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Hi everyone. I'm a 36 yr. old mother of a 13 yr....

Hi everyone. I'm a 36 yr. old mother of a 13 yr. old and a 3 yr. old. I've been visiting this site now for the past two months and I wanna thank everyone who's posted on here. It has been an eye opener. I work as a Surgical Technologist in a Same Day Surgery Center and have assisted on a number of Tummy Tucks. I only know what takes place once your on the table, but I had no idea what happens once you get home.

I lost my baby weight with both my pregnancy's. My belly had even went down with my first. But after having my second child; I don't know what the hell happened. My daughter is now 3 and I look as if I'm three to four months pregnant. I hate it. And on top of that I now have two hernias that need to be repaired...GREAT. I don't go out with friends because it takes me hours to find something to wear that'll hide my belly. I'm so anxious and nervous about my surgery, but since I personally know my surgical team and surgeons; I know that I'll be just fine. I'll post some before pics soon..I know you all are just eager to see them..Lol.
I wanna point out that the amount I paid was for the Cosmetic and the Anesthesia fee after our discount was applied. On average it would cost about $10,500.

Hi everyone. I've been trying to upload pictures....

Hi everyone. I've been trying to upload pictures. Apparently when I plug my phone into the computer using my USB cord it ask me for my disc..I never got a disc with my phone. So I'll have to call sprint to find out what I need to do. In the mean time I'm gonna play around with it and see if there's another way to do it. Sorry bout that. Hope to have some up soon. Have a blessed day.

Good morning fabulous ladies. I got a scare...

Good morning fabulous ladies. I got a scare yesterday..thought I might had to have my TT surgery cancelled for May 9th. Got the bill for Anesthesia and despite the discount and the fact they agreed I could pay half now and work out a payment plan for the rest; I am out of money and didn't know how in the world I was going to pay it. So, I reached out to my family and thank God my baby sister is going to loan me the money. You should have seen the holy dance I was doing at my job. I owe her big time. So, moving forward. I'm sooo excited. The day will be here before I know it. Have a blessed day ladies.

Today I went for my admission testing. I got news...

Today I went for my admission testing. I got news that I still need to pay for the hospital fee before or the day of surgery. I don't know how I'm gonna come up with this money, but I've come too far to let this get in my way so, I'm not gonna stress.
All I have left to get is my perscriptions for pain killers and antibiatics filled and the vitamins I will need to start taking after surgery. So excited. Can't wait to be on the flat side like so many of you. Well I really need to take my butt to bed. Have a blessed day ladies.

Hello ladies. Well I have 2 days left before my...

Hello ladies. Well I have 2 days left before my surgery. Gotta call today from Dr. Shafaie's office notifying me that my blood work came back and everything was good. She did let me know that my hemoglobin was on the low side, but nothing serious. Being that I am anemic; I have to continue to take my iron and eat more green vegetables. Outside of that I'm ready to go. Going to get my Rottweiler's aka my feet down after work. Being that you can't wear any jewelry..I'm going to make sure to get what's called piercing retainers which are earrings made of plastic. I have my Tragus pierced in both ears and I don't want to take the chance of them closing. So, take note ladies if you have piercings that you don't want to close..get yourself piercing retainers.
I have to say that in the last couple of days my mind has been running wild. I'm so excited, but I've allowed myself to think the worst that could happen. I know its just my nerves, but I notice that I have become over affectionate with my kids. I can't hug them or kiss them enough. Geesh I feel my eyes tearing up just writing this. Has anyone else experience this?? Okay okay...pulling myself back together. Well ladies time for me to hit the sheets. Thank you to everyone that reads my reviews. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers if you would. Have a blessed day.

Forgot to mention that I'm still working on my...

Forgot to mention that I'm still working on my pics, but I promise I will have them up soon.

Finally was able to get a pic up. Well let me...

Finally was able to get a pic up. Well let me start off saying..I don't remember a My last memory was being wheeled down the hall..that's it. I woke up in the recovery room 5 hours later. Everyone took so much good care of me. I couldn't have asked for better. My first over night stay in the hospital was good. Again my nurse and cct were the best. Getting out of bed was tuff but, once Dr. Shafaie came to visit; he was able to show me a better way than how I was doing it. I was on a liquid diet the first night. When they put me on a regular diet I was ok with eating my breakfast but, lunch was too heavy for my stomach and I almost became sick. The 40 minute ride home wasn't to mom tried her best to avoid bumps and sharp turns. Today I'm 3days po. My pain meds cause me to be in and out of sleep. I'm comfortable while sleeping but, my poor butt is sore. I tried sitting on a pillow and that hasn't helped. I have 2 drains. The left drain has been draining about 20ml and the right between 20 to 30ml. Hoping to have them out by the end of the week. Last night was the worst. I started to have a build up of gas and I couldn't pass it..I thought I was going to die. I'm a 36 year old woman and I called my mom in tears. 2 gas x and a glycerin suppository later..I was back in the healing game. I'm feeling real good today..I haven't taken any pain meds since 9:30 this morning. My body will tell me when its time to take it easy. Well its a beautiful day out today so, I'm gonna go take a walk outside on the deck. I'll be posting more pics up real soon. Have a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day ladies.

Finally was able to take a shower

Yesturday both drains were taken out. I was so nervouse about it hurting. I didn't feel the left drain, but the right drain did hurt a little right at the skin. It had always been tender. Today I was able to take a shower. It was the best feeling Also no more binder. I can wear my pressure garment now. I'm loving the results so far. No more looking 3 months prego. Can't wait to start clothes shopping. I'm gonna make sure to bring a box of tissues with me cause I have no dout that I will bust out in tears.

12 DPO. So good

Went to my second follow up appointment yesterday. He said I was looking good and I agree. Had my stitches removed from abdomin incision and belly button. He replaced the clear tape so, I still can't post a pic of my insicion for you all to see. Already its flattened out so, that's good. Still a bit swollen so, he told me to stay away from salt. Also I will need to get a smaller compression garment, that made me smile. Can't wait for this week to be over so, that I can drive and not to mention..drink. I sooo need one. Well that's all ladies. I'll keep you posted. Happy healing and have a blessed day.


Was just sitting and thinking and I forgot to mention that for the past two days I've been experiencing sudden pain shooting up from my right hip. I think its coming from where I had the lipo. Right above my right hip was very hard after surgery, but I notice it's starting to soften up. Also I'm always so tired during the day. Is anyone else going through that? It's driving me crazy. I find myself drinking coffee to help wake me up. (doesn't work)Guess its my bodies way of making me sit down so, it can heal.

4 Weeks po

Hello to all my TT gone with the wind fabalous ladies. This is my 4 week po update. So, I saw my ps on Tuesday the 4th and he said everything was great. He did suggest getting a smaller cg. I was happy about that thinking wow I must be getting smaller, but than I'm like damn I just got this one..oh well. I did have a very small seperation of the skin on the right end of my incision. But on Tuesday he said it was healed. I've had to keep clear water proof taping on my incision from day one. He said after this week I can remove it and start putting coca butter or vitamin e on it. I haven't read good reviews about the vitamin e. My incision is completely flat so, do I need to still use silicon sheets? I was hyped thinking now I could start exercising but, my ps so no not for another 6 weeks. In fact he wants me to do physical therapy instead through my general surgeons office so, that I can be taught proper exercises to help strengthen my core around my hernia repair...okay doc. Ummm yes I did wanna say that I love my results so far. My tummy is getting flatter but does fluctuate day to day. As of right now I don't like my belly button. It looks different from when i first got home after surgery. Not sure if it's just swollen or if that's how it's gonna be. I'll post a pic up so you can see how it has changed. I read you could put an ear plug or a marble in it to help shape that sound silly?..idk. Let me give a wonderful shout out to sexycubana. It's so nice to have met someone on here to respond back and forth to. Unless your going thru what we are going's kinda hard to relate. Thank you for your support and kind words. I sent you a message. Well ladies that's all. Check out the pics and please leave comments of questions or suggestions.

So that's what it looks like.

Good afternoon ladies. I took off my clear waterproof taping that my ps has kept over my incision since day one of surgery and for the first time I was able to get a good look at it. I'm very happy at how well it's healed. My plan is to keep coca butter on it and use ScarAway Silicon strips. I'll post pics of my incision for you to see. Also, I would like some input on what your using on your incision that's giving you good results. Thank you ladies for reading. Happy healing and have a blessed day.



Ok just disregard my last post. Thought I could upload video...Failure. LOL

Healing well.

Here are pics of my scare from Left to Right. I think it's healing pretty nice.

Quick update

Hello ladies. So, this Thursdsy I'll be 7 weeks po. Nothing much has changed. Started my diet last week. I wanna lose 30 pounds. I'm not happy with my belly button. I'm certain I'll need a belly button revision. I think that my sutures dissolved before my belly button got the chance to fully heal and keep its shape. I'm going to talk to my ps about how soon I can have it done. He may be able to do it in the office under sedation. So, my next plan of action for next year maybe is to have a breast augmentation. I would only need to take off 2 weeks. Well that's all ladies. I'll post a pic of my BB so you can see it. And I'll keep you all posted on the revision. Have a blessed day and happy healing.
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