BBL with Dr. Gharani

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Hi, After years of wanting a bigger butt (really a...

After years of wanting a bigger butt (really a butt causes I don't have one) I decided to go for it before turning 40 in 3 years! I will have it with Dr. Randy Dean at STRAX. I will be staying at the holiday inn at Saw Grass. They have a special rate for STRAX patients, $79 per night and offer shuttle service to STRAX and the airport. My husband and kids will be with me for the first few says then I will be using a nursing service. I would love to hear from anyone that had a bbl from Dr. dean at STRAX and also the contact info for a masseuses in Sunrise.

The pictures before bbl that I sent the doc

More before pictures

I was so excited to finally get this process started when the Dr. Asked for before pictures I ran to the bathroom at work to snap these, lol!

My Wish Pictures from bootylisious!

I use to model a few years ago and for that reason I do not want a butt that is too large. Most designer clothes are made to fit on slimmer bodies so I want to continue to be able to wear them so I am opting for a smaller bubble butt and some hips since I never had any. I want to look slim but with great curves. The wish pictures and bbl sister that I think captures this the most for me is bootylisious! Here are my wish picutres...

Wish pictures..

use to model a few years ago and for that reason I do not want a butt that is too large. Most designer clothes are made to fit on slimmer bodies so I want to continue to be able to wear them so I am opting for a smaller bubble butt and some hips since I never had any. I want to look slim but with great curves. The wish pictures and bbl sister that I think captures this the most for me is bootylisious! Here are my wish picutres...

Changed my Hotel to Vacation Village at Bonaventure

I was able to get a reservation through my timeshare RCI for Vacation Village at Bonaventure. It is 11 miles away from STRAX. It is a one bed room unit with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. I think me and me family will be much more comfortable there.

I decided to change from Dr.Dean to Dr.Payne

My main reason is that I want to have the best results and I feel since Dr. Dean is a general surgeon and Dr.Payne is a plastic surgeon and did an awesome job on my friends lipo and breast implants. She looks amazing!! No visible scares and she looks so natural. I figure if I am going to go through all of this I better but everything I an in my side to succeed. Let me know what you think. This will mean that I will have to move my surgery by 2 day....decisions,decisions, decisions...

Price now $3,850

I decided to change Drs and he only preforms bbl and ticke lipo under Iv sedation. So the price went up by $350.

Going with Dr.Ghurani!!!

Afer seeing the before and after pictures from STRAX I decided to go with Dr. Ghurani. I really wanted Dr. Salama but he was not available the 1st week of January but he IS the king of BBL! So I decided to go with Dr. Ghurani at his office. I am super excited!!!

Total cost so far summary

I just booked my return flight home so these are my expenses so far:
BBL $41200
Resort for 2 weeks I have a timeshare $400
Flight Back $109

I still need to buy:
1. Supplies
2. Pay for garments (stage 1, 2 and 3)
3. Driver/Nurse to take me to my appointments

13 days away!!

I am really getting excited. I am traveling with my family for the holidays and will be in Miami on the 5th of January. I will have all my labs done and meet the Dr. on January 8th. I am trying to be really good and will need to stop drinking any alcohol by the 31st. Its hard to stop eating though while on vacation, lol!

1 day before surgery

I am at Vanity now and I am super excited. I met my patient coordinator Pricilla. She is as nice in person as she is on the phone! I did my labs, signed my paper work and tried on my post-surgery garment. I am now waiting for them to tell me when I met the Dr and my time of surgery :) pray that all goes well for me tomorrow ladies!

Late on my procedure day : (

I was scheduled to be at Vanity at 8:00am and be in the OR at 8:30am. It was raining and there was lots of traffics so it took 1.5 hours instead 30 mins to get there. I just checked in. Waiting in the main waiting room. Thanks to the ladies that said a prayer for me today and yesterday. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

In the prep room of the or

I got my pics taken and I am now in my gown with my stockings : ) so excited!

I made it through!

Ladies the pain is real!! Well I did not get my surgery done until 5:00 pm instead of 8:30am. It was not the fault of the staff at Vanity at all. We got there at 9:30am instead of 8:00am due to the traffic and rain so they had to continue with the patients that were already scheduled. They called me back to the or pre area and I met the anestisiogist Dr. Ferdandez. He was very funny! I the. Had to wait another 1hr for Dr. Ghurani who was in surgery. He is awesome. Very thoughtful and a perfectionist. He explained everything. One of his biggest conserns is that you not wear a garment that is too tight so he made sure I tried mines on in front of him. He wants to make sure a teeshirt and foam can fit along with a back board. He also said that too much presure kills the fat that is transferred. Once he finished his markings I was led to the OR. I really got scared when t saw the straps for my arms and legs on the or table. Adele was playing in the back ground and it was freezing in there. I laided down then asked to use the bathroom. At first dr. Ferdandez said no but the nurse told him I had time. By then I had my IV in my arm do I had to take it with me. I went back in and he put an oxygen mask on me and I was out! No counting backwards, no getting sleepy just out! The next time I know I woke up in pain and freezing. I was in the recovery room and it was 8pm. The pain was worst than labor pains and I had 2 huge kids vaginally 8 lbs 13 oz and 9 lbs 14 oz. the nurse aid if she gives me more pain meds I woould have to stay for an extra 2 hrs. So since I knew my kids were with my husband's grandmother all day and would be getting anxious I bit the bullet and crawled to the back seat of our rented dodge charger in the fetal position. I am 6 ft tall and it was comfortable. We had a 30 mins drive to Weston. I slept the whole way and took my vicodine as soon as the car stopped and went yo bed. These are pics taken the next day. I got 860 cc in each cheek and he lipoed 4000cc. Drugs kicking in going to sleep. Will send more pics.

The new booty

This is the new booty this morning after my 1st shower. It looks good but it you look at the top we need to massage down the self caused by the garment. Any suggestions?

Last night was rough!

I had rough night. I have my period which is a challenge dealing with the garment. I am using a tampon, regular pad and an absorbent pad through the whole in my garment. Yes, wierd. I am alone now. My husband and kids are back in NC so this is my 1st 24hrs on my own. I have friends here and one stop by with food and groceries for me last night. I still don't gave a way to get from Weston,Fl to Miami on Tuesday morning for my follow up and 1st massage. Any suggestions? I am a little worried. Last night was rough because I kept getting so hot that t would wake up covered in sweat and I would wake up in a panic thinking I wS covered in bleed. After waking up twice like that t sleep in my garment without my dress and blanket. The condo is set at 72 so I guess it was me. My butt is also itching and the drain I. The front is hurting. I had to pull my garment off this morning to make sure the incission was not infected. My lipo areas back, sides and stomatch feel like they are on fire! I just took my pain med, antibiotics and arnica. Will try to get some sleep : )

Today was a great day!

After not pooping for 6 days I finally went at 10:04 am! Yes I even know the time! I was really worried because I went so long without going. When I delivered by daughter the same thing happened and it was not so nice. So I was really worried. I prayed this morning , ate half a banana and that was it!! I was scared to take off my garment on my own so I took my phone with me just in case I pased out. When you are in this position you ask God for simple things pain relief, courage and pooping!

Up an getting ready for my 1st massage.

I had 3 post-op hurdles that I was afraid:
1. Being constipated and pooping ?
2. My 1st massage
3. Taking my drains out

Today is my 1st massage. I bought a package of 5 at Vanity but will only have time for 2 before I leave. I also got my lipo foam from them and all my garments. 2 post op and 1 in a smaller size for later. They have been great with aftercare end have called me everyday to see how I was doing. Have a great day dolls! I will let you know how it went!

The first massage and my travel home day 6-9 post-op

I arrived to the Miami clinic at 10:25 for my 10:30am massage and was called to the massage room at 10:30am. I had taken a vicodine 1 hour before just in case it was painful because I have heard some horror stories about the 1st massage. The room looked like one of the regular exam rooms. It was cold so bring socks. The therapist is referred to as the blond. I did not later her name. She helped me to undress and like most of the staff speak mainly Spanish. She started on my back and was very gentle I was very tense just waiting for the pain to hit but it never did and asked me if I was in pain and I said no. It was time for my stomach and I was REALY wondering how she was going to do that since I cannot be on my butt. Well she help me to roll over and used a pillow that looked like a giant leather neck roll under my back and with the help of my legs I was able to push myself off my butt. My only complaint was that the room was cold and the lotions and oils she used were also cold. When you are naked it feels twice as cold. Afterwards I asked to see Dr. Ghurani to see if my drains could be removed since there was not much coming out of them. Since he was not at the clinic his assistant called him and spoke on the phone s about it. He wanted to make sure that they were draining less than 25 CCs before removing them to make sure I did not form pockets of fluid underneath my skin that might be painful. Since he would be in the Hialiah clinic the day I left we decided to schedule an appoint with him there and also have my massagage there too. That clinic is closer to the Ft. Lauderdale airport and Weston so it was going to be very convinient for me since I was leave to go back to NC after the appointment. I also request a letter for work letting them know that I will not be able to sit for the next few weeks and a letter for the airlines letting them know that I just had surgery and can only sit down for take off and landing. I also picked up my 2 extra garments. I saw De. Ghurani 1st and he said all looked good. He examined my drains and asked how long has it been since it produce less then 25 CCs. I told him for the last 3 days. He said it no additional fluid came out after the massage he would take it out. The second massage also did I not hurt. The therapist did something different and also massaged my sides. To to that she also use two giant neck fool like pillow so my hips would now touch the table. I am glad she did that because my lower back and side has a lot of tough/hard areas. She called Dr. Ghurani's assistant and let her know that no addition fluid drained. So once I was done Dr. Ghurani removed the drained. I was scared but again those pain meds are serious. The back drain was shorter so the most annoying/ minor pain was when he was removing the stitches. The front punt was long! It when from on side of my stomach to the next so I help his assistants hand as he removed the stiches and pulled it out. It burned more than it hurt and it was out very quickly. I was so relieved I actually started to feel like a normal person and not like a patient or someone who was sick it felt great not having to worry about being tangled in them or pulling them by mistake. I thanked Dr. Ghurani and his assistant and gave a big hug to Pircilla my patient coordinator. I truly had a wonderful experience with Vanity. I got everything I asked for and was promised. Pricillas was my go to person for everything! Letters, extra foam, garments, refund etc. I have not had any of the bad experiences with Vanity that I have read or heard about. In my best friend is pla. In to have lipo done with them in August 2014. I think the Kay is to be respectful and communicate clearly want you want and follow-up. You don't know how many people at that practice asked me why I was so nice. From the front desk staff to the patient coordinator to the person at the lab they said that they constantly have to deal with rude patients. Yes, they are very busy, yes they is a language barrier with some of the staff but is found them to be Excellent! Now for my travel back home. I had lunch a cross the street and headed to the airport. My original plan was to use the wheel chair service and have them take my luggage, wheel me through security and help me board the plan. But after talking to my girlfriend who brought me a week supply of home made chicken soup and who's daughter had the same procedure and had to have a round 2 because she sat I her butt too early she convinced me not to do it even on a Bobby pillow. Just go there early walk slowly and let everyone know you had surgery. I did just take and it worked well. I stood st the gate for 2 hours and asked a gate scent if I could be seated in the last row so I could stand during the 2 hrs flight. She put me in the back row and told me no one would be sitting beside me since the plan we small, two seats in each side of the plan and I an 6'0 tall I knew I would not be able to lay down. By the time I boarded I was exhausted. It was 2:30pm and I have been up since 6 pm without my daily naps I would take when I was tired. Once I got to my row I told the flight attentend that I had a letter from my Dr. ask that I only sit during take off and landing. She was annoyed and said she did no want me blocking the bathroom or her galley where she would be setting up the beverage service I told her I would be out of her way and ignored her bad behavior! She asked what kind of surgery did I have that required me not to sit since I did not want her up in my business I told her I had surgery on my tailbone and it got fused. I was hoping there was not a Dr. within earshot because I don't even know if a procedure like tat even exist! Lol! But I worked for her She called one of the attendants at the front and explained my situation. My moved me to an empty emergency row. It was time for take off so I positioned my bobby pillow and sat during take off. I was so tired that instead if standing I knelt the whole flight and it was so comfortable. I knelt on my travel pillow, got a blanket and put my head on the seat infront of my on the boppy pillow. Ladies this is the way to travel on a plan!! It was so comfort me that I feel asleep!!! There were a few passagers that were consern and kept asking the attendant if I was ok and she kept repeating how I could not sit due to my resent tailbone surgery. It was funny! Everything went well. I sat agin for landing. Later I was post some if my best items during recovery and sine of the funny and annoying things too! Going to take a map before my family comes back!

10 days post op pictures

My measurements are now 38-36-41 I wiuld like my waist gown to 30

10 days pictures

18 day post op update!

Hi dolls,
It been a while since my last update. I am doing well! I moved down from an XL garment to a L garment yesterday after my 4th massage. It was hard to find a massage therapist here in my city that did lymphatic drain massage. I finally found a wonderful therapist who offered 4 massages for $240 which is $60 per massage. Since I would like to get at least 10 I figured I will have to find a cheaper way to get more. So I decided to see if there were massage schools in the area with student clinics. After searching for a while I found one which specialists in lymphatic drain massages and offered 1 hour massages for $35!! I was soo excited! So I scheduled 4 with the professional therapist and 4 at the school which brings me up to 10 total. I went in to have my massage at the school yesterday and it was great! They have private comfortable rooms and a lot more equipment. They were able to set up the table with a pregnancy bolster which is used for pregnancy massages in such a way that I could lay on my back without my butt touching the table! The massage was great and they student was so thankful to work on me because it gave her the hrs she needed and experience working on someone who has had a bbl. So if you want to save some money on your massages check out a local massage school. I also need no more pain medication except for some night when my back is killing me for sleeping on my stomach. I think this is the hardest part for me. Since I can't sleep on my side because I got my hips done. I am also looking into a yoga ball to sit on at work. I have been lucky to be able to work from home during my recovery. I will go back into the office at the 4 week mark when I can sit again but I sit want to make sure I don't start putting too much pressure on my butt too fast. My favorite way of going from place to place in the car is laying down on the back sit with a blanket. I only leave the house for my massage appt since I didn't tell anyone at work, church, family, neighbors that I was havering this procedure done. I also run a skincare and cosmetic business so I have been making a lot of calls and placing online orders. I have used usps online a lot to ship my clients orders inside of delivering them in person. I am working on losing 10 lbs. I put on 6 extra lbs during the holidays which was not hard to make sure I had enough fat for the procedure. I don't think I needed to do that, lol! My biggest challenge diet wise is getting enough protein and exercising. I don't like meat too much so I have had to relay on protein shake, eggs and fish. As for exercise as you notice the east coast has been hit with crazy winter temperatures. Here in NC the high has only been 25-30 degrees for the last few days. It even snowed here so I have not been outside to walk mostly walking inside for 30 minutes per day. As for as my body my waist has gotten smaller and my butt has started to get soft (top and bottom not the middle yet). All my incisions has healed including my drain sites. I now have scare away silicon patches on them 24-7 except when I take my shower. These patches minimizes scaring and are often used for people that have tummy tucks or large scares. The itching was not too bad. In other update I will post some of my must has for this journey. Oh, my self is gone! The epi foam Dr. Ghurani suggested for my back did it! Here are some updated pictures.

Almost 1 month post op!

Hello Ladies,
Its been a few days since I updated you guys on my progress. I am soo excited that today I will be driving for the 1st time in 4 wks! I am a mover and a shaker so it have been extremly hard for me to have to depend on my husband to take me everywhere. I will be using my boppy pillow and I am committed to stay off my butt as much as possible until week #6. So far I have not sat at all only to do #2 using my pool noodle that I like a lot better than the boppy pillow. I have read so many reviews that I cannot remember who gave me this idea, but thanks you. I also use it to kneel on the floor. My butt has not lost any volume!! I am really happy about that. I will also go back to work next week so it will be the 1st time my co-workers see my butt I have been really good at hidding it by avoiding the nosy people until I feel 100% and the winter has really helped. I wear a lot of sweaters. I also need to move to a medium garment. Yeah! I am now wearing my large with a corsett until my medium avrrives because the large plus the foarm was not providing enough comompression. I also still use the cut tampon in my belly button to keep it round. Here are a few pics of the pool noodle seat, cut tampon for my belly button and current picts of me. I try to walk 30 minutes 3 x per week and do light weights. I dont feel ready for the gym yet.Oh my butt is now all soft.

Almost 4 weeks post-op!

I am so happy that 4 weeks ago I was in Miami getting my BBL. I am excited that today will be the 1st day that I get to drive with my pillow of course! I have not sat in 4 weeks at all. Not even with a pillow. I plan to only site when i am driving and I am at work until the 6 week mark. I am a mover and shaker so it has been extremely hard to depend on my husband to take me everywhere. I go back to work next week and will be using my boppy pillow. I only sat for doing number 2 using my pool noodle seat which I like better than the boppy pillow. I wish I remembered the name of the realselfer I got the idea from. I will post my noodle and her picture on how she used it. I also use it to kneel on the floor. I havve not lost any volume thank God! but I do need to move to a medium compression garment because the large does not provide enough compression so I am wearing it with a corsett on top until my medium arrives. My butt is soft now and I have a lot more enerygy and not as wiped out as I was before. I have been able to hid my new butt by wearing sweaters (winter helps) and staying away from nosy people. I have had some people ask my why I have missing for so long. I tell them I have back pain and need to rest. So thye will not make a big deal of me sitting on a pillow when thy see me. I have uploaded a few pictures.

I month pics

Its been 4 month!!

Ladies its been 4 month and I still love me results!! I kept my butt at 41.5 inches and my wait at 28. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I still wear a girdle during the day and at night I wear a size 38 compression garment with a stomach board because it keeps my stomach flat. If I have a long day on my feet I tend to swell but it does not happen very often. I have lost 18 pounds since the surgery and I am back in a size 8!! No one can tell that I had work done. Everyone that sees me is like wow! You look awesome!! And yes, I get ALOT of attention from guys. I often have to cover up to play it down.
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