64 Year Old Grandma - Omaha, NE

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Today is Thursday I had my lower facelift this...

Today is Thursday I had my lower facelift this past Monday I wanted to post this photo to show you that it was well worth it and I am very pleased so far I am trying so hard to have patience and not get bored because you do have to follow instructions and be careful during your recovery. I get my stitches out on Tuesday well some of them and I should continue to heal for a few months after that but you do have to have patience!!! Oh by the way a great understanding husband helps a lot!!

Omajane's 6th day!

Omg. I have so much energy i just want to go go go !! But i know i must subdue myself so my big morning is spent cutting coupons and eating oatmeal. And of course playing candy crush and words with friends. I am still not loving the face bra and wild hairdo! Feeling good today after my night in the old recliner !!

Big day!

Big day for me. Showered and washed my hair. Forgot about the stitches in my scalp - felt so good to scrub away! My hubby put peroxide mixture on a couple stitches and best thing i took the face bra off for a precious few minutes!! Yay !! And also had pizza for dinner. Exciting day!!

Doctor tomorrow - YAY!

Finally it has been a week since my facelift. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I am excited to get out of the house!! I can't believe how well I slept in my recliner last night. I feel good and peppy. My face still looks so square from the swelling and one ear is more swollen than the other!! But I have no pain and too much energy. I will post tomorrow to let you know what doc says!!

One week!

Finally got out of the house. Exciting trip to doc!! It has been a week and one day. She took out a couple stitches - literally a couple in front of ears. Go bAck in 2 weeks for remaining stitches. I have to sleep in recliner for 2 more weeks. But i wAs so excited not to have to wear face bra except to sleep!! And a big plus - she told my husband to massage my shoulders to help ease tension in neck. She also to me to gently turn my head from side to side to get some of tightness out. It is 30 degrees and sunny in omaha ne so it was a good day to get out. Like a new world. I can take nice walks and pedal recumbent bike if i dont get my heart rate up. A little normalcy !! Yay!!

Getting antsy

As the days pass i am getting more and energetic and just want to be normal !! But i know this is z process do will flow post op instructions. I feeling good. My neck and jawline are where there is so much tightness. I was too swollen to get my stitches removed after a week so i go back mar 14. I have discovered the most soothing gel for my stitches. It's called silver shield. It is also good for healing with less scarring. I used faithfully after i burned my face last summer trying to cook at my sons. It is so soothing. For princess 21 i am posting some i my first day pics since u were inquiring about bruising (Which looks bad but ustarted subsiding 3rd day and looks like so much pain but actually i only had pain the first day and night). Dont get me wrong recovery is not a breeze. But it is very doable!

Almost 2 weeks!

Why does time go so slow when you are waiting to heal? at least it is 68° here in Bellevue Nebraska I will be going for my very first walk I still have my stitches and will go back next Friday to get them taken out I wake up with tightness all around my Jaws & ears which is normal my stitches are drying out and pulling I'll be so happy to get them out. Under my chin where I had the lipo suction there's a little lump but that should flatten out after time I still am not allowed to stoop or bend and I have to sleep upright for one more week I am getting so much energy and can hardly wait to get back to normal

Exactly 2 weeks today!

I made it thru two weeks!!

2 weeks

Guess i didnt finish the last update!! Two weeks. I know i am still healing. Still swollen and face still a little lopsided but my goal was met - to get rid if the wrinkled neck skin!

Monday will be three weeks!

I am still swollen and awaiting my stitched behind ears and in scalp to come out. I am feeling so much energy for a 64 yr old! But my doc has limited my exercise to walking for 6 weeks.

Almost one month!!

Finally finally this week has been a vast improvement. I no longer have that tight band feeling. I have a little tightness but not much at all. My hubbie and I went to our 2 favorite hangouts The Upstream and Plank in Omaha NE. Happy hour! I, however, did not have my martinis. I had the homemade root beer and then water. But we had a great time and good food. I never did have stitches in front of my ears - they were all tucked away inside of my ear. I am hoping to get my stitches in my scalp and behind my ears out tomorrow. I think the factors that helped my healing were the Ambien my doc gave me to sleep, stool softeners and vitamins (multi, C and B complex). I am still sleeping in my comfy recliner with my face bra on. I will do this to the 6 week mark because I think it has really helped with the swelling. Also am not doing my full workout until 6 wk. I do walk and stretch, babysit my grandson, and of course the never ending housework. I do not lift over 5 lbs as instructed by my doctor. I feel blessed with this surgery after reading some of the facelift horror stories. I am massaging under my chin where I had the lipo. I love that my neck caw is GONE! And I love that my husband who was totally against the surgery at first has complimented me saying I do NOT look 64! Gotta love it!!

one month today!!

Got my stitches out this past Friday. I can see they missed one above my ear but felt good to get them out. I have a little tightness on the sides of my jaws due to swelling. But day by day I feel better and better. I got the ok to do the recumbent bike at a slow pace and stretches that do not involve keeping my head down. I can have a couple drinks now (yay). My doc is really cautious. I still have to sleep elevated for two more weeks and massage under my chin where the lipo was. I can wear earrings that are not heavy. I am loving the look of my neck. She told me I could burn the face bra!! So day by day things are getting better!

Omajane gets happier and happier each day!!

Went for my 6 week checkup this past friday!! Finally got the all clear for everything except when i sleep i still need to sleep on my back and not turn onto my ears . Fine with me after sleeping in recliner for 6 weeks! I have been exercising full out. Doing yard work. Having a couple drinks at night. I love my facelift. I am now massaging vit be oil on my scars. No more gooey bacitracin!! I fell very little tightness. Maybe a little around each ear. Dr Montag said ears take longer to heal. At any rate ever since all restrictions have been lifted i dont even notice tightness or light feeling ears! My lumps under chin are disappearing nicely and i feel like a million bucks!

9 weeks post !!

Went to doc last friday. She found five more stitches. She told me they will dissolve if not exposed to air so if i come across anymore to come in and get them removed ASAP as they can become infected. She also said to rub the vit e oil on scars for 6 months!! All is looking better everyday. And of course feeling better everyday. I had Botox yesterday in the two frown lines between my eyebrows. This fall i will do laser spot removal for the spots popping out from all the suntanning i did when i was younger. Ugh. The swelling is nearly gone. Only time i feel it is in the am when i first wake up. It is swollen around ears. But that goes away within first hour. So all gets better as time marches on!
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

I immediately liked Dr. Montag she had a good personality and a nice smile she didn't try to oversell me on anything I told her what I wanted and that's what she gave me she's a very good surgeon she operates on children's faces so I know she has to have some understanding of what a life changing situation the surgery is! She is a busy doc with a family and always on the go. But her staff is so well informed that I have no worries and complete confidence in them.

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