46H That Needs to Go Away

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I had my consultation with Dr. Jaffer Azul on...

I had my consultation with Dr. Jaffer Azul on November 8th.. His bedside manners are just great. I never one time felt uncomfortable taking my clothes off around him. Judy (his assistant) is a delight. She answered all my questions and even brought me an extra blanket while I waited. The wait time was no time at all. I actually arrived there 30 minutes early and I was immediately processed and placed into a room. I am so confident that he will give me the boobs of my dreams... Right now I'm just waiting on an answer from my insurance company. Once we receive the ok I'm ready to roll.. Goodbye HH's Hello Pretty Perky D's

Wish Pic


I have decided to switch Doctors. My insurance on my job pays for BR with Dr. Jafer he told me I would still have to pay 3300.00 out of pocket of I wanted them lifted????.. I'm confused now. He reduces them but charges separate to lift them and remove excess skin.. So I decided to continue searching and I found Dr. John Nguyen. We had a Skype consult and he is great. I have Watched him perform the entire procedure via YouTube and he does a great job. The most exciting part is I pay NOTHING out of pocket and he will be reducing them in size and lifting them all for one price

Breast Lift/Redux DONE!!!

I did it! I did it! I did it!.. I walked in on an emotional rollercoaster and walked out with a new attitude... Ok I'm lying, I never walked out. ???? I was rolled out and I dont remember a thing. I was soooo doped up. ????????


So I'm now 11days post op and everything seems to be healing up just fine accept one thing.. I removed my gauze and noticed the skin was peeking off my entire nipple. The areola and nipple are now pink. ???? I've called my Dr. but while I wait for his response to the pics I washed it with peroxide and put cilcafate and Neosporin on it.. This shit looks pretty gross

Nipple update

So as you know I w as having some complications with my darn left nipple. I went in to see my doctor and was prescribed some antibiotics. I took those for 10days, made sure I kept the area clean and covered(non stick gauze pads and Neosporin)when I went out... I would always let it air dry After showers and when I was lounging around. Of course it worked. No I didn't use any special expensive oils or creams...

10 Week Post Op

So sorry for not posting more but everything is going well. Praise God. I am all closed up, nipple almost back to normal and I'm loving these little boobies of mine.. Now that everything is healed I'm just massaging them twice daily with bio- oil to try to relieve a lot of this firmness and off and in swelling. My scars are massaged with this as well. After the massages I apply scar treatment cream and I'm done. So far so good
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

He's great. Answered all my questions. I felt so comfortable around him. He very attentively listens to all I your concerns and answers you in a very detailed manner.

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