Surgery Required to Remove Granuloma

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I'm glad other people on this site have had good...

I'm glad other people on this site have had good experiences. I really wish I could be commenting the same. I developed a granuloma under my right eye after using Radiesse which now requires surgery. This isn't for cosmetic reasons (though it is very unappealing) it's medically required.

The granuloma (as identified by a Plastic Surgeon)is adding pressure to my orbital rim,pressing against my lower eyelid, and increasing in size not decreasing. Now, I need to undergo General Surgery, miss a week's worth of work, be black & blue and bruised, and have a scar on my face. Since the surgery involves working around bone, I understand it will be painful.

The surgeon tells me the scar should heal well and in about 2 months and not be as noticeable. My initial experience with Radiesse was not good either. I had swelling over 4 weeks, the product shifted and distorted my face,and created a shadow/red circle under my other eye. Multiple people told me I looked tired, sick, and sad.

The other discouraging part is I used a Radiesse 'premier physician'. I thought I had done my research by selecting a doctor they recommended. I found out later, from the Radiesse rep, that a premier physician rating is given to the doctors who buys the most product. When I had my follow up visits,with this premier physician, I commented about my 'bump' and disfigurement, I was told 'everything is going to be fine'. After my 3rd visit, I realized it wasn't 'going to be fine'. That's when I found my new doctor.

PLEASE be careful with this product and the physician that administers it!!!! If anyone else has had a similiar experience with a 'bump'(ie, granuloma) please email me.

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