35 Year Old, 2 Kids, Breastfed Both, Ready to Put Everything Back Where It Belongs! - Sugarland, TX

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So like many of you, I have thought about wanting...

So like many of you, I have thought about wanting a mommy makeover since my youngest child was born. I did a lot of research, particularly about the breast reduction/ lift since I really wanted the upper breast fullness and a rounder shape- similar to breast implants. I also wanted to be able to go bra-less with certain dresses and still have perky breasts.
I came across Dr Horndeski on other RealSelf reviews and researched him a lot more. I am in the medical field so I read all his publications in the medical journals about his unique technique for his breast lift and also tummy tuck. Once I had decided on him as my doctor, I called and set up a phone interview with him since I live in Dallas which is about 5- 6 hours away. I emailed my photos to Jana, his surgical coordinator but did not hear back so I called and had to send them a second time. Within a few days I had my phone interview to answer all my questions. I found out that he does not do the Breasts and TT on the same day. Since the breasts take 4 hours and TT takes another 4, he splits it up bc you never want to be under anesthesia over 6 hrs if possible. He did say that I could do the breasts one week and then TT the next week since he always does the breasts first. I would have rather done the TT first so I had more time to recover from it before returning to work but he said the pressure/ tension from it wouldn't allow for it (??).
So I set my dates for July 23rd and 28th respectively.

1 month post-op

I am about 3 wks out from TT and 4 wks post-op from my breast reduction/ lift. I am 5'4" and pre-op weight 176 pounds with a 38F size bra. I have lost 16 pounds, 4 pant sizes (size 16 to a 10), and am now a small 36D! I am loving my new perky smaller boobs and flat tummy. Will post pics. I had a breast reduction with lift, full tummy tuck with mesh and muscle repair, and lipo to my inner thighs. No other lipo was done during the TT.

Recovery has been very difficult and I was hoping to go back to work this week but will have to delay my return. I am barely able to walk around the grocery store for a short shopping trip now. Since I work on my feet at the hospital for 12 hr shifts, I am unable to work yet. I thought that by stacking my procedures together that I could actually reduce my recovery by "consolidating" it. Boy was I wrong!!!! I did not realize how much strain the surgeries would put on my body and slow my recovery. It was just too much all at once. I know that others do the complete mommy makeover in 1 surgery but those women will all tell you how brutal the recovery was for them. Also, Dr Horndeski does the surgeries very differently including adding a mesh panel in the lower abdomen that causes a very flat tummy but also makes it harder to Breathe! I have lost weight since I feel full sooner and am burning calories just breathing now :).

He also attaches an internal push-up bra attached to the chest wall muscles. You can not use your arms/ pecs much which proved to be an additional problem after I had my TT. Imagine trying to get up and not using your abdominal muscles or arms!! Even with help from my husband -he can't pull me up by my arms/ hands.
I am very happy with my results so far but would definitely recommend splitting up the procedures. Wish I would've had my breasts done and taken 10- 14 days off work and then waited 2- 3 months before having my tummy done. I would also recommend planning on staying at the hospital after the TT longer if needed. Normally you stay overnight but can pay an extra $500/ night to stay longer. Seems steep but I was so thankful for that option bc I felt in no way ready to leave. I ended up staying 3 nights (2 additional) and it was well worth the $ to have the IV pain, nausea, and muscle relaxer meds around the clock!!

Pics added!

Additional pics

I also added some pics of my bra choice after surgery that I bought at JCPenney and the pillow that was really helpful after my tummy tuck.

Not as thrilled 1 year out

I had a bad experience with the doctor and his PA during recovery but felt very pressured to write a good review on here initially. I worried that if I needed anything I would be treated even worse if I was totally honest in my review. It's obvious to me now that his staff and PA troll this site under fake names and have written tons of fake rave reviews. Now I am a year and half out and feel I needed to share my experience.
My results aren't as good as they were initially. The thing that sold me on Dr H was the upper breast fullness without an implant. Now that the swelling has gone down (it literally took a year), my breasts are pancakes. Completely flat above the nipple with zero cleavage. I got a reduction and now I've considered getting a tiny implant to fix the shape; however since he altered my chest muscles, I seriously doubt an implant could be placed under the muscle now. His work on me wasn't horrible, it's just not worth paying DOUBLE the price for sure. I could've gotten my breasts, TT, and tons of lipo all for half the cost.... and close to home. Not worth it and the vertical scar with other docs isn't that bad. It was the shape of the breast that I was mostly concerned with and desired but sadly they deflated over time.
I am also left with these weird fat pockets under my arms that looks like a second boob. It has been impossible to find a swimsuit that doesn't show this and most make it look 1000x worse with a strap that runs underneath it so the fat rolls over it. Same thing for the TT. I have a nice flat stomach but ugly fat bulges on my hips that give me a muffin top took in fitted tees. Again, I spent 25 grand and still can't wear any swimsuit and still have a freakin' muffin top. Most of my dissatisfaction could have been avoided with a little localized lipo to finish contouring the final result. These problems were there from Day 1 and his solution was to come back for a revision later. Why would you do that when it could've been done 100% right from the beginning. If it's something that HAS to be done in a revision, I get it. But this is something the should have been done during my initial surgery and part of the price, if I might add. Every other surgeon does this for a reason. Because their patients are happy with their results and their work is 'finished' the first time, not half a*$.
Another failed promise was his special TT procedure that they claimed makes you lose a ton of weight. Smh. You may feel full a little sooner with eating for the first 2 months at most. Once your abdominal wall gets used to being stretched after surgery, your appetite is back to normal....only now your activity level is still poor because the pain is terrible for months with any exertion. So ultimately you really don't lose any weight. Just another disappointment so again, not worth the extra money for his 'special' technique.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Work is just ok, but be ready to be treated horrible once the surgery is over. Immediately after waking up from surgery I was accused of being 'on chronic pain meds' (AKA drug addict) because apparently I required more anesthesia drugs than 'normal' while sedated. WTF?! I never asked for anything else but if I mentioned the pain, Dr H and Elisa treated me like I was being a baby. The worst part was when Elisa removed my drains in my armpits and I could feel the ripping and tearing as she happily jerked them out. I literally started sobbing in pain. She then smerked and said that this area wasn't dissected well (i.e. she literally ripped them through my tissues instead of thru a track made in surgery for it to slide out). My sister was with me and also felt that Elisa seemed to actually ENJOY doing it and hurting me. After my TT, I ended up staying in the hospital for 2 additional nights at $500 a pop bc the pain was so bad and more importantly his pain management was very poor. I paid $25K for this treatment?! Some complaints about his work is in regards to leaving some things unfinished. It may seem like an easy thing for him to say go back for a 'touch up' but after going thru 2 five hour surgeries and an extended recovery, I don't want to go back under the knife. Even after a year and a half, I don't want to have another surgery. Other surgeons include lipo to the flanks with a TT for a reason. Because you are left with weird looking lovehandle dog ear things. Same thing for the breast surgery. I have these weird fat bulges under my armpits that make it impossible to find a flattering swimsuit. Frustrating after spending so much money and time already that I will have to go back for a revision.

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