Mini Ultimate Breast Lift before/after pics included *Sooo Happy!!!!!* - Sugar Land, TX

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I had a mini ultimate breast lift with Dr....

I had a mini ultimate breast lift with Dr. Horndeski in Sugarland, Texas. Im 25, no kids, no major weight loss, but my boobies were not perky! I dont live in texas so we skyped our consultations beforehand and communicated over email.

My surgery was scheduled for friday the 5th, so I arrived in Texas a few days before and had my first face to face consultation on wednesday. I was a bit nervous that the surgery wouldn't have a dramatic before and after, but Dr. Horndeski was very confident he could help me!

I also got to take a look at where the actual surgery would take place. It was a surgical center in the same plaza as the office. I was very happy that I wouldn't have to be operated on in a hospital, because hospitals freak me out lol. The clinic was sparkly clean, staffed by lots of very nice people and had all the medical equipment without the craziness of a big hospital. I also picked up my prescriptions that day, so we wouldnt have to do it after my surgery.

On Friday I got to the clinic around 6 or 7. They had me change into a gown and circulation stockings (which you have to keep on for a few days after the surgery to prevent blood clots), and put an iv in my hand.
The different people who would be in the room introduced themselves to me, and the doctor came and marked me for where he would cut. I took my mom with me, and Elisa, his assistant, told her everything she would need to know to take care of me afterwards. Then I got wheeled down the hall, took a few breaths in an oxygen mask and I was out!

When I woke up, I just felt very sleepy. The nurse told me everything turned out very well, and I had a great new set of girls lol I ended up having to wear the hospital gown out because I brought the wrong shirt. I brought a tube top because I was thinking that I wasnt going to be able to lift my arms, so I could step into it. I didnt take into account that i clearly was in no position to be standing, and my tiny little top was not going to fit over the post surgery body cast i was in!

My recovery is blurry for the next few days. But I do know is that I was shocked at how much pain I was not in.
It was incredible, because I expected to be in serious pain, but I wasn't. He cut around my nipples which pretty much killed all sensation. At 4 months my feeling is just now starting to return in little zings. Not so good for the sex life, but great that i couldnt feel any of the cuts at all!
The pain I did feel could be best described as the day after doing 100 pushups. I was really,really sore.
But it was a dull pain that was easily muted with the muscle relaxers and pain pills i was given. The worst part of my recovery was having to sleep on my back, that was uncomfortable, but overall I am extremely pleased with the low level of pain involved.

Its also important to know that you won't be able to lift your arms. Or lift anything heavy. Like at all. The doctor said 6 weeks, but I tried to avoid reaching over my head or lifting anything heavier than 10lbs for about 3 months.
My mom did everything for me (Thanks mommy!) but if you arent going to have help, its very important that you put everything you'll need at a low level beforehand. And make sure you're stocked with all the food and supplies you'll need for awhile because carrying things or driving is impossible.
Im now at 4 months post. I started to feel normal again around 2 months as far as not being sore. I started putting bio oil on my scars at 2 weeks, but ive been using silicone strips for the past month. I should have started the strips sooner, but the scars really weren't bothering me. They are noticeable, but Im so happy with how perky they are, i rarely even notice the scars!
This was the best purchase Ive ever made.
My saggy boobs bothered me all my life, Im 25 with no children, no major weight loss and they have always been this way. I am so happy that Dr. Horndeski is able to do this lift technique that is so much better than the lifts other surgeons are doing. The fullness, the roundness, it's so much more than I expected, and I am thrilled with my results!
*Please excuse the horrible photoshop, I blurred out my tattoos for privacy.*

keep your bra on!!! and take stool softeners!!! lol

I forgot to add that ive been wearing my bra almost constantly for the past 4 months. the only time i take it off is to shower. i think that has really helped my healing. i wear a t-shirt bra with round molded cups. the other thing is that the pain medicine literally shuts down your intestines. like a week with no bm. very painful. taking daily senokot helped. the doctors also put an anti nausea sticker behind my ear which helped me not to feel nauseous after i woke up from the anesthesia.
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Dr. Horndeski and his staff are amazing! He was very friendly and the best way to describe him is dedicated. It's very easy to see that he takes his job seriously and is committed to doing great work. I appreciated that he didnt approach me like this was some insignificant boob job. More like he took my concerns seriously, and was determined to resolve the issue. His staff is so sweet, and all the people who work for him and the clinic were extremely warm and welcoming. They were organized, relaxed and seemed to run like a well- oiled machine. They really put my mind at ease. The only critique I would give is that I never got a clear answer on what type of post-surgical bra I would need. Over emails I was told to bring what I wear now, which was b. Dr. Horndeski told me to buy a bra a size bigger which was c. On the day of surgery i was told I would need a d or dd cup. So my mom went and got them during my surgery. No big deal but slightly inconvenient. Other than that both pre-op and post op, my millions of questions were answered quickly and throughly!

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