Negative Review of my Lasik Operation - India

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I will love to share my lasik experience with you...

I will love to share my lasik experience with you.
Let me start from the beginning. My lasik operation was to be done 20 days ago. Few days ago i met my doctor & tell him about my wish to have get rid of my specs.
He first suggest me to have topographic test to identify possibility of success of this lasik operation. He told me that for my spec nos (R:-6, -3 Cyl & L:-9, -4 Cyl) minimum size of my cornea must be 520 in both eyes.

I had that test & found size is well enough in R - 577 & L- 585. He told me that as per current technology max 3.5 Cyl no can be reduce & i will have /5 Cyl in my left eye. So i was ok with that.

He told me about two type of Lasik one is standard & other is customized wavefront. He told me that customized is better one so i confirmed that operaion & date.

He ask me to have take antibiotic drops two days before 4 times in a day. I had those as per his suggestion.

He told me to have some cautions on the day of operations like not to use perfume or hair oil or any cosmetic. I done as he suggested.

During the operaion.
My eye was very small so had so much pain during the operation. I remember for my left eye he take four attempt for cutting the flap due to my small eye. At last operation was done & i went home but had very much pain in eyes which gradually gone till second day morning.

Then i went to doctor for checkup on other day morning. He checked my nos & told me that its 0 in right eye & 0.25 Cyl in left eye. I was happy. I went home & relaxed.

But at evening i seen to red LED light of my mobile charger & got to know that im not seeing its well enough. Small size of star burst is there. Then at night the moon was seen with halos. After 2 days i try to read book but its also some what blurry actually its double vision. So i realize that i have got some complications & got worried & i asked doctor about it few days after but he told me that its normalin case of lasik. He says star burst & halos will go gradually in about 2 weeks to 3 months.

So again got relaxed.
But this star bursts & halos were got worst day by day. Initially they are small but after three weeks they are much bigger.

Doctor gave me three drops one antibiotic, one is lubricant & one for my red eye. I used regularly as instructed by doctor. But my eye sight is getting worst day by day.

So i started research on internet about lasik & came to know that wavefront lasik removes chances of these type of issues as its customizes laser firing by reading each one eye cornea condition uniquely.

So i am feeling that my doctor made standard lasik operation which is cheaper in place of wavefront.

So please give me suggestions that how can i know i confirm that operation was standard or customized lasik. Doctor is saying its customized but i don't believe him.

I want to ask also that will my vision going to improve or not?
I don't want to go for that enhancement operation again that is suggested on internet.

Please help me i am really worried.
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