32 Yr Old Female 50kg Vaser In 3 Areas - Manchester, GB

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Well I've just had vaser in three areas, flanks...

Well I've just had vaser in three areas, flanks and inner/outer thighs. I thought I would start reviewing from the first instance as I found the other stories really reassuring. They removed less than a litre in total so I will wait and see how satisfied I am with the results. I would be lying if I said it wasn't painful....it was. The injecting of the anaesthetic was by far the worst part and I did really struggle, the vaser part was bearable but the suction was very uncomfortable especially the inner thighs. I took two diazepam but was still completely aware and very nervous throughout. I have leaked a lot of fluid so far but the pain post procedure so far has been bearable (although the anaesthetic still hasn't worn off) I'm taking codeine and paracetamol too. Dressings are changed tomorrow so will keep updating with progress. I don't look any different currently but I will keep everything crossed and hope for some worthwhile results. I will post pics once garments can be removed. If you're sure you want it, it is manageable. I will update to say if results are worth it. Good luck to all considering it and if you want more info please message and il give private email ????

Day 2 change garment and dressings

Ok so pretty uncomfortable sleep and the puppy pad looks like a crime scene as have leaked a lot of fluid really sore feel like I've been in an accident but manageable pain with codeine. Really stiff so difficult to walk naturally but can walk around. I've been alone throughout and managed fine....even drove to the nurses appointment so all in all ok. Removing the garment and changing the dressing was very uncomfortable and has made me feel nauseous again....I've not actually managed to eat since the procedure but I think this is because of the anaesthetic. Oh another thing I noted was that I couldn't stop shivering/ keep warm last night but again think this is the anaesthetic.
So after removing the garment still bleeding and bruising feels horrendous but actually seeing it not too bad at all. The incisions are tiny but still leaking and are cleaned and covered with steri strips for a week, at that point the garment can be removed and I can shower! Putting the new garment back on was painful and I felt waves of nausea again but it's done so let the healing begin. Looking in the mirror I couldn't see any change when my garment was off but I'm hoping that's the swelling so will keep you updated over the next few days and weeks!
Good luck to anyone else in the early stages or considering it.....any advise on massage?

Day 3

Really stiff today but as long as relatively still then not too much pain. Really aware of it when moving or bending. I still can't see any difference in shape but will give it a bit longer as hoping that's due to swelling. Appetite still has not returned not managed to eat other than a few bits of fruit for days now....not sure if that's common. I've added a pic of the garment and pads so you have an idea what to expect....the leaking has mostly stopped apart from one area.

Day 4 changed garments and checked bruising

So today was the first day I was allowed to shower and change my garment so could also take a look at myself. The wounds are still bleeding a little but all looks as it should I think. The swelling seems a little worse today and I definitely don't see the results yet but on a positive the bruising isn't as bad as expected. I managed a walk (only a few km to the shop and back) but it's a start! I've added some pics before changing. I'm no longer taking pain killers which is good and sleeping fairly comfortably.....progress! X

One week down

So healing is definitely progressing I'm walking much more comfortably tried a mini jog and stopped instantly! Bad idea definitely too soon.
I keep looking and I see some results in my hips (tape measure agrees. Down 2inches) but thighs are exactly same measurements as pre op.....I don't know if this is swelling or not, I don't feel swollen? Anyone else kept track of measurements and noticed they reduced later?
Thanks x

Recovering....first exercise!

Well it's been about 10 days and the recovery has been fairly swift. Bruising is nearly gone and I'm hoping in still swollen as still struggling to see results. The tissue in the areas has become very hard and a by lumpy so I've started doing some self massage to try and soften it, not too uncomfortable and should hopefully do the trick. I did my first jog yesterday too, rather slow nothing impressive but a start! Wore my compression garment under kit so didn't feel uncomfortable at all :). Bit sore the following day for it but only slightly!

Uneven thighs inner

Recover is still coming along. Some bruising and tenderness but not much else. It's 3. Weeks post op now so still wearing my garment 24/7 however when I take it off for showers and such my inner thighs are really uneven. One has a large dip in it and they are not the same size. There is also really hard strips of tissue on the inner thigh. I am massaging to help.....is this my final result or is it likely my thighs will change further and even out as they do not look good. Can't complain about the other areas all recovered well and hardness will go with time I'm sure. Any advice would be appreciated

Vaser revision

So I'm at the 6 month point and the uneven result didn't improve so I had revision surgery on my inner thighs and flanks.
It was still not a nice procedure but it was definitely less painful than the first, I'm leaking less fluid onto my puppy pad and I'm more mobile than last time. Only 600ml removed but I'm really hoping it does the trick this time as I really don't want to go through this all again ????. Il keep you posted with the progress I've got everything crossed it works this time.....anyone else had a revision and seen much better results?
Mr Asher saddique

Very caring and considerate especially considering how nervous I was

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