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I've been visiting this website for about 4 months...

I've been visiting this website for about 4 months now, and it has been a big help in deciding whom to have my surgery done with. Being able to her stories similar to mine and seeing photos has really helped me. I am from Nigeria, so this isn't easy for me at all, because culturally, cosmetic surgery is deemed frivolous, especially as women here are usually heavy chested, but even among busty women, I'm still pretty heavy. I have worn a bra since I was 8, and going through the emotional upset of not being able to run and dance like I wanted because I was so self-conscious all the time was horrible. Finding clothes that fit around my 36HH bust is not funny especially as I have a relatively small waist and really wide hips. I found out about Dr Horndeski here. I've had 2 skype consultations with him, and I'm hoping to have my surgery in 2 weeks. I can't wait to be free of this weight, free of the pain in my neck and shoulders, free to buy bras that don't cost a small fortune... (I could go on for days with this). That said, I don't want to become small, cos I'm big and I would like to retain my curvy figure. I'm still not sure what size i want, but somewhere around a 36E or F maybe..
I will be taking 2 weeks of work to make this trip and have this procedure, and I will try to update as much as I can for as long as I can. The surgery is actually going to cost 10,000 USD, the additional 5,000 will cover my travel and accommodation expenses.

Hello Houston!

So I was on a 14 hour direct flight from Lagos and got to Houston yesterday morning. Houston is beautiful. I went straight to the hotel recommended by Dr Horndeski (they sent me a few documents with lots of information like what to expect and what supplies to get) The hotel is really great, the room feels like home, cozy and nice, and right away i decided that I'll be back here sometime soon just for a holiday.
So I had my first face-to-face meeting with Dr H, He saw me really quickly and took me through photos of his procedure. This guy is good, His attention to detail is amazing and I felt really comfy. I still don't know if i want to be an E or and F, but I think I'll just ask him to do what he thinks is best. I'm that confident in his ability.
Final words before I go in to surgery later today, I can't wait to meet my new girls! God bless!

A little change in plans...

Hi everyone, thank you for the comments and prayers.
Well, I haven't had my procedure done because I apparently had a sort of allergic reaction to something in the OR that made it difficult to intubate me. So I had to be woken up and taken to a pulmonologist. I was placed on some medication and I should be okay for surgery in a few days.
At this point I must say that I am so grateful that I chose Dr Horndeski to be my PS. I know that healthcare is really standardized in the US, but the Dr and his people have been so kind. Jena from his office has been a complete angel, they've all been concerned about me not spending too much money since I'm paying cash for all the unplanned tests and medication (Thank GOD I had a little extra for shopping!). I am completely fine, and I've been told that this happens sometimes, but is rare, and since I've never had any medical issues, I didn't know about it. I'm really grateful for the concern from everyone. God bless you.


First of all, I need to say thank you to everyone who checked on me. God bless you all. After a week of tests and nerves, I was cleared for surgery on Friday. I went to the hospital on Monday, and was kept overnight so they could monitor me. Everything went perfectly and I'm so so so happy. I'm back in the hotel, and I have my post-op this morning.
I will try to upload photos from my phone. I hope everyone is doing well too?

All wrapped up

I'm not very active right now, so I can't take as many photos as I wold like.

Getting Better

Hello ladies, how is everyone doing?
I thought I should update everyone on my progress. Thank God for this website, I would be so lost in all of this without the support and information. I'm also really thankful that I went with Dr H, because he's really good at this, and cares about how you feel. His assistants are beyond awesome. Jana would pick me up and drop me off for all my appointments last week, ant she's fabulous.
Surgery was on Monday, so I am 3 days post op. I'm not in a lot of pain,but there's a lot of tightness in my chest area, and because Dr H attaches the boobs to the chest wall, there's a lot of muscle soreness in that area and it feels like I had a really rough workout. I'm down to taking 3 pain pills a day, with the muscle relaxer prescribed with it. I'm more mobile, and getting in and out of bed is getting easier.
The shape of both breasts looks okay compared to others I've seen who are at this stage and were done by Dr H. The drains are really irritating though, I can't wait to get them out tomorrow. That's it for now, I have a few photos of how I look now.

Let me add..

He took 600cc's from each breast, to think I've been dragging all of that about all these years, wow.

feeling Better

Hello ladies...
Hope everyone is doing well an feeling good? I got my drains out today, (yay!!!!) and I felt instant relief. Now I'm feeling these zings in my right boob. Wow.But it gets better each day. I've always thought I was tough, but this is a lot. My arms are weak because of the repositioning that Dr H does, and it's funny how you don't know what you have till its gone (cliche I know) but seriously I'm almost useless. I'm down to 2 vicodin a day, and just used tylenol now cos of the zings. haven't had a BM since the day of surgery, but I haven't eaten much either so it's not too bad. I'm really bloated, and sleepy all the time.Besides that, I'm good. That's it for now. Take care, and all the best in your journey.

Settling in 3 weeks post op

Hello everyone!
Apologies for my silence, I've been trying to get back to my normal life. This recovery has been tougher than I expected, and it's been hard to be so weak and dependent. In all this I am so grateful that God made this possible in the first place, getting the funds and finding a PS who could do what I wanted, and getting through the procedure all feels like I achieved the impossible.
I have been bck home for 2 weeks now, and going to work for a few hours each day. I am sticking to the PS instructions like crazy. No lifting my arms above shoulder level, no heavy lifting, wearing a bra 24/7, sleeping on my back, etc. It has been hard, but I can see how these things are crucial to the final results, and my current progress proves it. My mom and son have been pillars, and I really couldn't have come this far without them. My son went back to boarding school on Sunday, and I feel like I've lost my right arm.
Okay, how do I feel? I didn't mention that the day of surgery I came out of the GA feeling okay, and the bout 20 minutes later, my chest felt like someone was doing a march past on it in stilettos. It is the most horrible, scary pain ever. Of course it got better, and yielded to a tight feeling that has gently eased each day. I find that I am less hunched over every morning. The boobs look good. Really good. I had a lot of drainage especially from my left in week 2, it was a clear gold fluid with a syrupy consistency, my PS (who I've been in touch with by email) said to keep the sites clean and dry, and swab with iodine twice a day. The fluid stopped on Saturday to be replaced with bleeding from my right. I was given the same instructions, and it seems to be under control, even though it hasn't stopped. The nipples look good, and I have sensitivity in my left (in fact a lot of it; it's hyper) the right has been coming and going in the last week, so I guess it will settle when it's ready. In week 1, I experienced some squishy feelings like fluid was flowing down from top to bottom of my right breast, it was a really funny feeling cos each time I would check to see if something terrible was happening, but it stopped in week 2, and then I started feeling sudden pings which I guess were my nerves getting back in touch. That too, has reduced and almost stopped now. Besides this, I noticed that whenever I took off my bra to shower,
after about 5 minutes, they would feel really heavy and achy, so I make sure now that I'm never out of my bra for long. The healing itself has gone quite well so far, thankfully, and I'm getting stronger everyday, they are getting softer and softer too, so I'm quite happy. I didn't tell many people about this, and the reactions from the few ones I've seen have been amusing. They know something is different, but they can't really place it, and they keep staring at me wondering what's different, which is the exact reaction I hoped for. Those who know can't stop going on about how they can see my waistline which feels great. Personally, I can't wait to heal up so I can get to work on my tummy, lol! Well, that's all I can think of for now, I will try to update again soon. Best wishes to all of you in your journies, big ups to you for taking the decision, I see now that stuff like this is not for the weak, and cheers to the beautiful new you!

Burst Seams...

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well and loving life?
So this will be short, I'm back t work, and anyone who knows about Lagos traffic will understand why I am so tired lol.
Sometime round my last review, I had some dehisence (did I spell that correctly?) on both breasts. There was quite a bit of drainage from both, and I was doing my best to manage things with almost daily contact with my PS office. I got tired after about 10 days cos I wasn't seeing any improvement, so I went to a hospital here, and was asked to come in daily for dressing. Things got better almost immediately, and I was so glad I went to the hospital (I was a little worried about having someone else treat something they didn't start). Anyway, things are muuuch better now, and I'll post photos of the biggest wound at the beginning and as at today. All the others are closed up, and okay. Besides this, I'm loving my new boobs, and clothes!
Here's wishing you all a lovely week, and continued great healing, inside and outside as we all fall in love with ourselves all over again.

Week 6 Photos

Week 6 Photos

Texas Plastic Surgeon

I have had 2 Skype consultations with Dr H, and I find him to be passionate about his work. His assistants are very nice and helpful. I am a physiotherapist, so I'm particular about the way doctors relate to their patients. His attitude is really encouraging, he is professional and detailed, and I feel safe with him.

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