29 Coolsculpting of Upper and Lower Abs - Surrey, BC

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I'm 29, 5'5 and 140 pounds. I'm pretty skinny...

I'm 29, 5'5 and 140 pounds. I'm pretty skinny every except for my belly. It's always been my problem area.

So I decided to have cool sculpting on July 6. At my first consultation s few days earlier it was recommended that I have two large applicators for my lower abs and two of the smaller applicators for my upper abs in a diamond shape. I was going to do it all in one day. On the day of my procedure, July 6, after the two lower applicators I could not handle it all at once. Also on the day of I had a different technician than the first day and she recommended adding an additional cool smooth applicator to the very centre of my abs to get the best result, so all together I would have had 5 cycles to my abs- too much for one day. The pain was tolerable until the massage and the weird tingly feeling after of the skin thawing out. After the second applicator I literally felt like I was going to pass out. My technician was awesome and made me feel totally comfortable, she put a wet cloth on my forehead and stayed with me while I lied down and felt better. I opted to do the rest of the treatments on July 8. My lower abs were sore the next few days, like an intense workout and swollen and tender but bearable so far
So on July 8 I started with the cool smooth to the centre of my abs. It's way more comfortable than the other applicators because it doesn't suck in the skin. After that I did the left and right upper abs with the smaller applicator (I think it was the cool core). This was more comfortable than the first day, I think because it was smaller applicators. Once I was done I just went home and rested. I did by a spanx compression tank to try and help prevent some swelling but i still ended up super swollen.
I was trying to hide the fact that I did this from my boyfriend but I ended up having to tell him because my whole belly is super swollen and tender and I definitely needed his help so I didn't have to move around so much. He was joking around that I look pregnant and I really do lol!
I was told to expect swelling and possibly pain so they gave a rx for gapapentin. Hopefully I don't have to use it. I have been using Tylenol pretty regularly.
I feel lucky that I'm off work and school right now, I don't know how people can function feeling like this, I think because I did such a large area I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable and swollen and super tender. I wouldn't recommend doing your whole ab area of you need to work or be around people-I had to see my sister and she was looking at me weird because I had a hard time hiding the swelling and its summer so I looked weird wearing a sweater.
Anyways, I will update soon and hopefully the swelling goes away soon.

5 days post for lower abs, 3 days post for upper

So I'm still really swollen and tender and yesterday the dreaded burning, stabbing pain started. I was really hoping I would be lucky and it wouldn't affect me but nope, it's happening and it sucks pretty bad. I took some gabapentin yesterday but I don't think it helped. I took some more around 5 am because I woke up with some pretty bad pain. I'm also still taking Tylenol around the clock. I have no idea if it's helping at all but I'm still really tender so the burning pain combined with the tenderness is pretty bad.
I am really lucky that I'm off work right now because I really don't think I can function properly, I just feel like lying down with an ice pack but even that isn't helping as much anymore. I hope it doesn't last too long, I have a busy weekend and I'm supposed to help set up a bridal shower so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. I do feel kind of depressed because I'm not sure if the results will be worth this pain and this has stopped me from working out.

One week for lower, 5 days for upper and decided to get flanks done

So I'm still feeling swollen and still have some of that annoying burning, shooting pain but I have time off right now and decided to go ahead and get my flanks done too lol. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as the stomach but the way I look at it I'm already kind of suffering through this so might as well do whatever I can to get the best result and the pricing is amazing right now so I figured I should take advantage of that. Hopefully my waist will be nice and defined and I'll get an hour glass shape after this. I'll be doing two cycles, I think cool core, to one side today and then do the other side in a few days. Wish me luck!

Did the right side flanks yesterday :)

I did two areas using the cool curve applicator to my right side flanks yesterday. It was a completely different feeling than the abs-totally painless procedure! After the initial suction I couldn't even feel the treatment, for the first area I actually took a nap lol. The massage didn't hurt at all either. It was completely different than the abs which I did find to be uncomfortable. Today I do have some minor bruising and swelling to the area and its a bit tender. I'm doing the left side tomorrow.

Unfortunately my abs are on fire right now, I really don't think the gabapentin is working and nerve pain is getting worse. I couldn't even sleep last night. I'll be contacting the office to see if I can up my dose again. Has anyone tried pregablin/Lyrica for the nerve pain? I'm wondering if it may work better for me than gabapentin but it seems like everyone gets gabapentin.

Two weeks stomach, one week flanks

So the flanks were so comfortable, some tenderness which is almost all gone but thankfully no nerve pain! I'm still having nerve pain in my stomach area but it's getting less and less everyday. Feels more itchy now. I'm still taking gabapentin too, so I'm not sure if maybe it's just working better now so that's why I feel better? I will continue to take it for a bit still. No real changes, just not as swollen. I will do an update post next week at the three week mark and take some pictures.

One month stomach

The pain stopped in week 3, I no longer need gabapentin. The area is still a bit tender though. The swelling has gone down but i don't see a difference yet. By pictures were post treatment, I should have taken some before treatment to really tell the difference. But I will be waiting 2 more months before making my decision on whether or not this has worked. I'm also going to start working out again, I took three weeks off because of the nerve pain and wouldn't be surprised if I gained a few pounds.
Beautiful Canadian Laser and SkinCare Clinic (Dr. Sachit Shah)

Marta is great, she made me feel comfortable and she was very honest about what to expect about the swelling and possibility of nerve pain, which I appreciate. She did all of my treatments. So I'm giving 5 stars based on my experience not my results because I don't have results yet. The payment process the first day I thought I paid it all but the girl up front messed up and on my second treatment day I had to pay more because she forgot to add something so I was kind of annoyed because I just wanted to go home and was kind of disappointed because I originally thought I would only be paying 2200. I think she was new or something but overall a great experience.

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