49 Yrs Young, 5ft6, 123 Lbs, Deflated Breasts - South Africa, ZA

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2 years ago I never EVER thought I would consider...

2 years ago I never EVER thought I would consider having a breast augmentation, I was happy with my small breast 34 B. I've had 2 children, adults now. I'm happily married and my hubby loves me just the way I am. So why now?
Last year I gradually lost about 3 kilograms, that's about 7 lbs I think, I now weigh 56 kg (123 lbs) I never wanted to reduce my weight, after many blood tests, X-rays and other checks the doctors cannot really say why I lost the weight but I've been stable now for about 6 months. While I don't mind being a dress size smaller than before I do really really feel sad when I look in the mirror at my loss of breast volume. I also feel very self conscious being naked around hubby. During an island holiday in December my tiny 32 size bikini top was gaping when I sat forward, at one point my hubby nudged me that it was gaping a bit too much. That was it, I can't even fill out a small padded bikini top. (Cue the violins and tears) after the holiday looking at the pictures of me standing next to my gorgeous
curvaceous friend in her bikini ........ Well I looked positively minute :(
In February I had a consult with a PS and actually booked for the 17 March, he advised on 280cc smooth silicone round, don't know the make or if it is Hp or moderate profile. I finally plucked up the courage to tell my hubby my plans. Gee that was quite difficult for me but he took it well and said I must do what I felt I needed to do but he was concerned about the risks etc. All normal concerns.
Sorry if I'm rambling but I'm explaining my journey thus far to maybe help other women.
This week, 2 days away from having to make the full payment for my BA I had an appointment with my chiropractor, Im currently having help with shoulder pain. My Chiro is such a nice guy and I felt comfortable telling him about my upcoming BA and that my next appointment would have to be sooner rather than later as I would be in recovery. We chatted about it for a while and who was I going to for the BA, he said that if his girlfriend wanted a BA there is only one PS he would send her to, Dr M Kelly. Of course this put me into a bit of a spin, I hadn't considered getting as second opinion ..... Why not! How could I make such a huge decision based on only one professional opinion?
I left my Chiro 's office, got onto the web and found Dr Kelly's number and dialed it immediately , not sure at such a late stage how this could help, I'm 24 hours away from paying for my BA but not committed yet.
Jenni, Dr Kelly's practice manager listened to my story and asked if I could get to their rooms that afternoon, she would squeeze me in before a meeting Dr Kelly had at the hospital, I just said yes, somehow I would get there. I arrived an hour early just in case I hit bad traffic, his rooms are about a 45 minute drive away.
Am I ever glad I did. What a revelation that appointment was, everything was different. Dr Kelly started off talking about all the possible complications, whilst this might seem alarming I found it very reassuring. Here was a doctor making sure I understood FULLY what I was choosing to do. He then went on to discuss the implants he uses, measure me and discuss what look I wanted to achieve.
He suggested anatomical shaped silicone, textured, under muscle with the incision under the breast. He also showed me a before and after picture of a women similar in age and size to me and he had used the tear drop shape implants with her. It looked so natural.
(The first PS I went to and booked with told me to go home and use the rice sizes to decide, he also did not have any before or after photos claiming patient confidentiality as the reason he does not show photos. Mmmmm)
Dr Kelly then handed me over to Jenni to choose the right size for me. Checking the charts against my measurements BDW 12 plus some other particulate measurements we started off with a 255cc which I thought looked really good, she provided a white T shirt to try on also. Then we moved up on one breast to 295cc, my immediate reaction was WOW this is too large, but then we took out the smaller sizer and put the next size up from the 295cc. (Can't remember what the cc of that one was but possibly about 345cc) Shewee that was just too big, so we went back and put the 295cc in both sides. Where on the first appraisal I thought 295cc was too big, once both sides were the same, suddenly this was looking just right, I had shape. At this point Dr Kelly popped in and said the mid size, the 295cc would be the right one for my proportions and I have to agree, it felt right, looked great and when I moved my arms around the boobs didn't feel like they would get in the way, I'm an avid golfer so this was a concern for my golf swing lol! Jenni was so helpful, never rushed me at all, kept asking me to change from my top to the white T shirt, told me to turn the anatomical sizer to see what a round would look like on me, which is definitely not the look I'm going for. As a mature women I need the result to look as natural as possible, don't want big round globes on my chest. I will go for another final appointment and sizing just before the op.
After the sizing, Jenni printed out a quote, quoting both makes, Eurosilicone and another make and gave me the pack detailing exactly what is provided, hospital procedure , Dr Kelly keeps his patients in over night to monitor them and to remove the drains the next morning before being discharged. A surgical bra is included in the cost, this I will have to wear 24 hours a day for 6 weeks, no driving at all for 2 weeks. Wow that's going to be tough, I'm such an independent person.
We discussed possible dates, I'm looking at 8th May, which is a Thursday , that way my hubby can help me through the first few days without distracting him from his work too much, he has a very demanding job. By the Monday , 4 days post op I should be able to help myself through the day plus I'm very blessed with having a housekeeper Monday through Friday, my dearest Constance will be able to help if I get myself into a total pickle.
The thought of no golf for possibly more than 6 weeks is quite a tough call for me, I might possibly go mad! I will also have to stop yoga classes for a while. The thought of sitting around doing nothing for so long is not that attractive but then I'm in recovery so will just have to suck it up, be patient and obey doctors orders.
I have read so many reviews here and tried to imagine what this will be like for me and how my husband will feel about it, my worry is that later on this might be an issue for him, am I over analyzing this? It seems that most husbands / boyfriends / partners are very happy with the result, and why shouldn't they be ;)
So for now I am booking the 8th May, I feel strongly that everything happens for a reason, I was supposed to have the chat with my Chiro so I could be moved towards Dr Kelly, I feel way more confident after his consultation than I did with the first PS I saw.
Always get at least 2 opinions, and don't be scared to talk to other people and ask them what they might know, I'm sooooo glad I did. A BA IS A MAJOR DECISION, don't rush something that will effect you for the rest of your life, I nearly did just that.
Bye for now, will update again closer to the time, it feels like its so far away. I'll post pictures later. Don't want life to rush by but the next 9 weeks, holy moly , that's going to drag and I'm going to doubt and question over and over again.
Dr Kelly

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