done and yes I wish I had done it sooner. I started my first consultation 8 years ago & kept telling myself when I lost weight they would be manageable. Well the weight went up and down, and I think as I aged I didn't want to be one of those old ladies with the enormous saggy boobs - time to be normal, and the LIFT is the bonus part ;D

5 Weeks Post Op

Here is my latest update :)
My boobs are still firm but they are getting more giggly - yeah! :) Too funny, had to share ;D
Also the braiding under my incisions (mostly in my cleavage area) is almost all gone. I was so scared that that was scare tissue and they would remain like that, so relieved now.
The spot that came apart is still oozy at the T spot under my breast, but getting better. The PS said if not healed in 2 weeks to come back, so it has one more week to go - I don't know though, its iffy at best. Have no idea what he will do about it.
My scares from my nipple down look the best, as in the least, lol. Some edges look blurred so to speak. So that is very encouraging. I'm beginning to see the light ;D
My nipples look too "cut out" (they were... haha) and I may never get used to the way they look, hopefully the exact line disappears - because they look fake to me otherwise - too funny ;D But I have noticed that on the one that is healing faster, parts of the line look blurred as well - yeah.
My muffin top nipples are becoming less puffy, as is the sensitivity - thankfully, as that was driving me crazy. Anything that came in contact with them sent hyper feelings.
My incisions aren't pulling as much, as when I do yoga stretches on my back on the floor & sleeping is getting easier to do on my sides, still tender but not painful. I'm down to 1 pillow :(
Driving is still awkward and I still have a rolled up towel for protection from the shoulder strap.
OMG! I forgot what I found to be the most helpful. Roll a towel from one end to the next, so you have a roll about 20 inches long. Keep it somewhat loose and drape it across and over the shoulder strap, like and upside down U . It doesn't move like a pillow and keeps the right distance from your boobs.
And the most exciting, I tried on bras! My sister and I have our favourite bras from Cacique (Lane Bryant) in the States, but they have now discontinued them :( My old 40 DDD are too big for me, so my sister gave me her 40D's and they fit perfectly! I tried them on with some sweaters and I looked amazing :) I was wearing them and then after awhile felt irritated at my incisions underneath - forgot about the underwire. It will be some time before I can wear them, but can't wait as they truly are such a flattering bra. And they fit so amazingly different - I never knew bras were suppose to look like they did on the package and feel amazing - hahaha. I will say that those Genie Bras (from Walmart) are VERY comfortable (I now have 4) but are not at all flattering, so until all is well COMFORT wins hands down :)
I hope you enjoyed the weekly review ;D , I will post again next week and add my 6 weeks photos - so interesting to see the progression.
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