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Extremely glad I found Dr. Soni. He makes me feel...

Extremely glad I found Dr. Soni. He makes me feel safe and secure that my removal journey is in the right hands. He answered all my questions and made sure I was ok during the procedure. Very professional and genuine. Anyone who is looking for tattoo removal, go to Ethos Spa. You won't be disappointed.

Couple days after first laser session

One week since first treatment

They are still extremely dark.. I know I won't see any results after just one treatment and it literally destroys me.. I can't help but take pictures of it and stare at it every single minute. I completely ruined my life, I'm so stupid for doing this to myself. A tattoo right on the neck? What was I thinking?? Seriously where was my mind.. No one will hire me now. No one will respect me. I was so happy before the tattoos.. I was always laughing and wanting to hang out. Now I barely leave my room. I was so excited about my vacation next month and now I don't even want to go anymore. I'm afraid of what people will say about me. I'm crying all the time, so so insecure. I don't know how I'm going to do this.. I really don't. These tattoos don't seem to be going anywhere. I'm praying and telling myself I can get through this, but I can't.. I cant do it anymore.

Signs of hope

Not sure if this is a good sign or not, but its peeling.. I'm putting aquaphor on it every hour just to make sure its moisturized. So sorry if it looks nasty, everything about it is. Even if it wasn't peeling. How can it be THIS uneven.. Blows my mind.

Oh my goodness..

It's really starting to break up.. Thank God.


The skin around the area looks super shiny and pale.. I'm afraid I've scarred a tiny bit :'(

I need a better camera

It's only been a week and there's tons of missing spots :) But it's red where it's missing, is that left over ink that will go away after the next few treatments or the scar left behind?


First time looking at it in a couple of days.. Still there.. LOL of course. Wish I wasn't going through this right now. I started packing for my trip and I'm dreading the thought of not being able to put my hair up for any of the outfits. Just hair down.. hiding my mistakes :/ Oh well.. did this to myself. Trying to remain patient and hopeful. They'll go away eventually.. right?

17 days until vacation

It is seriously the most crazy, simple things in life like being able to put your hair up that I miss so, so much... I just want to wear it up... No one in my family knows about these awful tattoos, which is why I am hiding it and trust me... It is the most exhausting thing having to hide something each and every day, it really is. You guys might think that I should just tell my mother then... That way I won't have anything to hide. But I know my mother.. I can already see the disappoint in her face and how heartbroken she will be that I have caused myself this much pain... I can't do that.. I'm already struggling, trying to get myself out of bed every morning. She won't forgive me.. Not even I can forgive myself. So.. hiding these tattoos until the day they're gone it is.

Can't wait until my next treatment!

It has been 26 days since my first picosure treatment. My second treatment is due July 14th, exactly 6 weeks after, but since I won't be in the states, I'll be getting it some time in August. Even though I'm sad about that, I guess it's a good thing to give my skin that extra bit of time to heal itself. If anything, I'm more excited about my trip coming up. Hopefully, it continues to fade while I'm out there. It has faded a tremendous amount and I am so thankful for that :) I have a really good friend on here who supports me greatly. Thank you Aleksandra! :) I've stayed positive and been enjoying my time as much as possible. This lesson has indeed opened my eyes to the simplest things in life and to never dare take them for granted again. They truly can bring happiness, such as clear skin! Lol.

No longer a secret.

So mom found out.. She wasn't happy, but who would be? Anyway, one less worry for me. Just want this journey to be over already.

Trust your journey

These are the results after one session and it's incredible. Not a huge change, but it's getting there. Just a little reminder to myself that it is working and patience is key. It's crazy how forgiving the body is.. What if our immune system wasn't capable of removing the ink and we were left stuck with our regrets? Thankful for this lesson I've put myself in. Not everything comes with a second chance so I have to consider the consequences from here on out. Praying for the day these tattoos clear up and I'm back to being the happy girl I was. Until then, this has definitely showed me how strong I actually am. Trust your journey <3
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